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Chapter 1048: 1048

Chapter 1048 News of the Immortal Land

“by the Way, Does Your Martial Uncle Know That You’ve Come Back?” Sima You Yue Raised Her Head and Looked at Him in Earnest .

“I Have Already Met With Martial Uncle . That Was When You and Yun Yi Were Conversing . ” Wu Lingyu Said .

“Since You Know That I’m in the Alchemy Hall, Why Didn’t You Go Find Me?” Sima You Yue Poked His Face .

Wu Lingyu Grabbed Her Hand . “I Will Be Unhappy if You Talk to Other Men . If I Don’t Let You Have Contact With Others, You Will Be Unhappy . ”

Sima You Yue Pursed Her Lips and Laughed . This Guy Made It Clear That He Didn’t Like Her Being With Others .

“I Also Came Back With Some News . ” Wu Lingyu Said .

“About What?”

“the Inter Regions’ Scheme . ” Wu Lingyu Replied .

“What’s the News? Is It Related to the Attack on the Valley’s Disciples?”

“I’ve Already Relayed to Martial Uncle Some Relevant Information . ” Wu Lingyu Looked at Her Curious Eyes . “You Don’t Need to Worry About Those Things . It’s Tiring to Know So Much . ”

“Uh, Okay . ” Sima You Yue Didn’t Force Him to Tell Her . Anyways, With Him Here, She Did Not Need to Care for Anything and Focus on Her Affairs .

“You Said Master Went After Aunt Feng . Why Hadn’t He Come Back After So Many Years? Did Something Happen?” She Asked Worriedly .

“Nothing . ” Wu Lingyu Replied . “the Old Guy’s Life Token is Still Safe . So Nothing Happened . ”

“but There Hadn’t Been Any News for So Long . I Feel Worried . ” Sima You Yue Said .

“Why Don’t You Go Find Aunt Feng . As Long as the Old Man Finds Her, He Won’t Give Up . ”

“Then Forget It . ” Sima You Yue Said . “Besides I Don’t Know How to Find Aunt Feng, Even if I Find Her I Promised Her That I Can’t Tell Anyone of Her News . ”

“Then Don’t Worry About It . ” Wu Lingyu Said .

“Yeah . ” Sima You Yue Nodded . “but I’m Really Curious About Aunt Feng’s Identity . “During the Time in the Dark Forest, Those Who Wanted to Take Away Little Tu Were All Strong but When They Saw Aunt Feng’s Soul Imprint,… They All Suddenly Became Respectful . ”

“Her Identity… if I Am Not Mistaken Should Be Higher Than These People We Know of . ” Wu Lingyu Said .

“Do You Know?”

“No . But It Can Be Investigated . ” Wu Lingyu Said .

“Sigh, I’ll Know It When It’s Time . ” Sima You Yue Sighed, “Fortunately, Little Spirit Said That the Growth of the Divine Scar is Good . When It Sprouts, It Can Cure Aunt Feng’s Injury and Even Xuan Qiu He’s Eyes as Well . I Also Promised Him That I’d Cure Him . ”

Wu Lingyu Flicked Her Forehead, and Said, “You Think About Those Things All Day, So Why Don’t Think About Me . ”

“These Things Are What I Promised Others, of Course I Have to Keep Them in Mind . ”

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“Speaking of Little Tu, Do You Still Remember Why the Snatching of the Auspicious Beast Happened?” Wu Lingyu Asked .

“Mm . It is Said That an Immortal Land Will Appear Soon, and the Blood of the Auspicious Beast Can Open the Door of the Immortal Land . ” Sima You Yue Said . “Isn’t It Said the Immortal Land Will Open Soon, I Am Afraid It Already Passed . ”

“Not Yet . ” Wu Lingyu Said, “Due to Some Reasons, There Was a Problem With the Immortal Land, and the Opening Time Was Delayed . ”

“That Being Said, We Can Catch Up on That?” Sima You Yue’s Eyes Brightened .

