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Chapter 1028: 1028

The both of them arrived outside the city and swooped down lower than the clouds, coming to a mountain range below .

“Holy Son, Hall Master is waiting for you inside . ” The guard saw Wu Lingyu coming in with Sima You Yue and said .

“Mm . ” Wu Lingyu walked in front with Sima You Yue trailing behind him . They arrived in a room in the back courtyard .

Shao Yun Xiao sat on the mat with his face filled with wrinkles . He seemed to have aged much . He appeared like a middle aged man in the daytime, but was like an old man at night .

This kind of change really caused one to wonder .

She lifted her head and looked at Wu Lingyu, wanting to know just what was going on .

“I’ll tell you in a bit . ” Wu Lingyu gave her an enigmatic glance .

Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu stood at the door for a moment . Only then did Shao Yun Xiao open his eyes .

“Hall Master, I have brought him here . ” Wu LIngyu said .

“Greetings, Hall Master . ” Sima You Yue nodded to Shao Yun Xiao in greeting .

“You are Lingyu’s Junior . I will not beat around the bush then . Are you willing to join our Sage Pavilion?” Shao Yun Xiao asked .

Sima You Yue didn’t think that he would be that direct as she refused him directly, “Many thanks, Hall Master, for your invitation . I, You Yue, have many burdens, and I am afraid that I will not be able to join your Sage Pavilion . ”

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“You were the one responsible for what happened in the Dark Forest, were you not?” Shao Yun Xiao said confidently, “You killed my men from the Sage Pavilion . If you join us, we will let this incident go . If you do not, then you will only stay here with no chance of return . You should think it through properly . ”

“Hall Master, are you threatening me?” Sima You Yue asked icily .

“No, I am not threatening you . I am merely stating the fact . ” Shao Yun Xiao said, “This is also for the sake of your Senior Brother’s position as the Holy Son of the Sage Pavilion . If it were anyone else, you would just be a corpse right now . ”

“If I refuse?” Sima You Yue said .

“Lingyu, you should properly convince your Junior Brother . ” Shao Yun Xiao siad, “I will give you until tonight . If this situation remains the same…”

“No need, I will never join you . ” Sima You Yue said, “My Master has said before that the Sage Pavilion is not a good place . That old coot is already mad enough that one disciple has joined it . If I were to join it as well, he would be angered to death . My sin would be great, then . ”

“Then do you absolutely refuse even in the face of death?” Shao Yun Xiao’s expression was terrible .

“Yes . ”

“Then I’ll leave it to you . Lingyu . ”

Wu Lingyu looked at Shao Yun Xiao, then turned to look at Sima You Yue . He raised his left hand as a white spirit energy emanated from his hands .

Sima You Yue’s expression wasn’t worried in the least, and Wu Lingyu’s spirit energy didn’t move . It was as if it were frozen .

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“Lingyu, act!” Shao Yun Xiao thought that Wu Lingyu was not willing to attack her, and commanded .

Wu Lingyu lowered his head to look at the spirit energy in his hands . His hands slowly lifted up before they suddenly attacked Shao Yun Xiao .

Shao Yun Xiao didn’t think that Wu Lingyu would attack him . The situation was too sudden that he reacted late and was hit by the resulting energy,


The surprise on his face was evident . It seemed like he had never once considered this possibility .

“I will never kill him . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“You dare to defy me!” Shao Yun Xiao said with an icy expression .

Wu Lingyu set up a barrier and covered the entire place . Nobody inside was allowed out .

Shao Yun Xiao saw the barrier and knew that he was in for it now . Furthermore, he didn’t even intend off those who were inside with him .

He knew that Wu Lingyu’s barriers were extremely powerful . However, he still didn’t think the situation was that dire, because in his mind, Wu Lingyu was not that powerful . His betrayal was merely a rashful act .

“You want to betray me?” He flew into the air and glared at Wu Lingyu, “Do you know the consequences of this?”

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“What consequences will there be?” Wu Lingyu said, “You should regret not bringing more people out here with you . ”

After speaking, he flew into the sky and attacked Shao Yun Xiao .

“I have nurtured you for so many years and this is how you repay me?” Shao Yun Xiao was incensed .

“Nurtured me? You nurtured me for so many years, wasn’t it just because you wanted to prepare a body for yourself?” Wu Lingyu said, “The stronger I became, the stronger you would eventually be . That you really just wanted to nurture me, which was why you gave me so many resources and treated me well… do you believe your own words?”

“What rubbish are you spouting!” Shao Yun Xiao sneered, “Of course it was for you that I did so much . ”

“Is that so?” Wu Lingyu sneered, “Then why did you feed me those pills? The last time you used the excuse of examining my body to attack my soul, what was that about? If I really ate the pills that you had been feeding me, I would really have been done for then, right?”

Sima You Yue was shocked . Shao Yun Xiao had already acted against him like that?

“You knew it all?!” This time, it was Shao Yun Xiao’s turn to be surprised . He had always thought that he had kept it a secret and that nobody should know about it .

“You’ve almost reached your limit with no way of breaking through . That was why you wanted to find someone to nurture, so that you could use them as a backup . When you heard that my soul was incomplete, you felt that your opportunity had come . That was why you personally came to get me from the Divine Devil Valley . You gave me all the best resources all these years and got me to increase my strength nonstop . You did all those things because you wanted to increase your strength, right?” it was rare for Wu Lingyu to say so much .

Since he had nurtured him so well, he was willing to let him die a death while knowing everything .

“When did you find out?” Shao Yun Xiao asked .

“I have always known . ” Wu Lingyu said, “However, since you had given me so many good conditions, I had to put my best foot forward too . ”

“That was why you never ate the pills I gave you . ” Shao Yun Xiao said, “That was why your soul attacked me the last time I tried to enter your body . ”

“That’s right . ’ Wu Lingyu siad, “However, there’s something else that you never thought of . ”


“At that time, my soul had already found and fused with its other half . I now possess a complete soul and you will never be able to plot against my body again . ” Wu Lingyu smiled sinisterly as his left palm emanated black spirit energy and his right palm emanated white spirit energy .

“What?! How is that possible!” Shao Yun Xiao dared not believe it . The world was so big . How could something as rare as a handicapped soul meeting its other half happen?!

However, when he saw the black spirit energy pouring from his hand, he couldn’t not believe it . That was because Wu Lingyu never possessed this before .

Wu Lingyu gave a thought, and the two spirit energies turned into a black dragon and a white qilin . Both transformed spirit beasts attacked Shao Yun Xiao .

Shao Yun Xiao wasn’t weak either . Otherwise, he would never have been able to become the hall master of the Sage Pavilion . He evaded the attack easily and fought with Wu Lingyu’s spirit beasts .

Sima You Yue watched as the spirit beasts raced around the house and realised that amongst Wu Lingyu’s two spirit beasts, the white qilin was a little weaker while the black dragon was much stronger .

It was just the power of his soul, but it had this amount of power . Just how powerful was Mo Sha in his previous life?

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