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Chapter 1072: 1072

“Should be . ” Wu La Mai felt the power pressure from Little Eleven was stronger than last time, it should be Crimson Flame’s credit . He could actually activate the Mythical Dragon blood in Little Eleven’s body, what exactly was Crimson Flame’s identity?

But seeing Sima You Yue’s astonished face, she might not know Crimson Flame’s identity too .

Unless he was… . .

Wu La Mai was shocked by what he guessed, the way he looked at Sima You Yue became less calm .

“Little Eleven, how are you?” Shui Qing Man carried Little Eleven over and gently stroked it .

Maybe Little Eleven used up too much energy just now, now it was tired and didn’t dare to move even in Shui Qing Man’s embrace .

“You just gave birth and you are hurt, leave it to me . ” Wu La Mai came back to Shui Qing Man’s side and extended his hands trying to carry Little Eleven .

Little Eleven moved in Wu La Mai’s arm, flew out and landed in Sima You Yue’s embrace and quietened down after moving slowly in her chest .

Wu La Mao’s face instantly darkened . This little guy disdained him!

Shui Qing Man laughed and pulled Wu La Mai’s arm and said, “Little Eleven is angry at you for throwing it just now!”

“This chap, rather be close with Sima You Yue than its own father, I’ll definitely spank his ass when he gets out!” Wu La Mai said with his face blackened .

“Hehe, see if you bear to, when the time comes . ” Shui Qing Man understood her own husband’s character, he was soft hearted, although he was strict towards his children, but deep down in his heart, he wouldn’t bear to hit them .

“Hmph, you’ll see if I dare to . ” Wu La Mai snorted, “I’ll get you to rest first . There’s nothing more here . ”

“Godfather, wait a moment . ” Sima You Yue swam over, one arm holding onto Little Eleven and the other with a bottle of pill and said, “Godmother was hurt just now, take two of this . ”

Wu La Mai took the jade bottle, poured out two pills and let Shui Qing Man take it then brought her to the bottom of the waters to rest .

Wu La Lu and the rest flew over and surrounded Sima You Yue and Little Eleven excitedly .

“We’ll have a Mythical Dragon Little Brother soon, that’s a cheat!” Wu La Xiu extended his hand and poked Little Eleven, but it felt like getting striked, his finger was slightly painful .

“Ah… you this little chap, how dare you strike your Big Brother!” He called out while shaking his fingers

“Lightning? Since when do we have a lighting attribute?” Wu La Li asked .

They then came back to senses, just now Little Eleven used lightning to attack Wu La Xiu .

Violet Water Dragon Clan was considered as an unique clan, because their attributes were a little confusing, any attributes were possible to have, but those are the basic attributes, the most unique one was ice attribute, there wasn’t any lightning,wind or light attributes at all .

How did Little Eleven get the lightning attribute?

Little Eleven felt its brother’s astonishment and moved slowly in Sima You Yue’s embrace, expressing affection and pleased with itself at the same time .

“Didn’t Tenth Little Brother have a lightning attribute? Could it be that Tenth Little Brother gave it to him?” Wu La Er said .

Sima You Yue thought it through and said, “It’s possible . I used spiritual energy to feed him, I have all kinds of attributes, he might have absorbed the lightning attribute . ”

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“Does he still have any other attributes?” Wu La Xiu asked curiously, “Little Eleven, what else do you know? Show us something?”

Little Eleven ignored him proudly .

“Little Eleven, I’m your Big Sister Little Seven, if you become Mythical Dragon next time, you still have to call me Big Sister okay!” Little Seven said cheekily while extending her hands to poke Little Eleven .

They thought Little Eleven would strike Little Seven, but Little Eleven didn’t and even moved slowly in at her finger tip .

“It can’t be? What a big difference? I’m your biological Brother!” Wu La Xiu cried .

Forget about being closed to Sima You Yue, now it even treated Little Seven better than him, this was a blow .

“Hehe… . ” Sima You Yue laughed and explained, “That time when brought up Little Eleven, Little Seven used up quite a bit of her essence, it is familiar with Little Seven’s smell, that’s why they are closer . ”

“Hehe, I didn’t know there’s such an advantage!” Little Seven laughed, it was a little painful that time! Now that she sees it, those pain exchanged the likings of Mythical Dragon Master, worth it!

“Ha ha . ” Wu La Xiu wasn’t happy, he wanted to poke Little Eleven, but he stopped when he was a millimetre close, afraid that it would strike him .

He hasn’t even kept his hands back, Little Eleven kicked and the egg shell was closed to his finger .

“Ah… . eh?”

Little Eleven didn’t strike him this time eh!

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“Hehe…” He carried Little Eleven from Sima You Yue’s embrace, this little chap really didn’t strike him .

“What a bud!” Little Eleven exerted spiritual strength, at this time, everyone knew what it was thinking .

“Er… . ” Wu La Xiu was stunned, Little Eleven flew back to Sima You Yue’s embrace from his embrace .

“I’m tired . ” Little Eleven thought .

“Rest if you are tired . ” Sima You Yue took out a wooden pail, filled it with water, dripped a few drops of spirit fluid in and then put Little Eeven in .

With the support of spirit fluid, Little Eleven felt comfortable, it was tired as it activated the blood vessels line just now, with the comfortable environment now, it floated without moving .

Sima You Yue put the pail in the waters, letting it float on its own, got up and told everyone around her, “Let’s get out of here . ”

She opened up Little Realm’s door, a group of people stepped out and returned to the desert .

Once Sima You Yue stepped out, she immediately got news from the scarlet bees and after she heard what they reported, she creased her eyebrows slightly .

“Yue Yue, what happened?” Little Seven asked while holding her hand .

“Someone came after we left . ” Sima You Yue answered .

“So many people come here, it’s not uncommon if someone landed nearby . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

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“It’s not uncommon if there’s people with us, but it’s different when they come here searching for us . ” Sima You Yue said .

Mao San Quan sharply sensed what she meant and asked, “Who are those people?”

“I don’t know . ” Sima You Yue continued, “They have many people with high strength, if it’s commoners, I’m afraid they will kill them all . ”

“Kill? Those people came here to kill?” Little Seven asked .

“Mm . The scarlet bees heard them . ” Sima You Yue answered .

“Who exactly are those people, they came here to kill people instead of looking for opportunity after coming into the Immortal Land?” Wu La Li said .

“I guess they are from the inner regions, they aren’t behaving themselves recently . ”

With Sima You Yue’s sentence, everyone remembered what happened in Cloud Sea city .

“Hmph, those people better not bump into us, if not they’ll end up worse off than trying to gain an advantage, instead of killing us, we might kill all of them first!” Little Seven rolled up her sleeves and looked at Sima You Yue who was staring at her and rolled down her sleeve again .

“We don’t have to care about it since they are already gone . For now, it’s important that we find the opportunity . ” Mao San Quan said .

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