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Chapter 1081: 1081

“Young Valley Master, Young Miss . ” The Kong Valley clansmen formed a circle around her and her older brother Kong Xiang Qi . “Little Sis, in a moment, I will hold these people back . Take our men and charge out . Don’t turn back, do you understand?” Kong Xiang Qi was already hurt and his blood flowed down between Kong Xiang Yi’s fingers .

Kong XIang Yi’s blocked Kong Xiang Qi’s wound . Although he had taken medicine, the blood refused to stop flowing . She knew that the wound was definitely poisoned .

“Big Brother, what nonsense are you spouting! If I am to leave, then we have to leave together! I will not toss you here alone and run away by myself!” She cried out angrily .

“Little Sis!” Kong Xiang Qi grabbed onto Kong Xiang Yi’s hands, “We cannot all perish here . Father and Mother would be devastated! Do you want them to lose both their children at once?!”

“Then I should be the one to stay behind . You go!” Kong Xiang Yi said, “With the state that you’re in, even if you wanted to drag them down, you wouldn’t be able to for long . Then, they would still be able to catch up to me . Why don’t I hold them back for you instead!”

“Why are you so disobedient!” Kong Xiang Qi roared angrily . However, because he was injured, his voice was not that powerful .

“I’ve never been obedient, it’s not like you just found that out!” Kong Xiang Yi looked at Kong Xiang Qi .

Kong Xiang Qi saw her obstinate little face and his heart filled with helplessness . He could sense the current state of his body . His life was draining away . Even if he escaped, he wouldn’t be able to survive .

However, when faced with his most beloved sister, this little sister who was disobedient since she was young, how was he supposed to tell this to her?

“Hmph, not a single one of you should even think of slipping away today . Don’t even bother to fight over who should stay and who should go!” A black robed man said in a suppressed voice .

“Hmph, you must be one of those who have been chasing and torturing all the powers in this wonderland recently?!” Kong Xiang Yi supported Kong Xiang Qi as she looked at those black robed men, eyes brimming with murder .

“Master, let me defeat them! You guys escape!” Kong Xiang Yi’s contracted beast, a beautiful lady stepped forward and came in front of Kong Xiang Yi .

“Aqua!” Kong Xiang Yi looked at her decisive back and her eyes filled with unwillingness .

However, she had to make a decision . If everyone remained here, they would all end up perishing .

“Master, I, Aqua, am glad to have been your contracted beast . I hope that you, Master, will be able to find an even better contract beast who will be able to protect you on my behalf!” Aqua turned around and smiled at Kong Xiang Yi .

“Fifth Elder, take big brother and run!” Kong Xiang Yi handed Kong Xiang Qi over to a middle aged man beside them, “You have to bring him out no matter what!”

“Young Miss!” Fifth Elder was unwilling, “Why don’t I…”

“Fifth Elder!” Kong Xiang Yi shouted, “Right now, he only has a chance of surviving if you are the one to bring Big Brother out! Don’t forget Big Brother’s identity! Hurry, go!”

Fifth Elder was extremely unwilling, but Kong Xiang Yi was right . Kong Xiang Qi was the young master of the Kong Valley . If he were to die, it would have a huge impact on the Kong Valley .

With a grit of his teeth, he took Kong Xiang Qi and found the weakest spot in their encirclement and attacked it .

“Don’t let a single one escape!” The black robed male turned around and waved his hand . The black robed men attacked the remaining kong valley men .

Those from the Kong Valley were completely unable to hold up under their attacks and many got wounded, with more and more collapsing to the ground .

Kong Xiang Yi brandished her whip, with every whip sending a few men flying . However, even this way, she was unable to overcome the sheer difference in numbers .

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Just where did these people hail from that they had such malice towards their Kong valley?!

“Master, careful!” Aqua’s voice called out from behind Kong Xiang Yi . Before she could turn around, she heard the sound of a blade going through a body .

“Aqua!” Kong Xiang Yi killed all those in front of her before turning around to support Aqua’s collapsed body .

“Master, Aqua… can protect you no longer!” Aqua leaned into the crook of Kong Xiang Yi’s arm with blood leaking from the front of her chest . It stained Kong Xiang Yi’s skirt .

“Aqua, don’t speak . Hurry, eat this pill!” Kong Xiang Yi took out a pill and poured water into her mouth . She wanted her to eat it, as tears continued to flow from her eyes nonstop .

“M-Master… You- you have to t-take good care . Remember what I said earlier . Remember Aqua…”

Aqua turned into a small blue sable in her embrace . As she dissipated, Kong Xiang Yi tasted something sweet in her throat and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood .

She was suffering from the recoil of the contract!

A black robed male launched a sneak attack towards her . However, before he even came close, he felt a sense of danger coming from beside him . A burst of flames appeared as he gave up on the attack and moved to dodge the attack .


A long pike flew over in the air, passing through where that male initially was . It finally landed in the soil behind Kong Xiang Yi .

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Kong Xiang Yi held onto Aqua’s dead body as she looked over to where the pike had come from . She happened to see the people that she was longing for .

Ximen Feng saw the fresh blood on her clothes along with the blood leaking from Kong Xiang Yi’s mouth . He thought of the scene earlier and filled with heartache and rage . He landed beside her and hugged her, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m late . ”

Kong Xiang Yi looked at Ximen Feng with tears in her eyes . She swallowed a mouthful of fresh blood before speaking .

“Xiang Yi, what’s wrong?” Ximen Feng saw her and was rather flustered .

“Big Sis, Xiang Yi, what’s wrong?” Little Seven rushed over and saw the blood on her body and rage started to fill her .

“I’ll take revenge for you!” After saying this, her hand turned into a fist as she attacked those black robed men .

Sima You Yue let Flowey and the men from Heartbreak Valley fight . She came beside Ximen Feng and saw Aqua’s body, saying, “Her contracted beast must have died, so she’s suffering from the contract’s recoi . It’s a good thing that it wasn’t a beast with a life contract, which spared her life!”

“Those people deserve death! Disciples of Heartbreak Valley, heed my orders . Not a single person is to remain!” Ximen Feng’s voice was low, showing just how angry he was, and he was unable to contain his state of mind .

“Save my older brother…” Kong Xiang Yi looked pleadingly at Sima You Yue .

“Relax, your big brother is already fine . ” Sima You Yue looked over to where Kong Xiang Qi was and happened to see Flowey using his flowers to surround him .

“He’s been poisoned . ” Kong Xiang Yi said .

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Sima You Yue hesitated before continuing to say, “Let me take a look at his condition . ”

Flowey, who had received his orders, sent Kong Xiang Qi over . He opened a flower on the ground, using it as a makeshift bed .

Sima You Yue took out a pill and fed it to Kong Xiang Yi . Then she went to check on Kong Xiang Qi’s condition .

The few tens of injuries on his body were terrifying . However, they were not as terrifying as the fresh blood that kept pouring .

“Big Bro’s injury has been bleeding ever since the start . We can’t stop it no matter what we do . ” Kong Xiang Yi said .

“He has been poisoned . ” Sima You Yue examined him for a moment and said, “But it’s still alright . I happen to have the cure for this poison . ”

“You have the antidote?”

“When Shi Qian Zhi was still with me, I gathered quite a bit of poison and cures from him . ” Sima You Yue said .

“You’re saying that the poison is Shi Qian Zhi’s?” Kong Xiang Yi’s eyes narrowed as an endlessly chilling aura emanated .

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