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Chapter 1049: 1049

The first day of assessment was for the disciples of the Alchemy Hall . Yun Yi and them were gathered inside . Although he was injured last time, he had completely recovered, and there was no obstacle in his alchemy process . “You Yue . ” Xiao Jing Zhong called out softly . “Elder Xiao, what’s the matter?” Sima You Yue turned to look at him .

“It’s nothing . I just want to thank you . ” Xiao Jing Zhong spoke . “Look at Yun Yi and them . If it weren’t for you, they wouldn’t be able to practice alchemy ever again . ”

“That’s right . ” He Wen said . “You Yue, your silver needle method is superb, better than many spirit pills . ”

“Thank you Elder He for your praise . ” Sima You Yue smiled .

“I was busy before, now thinking about it, I want to ask you about it . ” He Wen hesitated .

“What is difficult for Elder He to speak of?” Sima You Yue asked about his hesitation .

“So it’s like this . ” He Wen began . “We never heard of your silver needle method before . Can you teach it to the disciples of the valley? I know this idea is a bit abrupt but…”

“Elder He is overthinking this . Since I am the Young Valley Master of the Divine Devil Valley, and the silver needle method can cure people, it is good that I can contribute a little to the valley . ” Sima You Yue interrupted .

For ordinary people, these skills were usually hidden and tucked away, unless they were pioneers of a new sect or something, which they would be willing to share with them . But they did not expect her to agree so soon .

“For real?” He was elated!

“Of course it’s for real . ” Sima You Yue was amused by his appearance . “But the silver needle method is easy to learn but difficult to master . I can only offer some basic knowledge to the valley . If it is to be mastered, the disciples will have to further study it . ”

“This is only natural . ” He Wen nodded .

“Then later, I will go back and sort the knowledge of the acupuncture points on the human body and the silver needle method and send it to the Medicine Master Hall . ”

“Alright, hahaha… . ”

The other hall masters were so stunned at the sight of the He Wen’s excitement, that they couldn’t help but roll their eyes at him .

The following assessments were still continuing . After the alchemy assessment, the armament assessment, the array assessment, and others, several days were spent on the assessment process .

Just as Sima You Yue and others were conducting the assessment, the news of the Immortal Land opening was about to open spread throughout the continent, raising a lot of commotion . Various forces were beginning to move .

The requirement for the opening of the Immortal Land was the blood of the auspicious beast . It reminded them of the event of snatching Little Tu in the Black Forest . Only then did they know that the news of the Immortal Land about to appear was already known at that time .

But Little Tu had been taken away . It was no secret . Without the auspicious beast, where would they go to find the blood of the auspicious beast to open the door of the Immortal Land .

Ever since, during that period of time, there was another wave of searching for an auspicious beast in the continent .

Some forces who possess auspicious beasts were not in a hurry . But those loners with one had to seek refuge to protect their auspicious beast .

Today, Sima You Yue returned to the courtyard of the square . She took out the Son-Mother Stone and contacted Ximen Feng .

“Sister, what’s up?” Ximen Feng asked .

“Feng’er, I have something to tell you . ” Sima You Yue accepted the spirit fruit from Wu Lingyu . She took a bite and said, “Do you remember when those people wanted to snatched Little Tu in the dark forest?”

“I do . Do you want to talk about the Immortal Land?” Ximen Feng asked .

“You also knew about it?”

“Of course . The whole continent is talking about the Immortal Land . No matter how hidden we are in the Heartbreak Valley, how would we not know about such a big matter . ” Ximen Feng chuckled .

“Since you know about it, what do you think?” Sima You Yue asked .

“There is indeed something…”

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“You’re in a good mood, what are your thoughts? Tell me about it . ” Sima You Yue could hear that his tone was lighter which made her feel that it was a bad idea .

“The Zong Zheng Clan also want to enter the Immortal Land . ” Ximen Feng said .

“Zong Zheng Clan?” Sima You Yue’s eyes brightened . Her lips pursed . “Do they have an auspicious beast?”

“No . ” Ximen Feng replied .

“Then how are they going to go in?”

“That’s why they’re finding a way to?” Ximen Feng said . “They’ve been more active recently . They must have found a way to . Even if they can’t, we will let them find one . ”

“Brother Feng, you have an evil idea!” Little Seven hollered into the son-mother stone .

“Aren’t I trying to help them?” Ximen Feng retorted .

“You don’t want to help them . I think you want to get them in and kill them . ” Little Seven chuckled .

“Heh heh . ” Ximen Feng sneered .

“What’s your plan?” Sima You Yue smiled on the side .

“Naturally, I’ll help them find a way to get the blood of the auspicious beast…” Ximen Feng said .

“Mm, you can implement it if you have an idea . Tell me what you need . ” Sima YouYue gave him full authority .

“Then do you know where there is an auspicious beast?”

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There was really a need to say it!

She didn’t know where to find the auspicious beast, so she could only cast her eyes on Wu Lingyu .

“I just happened to know where an auspicious beast is…” Wu Lingyu shook the wine cup in Sima You Yue’s hand .

“…” Sima You Yue stared at his calm eyes and looked at the sky . “What else don’t you know?”

Wu Lingyi smiled and said nothing .

A few days later, the Zong Zheng Clan had exciting news .

“Clan leader! Clan Leader! We found it! We found it!” An elder ran up to the meeting hall excitedly .

Zong Zheng Qing Ren, the head of Zong Zheng Clan, stood up from his seat immediately .

“Are you sure? You found the whereabouts of the auspicious beast?!”

The elder was flushed with excitement and nodded vigorously . “Yes, clan master, this time the news is true!”


“It’s in a valley of Southern Desolation . But…”

“But what?” Zong Zheng Qing Ren asked .

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“A lot of forces know this news, and everyone is going there now . ” The elder answered . “We have to act now, otherwise we will fall behind others . ”

“Since it is found, then take some people and have Song Mao go . We must bring the auspicious beast back!” Zong Zheng Qing Ren commanded .

“Yes, clan master!” The elder hurriedly left .

“Clan master, this auspicious beast is related to the Immortal Land . Yong Valley Master is still young, it is better to let the elders keep an eye on it . ” Another elder stood up .

“You are right . You and the fifth elder are to go with Young Master . ” Zong Zheng Qing Ren ordered .

“Yes, clan master . ”

After half a day, Zong Zheng Song Mao left the clan with a group of people and rushed to the Southern Desolation .

Half a day later, Sima You Yue received the news from Ximen Feng .

“Sister, there’s news that Zong Zheng Song Mao and two other people went . ”

Sima You Yue had a bright smile on her face . “Great, let’s proceed as planned…”

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