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Chapter 1051: 1051

“That is only natural . ” Wu Lingyu said . “But we’ll have to compensate it when it’s time . ”“What compensation did you promise?”

“Something you have . That’s why I could promise it . ” Wu Lingyu replied .

“What would that be?”

“Golden Snake Fruit . ”

“Golden Snake Fruit?” Sima You Yue got up from Wu Lingyu’s arms . “We just want a little bit of blood from it, and it wants our Golden Snake Fruit?”

When he saw that she was very riled up, he continued with a smile, “Not one, but two . Anyway, there’s so many in your Spirit Pagoda . It shouldn’t matter if you part with two . ”

“Hmph, you’re taking advantage of me!” Sima You Yue pouted .

“It has use for it . ” Wu Lingyu reasoned . “Even if there wasn’t such a situation, I would also have asked you to give it two fruits . ”

“Your relationship is that good?” Sima You Yue asked .

Otherwise, he wouldn’t ask her for Golden Snake Fruit .

“Not bad . ” Wu Lingyu said . “Recently, a clan member evolved and it has a little connection with you . ”

“Connection with me? Who?” Sima You Yue curiously asked .

“You’ll know by then . ” Wu Lingyu smiled without answering .

“Hmph, hmph, you are all jackals of the same lair!” Sima You Yue glared at him .

“Ha ha ha…” Wu Lingyu laughed out loud . She looked quite cute like this .

“You can have two Golden Snake Fruits . ” Sima You Yue laid back into his arms and played with his hair . “As long as it handles the matter well for me, I will give it to him . But if it doesn’t handle it well and mess things up for me, there will be no Golden Snake Fruit . ”

“You! He really does need the Golden Snake Fruit . It’s not taking advantage of you, so don’t be angry . ” Wu Lingyu gently kissed her forehead and smiled .

“But they’re my treasures . ” Sima You Yue snorted .

“To other people, they are treasures, but you have a lot of them . They are no longer in the ranks of treasure . I’ll have him do something to the blood, which will make Ying Yang Palace and Zong Zheng Clan suffer in the Immortal Land . ” Wu Lingyu directly solved her doubts .

“That’s better . ” Sima You Yue smiled with satisfaction .

Inside the Xisha mountain ridge, an ape couldn’t help but shiver, feeling like it was being watched .

The other ape noticed and said, “Old ancestor, are you alright?”

“I’m fine . ” The old ape shook his head . You two must follow me these days, don’t act alone . ”

“Old ancestor, do we really want to help them?” The other yellow hair ape was a little reluctant . It did not have any good feelings towards humans .

“You two need the Golden Snake Fruit for evolution . ” The old ape said . “Besides, I have a good relationship with him . It’s not a problem to help him . ”

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“Does he really have the Golden Snake Fruit? We haven’t found it after looking for so long . If he said he did, does he really?”

The old ape nodded . “I believe him . ”

“I still feel a little nervous . Little Ten, there are always several Golden Snake Fruit each time, why did you get only one at the time?” The yellow ape asked Little Ten .

“At that time, there was a lot of human snatching for them . ” Little Ten answered . “My bloodline power was not awakened . My strength was very low and couldn’t fight so many people . ”

Little Ten thought of the scene before, and the memory of the bright eyes in the black cloak was especially deep .

Although she robbed him of the Golden Snake Fruit, she didn’t rush to take it all, leaving him one . It allowed him to awaken his bloodline and come to the continent and meet his own kind .

“If we can go to the Yi Lin Continent, we can probably find that person and see if she still has more Golden Snake Fruit . ” The yellow ape suggested .

Little Ten shook his head . “I tried to find that person after my blood was awakened . But I never found her again . I think she must have been in disguise at that time . If I go back to find her now, I definitely would not find her . ”

“How do you know if you don’t try . ” The yellow haired ape said .

“Little Huang, don’t worry . If Wu Lingyu really doesn’t have the Golden Snake Fruit, we’ll go to Yi Lin Continent and try . ” The old ape comforted the yellow ape who was worried .

“Old ancestor, I know you also need the Golden Snake Fruit . ” Little Huang said . “You didn’t say it because Wu Lingyu said there are only two Golden Snake Fruits . You want to leave them to us . But what about you? So we still have to find a way to find the person in Yi Lin Continent . ”

“Let’s talk about this later . ” The old ape dismissed it . “They’re here . ”

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The old ape looked towards the top of the mountain and saw Wu Lingyu and Sima You Yue flying over .

Wu Lingyu took Sima You Yue to a towering tree and stopped . “This is the temporary nest of the old ape . ”

Sima You Yue examined the big tree . The crown of the tree was almost half a kilometer wide at the front and back . She didn’t know how long for it to grow like this .

The spirit border around the tree dissipated and the two flew in . As soon they entered, they saw three apes sitting on the branches .

“It’s you?!” Little Ten saw Sima You Yue and excitedly shouted .

Sima You Yue looked at Little Ten with confusion . It knew her? Why was it so excited?

“You are the one who snatched my Golden Snake Fruit at Pu Luo Mountain Range!” Little Ten stared at her and said with certainty .

“Those eyes . He did not see wrong . It must be her!

When Sima You Yue heard this, she immediately understood who that ape was . He could say the words, Pu Luo Mountain Range and Golden Snake Fruit, except the ape who tried to snatch the Golden Snake Fruit with her, who else could it be .

No wonder Wu Lingyu said that she had some connections with him . She didn’t expect to meet an old acquaintance!

“Why do you look different from before?” Since the other party recognized herself, she had no need to deny it . After all, she had promised to give them the Golden Snake Fruit .

Little Ten was excited . “It’s really you! I didn’t make a mistake!”

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SIma You Yue shrugged . “You’re not staying at Yi Lin Continent . Why did you come to the Primordial Lands?”

Moreover, his strength has increased a lot, and he has entered the ranks of sacred beasts .

“The Golden Snake Fruit you gave me back then awakened my bloodline, allowing me to come to this continent and find my people . ” Little Ten explained .

The old ape and Little Huang understood what happened . The person in front of them was the person they were discussing just now . The person who owned the Golden Snake Fruit of Yi Lin Continent .

They had said they hadn’t seen the Golden Snake Fruit after searching on the continent for a long time . Why was there suddenly news of the Golden Snake Fruit? It turned out that it was the person that Little Ten talked about .

“Little Ten, is she really that person?” Little Huang was very disappointed .

Little Ten nodded certainly .

“So we cannot find a third Golden Snake Fruit . ” Little Huang murmured .

Little Ten was also aware of this problem . Now that Sima You Yue is here, where are they going to find the third Golden Snake Fruit?

“Uncle Huang, you and the old ancestor should use the two Golden Snake Fruit . I already ate one and don’t need it . ” Little Ten said .

Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows . The third Golden Snake Fruit?

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