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Chapter 1079: 1079

By the time the others rushed over, they saw that the place was completely filled with man-eating flowers . This scene was simply too shocking . “This is… the man-eating flower king!”

“Sima You Yue!”


“At that time in the Dark Forest, we saw this as well . It’s rumored that the man-eating flower king is Sima You Yue’s contracted beast . Since the man-eating flower king is here, Sima You Yue must definitely be here as well!”

“It’s really him?!”

After the man-eating flower king got rid of all the devil clansmen, he slowly kept them all away and Flowey’s hands returned to how they usually looked like .

When the flowers had scattered, everyone finally saw Sima You Yue and the others standing at the back .

“It really is him!”

When they saw Sima You Yue, everyone had no idea what to think . At that time, the person who used to be so problematic had now grown to such a degree . Her speed of growth was simply too fast . Right now, she was no longer the same person in the dark forest who could be bullied by others .

“Valley Leader, Vice Valley Leader . ” Someone came and cupped his fists in salute to Ximen Feng and Sima You Yue, “What happened just now?”

The carcasses of the ghost clansmen along with the devil clansmen aura in the air that had yet to dissipate, gave hints about what just happened .

“Just as you see it . A group of ghost clansmen came and we got rid of them, then devil clansmen came . We’re all good, though . Although it was a little tough, we managed to settle it . ” Ximen Feng said .

Those people pursed their lips . Tough? Not a single person in the valley looked like they had lifted a finger . It was probably the man-eating flower king who did it all .

However, since he had said it that way, they couldn’t undermine it . They could only agree, “It’s a good thing that you have powerful people amongst you . If it were us, it would have been a terrible scene . ”

“You’re too kind . ” Ximen Feng said, as he cupped his fists towards them, “If there is nothing else, we will head off . We’ll see you soon . ”

“See you . ”

Ximen Feng led his people away, leaving this group behind .

“Elder, they were too impolite . They left just like that . ” A disciple said .

The elder whose face was all smiles earlier on huffed coldly as he said, “They were probably afraid that we would act against them . ”

“Could it be that they obtained some sort of treasure?”

“That’s possible . Otherwise, why would they go off in such a rush?”

“Hmph, even if they did obtain some sort of treasure, would you dare to snatch it from them?”


They really didn’t!

“Ignore them . It’s not like you didn’t see what happened at the entrance . Given the way Master Yin Lin treats them… in any case, it’s better not to make enemies with them . Let’s go check out other areas . ”

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When the bees told her about the conversation they had when they left, her mouth hooked up into a light smile . It seems like what happened at the entrance was very beneficial for her . It was like a protective charm .

“What are you thinking of, that’s got you so happy?” Wu Lingyu came beside her ear and whispered .

The sudden closeness gave her a shock and she had to pull herself back together before she could tell him what she heard .

“Tell me, why is Yin Lin so good to me?” Sima You Yue asked .

“It should be because he can see your limitless potential . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“In the past, whenever a male got close to me, your expression would become extremely back . However, Yin Lin is so good to me, but I don’t see any reaction from you . ” Sima You Yue blinked at him .

“A divinator has neither offspring nor companions . He wouldn’t be able to do anything to you even if he wanted to . What is there for me to be jealous about . ” Wu Lingyu said lightly .

Sima You Yue pursed her lips . This guy was really… If you wanted to say that he was magnanimous, sometimes he’d be incredibly petty . To say that he was petty wasn’t it either, as there were times he could be really open minded .

“I feel like these people are rather pitiful . Although they experience a lot of honor in their lifetime, they have to grow old alone with no companions or descendents . ” Sima You Yue was rather empathetic .

“People like them will truly be a little lonely . ” For Wu Lingyu, the only people he revered were divinators, furthermore, a divinator like Yin Lin .

“When I look at Yin Lin, I feel like he doesn’t hold any expectations towards life . He seems to understand his future clearly without any joy . His life is short and his responsibilities huge . He doesn’t have his own life to live . ” Sima You Yue sighed, “Oh right, what do you think? If I really bring the water that’s satisfactory to him, will he tell me news about my father?”

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“As long as you are able to bring it out, it should be no problem . ” Wu Lingyu said, “The problem lies with whether or not you are able to . ”

Sima You Yue’s face fell, “That’s true . His standards are so vague . He just asked for the cleanest water . However, water is all the same . How am I supposed to know whether or not it’s clean . If he’s not satisfied, I won’t be able to exchange it for news about my father . ”

“You have to believe that you will be able to find him whether or not he tells you the information . ” Wu Lingyu comforted her .

“Even Uncle Liu Feng and the others couldn’t find any trace of my father despite searching for so many years . Much less us doing it all alone . ” Sima You Yue said, “If Yin Lin is able to give me one or two hints, we would save on wasting some effort . ”

She took out Sima Liu Xuan’s name jade . It was filled with cracks, but it had not yet shattered . This was proof that he was currently suffering .

“What did he tell you when you were on the mountain?” Little Seven asked when she recalled the time they had spoken in private .

Sima You Yue thought about it and told them the gist of what transpired . When she heard that Sima You Yue was Ximen You Yue, Little Seven was happy for her .

“So you are actually the same person! This way, you won’t have to fuse together!”

“Yeah . ” Sima You Yue nodded . With this out of the way, her heart felt a lot lighter .

“Did you talk about anything else?” Han Miao Shuang and the others were listening in as well . They were happy for her but also curious about what else they had talked about .

“We talked about it . ”

“What did you talk about?”

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“That there’s no need for me to obtain the Hundred Ghost Fan this time in the wonderland . ”

“Hundred Ghost Fan? The one we saw at Bright Red Mountain Peak before?” Han Miao Shuang said .

Sima You Yue nodded .

“That Hundred Ghost Fan is so powerful, why do you have to steal it? Furthermore, that item belongs to the ghost clan . Is it really good for you to have it?” Ximen Feng said disapprovingly .

The last time Sima You Yue had been hurt by the ghost clan, she almost lost her life . He was still afraid whenever he thought about it .

“But Yin Lin said that I have to obtain the Hundred Ghost Fan . ” Sima You Yue said, “Although he didn’t tell me why, I have a feeling that something will happen . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have warned me about it specifically . ”

“You have the bloodline of the ghost clan in you . Even if it’s the Hundred Ghost Fan, you’ll be able to manage it!” Wu Lingyu said, “Since Yin Lin said it, you shouldn’t go wrong listening to him . ”

“How can you believe him?”

“Yin Lin is the most powerful divinator . Not a single thing he predicts comes out false . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“In any case, it’s a treasure . If we obtain it, we can use it when we’re in the ghost realm . ” Sima You Yue didn’t have any problems with it . In any case, it was only a matter of time .

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