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Chapter 1087: 1087

After going downstairs, Kong Xiang Yi had no need to act as if she didn’t know everyone . She saw Little Seven’s lazy attitude, she smiled, “Look at how casual our Little Seven is . ”“Yue Yue, I just realised that the cultivating pills you gave me are all gone . That’s why all I have to munch on is a radish!” Little Seven sat up and gave Sima You Yue some herbs .

Sima You Yue took the herbs and set up a fire . She directly set the flame to its maximum before slowly refining those ingredients into pills .

“Hehe, with your refining methods, it’s no wonder you took first place!” Kong Xiang Yi chuckled .

Sima You Yue gave Little Seven the pills that she had finished refining . She said, “You guys keep watch here . I’m going in to check on Little Dream . ”

“Has Little Dream not woken up yet?” Little Seven asked .

“Not yet . Little Spirit said earlier on that Little Dream was a little unstable . I’m going in to check . ”

After speaking, she entered the spirit pagoda with a flash .

Kong Xiang YI dashed to Little Seven’s side and looked at the buttons inquisitively .

“Little Seven, you’re just chilling now, so why don’t you teach me how to operate this?” She beamed at Little Seven .

“Alright alright!” Little Seven had yet to reply when Little Roar, who was by the side, replied on her behalf .

Little Seven knew that Little Roar always had strange ideas . Since he had agreed so quickly, he must have some kind of idea . As such, she nodded quickly and agreed, “Okay!”

“Really? Haha, thank you, Little Seven!” Kong Xiang Yi, who was beyond herself with excitement, had no idea that she had fallen into the trap of these two brats .

Inside the spirit pagoda, Sima You Yue had gone in to see Little Seven surrounded by a group of spirit beasts .

“How is Little Dream?”

“Still the same . She hasn’t awoken since . ” Thousand Resonance said .

Sima You Yue came to the bedside where Little Seven was curled up on the ground . She couldn’t stop shivering and her eyes filled with tears that dripped down the sides of her face . Her pale face was scrunched up and on her face was both fear and terror that had already seeped to her very core and filled her with bitterness .

“No matter who gets close to her, her reaction is always really big . She keeps punching and kicking us . ” Ya Guang said with heartache .

As Sima You Yue’s spirit beasts, they had never seen anyone like this before . Their hearts ached for her, but they were powerless to do anything about it .

Sima You Yue walked over . Stretching out her hands, she hugged Little Dream tightly . Little Dream wanted to hit her, but was, instead, tightly bound in a hug .

“Little Dream, it’s me . Don’t be afraid . I’ll be here with you!” Sima You Yue patted Little Dream on her back lightly and comforted her .

It could be because of their contractual link, but Little Dream felt a lot better in her arms and did not try to attack her . She even subconsciously hugged her back, with soft whimpers escaping from her lips .

Sima You Yue could sense the pain in her heart and her eyes turned red . That experience triggered her memories of the time that she had also recovered her memories . At that time, she was swallowed by grief as well .

“Little Dream, don’t be afraid . Those are all memories of the past . You are safe now . I will always be here with you . ” She comforted her as she patted her back .

“Yue Yue, didn’t they seal Little Dream’s memories away? How could it change in just a moment?” Ya Guang asked .

“The seal on Little Dream’s memories were not that stable to begin with . After all these years passed, what was inside her had been constantly eroding away at the seal . It was precisely because of this that I was able to see her memories back when I had formed a contract with her . ” Sima You Yue said with heartache, “Adding on to that, the trigger of those people from the devil clan, the thing in her body acted up and immediately broke the seal . ”

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“Poor Little Dream . ” Ling Long wasn’t crying, but her heart ached for her .

“Yue Yue, do you know what that thing inside of her is?” Thousand Resonance asked .

The reason why Little Dream was suffering right now was because of that thing inside of her . If not for it, she wouldn’t be in her current state .

Sima You Yue shook her head, “Within Little Dreams memories, nobody has ever mentioned what this item is . However, they know that once this item is obtained, it will boost one’s cultivation speed . If it is able to piece into the heart, it will allow one to become immortal . ”

“Like Little Dream?”

“Mm . ”

Little Dream had already calmed down inside Sima You Yue’s embrace . However, her eyebrows were still furrowed tightly and her pale expression showed that she had not yet fully recovered .

Sima You Yue wrapped Little Dream in her embrace . If it were not for her immortal body, she would not have had to endure so much hardship .

There were times where living wasn’t as great as one would imagine it . There were many times when living was more tortuous than to die .

“Once Little Dream wakes up, I wonder how she will handle the recollection of her memories . ”

Back when Sima You Yue had just recovered her memories, the way she crumbled and fell apart was still a traumatic incident for them .

Little Dream’s circumstances were so similar to Sima You Yue’s . It was because they had caused the extermination of the entire clan . They couldn’t imagine how their pure and naive Little Dream would change once she knew about what happened .

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“Sss… Don’t be afraid…” Little Golden had woken up sometime earlier and crawled along Sima You Yue’s shoulder . He spoke in stuttered sentences .

“Little Golden, you’re awake?” Sima You Yue was a little happy as she looked at her little golden snake .

“Woken… up… Little Dream…” Little Golden spoke slowly, like a young child who was just learning how to speak .

“Little Dream is physically fine . ” Sima You Yue said, “But the seal in her body has been released, so she’s not doing well . ”

“Pro…tect… her…” Little Golden hissed slowly .

“Are you saying that you want to protect Little Dream?” Sima You Yue asked .

Little Golden nodded, “Yue… Yue… Little… Dream… Protect…”

“Little Golden is really a good boy . ” Sima You Yue patted Little Golden on the head and said gratefully .

Knowing that he would protect them, all the quality items that she had fed him were not in vain .

“Little Golden, does that mean you don’t want to protect us?” Little Roc saw the way Little Golden was acting and wanted to tease him .

“Yue… Yue…”

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He would protect Yue Yue, and Yue Yue would protect them . Is that what he meant?

“Let me die! Let me die!” Little Dream cried out suddenly and started to struggle incessantly against Sima You Yue’s hold . Suddenly, she tried to use her hand to stab herself in the chest .

“Little Dream! Little Dream! Wake up!” Sima You Yue grabbed onto Little Dream’s hand, not allowing her to harm herself .

“Let me die! Let me die with them!” Sima You Yue’s words were ineffective on Little Dream . She was still crying out and struggling .

“Little Dream!” Sima You Yue forcefully stopped her from hurting herself, but was injured instead .

“Little Dream, you’ve hurt Yue Yue!” Ya Guang and the others cried out .

This cry was useful as Little Dream immediately calmed down .


Fresh blood leaked down the corner of You Yue’s mouth and happened to drip on Little Dream’s forehead .

It could be because she smelt the stench of blood, but her tightly shut eyes opened slowly .

Seeing the fresh blood leaking at the corner of her mouth, she recalled the memories in her mind and Little Dream’s tears started to fall again .

“Yue Yue, I’m sorry…”

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