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Chapter 1067: 1067

When everyone saw the Yin Lin coming over, they all had a look . Everyone who was talking and laughing stopped and saluted respectfully,“Lord Yin Lin!”

There was a faint smile on the corner of Yin Lin’s mouth, and he did not respond to them, making them feel that he was not arrogant, but rather in their hearts rose a sense of intimacy .

He came to Sima You Yue and said, “I am Yin Lin, may I talk to Young Master Sima alone?”

Sima You Yue was taken aback . Wasn’t he too direct?

She glanced at Wu Lingyu, saw him nodded slightly, then smiled and said, “Lord Yin Lin, yes you may . ”

“Deputy valley master…”

Now that the Immortal Land may open at any time, what if she couldn’t catch up?

“Don’t worry, the entrance to the Immortal Land won’t be opened so early . ” Yin Lin understood what she was thinking and said softly, “Young Master Sima, please . ”

Lord Yin Lin wanted to chat with Sima You Yue alone, this caused the outside people to be severely shocked .

Lord Yin Lin, as the youngest master of divination operators, could be said to be the most powerful divination operator in ten thousands of years . He had never contacted anyone alone, let alone to take the initiative to find that person . For a while, their views on Sima You Yue had changed, yet it changed again .

The person who even Yin Lin would like to invite on his own initiative, then this person…

Sima You Yue and Yin Lin came to a nearby volcanic crater, and the people on this mountain came to the foot of the mountain automatically to leave a solitary environment for them .

Yin Lin waved his hand and placed a barrier around them to prevent others from hearing their conservation .

Seeing this, Sima You Yue was slightly surprised, and said, “Since you asked for me, what is the matter?”

Yin Lin gave her a vibe that is a bit like Xuan Qiu He, who was an elegant man, so when she talked to him, she subconsciously lowered her voice .

“I want to say something to you . ” Yin Lin felt Sima You Yue’s kindness, and smiled and said, “Miss You Yue, I want to say sorry to you first . ”

Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows, he knew her identity? Then she felt relieved again . He even knew the entrance of the Immortal Land, thus it was no surprise that he knew her female identity .

“Why do you want to apologize to me?” she asked .

“Because of what I said, you have to pretend to be a man for so many years,” Yin Lin said apologetically .

“It turns out that the original prophecy was said by Lord Yin Lin . ” Sima You Yue was stunned and immediately responded . Only divination operators could say such words, and only their words would make the people of Sage Pavilion kill female spiritual masters above four elements at all cost .

“I owed you one . ” Yin Lin said as if he wanted to explain .

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Sima You Yue considered his kindness . Although she did not understand why he did this, she still accepted the kindness of this approachable divination operator boss .

“You did not exactly wronged me with this matter . ” Sima You Yue said, “Although I had no choice but to dress up as a man, those pressures forced me to work harder to grow up . Besides, you didn’t know me before, or I was not born yet when you said that prophecy . ”

Yin Lin didn’t expect Sima You Yue to be so sensible . If ordinary people saw that they had to dress up as men all these years, they would not be so calm .

“What you said is both right and wrong . ” Yin Lin said, “As Sima You Yue, you were not born at that time, but for Ximen You Yue, you had already lived many years at that time . ”

Sima You Yue looked at Yin Lin’s eyes and suddenly became alert . He knows her identity!

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone . ” Yin Lin said when he saw her expression changed .

Sima You Yue relaxed herself and smiled . “Thank you . ”

“Do you think there is a connection between Ximen You Yue and Sima You Yue?” Yin Lin asked .

“Probably not . ” Sima You Yue could not think of any possible connection .

“You are her, she is you . ” Yin Lin said . “You both originally were the same person .

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“We are the same person?” Sima You Yue was a little surprised . “When I saw her soul at that time, she was complete and independent before she disappeared . ”

It was not incomplete like Wu Lingyu’s before fusion .

Yin Lin shook his head . “Your soul is different from people in this world . When you came to this world, you split in two . One part became Ximen You Yue with the memory . The other became Sima You Yue without the memory . The dissipation you saw was only when it returned to the main body . ”

Sima You Yue was stunned . So it was so?

Yin Lin noticed her surprise and said, “Otherwise, why do you think you can survive in her body?”

“Uh, I always thought I was reborn . ” Sima You Yue said dumbly .

“No, your rebirth has nothing to do with this . ” Yin Lin said . “You belong to this world . The previous world was a mistake . So everything is now back on track . ”

“If we’re the same soul . Why are we so different in age?” Sima You Yue didn’t understand .

“When you come to this world, you instantly become Ximen You Yue . She had been wandering the world for some time before becoming Sima You Yue . ” Yin Lin explained . “But because you are all one and had mutual attraction, you would enter her body after you die, the two souls merge into one . ”

“So that means… I am really Sima You Yue . Her parents are my parents . ” Sima You Yue said dumbly . “Then the problem I was perplexed about wasn’t a problem . Thank you, Lord Yin Lin!”

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Knowing this, her entangled heart suddenly became clear . She was still their child . When she faced them in the future, she didn’t need to feel guilty!

“You are welcome . ”

“You Yue has a question . ” Sima You Yue put away her excitement and calmed down .

“Please ask . ”

“Why are you telling me this?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Because you have doubt written in your eyes, and I just happen to know . ” Yin Lin saw that she had been staring at him as if she did not believe his words . He confessed, “I actually seeked for you because I want to entrust you with something . This is just a gift from me . ”

“Entrust me with something? You Yue is just a humble person, far from the people Lord Yin Lin knows . Why do you want to entrust it to me?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Because only you can do this . Can you promise me?” Yin Lin still had a smile on his mouth, but his eyes became more serious .

Only she could do it? Sima You Yue felt perplexed . The thing he was talking about was not a trivial matter, nor would it be an easy matter to accomplish .

“Can I know what it is first?”

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