When Wu Lingyu Saw Her Like This, He Knew She Was Moved . He Reached Out and Pulled Her Nose . “I Knew You Would Want to Go . ”

“Then Do You Know Where the Immortal Land is? How Long Does It Take to Open?” Sime You Yue Grinned .

“There’s Still Several Months . It’s Enough for You to Prepare . ” Wu Lingyu Said .

“Ha, Let’s Wait Until the Assessment’s Over to See!” Sima You Yue Was in a Good Mood . Immortal Land Was a Better Place Than a Little Realm Because These Places Are Where Top Experts Leave Behind . There Would Be More Opportunities, and if One Was Lucky,it Was Not Impossible to Rapidly Increase One’s Strength .

In the Following Days, Sima You Yue Felt More and More Comfortable . She Didn’t Need to Worry About the Valley’s Affairs . She Was Accompanied by Someone She Liked That She Could Chat With, Resolved Her Doubts and Guided Her . There Was No Urgency for Her to Do Things . She Felt That She Had Gained Weight for More Than Half a Month .

“Yue Yue, I Also Think That You’ve Gained Weight . ” Little Seven Smiled While Sima You Yue Pinched Her Own Cheeks .

Sima You Yue Glanced at Her . Even if She Knew, She Didn’t Need to Say It!

Wu Lingyu Sat Underneath the Tree Aside, Holding a Cup of Tea in Hand . When He Saw Her Glaring Eyes, He Smiled and Shook His Head .

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“Yue Yue, Don’t Be Angry . Even if You Grow Fat, Brother Lingyu Would Not Disdain You . ” Little Seven Chuckled While Covering Her Mouth .

“There’s No Use of Disdain . ” Wu Lingyu Who Rarely Answered Back Said .

“Hmph, Hmph, It’s Too Late for Disdain . ” Sima You Yue Took Out a Spirit Fruit and Threw It at Him .

Wu Lingyu Caught the Spirit Fruit Which Was Glistening With Water After Being Washed . He Took a Bite and It Was Sweet .

“I’ve Already Discussed With Martial Uncle When the Assessment is Over, I Will Arrange for People to Go to the Immortal Land . ” Wu Lingyu Said .

“There’s an Auspicious Beast at the Valley?” Sima You Yue Asked .

“Don’t You Have One Also?” Wu Lingyu Blinked .

“Hmph, You Too . ” Sima You Yue Glared at Him .

“Besides the People at the Valley, What Else Do You Have to Do?” Wu Lingyu Asked .

Sima You Yue Sat Down Beside Him and Pondered for a While . “My Brothers and Them Are All in the Little Realm and Haven’t Come Out Yet . I Only Need to Bring People From the Sect to Go . Well, if Senior Brothers and Sisters Were Not With the Sect, They Can Also Join Us . ”

“Then You Can Notify Them When the Assessment is Over . ” Wu Lingyu Suggested .

“Mm, I Will Contact Them as Soon as Possible . This Opportunity is Rare . It Cannot Be Missed or It Will Be a Regret for a Lifetime . ” Sima You Yue Replied .

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Two Days Later, the Assessment of the Divine Devil Valley’s Disciples Officially Began .

Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu Appeared at the Rostrum With a Group of Hall Masters . The Disciples of the Hall Were Waiting Below .

“Yue Yue, I Always Followed You to Sit in the Auditorium or Contestants’ Stand . I Didn’t Expect to Sit in the Rostrum This Time . ” Little Seven Sat Beside Sima You Yue . She Moved on and About in the Chair .

“Mm, It’s the First Time I’ve Been in This Position . ” Sima You Yue Said . “Be Quiet and Don’t Move . ”

“Oh . ” Little Seven Quieted Down and Stretched Her Neck to Watch the Contest .

The Host Below Went Up and Began to Preside Over the Inner Valley’s Assessment . After Introducing a Lot of Rules, the First Round of Assessment Finally Began .

Sima You Yue Who Was Sitting Here for the First Time, Had a Different View of the Setting at This Position . In the Past, She Watched How Those People Competed With a Learning Mentality . When She Watched It This Time, She Took on a Scrutinizing Attitude, Whether the Disciples in the Valley Were All That Good .

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