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Chapter 1044: 1044

Chapter 1044 Evaluation postponed

“master, master, am i not going to be able to refine armaments ever again?!” a female disciple cried out with distraught . the moment she woke up and saw her crippled left arm, she cried out and choked with tears .

“an an, don’t be scared, it’s still unclear now, don’t worry, the valley will heal you . ” someone comforted her .

“master, my arm!” an an’s cries woke up another unconscious disciple, he cried too when he woke up .

“ah—— my… . ”

“oh… . how did this… . ”

one after another, their cries made the whole courtyard chaotic, everyone was in shock at their own condition .

“alright now, elder xiao, you guys go and treat them so that they will quieten down . i’ll go check on those that got poisoned . ” dou bai got a headache from those people crying .

sima you yue followed xiao jing zhong and took a look at the injured ones who had already taken healing pills but because the injuries were so bad, their conditions were the most critical .

the disciples from the physician hall bandaged up their wounds, those that had already done binding up would stand aside when they saw xiao jing zhong walk over .

“how is their condition?” few of the elders from armament hall rushed over and were enraged seeing their disciples being injured like this .

“who did this?!”

“elder, it’s the members from cloud cave . ”

“yes, the one that ambushed us is from cloud cave!”

“”the one that ambushed us wasn’t from cloud cave, the ones that ambushed us were from other clans . ”

“the ones that ambushed you guys aren’t from cloud cave? then which clan are they from?”

“the one that ambushed us are… members of kong valley . ”

“kong valley? are you sure?” sima you yue asked .

“i’m certain, those that tried to kill us were wearing kong valley’s clothes . ” that person recalled and said firmly .

“wearing kong valley’s clothes doesn’t mean they are members of kong valley . ” sima you yue continued, “i believe members of kong valley wouldn’t attack us . ”


“young valley master, why are you so certain?”

“i know kong xiang yi and have talked to kong valley’s members before, they won’t attack divine devil valley’s members . ” sima you yue said with certainty .

“wearing kong valley’s clothes doesn’t mean they are from kong valley . ” xiao jing zhong continued, “you guys recuperate first, leave this to us to investigate . ”

xiao jing zhong stayed because their condition was critical, sima you yue and little seven exited .

“yue yue, do you believe that kong valley’s members are the ones that attack divine devil valley?” little seven asked as she saw sima you yue in deep thoughts .

“i believe they are not from kong valley . ” sima you yue continued, “xiang yi knows that i’m divine devil valley’s young valley master, she knows about our connection, they wouldn’t surprise attack divine devil valley out of nowhere . ”

“what if they were forced into coercion?” little seven asked .

“you’re talking about people from inner regions?” sima you yue asked in reply .

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“it’s possible!” little seven continued, “didn’t that happen when the inner regions stirred problems in cloud sea city? if kong valley’s members were controlled by them, then wouldn’t it be possible?”

“that’s true . ” sima you yue continued, “wasn’t xiang yi in heartbreak valley previously? i’ll ask feng’er about the situation there . ”

“mm . ”

when sima you yue returned to the yard, she took out a son-mother stone, inserted spiritual energy in it and waited for response from the other side .

it was different from the common son-mother stone, this son-mother stone was only the size of an egg, round and transparent, it was a son-mother stone that could be used to contact in far range .

“big sister, what happened? why did you contact me out of the blue?” ximen feng’s voice came out from son-mother stone .

“feng’er, is xiang yi still in heartbreak valley?” sima you yue asked directly .

“no, she went back two days ago, she said something happened in kong valley . ” ximen feng continued, “did something happen?”

“mm, there is something i need to tell you…”

sima you yue told him about the attacks that happened to the disciples in divine devil valley .

“kong valley’s members wouldn’t get involved in this . ” ximen feng said certainly after hearing the story .

“i thought so too . ” sima you yue said, “but like you said, xiang yi said something happened in kong valley . ”

“what is the situation at your side now?” ximen feng asked .

“it’s a little complicated, a few more days to evaluation, the disciples are coming back one after another, senior brother ying sent people from outside to attend to them, hopefully nothing happens . ” sima you yue continued, “help me to check what happened in kong valley . ”

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“okay . ”

“yue yue, i think someone was sent in just now . ” little seven said .

sima you yue looked towards the direction little seven pointed and saw some of the injured ones being transported in .

“feng’er, i’ll go take a look, contact me if there’s any news . ”

“okay . ”

“let’s go there and take a look . ”

sima you yue kept the son-mother stone and rushed towards that direction with little seven .

just as expected, those are the disciples that were coming back, they were almost killed on the way back, luckily they met reinforcement disciples, their condition wasn’t as bad .

sima you yue took a glance at the situation there and left, she couldn’t do anything even if she was there .

“yue yue, just now they said that the ones that ambushed them were from another clan . ” little seven said .

“mm, i heard . ” sima you yue continued, “it’s getting more complicated . if those people weren’t there to put up an act, that means someone is targeting divine devil valley . ”

“but who can it be?” little seven imitated sima you yue by putting her left hand under her chin, looking as if she was in deep thoughts .

when sima you yue came back to sense, she was amused by her looks, snorted with laughter, she used her hand and rubbed her head and said, “we don’t understand all these things, there is no point thinking about it here . let’s just see how martial uncle will handle this . ”

some of the disciples that were attacked appeared again two days laters, fortunately the valley had already sent out people to fetch them so the situation wasn’t as bad .

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but the originally planned schedule for evaluation would be pushed back indefinitely, according to liang wu ming, the situation hasn’t stabilized and the evaluation would resume after everything is settled down .

the entire valley was busy handling injured disciples, sima you yue also followed up with quite a lot of information, but after knowing more, she felt that it was getting strange .

all the hall leaders had a meeting, she sat aside quietly, after hearing from the information in-charge from every hall, she slightly creased her eyebrows but listened quietly without saying anything .

liang wu ming noticed her facial expressions and asked when nobody was talking, “you yue, do you have any thoughts on this?”

sima you yue didn’t expect him to call her and told them her thoughts .

“valley master, i feel there’s something wrong about this . ”

“oh? what’s wrong with it?” liang wu ming questioned .

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