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Chapter 1026: 1026

Everyone could tell that Sima You Yue had refined an eighth ranked pill . However, not a single one thought that she would win .

The smell became denser, telling everyone clearly that she had succeeded in her refinement .

“Why is it not over yet?” Song Ming Zhu asked .

Shen Ye Xuan had already succeeded in her refinement by this time . However, she was still going on . She hadn’t extinguished her flames yet .

“Could it be that he is trying to refine an eighth ranked pill that is even higher in rank?”

“That shouldn’t be . ” Song Ye Xuan said, “It’s already heaven-defying for him to be an eighth ranked alchemist . He can’t be ranked even higher than me . ”

“Then why is he still refining?”

“He should be finishing soon . ”

“Guys, look!” Mo Yu saw the changes in the sky above and cried out .

Everyone raised their heads and saw dark clouds starting to gather in the skies above .

“Pill Tribulation! He actually moved the calamity cloud!” Shen Ye Xuan cried out with disbelief .

“How could it be?!”

“It’s really a pill tribulation . He actually caused a pill tribulation . ”

Nobody could comprehend it, but the clouds in the sky gathered to become denser and denser . They just couldn’t believe what they were seeing .

Sima You Yue raised her head and saw the calamity clouds drifting above her . She could feel that it was coming closer, so she extinguished her flame, opened the lid and took out the successfully refined pill .


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When the pill came out, a lightning bolt shot from the calamity cloud .

Sima You Yue held the pill in her hands . Because it was the target of the lightning calamity, it struck both her and the pill .

Song Ye Xuan and the others had long since escaped from the arena before the lightning struck . There was no way they wanted to be hurt .

“He actually activated the lightning tribulation . He wouldn’t be struck to death, right?” Song Ming Zhu said as he patted his chest .

“It shouldn’t be so . ” Mo Yu said, “Seeing how he is, it shouldn’t be his first time encountering it . He isn’t flustered in the least . He should be fine . ”

“Hmph, it would be best if he was struck to death! Right, Xuan Xuan?” Gu Xi Ping huffed .

Song Ye Xuan merely took a glance at him . He didn’t speak before continuing to watch Sima You Yue go through the tribulation with shining eyes .

All the alchemists understood that even if it were the same rank, quality and pill, there would be a difference going through the pill tribulation and not . This competition was her win .

However, she was interested in Sima You Yue . How many people in this world were crazy existences like she was?

After three bolts of lightning struck, the calamity cloud left unwillingly . It had finished drinking its wine, but this guy wouldn’t give it anymore .

However, they were friends and it didn’t seem like she wanted to give away the relationship between the both of them so it had to leave in a low key manner .

The tribulation lightning was just like a tickle to Sima You Yue . The purple lightning was swimming in her lightning pool, and this wasn’t even enough as an appetizer!

She placed the pills into a jade bottle before looking down at Ji Qing Yuan .

Ji Qing Yuan stepped forwards before calling all the contestants back up stage .

Shen Ye Xuan and the others returned to their respective positions and their recently successfully refined pills were still placed on the tables .

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Xia Chang Tian and Zhao Xiang Qi came up with four other alchemists . He inspected them in order, announcing their scores .

“Song Ming Zhu, advanced seventh ranked pill, third place . ”

“Gu Xi Ping, intermediate seventh ranked pill, sixth place . ”

“Mo Yu, premium grade seventh ranked . ”

“Shen Ye Xuan, low grade eighth ranked pill . ”

Xia Chang Tian and the others came in front of Sima You Yue and took her pill to take a look . They beamed, “Sima You Yue, low grade eighth ranked with two pill marks!”

He raised the pill in his hands to let everyone take a look at the pill marks on it .

After that, he kept the pill away and said to Sima You Yue, “Excellent . ”

Then, he returned to the platform .

Sima You Yue and the others kept their things away and returned to the resting area . They had to announce the results of the competition today, and it would be fine after waiting just a short while .

On the platform, the pavilion leader from Sage Pavilion looked at Sima You Yue and touched the ring in his hands .

“You knew long ago, didn’t you?” Shao Yun Xiao asked Wu Lingyu .

“Knew what?” Wu Lingyu played the fool, pasting an apathetic look on his face .

“He was the person from the Dark Forest . ” Shao Yun Xiao said, “He is your Junior Brother . How could you not know that he was the one responsible for what happened in the Dark Forest?”

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“He didn’t tell me . ” Wu Lingyu said, “I’ve been in closed door cultivation these few years and I rarely care for the things outside . I didn’t see what happened in the Dark Forest personally either . ”

“Did you really not know?” Shao Yun Xiao glared at him, wanting to find any signs based on his expression .

“I know now . ” Wu Lingyu said lightly . His eyes seemed to say that he had really only found out just now .

“Catch him tonight and come look for me . ” Shao Yun Xiao said, “Can you do that?”

“I can . ”

“I’ll be waiting for you, then . ”

“Understood . ”

Wu Lingyu looked over to Sima You Yue . When he saw the smile on her face, his mouth hooked up into a light smile .

It seemed that some things would have to be pushed forward .

Xia Chang Tian took out the results that Ji Qing Yuan had given to him . Then, he stood up and cleared his throat, announcing, “I will now announce the results of the youth category of our pill competition . First place, Sima You Yue . Second place, Shen Ye Xuan . Third place, Mo Yu, Fourth place… right now, I invite the top three contestants to come up the stage to receive your prize . ”

Sima You Yue and the other two came to the center of the stage where the winner’s podium was . She stood up there while Xia Chang Tian and three other servant girls walked in holding trays .

He came in front of Mo Yu and handed him the item on the tray saying, “Congratulations . ”

“Thank you, President . ” Mo Yu smiled as she took the prize .

Xia Chang Tian came to Sheng Ye Xuan and uttered congratulatory words before handing her her prize .

Then, he came in front of Sima You Yue and handed her the item, saying, “I just knew that you wouldn’t let me down . Congratulations . ”

Sima You Yue knew that the box contained a Ten Thousand Years Laughing Buddha Fruit . She didn’t have much use for this item anymore . However, she still took it . Who knows, she might have some use for it in the future .

She took the box and said, “Thank you . ”

After Xia Chang Tian had given out the prizes to the three of them, he said, “As the top three contestants this round, I officially invite you to join our alchemist guild to rise and improve together . ”

Mo Yu was elated and immediately agreed .

Shen Ye Xuan considered it for a moment, saying, “Thank you, President, for your kind intentions . However, my clan cannot do without me . ”

This was her way of rejecting him .

Xia Chang Tian did not really react to her refusal . He had long since known that she would not join them .

He looked at Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue thought for a moment, saying, “Thank you, President, for your invitation . However, You Yue still has things to do . I am afraid that I won’t be able to stay within the guild . ”

“You Yue, do you not wish to better yourself in the field of alchemy?

Xia Chang Tian asked, “We have exceptional alchemists here . We will be able to help you greatly with your progress, I…”

Sima You Yue still shook her head, saying, “President, I am not finding excuses . I truly do have things that I need to do . I have no way to stay rooted in a single place . ”

Xia Chang Tian looked at her and made a decision in his heart .

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