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Chapter 1059: 1059
Chapter 1059 Lightning Spirit Fluid

sima you yue could tell that the cloud spirit was calling her to go over . when she saw the increasingly strong sparks of lightning in the cloud, she frowned .

if she followed, wouldn’t she be struck to death?

“come on! if you don’t come, there will be no gifts!” when the cloud spirit noticed sima you yue was motionless, he urged, “do you not dare?”

sima you yue rubbed her chin . “look at this electric current, i’m afraid if someone will be scorched if they come close to it . ”

“tch, that’s for ordinary people . don’t worry, with the guy in your body, even if you go inside the cloud center, you won’t be electrocuted . ” the cloud spirit continued on after saying that .

the guy in the lightning dantian turned over excitedly when he saw the sizzling electric current deep within the clouds .

sima you yue noticed that the lightning dantian had become more and more dynamic . she had to satisfy the needs of the purple top grade lightning . “alright, i’ll come over . ”

as soon as she said that, the purple top grade lightning calmed down .

“what an annoying fellow, if i get electrocuted, your host will be gone . ” she murmured and followed the cloud spirit to the depths of the clouds .

sima you yue used to think that in the depths of the clouds should be getting darker . but in fact, as she got closer to the center it was lighter in color, and it gradually turned white again .

the cloud spirit jumped on to the cloud and looked back at her .

sima you yue followed it to the cloud . she discovered that this cloud was much denser than the others . there was a special feeling when she stepped on it .

“now, you can take a bottle of this . ” the cloud spirit came before a small pond .

sima you yue leaned over and saw a basin sized pit in the clouds . there was some transparent fluid in the small pit .

how could there be liquid in such a place?

“what is this?” sima you yue asked .

“this is the lightning spirit fluid . ” the cloud spirit answered .

“you want to give that to me? what’s the use of this thing?” sima you yue peered down at the cloud spirit .

“no use . ” the cloud spirit gazed at the lightning spirit fluidas if looking at a glass of boiled water .

“…” sima you yue shot a glance at it . “you want to give me such a useless thing as a gift?”

“it’s useless to me, but for humans, it’s like the treasure of heaven and earth!” the cloud spirit rolled his eyes . “if you take a drop, it is equivalent to you absorbing ten years of the lightning attribute . ”

“so amazing?!” sima you yue was surprised, looking at the cloud spirit with her mouth agape .

“humph, of course!” the cloud spirit said triumphantly . “this is the essence left behind after a lightning tribulation . and this also has other uses . ”

“such as?”

“although this is lightning spirit fluid, it doesn’t have the aggressiveness of the lightning attribute spirit power . so if ordinary people take this, there won’t be any problems . it can even transform their bodies . ” the cloud spirit explained .

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“so this has no effect on me . ” sima you yue shrugged .

“…: the cloud spirit narcissistically rolled his eyes at her and continued, “although this has no effect on you, but you can increase your spirit power by eating this? if you disdain me, then i won’t give it to you!”

“don’t!” sima you yue quickly grabbed the cloud spirit . “this thing is of no use to me, but it’s definitely useful for people around me . i have to keep such a good thing . ”

“humph, besides what i just said, there are other great uses!” the cloud spirit kicked out his small limbs . his cute appearance reminded her of little roar .

“what other use is there?” sima you yue asked .

the cloud spirit broke free from her hands . “how would i know?! i don’t care about your human affairs . if you want to know, go understand it yourself . ”

“such a precious thing, i can’t waste it on experimentation . ” sima you yue took out a bottle and collected the lightning spirit fluid . “this thing has been there since ancient times . i will go investigate the ancient books . it may be written there . even if it doesn’t, it’s good to use to reshape our bodies . ”

her body had been transformed by lightning . she knew what it had looked like before being changed . so she wanted to transform the people around her . in the past, she was afraid that they would hurt from the lightning, but with lightning spirit fluid, she was not afraid .

the cloud spirit gave her a surprised look . “you’re not going to keep it for yourself? this is a rare stuff!”

“a person can develop on their own while alive, but i think it’s better to have family members . so of course the good things must be shared with the family . ” sima you yue said .

“your thoughts are a little different from others . ” the cloud spirit couldn’t understand her . “the way i see it, one should keep the good things for themselves, and don’t think about others . ”

“that’s why we have different ideas!”

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she put all the lightning spirit fluid in bottles, a dozen of jade finger-sized bottles . every bottle would be a huge wealth in the future!

after she finished, she looked at the cloud spirit . “is there anymore?”

“no more here . other clones have it . ” the cloud spirit replied .

other clones? then the next time you see me, call another clone out . ” sima you yue put away the lightning spirit fluid and pinched his ears .

the cloud spirit avoided her hand . “you have so many, why do you want more!”

“good things are always too little!” sima you yue took out a jar of wine and took a sip by herself, then handed it to the cloud spirit . “will you find it too little?”

“hmph . ” the cloud spirit jumped into the wine jar unscrupulously and began to drink .

sima you yue sat on the clouds and continued, “furthermore, this thing is useless to you, isn’t it? it’s better to give it to me which can provide it better use . i’ll get you fruit wine after the big deal . ”

“that’s what you said . ” the cloud spirit stretched his small head from the wine jar and stared at sima you yue .

“of course i will . ” sima you yue approached with a smile . “apart from this, do you have any good things?”

“yes, but you can’t get it . ” the cloud spirit said .

“what else?”

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“higher level lightning spirit fluid . at a more inner position, you can’t go in yet . ” the cloud spirit pointed to the depths of the tribulation cloud .

“didn’t you say that i would be fine at the cloud center . ” sima you yue asked .

“my statement is an exaggeration . you won’t need to be afraid when the guy in your body grows up . ” the cloud spirit explained .

sima you yue looked at the depths of the clouds reluctantly . “can’t you help me get it out?”

“if you want, take it yourself . i won’t help you get it!” the cloud spirit crawled out from the wine jar . “alright, i’m done . i’m going back . you quickly get down from here . ”

“alright . i can’t get it now . but you can keep it for me!” sima you yue said .

except you, no one has such a thick-skin . ” after the cloud spirit finished, his body bounced up, knocking sima you yue down . then he drove away in his tribulation cloud .

sima you yue stood steady in the air . she rubbed her butt and smiled .

that being said, that guy would keep it for her .

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