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Chapter 1074: 1074

“Can you make out where they are?” Han Miao Shuang rushed over to ask . Sima You Yue looked at the red dots and said, “They aren’t on it . ”

“They aren’t there? But aren’t there many red dots on it?” Little Seven asked .

“They should be blue . The red dots don’t represent them . ” Sima You Yue said .

“It should be because they’re too far away . That’s why they don’t appear . ” Wu Lingyu said,

Sima You Yue sighed . With a wave of her hand, she kept the piece of paper away, saying, “Then we can only go and look for them right now and see if we can find any opportunities along the way . ”

“So which direction should we head towards? If we walk in the wrong direction, won’t we end up even further away from them?”

Sima You Yue had no idea where they were either, so she looked over to Wu Lingyu in question .

“Old Ape?” Wu Lingyu looked over to Old Ape .

Old Ape closed his eyes and sensed his surroundings for a moment before pointing in a certain direction and said, “There’s a weak reaction coming from over there . ”

The Zong Zheng clan and those from the Ying Yang Palace were all using the blood from Old Ape, so he could sense them a little .

“Then we’ll head there!” Sima You Yue said to Ximen Feng .

Ximen Feng nodded before instructing those from Heartbreak Valley, “Head towards that direction!”

The Sparrowhawk clan, Four Winged Rocs and the Egret clansmen were the flying beasts for the group this time . If it were any usual time, they would not have agreed to carry humans on their backs . However, they were now one clan and so it was not a point of contention .

They flew towards the southeast direction, but although the rocs could fly a few tens of thousands of metres a day, even after a few days, they did not see a single person .

“This wonderland is huge! We haven’t seen a single person even after so long!” Little Seven sat crossed-legged beside Sima You Yue, her chin rested on both hands .

Sima You Yue saw the red dots that had appeared on her paper earlier on, saying, “We are very far from everyone else . It’s possible that it’s because we came out from different volcano entrances . ”

The others went to squeeze into the various teleportation arrays while they came down a silver rimmed one . That was probably the reason why they were further away from the others .

“It seems to be the case . At that time, the place we were at was a huge empty plot of land . It was unlike the other places that were densely populated with red dots . ” Ximen Feng said .

“Places like those will definitely be filled with slaughter . Being further from the group gives us a bit more time . ” Bi Sheng said .

“Those who landed close to each other… I’m afraid that they would have already started fighting . ” Feng Kai agreed .

“Those who come out of the average little realms are already dying to go back in, much less needs to be said for this kind of wonderland containing the devil realm and ghost realm . ” Feng Kai said, “I’m afraid that many people will die . ”

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Sima You Yue thought about the slaughter that happened the previous times in the past . She herself had led men to exterminate those from the sage pavilion and the Cloud Cave . Seeing Ximen Feng’s eyebrows, she recalled the icy expression that he used to have and wanted to tease him . She said rather emotionally, “I wonder how Xiang Yi and the others are doing . If they encounter their enemies, I wonder if they will be able to survive it smoothly . Sigh, In the past, my bees even told me that there are a group of people who specialise in assasination . They’re so powerful . I wonder if they’ve encountered them already or not…”

After hearing her say that . Ximen Feng’s eyebrows furrowed deeper .

Nothing better have happened to her!

“Yue Yue, you’re so mean!” Little Seven giggled .

Ximen Feng only now looked over and saw the teasing glint in Sima You Yue’s eye . Only then did he realise that she was intentionally causing him to worry .

“Big Sis…” Ximen Feng glared at her . How could she tease him at a time like this .

Sima You Yue knocked Little Seven on her head . It was this brat’s fault for selling her out!

Ximen Feng still looked at her begrudgingly . She waved her hands, saying, “Alright, your Xiang Yi is safe and sound right now!”

“How do you know?”

“Don’t forget that she has Little Roar’s blood essence with her . Old Ape can sense his blood essence, so can Little Roar!’ Sima You Yue explained, “Since he hasn’t said that anyone is injured, that must mean that Big Brother Qin and Xiang Yi are fine . Oh, at the very least, they’re still alive . ”

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“…” Ximen Feng was even more aggrieved . She actually knew that they were fine but intentionally said those things to agitate him . Was she really his blood sister? When did she become like this?!

Sima You Yue saw that the accusation in his eyes intensified and she stretched forth a hand to pull down the mask on his face . She pinched his cheeks with both hands, saying, “A grown man really cannot be kept . Wasn’t I just teasing you a little? Do you still blame your older sister?”

Ximen Feng stretched forth a hand to grab hers, saying, “You’ve become mean . ”

“When was I? You’re just old fashioned . ” Sima You Yue refused to admit it . However, she really couldn’t bear to see him so worried as she patted his head, saying, “Can you sense where they are?”

“Okay . ” Little Roar closed his eyes for a while and said, “One just happens to be walking in our direction . ”

“Can you tell who it is?” Ximen Feng asked .

“Nope . It could be Qin Mo . Or maybe Xiang Yi . ” Little Roar said .

“And the other?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Also in this general direction . But he’s rather far away . ” Little Roar said .

“Since they’re all in the general area, they should be fine . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’m just afraid that one person would be in the North while the other would be int he East . That would be a problem . ”

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“That’s right . As long as they’re in the same direction, we’ll encounter them . ” Han Miao Shuang said, “In any case, Kong Valley isn’t your ordinary power . Not many dare to mess with them . ”

“I’m just afraid that they would encounter those from the devil realm and ghost realm . They will not bother what power you belong to in the outer regions . ” Bi Sheng said .

“That’s true . ” Han Miao Shaung said, “Even if those from the devil and ghost realm kill the people here, they don’t have to fear that those from the outside take revenge . ”

“Then those from the devil and ghost realm wouldn’t have come here just to kill people, right?” Ni An Yi guessed .

“How could that be!” Feng Kai used his fan to smack him on the head, saying, “This is a wonderland, and it also contains legacies for the devil and ghost clansmen . If they really only came to kill people, it would be meaningless . ”

“Since this is a wonderland, how would it hold any legacies for those from the devil and ghost clansmen?”

“A long long time ago, there was no distinction between people, devils and ghosts . Everyone lived in the realm together . Of course our ancestors would leave it all behind together . ” Bi Sheng said, “It’s just that the heavenly dao changed along with the world . The human clan and devil clan fought as well, so they lived their life in different areas . ”

“Was this wonderland left behind as well?” Hong Wu asked .

“That’s right . ” Bi Sheng nodded, “In the past, this wonderland appeared on its own in space . However, spaces like these always have a reason to appear on their own . I wonder what’s the reason for this one . ”

“This isn’t something we can figure out . We just have to seize the chance and properly raise ourselves up a level here . The other is… there are people fighting up ahead!” Sima You Yue’s words suddenly took a turn, giving everyone a huge shock .

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