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Chapter 1050: 1050

Zong Zheng Song Mao took Zong Zheng’s family members to Southern Desolation, and they went straight to the Xisha mountain ridge in Lazurite Province . Lazurite Province is the largest area in the Southern Desolation, because there are several large families and clans there, and the combination of strength is the strongest .

Yin Yang Palace was also in Lazurite Province . As the largest strength of Lazurite Province, it was located in the center of Lazurite Province, which is not far away from the Qin family .

When Zong Zheng Song Mao had brought them to the Xisha mountain ridge, the people of the Yin Yang Palace had already arrived .

“Young Master Zong Zheng, my Young Palace Master has a request . ” The guards from Yin Yang Palace came to the place where the Zong Zheng house camped and said proudly .

The expressions of the Zong Zheng family members turned ugly . They did not expect the people from Yin Yang Palace to be here, and seeing the appearance of these two people, it seems that they were very dissatisfied with the news that they had concealed the auspicious beast .

“I didn’t expect the Young Palace Master to come personally as well . I did say that after I have confirmed the news of the auspicious beast, I will inform the Palace Master . ” Although he was unhappy inside, Zong Zheng Song Mao still responded with a smile .

“Well, I really do hope that those are your true thoughts . ” A guard said, “Young Master Zong Zheng, over here . ”

“You guys camp here, and the two elders will come with me to greet the Young Palace Master . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao said .

“Yes, Young Master . ”

Zong Zheng Song Mao and the two elders followed the guards to the place where the Yin Yang Palace was camped . On the way, he saw many forces’ camps . .

“So many forces have come?” Third Elder Zong Zheng Hai frowned when he saw those camps .

“How did these forces arrive so fast?” Fifth Elder Zong Zheng Quan also wondered .

“At this time, it’s about the auspicious beast and the Immortal Land . Of course, those people will come here quickly . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao said, “From my point of view, there may be a lot of forces in the near future . ”

If that is the case, they were less likely to get hold of the auspicious beast .

But no matter what, they have to get the beast!

He felt someone staring at him but he didn’t see anyone looking at him .

Sima You Yue, Wu Lingyu together with Ximen Feng and Qin Mo were standing at the peak . Zong Zheng Song Mao had looked in this direction earlier on .

“I didn’t expect this Zong Zheng Song Mao to be quite sensitive,” Sima You Yue said .

“Zong Zheng Song Mao is not a simple character . ” Qin Mo said, “Since he can be the young master of the family at such an age, it is natural that he got skills . ”

“Really?” Sima You Yue smiled faintly, “If this is the case, it’s better . It’s better to break one of their powerful arms than to pull out only a few feathers . ”

“Back then, Zong Zheng Song Mao had killed many people in our family . ” Ximen Feng said, “This time, we must make them pay for our dead relatives!”

“Don’t worry, this time they will have a trip with no return!” Sima You Yue said .

Although the time it took to plan this was a bit short but it was absolutely perfect . Those who should pay the price! None of them would go unscathed!

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Zong Zheng Song Mao, Zong Zheng Hai and Zong Zheng Quan came to the Yin Yang Palace . Seeing their large camp, they knew that the Yin Yang Palace had sent many people this time .

The guard led them to an exquisite tent and went away .

The guards at the door stared at them and said, “Young Master Zong Zheng, Young Palace Master is waiting for you inside . ”

Waiting for you, it meant that the two elders were not included .

“The two of you shall wait here . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao said to the two elders before he entered . He saw Cao Le, the Young Palace Master of Yin Yang Palace, with beautiful girls serving him . He paid his respects to Cao Le, “Song Mao has come to greet Young Palace Master . ”

There were two beauties next to Cao Le . One was fanning him and the other was sitting on the side and feeding him fruits . Seeing Zong Zheng Song Mao, he spat the seeds from his mouth into the beauty’s hands and said sharply, “Zong Zheng Song Mao, I haven’t seen you in a few years . Your guts have grown bigger . ”

“Young Palace Master is taking it too seriously . My Zong Zheng family is loyal to Yin Yang Palace . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao said respectfully .

“Really?” Cao Le waved his hand, indicating that the beauties around him no longer need to feed him fruits, sat up from the couch, and said: “If you’re really loyal, why didn’t you tell us about the appearance of the auspicious beast this time?”

“We have just received news as well . As soon as we heard it, we immediately sent people to inform the palace . We didn’t wait for the people from the palace to get the upper hand . But I didn’t expect the Young Palace Master to come here first . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao said seriously .

“Really?” Cao Le stared straight at him, without saying whether he believed it or not .

“It’s very true . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao’s expression remained unchanged, as if he had said the truth .

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Cao Le looked at it for a while, smiled, and said, “We, Yin Yang Palace, still believe in your Zong Zheng family . ”

Zong Zheng Song Mao breathed a sigh of relief, but the expression on his face remained unchanged, and said: “Don’t worry, Young Palace Master, my Zong Zheng family will never betray Yin Yang Palace . ”

“Then I will wait for you to catch the auspicious beast in front of me . ” Cao Le said, “Don’t worry, if you catch the beast, while in the Immortal Land, we will not treat you badly . ”

“Song Mao will definitely catch the auspicious beast . ”

Outside the tent, Zong Zheng Hai and Zong Zheng Quan heard the conservation inside clearly . After a while, they saw Zong Zheng Song Mao coming out and greeted him .

“Young Master . ”

“Go back and bring the family members over, and we will camp with the people in Yin Yang Palace,” Zong Zheng Song Mao ordered .

Both Zong Zheng Hai and Zong Zheng Quan understood what this meant . If they lived together, Zong Zheng’s people would definitely be allowed to do anything, and Yin Yang Palace would only be in charge from behind .

But what could they do? Their strength was not as good as the Yin Yang Palace and they had to rely on the Yin Yang Palace to protect them .

“We shall summon the family members over . ” Zong Zheng Hai said .

“Go . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao’s voice was somewhat forbearing . People in Yin Yang Palace couldn’t hear it, but the two elders understood what he meant .

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An hour later, Zong Zheng’s tent was pitched next to Yin Yang Palace .

Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu had been watching the whole situation here and they were not surprised at the demands of Yin Yang Palace .

“How did you reveal the news to Yin Yang Palace without them knowing?” Wu Lingyu asked while holding her in his arms .

Sima You Yue nuzzled in his arms and said: “Yin Yang Palace and Qin Family are not far away . They have been paying attention to the situation of the Qin Family . I just made a little movement in the Qin Family, and they naturally will know . ”

“What about other forces?”

“It didn’t take much effort,” Sima You Yue said, “If they were the only ones here, then the news would not seem to be real . ”

“They are also eager to get it, otherwise they will not be so easily fooled if such news appears at this time . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“If it weren’t for this moment, I couldn’t think of such a way . ” Sima You smiled slyly, “But is your friend reliable?”

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