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Chapter 1066: 1066

Godfather and Godmother?Everyone was even more surprised when they looked at the intimate appearance of Shui Qing Man and Sima You Yue .

The Violet Water Dragons had always been arrogant, when they had become so close to human beings?

Wu La Mai stared at Fu Sen and said, “Are you bullying my child?”

“Who dares to bully our tenth brother?!” Wu La Er snorted coldly, looking at those people with hostility .

“Dare to bully our tenth brother, get our permission first!” Wu La Li stared at Fu Sen, with coldness in his eyes .

Fu Clan was shocked by the sudden appearance of this clan . How many forces were there behind Sima You Yue?

More importantly, they were not here to fight with others, but to come to the immortal land . If they really start a fight,with so many people on the other side, they won’t get any benefit out of the fight!

However, the words had been said . If they took back what they said and simply retreated, could they honorably face the whole continent forces?

Fu Clan realized this problem, and all of them didn’t look too good .

Fortunately, Sima You Yue didn’t want to be enemies with them . Seeing how her Godfather and Godmother defended her, she smiled and said: “Godfather and Godmother, it’s okay . It is that, just now, I had some differences of opinion with them, and I didn’t really want to fight . ”

“Really?” Wu La Mai turned to look at her .

“Really . ” Sima You Yue nodded affirmatively, “It is exactly like the so-called phrase that it is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive, right, Young Master Fu?”

Fu Sen looked at Sima You Yue, his mind was chaotic . It was just a new force, but it was something that they cannot afford to offend . However, the other party was not forceful, even gave them a way out of an embarrassing situation .

“The deputy valley master is right . Although there were some disagreements between Fu Yi and us before, since you said so, we will not pursue it today,” Fu Sen said .

Since they did not pursue it today, they would naturally not pursue it in the future .

Sima You Yue smiled and said, “Thank you Young Master Fu for your understanding . ”

“You’re welcome,” Fu Sen cupped her hands toward Sima You Yue and left with his people .

Sima You Yue looked at the people and said, “Presumably everyone already knows about Blood Fiend City . So today, I will express my stance . Most of the people in the Blood Fiend City had joined my Heartbreak Valley . They are a part of my valley . I know that they have a lot of hatred against you, but I still tell you that Heartbreak Valley will not give up any of its disciples . If they have any hatred against you, I hope we can resolve it . If it can’t be resolved, Heartbreak Valley is always there for you . ”

Her words revealed several meanings, and everyone understood them .

First of all, she said that many people in Heartbreak Valley were from Blood Fiend City . In view of the past, many people will have some conflicts, but Heartbreak Valley will not give up any of its disciple, so don’t say any more about handling over someone .

Secondly it was to say that many people in the Blood Fiend City were in Heartbreak Valley . They knew how many people used to be in Blood Fiend City and how strong they were . So they could tell how many people were in the Heartbreak Valley . Tens of thousands, it was not worth it to find trouble with them .

Third, if they wanted to deal with them, they should head to the Heartbreak Valley and that was if they could enter the Heartbreak Valley .

She didn’t say the fourth reason, but everyone could understand it . That was the forces behind her . Everyone of them wasn’t something to mess with . If they thought they could, then they could try .

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Of course, they could also ask for other forces to help that was if they thought they could fight the entire bird clans . They wouldn’t mind .

But which clan had the most population? Wasn’t it the bird clans? Even though there were differences among eagles, phoenixes, egrets and so on, they were still birds after all .

But the spirit beast race on the continent was different . Even tigers and elephants were not one race .

Therefore, if anyone wanted to compete with the bird race regarding population, no one would be able to .

At such thought, people who wanted to cause troubles for Heartbreak Valley had some hesitation in their hearts .

Even if they really did form a faction and went to Heartbreak Valley, could the faction be strong enough to go against the bird tribe? Besides, could they really get into Heartbreak Valley? Don’t forget, this Heartbreak Valley was one of the three poisonous places . Few people could enter it .

Considering all the factors, they found that this suddenly emerging force turned out to be an existence that cannot be provoked!

Fortunately, the valley master and the deputy valley master kept their posture relatively low, and also showed willingness to befriend them .

Sima You Yue was very satisfied with the effect created by Heartbreak Valley . She didn’t hope that all the forces would react this way, but as long as there was a small portion of it, they could handle it!

On the mountain top in the distance, a man with silver hair looked at Sima You Yue, saw her high-spirited face, and whispered softly, “Is this the woman?”

“Master, what are you talking about?” A teenage boy looked up at him when he heard him .

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“Little Xi, I told you many times, I am not your master now . ” The silver-haired man touched Little Xi’s head, “I said, wait until you are twenty years old before making a decision . ”

“Master, Little Xi wants to be a divination operator . Even if I am twenty years old, Little Xi will still make this same choice . ” Little Xi’s small face was full of determination .

He needed to be a divination operator so that he could figure out who killed his parents in the first place .

This idea had not changed since Master Yin Lin found him

Yin Lin looked at the pain in his eyes and knew why he was like this . But there was a constraint by heaven and earth that could not be crossed by divination operators, which was not something to those who had yet to become a divination operator .

Yin Lin could figure out when and where he would meet Little Xi, but he couldn’t figure out what happened to him, because it might affect their choice .

To become a divination operator would have both honor and sacrifice . Therefore, if they wanted to choose this path, they must decide it themselves and others should not meddle .

“If you are still like this when you are twenty, I will open the Sky Eye for you . ”

“Thank you, Master!” Little Xi smiled, but her smile was not as innocent as ordinary children .

“Let’s go . Let’s meet that person . ” Yin Lin slowly walked down the mountain .

“Master, we have never taken the initiative to meet a person before, why this time…” Little Xi didn’t understand .

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“Because she will be a person who stirs up the world…”

Sima You Yue was talking to Shui Qing Man and the others . Wu Lingyu came to her and said, “Yin Lin came . ”

“Who is Yin Lin?”

“The sect master of divination operators . ”

Sima You Yue followed Wu Lingyu’s gaze and saw a silver-haired man with slack eyes coming over here .

“His eyes?”

“Divination operators will be blind when they reach a certain level . But they all have celestial eyes, so it will not affect their vision . ” Wu Lingyu explained .

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