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Chapter 1032: 1032
Chapter 1032 No explanation

Sima You Yue stayed in the spirit pagoda for over a month, she gathered everyone and all the spirit beasts to search for the book, finally, they found a book that was related to fusion .

“You guys continue to search, I’ll check to see if this book has the content I want . ” Sima You Yue sat on the ground with the book and started flipping the pages .

This book was thin, Sima You Yue finished it in less than half a day reading it carefully .

It stated some of the conditions of spirit fusing, it wasn’t of any use for the current situation .

Very quickly in the same district, Little Seven found a few books regarding fusion, Sima You Yue read one by one and finally found one book that was similar to the current situation .

In the book, someone’s situation was similar to Wu Lingyu’s, a mistake occurred during spirit fusing that led to incomplete spirit fusion which caused periodicity confusion of memories, weak strength, going into deep sleep, then going back to normal and weak again, happening in cycles till the spirit and body completed the fusion .

The last chapter in the book said, the only way to solve this situation was to get the spirit and body to fuse completely as soon as possible . But it didn’t record how to get the spirit to fuse completely as soon as possible .

After that, they didn’t manage to find any more useful books, luckily it stated in that book that there was no need to worry in this kind of situation as all that was needed for fusing the spirit and body was time .

After flipping all the books in this district, Sima You Yue gave up searching, this situation was as unfathomable as her transversing spirit, it was good enough that she could even find a few books . If this district doesn’t have any, then there wouldn’t be any .

“Yue Yue, don’t worry, the book stated that this kind of situation won’t affect much, just that the spirit and body have to fuse and it’ll be all good . ” Little Seven comforted .

“I know, I’m just thinking what if his strength becomes weak when he is in danger?” Sima You Yue was worried, “But thinking that he is followed by the almighty from the devil realm makes me feel that I worry too much . ”

Even if there was any danger, that devil beast wouldn’t let anything happen to him .

She brought Little Seven out, till date, it was only seven to eight days from the day the devil clan appeared .

All the powerful ones are still searching outside, they wanted to get some traces, but only to return empty handed .

Such a powerful devil beast, it’s not that they could find it when they want to .

Everyone was puzzled, that almighty from the devil realm seemed to appear out of nowhere and then disappeared all of a sudden, nobody else was eaten, it seemed like it only appeared to kill Shao Yun Xiao only .

Everyone could only wrap it up and head back to the city when they couldn’t find any hints after continuous search for half a month . The alchemy contest was already over, some of the powerful ones returned home one after another .

After everyone left, Sima You Yue’s alchemy contest was spreaded throughout the continent in no time . Many people gained respect for her after hearing about what happened .

Today as she was cultivating, she realised that the strength of faith in her body rose endlessly and rapidly, she was so scared that she quickly exited from the state of cultivation .

“Damn! That strength gets stronger and stronger!” Sima You Yue was anxious and stifled at the same time, that was an unimaginable amount of strength but it was too bad that she couldn’t use it, she even had to think of a way to suppress it .

“Sigh, it’s such a…” She sighed and started to absorb the dark energy from the air to get balance in her body .

After Mao San Quan finished his business with the Guild, Heavenly Sect also returned home .

Sima You Yue went to meet Liang Wu Ming, Divine Devil Valley was about to leave Cloud Sea city too .

“Young Valley Master!” Members from Divine Devil Valley greeted her respectfully when they saw her .

Some of them haven’t seen Sima You Yue before, she felt unpleasant as she came up from a lower realm and thought that she didn’t deserve to be their Young Valley Master . With this alchemy contest, everyone had a whole new level of respect for her .

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“Where is Martial Uncle?” Sima You Yue asked .

“He is inside talking to Dragon King . ”

“Godfather is here too?” Sima You Yue was surprised .

“Yes . ”

Sima You Yue went to the living room and saw Liang Wu Ming, Wu La Mai and Shui Qing Man chatting happily .

“Godfather Godmother, Martial Uncle . ”

“You Yue is here . ” Shui Qing Man went up and pulled her hands and sat her down beside her .

“Did Godmother enjoy her time here?” Sima You Yue asked while smiling .

“It was quite fun . ” Shui Qing Man continued, “We were talking about going to Divine Devil Valley to have fun for a few days . Can I go?”

“Godmother’s condition is much better now, the fetus is growing well too, you don’t have to insert spiritual energy for nourishment everyday anymore, you can go and have fun if you want to . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Really? King, did you hear that? Even You Yue said I can go and have fun . ” Shui Qing Man poked Wu La Mai’s chin happily .

“”Since you want to go, then let’s go . ” Wu La Mai was the weakest when it came to resisting her and agreed helplessly .

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“Martial Uncle, when are you going back?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Tomorrow . ” Liang Wu Ming continued, “There are only a few more months left until Valley’s contest, as a Young Valley Master, it’s best that you can attend . ”

“Understood . ” Sima You Yue nodded, “I discussed with Instructor Mao yesterday, I can graduate anytime now . But he said I can leave my school rolls in the sect and come out here . ”

“It’s better . ” Liang Wu Ming continued, “Then remember to come back before the disciple in the Valley competes . At the same time we can show everyone how the Young Valley Master looks like . ”

“Okay . ”

On the second day, members from Heavenly Sect and Divine Devil Valley got out of the city together, after leaving the highland, everyone bidded farewell .

After Sima You Yue came back to the sect, she looked for an excuse to go out and see Third Mo out .

“It’s all thanks to you . ” Third Mo thanked in gratitude .

“Don’t need to be so formal with me . ” Sima You Yue continued, “I’ll keep a look out for the medicine ingredient . I will contact you if I find it . ”

“Mm . ”

“If there’s anything else I can help, you have to tell me . ” Sima You Yue remarked .

“I will . ” Third Mo cupped his fist in greeting to her, turned around and left .

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When Sima You Yue went back to sect, everyone already knew that she got first place in the alchemy contest and worshipped her even more .

It wasn’t easy for Sima You Yue to get to the parting garden, Han Miao Shuang and the rest was already waiting for her inside . But both their facial expressions showed traces of complications .

“Did something happen?” Sima You Yue questioned .

Su Xiao Xiao passed the letter that was in front of him to Sima You Yue, when Sima You Yue read it, she was greatly astonished .

“Everyone from the Jiang clan was killed on the way to Cloud Sea city? Big Senior Brother and the rest was the one that killed them?”

“Mm . ” Su Xiao Xiao continued, “It was said that only Shi Qian Zhi has the poison that Jiang Jun Zhe suffered from . Now the Jiang clan has passed down the orders and prepared to fight with them till death . ”

Sima You Yue glanced over the content in the letter again, she frowned, “Why do I feel odd about this?”

“What’s odd about it?” Han Miao Shuang asked .

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