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Chapter 1056: 1056

yin yang palace and zong zheng clan members felt a chill when the old ape who kept escaping finally stopped . “all you vile human beings, you’ve been chasing me nonstop, what do you exactly want?!” old ape shouted .

“you don’t know what we want?” cao le and the rest stopped too, the group of people surrounded old ape .

“i’ve already given you human beings the blood, you can go and take it from them, why do you still want to keep chasing me?!” old ape said angrily and congealed spiritual energy from its body, while shouting at those people .

the airflow around it became chaotic, as a hurricane surrounded the whole mountain valley .

“old ape, you want to fight with us even when you’re this injured now?” zong zheng quan walked nearer to old ape and said, “you have to come with us today, if you don’t, you still have to . ”

“little human beings like you guys want to fight me?! hmph! even though i’m injured, you guys are definitely no match for me!” old ape exclaimed and charged towards them without saying too much .

zong zheng clan and members of yin yang palace were not to be trifled with, one by one they counter attacked, the mountain valley was glistened with the rays of lights by every type of spiritual skills .

outside the mountain valley, old ape and qin men were standing together, hearing the battle cries coming from the valley, it could imagine what kind of scene was in the thick smoke .

“this illusion array is amazing!” although it knew human being’s arrays were amazing, seeing it with old ape’s own eyes still shocked him .

ever since sima you yue knew its body had injuries, she changed the plan of having it to battle with members from yin yang palace, after communicating for a while, they decided to let it lure them into the arrays and started an illusion array and got them to kill one another .

“it’s indeed amazing . ” qin men murmured, “i didn’t expect his arrays are so amazing!”

even though it was an illusion array, it would have different effects, not all array masters would be able to get many people to have the same illusion .

from what they knew, sima you yue didn’t know about arrays in her past life, so they deduced that she only touched arrays in this lifetime .

this talent really of hers really made them feel inferior!

after a while, sima you yue and wu lingyu came, qin mo and kong xiang yi came too .

“are they all inside already?” sima you yue asked .

“mm, they are all inside . ” qin men nodded .

sima you yue looked at the thick smoke and heard all the screams coming from inside, the scenes of ximen’s clan extermination appeared before her eyes .

wu lingyu felt the cold air seeping from her body, he extended his hand and stopped her by her shoulders .

after some time, the sound from inside became softer, most of the people got killed, except for some that fought hard .

“young master, most of our members are dead . ” one of zong zheng quan’s arms was dismembered, his other hand held onto his wound, his other wounds were also bleeding profusely .

“why do i feel that our fighting strength has decreased by so much? zong zheng song mao frowned while looking at the few people left .

“young master, we don’t have any more energy to care if our fighting strength has decreased, he’s attacking us again, ah…”

a ray of silver lights flew towards him, he waved his arm in preparation to attack, but that light seemed as if it took a turn and cut off his other arm . followed by a ball of flame from nowhere wrapping him up, he became a bunch of ashes quickly .

“what is happening, why does it feel like we’re not only attacked by old ape alone?” zong zheng hai came beside and told zong zheng song mao .

“indeed . ” zong zheng song mao continued, “do you feel something’s not right here?”

“seems like it, but i don’t know how to put it . ” zong zheng hai said .

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zong zheng song mao knitted his eyebrows when he saw that the people were getting lesser .

he also felt something was not right, but he couldn’t point it out .

“zong zheng song mao, why are you still standing there?!” cao le shouted at him when he saw zhong zheng song mao staring at blank space while he couldn’t take the attacks anymore .

zong zheng song mao lifted his head seeing that he couldn’t take it anymore, his eyes shifted and didn’t move an inch .

“zong zheng song mao, what do you mean by that?” yin yang palace members asked grimly when they watched him standing there .

“it’s your young palace master, you guys still don’t want to go and save him?” zong zheng song mao said sacarsticly .

“what do you mean by our young palace master? zong zheng song mao, are you intending to betray?”

zong zheng song mao faintly shot a glance at him and said, “yes, so what?”

“what a nerve! zong zheng clan indeed has a bad motive, young palace master shouldn’t have trusted you guys!”

“young master zong zheng, let’s not talk about others, let’s quickly save young palace master first! we’re all close knitted like family!”

“close knit like family?” zong zheng song mao continued, “you guys always ask the zong zheng clan to fight in the front line, treating us like scapegoats, why didn’t you say we’re close knitted like family at that point of time? when did you ever treat us like family?”

“zong zheng song mao, you zong zheng clan better don’t dig your own grave!”

“really?” once zong zheng song mao doesn’t move, his members don’t move as well .

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“you guys have the audacity to act this way, when we get back, we’ll definitely report this matter to the palace master! we’ll see how you zong zheng clan escape when the time comes!”

“do you think that you still have the chance to go back to notify?” zong zheng song mao sneered .

those people felt danger coming and took a step back and said, “what are you guys trying to do?”

“what are we trying to do? isn’t it obvious?” zong zheng song mao laughed grimly and gave others goosebumps .

“hmph, with this situation, you guys can’t escape as well, might as well fight against the old ape with us then talk about it later!” someone with a clearer vision of what was happening, said .

zong zheng song mao didn’t talk, but he didn’t do anything to yin yang palace’s members as well .


cao le flew with a slap from old ape and landed on the floor heavily .

“young palace master!”

yin yang palace’s members all flew over, a few of them went to help cao le, the others went to block old ape’s attacks .


a strong blow exploded and exploded those people into pieces .

“wait, that kind of strength wasn’t from old ape! the one that attacked us isn’t old ape!” zong zheng song mao called out .

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“it isn’t old ape?”

everyone glanced at old ape, undoubtedly it was his attacks, why did someone say it wasn’t old ape’s?

“those attacks are your own, the attacks will be gone when everyone stops moving!” zong zheng song mao shouted .

yin yang palace’s members were blown up by that strong explosion, some were seriously injured on the ground, the only ones left standing were from the zong zheng clan . once zong zheng song mao spoke, they all stopped moving .

although that old ape was still there, it stopped moving .

“it actually stopped!”

“that old ape is fake!”

“what is exactly happening?”

everyone was shocked, zong zheng song mao was the first one who came back to senses .

“we went into an array . if i didn’t guess wrongly, this is an illusion array!”

“hahaha… . young master zong zheng is indeed wittier than others!” with that laughter, the thick fog that shrouded the valley slowly dispersed .

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