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Chapter 1025: 1025

The person placed the pill inside a jade bottle on the table so everyone could see the result .

Advanced seventh ranked pill!

This result was already not bad, and he was the first one to complete it as well . This disqualified the remaining contestants who were refined an advanced seventh ranked pill and below .

The moment this result was released, it gave everyone an enormous amount of pressure . Everyone was fighting to be first, but with a result like his, it wouldn’t be easy to surpass it .

Afterall, there were very few of them who could refine a pill that was better than an advanced rank .

There were two contestants whose hearts were flustered and failed to control the pressure for a moment, so their hands stopped moving . Although they had reacted immediately, it affected the results of their pill and would lower the quality of their pill by one .

However, there were still a few who were unfazed . Shen Ye Xuan, Mo Yu and Sima You Yue seemed as if they did not even notice the person and cared only for their own pills .

Following which, another few people completed the refinement . There were three who refined an intermediate seventh ranked pill, three advanced and, including that person, seven who had already finished their pill refinement . It just happened that Sima You Yue and the other two were the only ones remaining .

They spent a lot more time than the others . Half an hour after the others had finished Mo Yu finished as well . When her pill was revealed, everyone immediately realised that he had two seven ranked pills . He surpassed the first person!

If Sima You Yue and Shen Ye Xuan only refined a seven ranked pill, she would be able to take the first place . If both of them were able to refine an eighth ranked pill, she would still be third place .

However, refining an eighth ranked pill? Nobody believed that this would happen . That was why everyone assumed that Mo Yu would definitely take first place .

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The Shen clansmen and the Shen clan sat together . Shen Ming Zhu had failed himself this time . He was usually able to refine the premium ranked seven ranked pill . However, he was only able to refine an advanced rank one this time .

“Oh my, your Ming Zhu is too unsteady . How could he fail to reach his usual standard?” The Song clan leader’s words were one of pity, but the expression on his face was not so . His smile was piercing to the eyes of the song clansmen .

“I heard that you guys were vying for top place this time, but it seems that won’t be possible either . ” Song Jia, the leader of the Song clan huffed, “Shen Ye Xuan and Ming Zhu’s rank are the same . They’re just seventh ranked . That kid from the Mo Clan has already refined a seventh ranked pill . Even if they manage to reach their usual standards, they won’t be able to take first place . ”

“Hehe, that’s where you’re wrong . ” Shen Qing laughed, “Our Young Miss has already broken into the eighth rank not too long ago . She is not an eighth ranked alchemist!”

“What?!” Song Jia cried out with surprise, “She’s just eighty years old, how could she be an eighth ranked alchemist?!”

Shen Qing’s expression was exceptionally arrogant as he said cockily, “Our Young Miss far succeeds others . It’s not strange for her to be an eighth ranked alchemist . ”

“Hmph . Who would have thought that you would have kept it such a secret . ” Song Jia snorted .

“My Young Miss is lowkey . She didn’t even want to make it a big deal that she was now an eighth ranked alchemist . She’s unlike your Song Ming Zhu . I’m afraid that she would be wantonly parading it around the moment he breaks through . ” Shen Qing sneered .

“Our Young Miss enjoys sharing her joy with others . ” Song Jia siad, “But I do want to say that Shen Ye Xuan has only been an eighth ranked alchemist for a short while and is unfamiliar with the art . If she wants to refine an eighth ranked pill under these conditions, it would be difficult . ”

“Our Young Miss is very powerful . ” Shen Qing said confidently, “She will definitely take first place this competition . ”

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“Is that so?” Song Jia smiled, “Who knows, it might be another person? That Sima You Yue has constantly been taking the first place . ’

“Him? We have already looked into his background . A student from the heavenly sect, his results from the previous refinements have not been exceptional in any way . Who knows how he has managed to appear all of a sudden . ”

“Not having exceptional results does not mean he is not strong . He may just be relatively low key . ” Song Jia said with a smile, “He may just be more lowkey than your Young Miss . ”

“Hmph, even if that is the case, it is impossible for him to be an eighth ranked alchemist . ” Shen Qing said, “The truth is, a thirty over year old seventh ranked alchemist is already shocking enough . ”

“That’s true . ” Song Jia’s enthusiasm was snuffed out immediately .

It was already heaven-defying for her to be a seventh ranked alchemist . If she were to be an eighth ranked alchemist as well, then that would be too unlikely . If she really was like that, how were the others supposed to live?

It was such a pity . He really wanted her to be able to take Shen Ye xuan down a peg . Otherwise, this guy’s head was getting so big that it looked like it was going to explode .

As they were talking, Shen Ye Xuan’s furnace began to have sounds of movement . A fragrant scent started to waft out, bringing peace to all who smelled its fragrance .

“Success!” A shen clansman cried out .

Shen Ye Xuan was overjoyed as well . The fragrance was proof that it was a success and had passed the dangerous period . She just had to manage it appropriately, then it wouldn’t be a problem .

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However, things didn’t turn out as she expected . The later refinement stages of an eighth ranked pill needed a lot of focus . Because she had relaxed for a moment, the pill was almost ruined . It was a good thing that her foundations were strong and she managed to rescue it . However, it was not as good as it was before .


Everyone who was there cried out with excitement . Such a young eighth ranked alchemist would definitely be recorded down in the alchemy world .

Shen Ye Xuan’s face burst into a wide grin as she extinguished the fire, took the pill and placed it into the jade bottle .

“Eighth ranked pill . It’s really an eighth ranked pill!”

When they saw the successfully refined pill, everyone was even more excited .

“She will definitely take first place this competition!”

“For sure!’

“As expected!”

“That Sima You Yue is still refining . ”

“Just a waste of time . ”

When Shen Ye Xuan succeeded in refining her pill, Sima You Yue glanced over for a moment before paying it no more heed . Shen Ye Xuan respected her steadiness a little . She looked laudingly at her for a moment before retreating to stand with the others to watch Sima You Yue compete .

Sima You Yue placed all of her focus onto her furnace as if she was watching the situation inside with her naked eyes . She immediately went to rescue wherever it was that was a little off .

She felt like she cared nothing for anyone anymore and could see nothing else . All she could see in her heart and mind’s eye was the pill . This kind of empty state was the same as when she was refining pills in the Ninth Star Ocean .

It was a little difficult during the fusing process, but the medicinal fluid still congealed together and slowly started to form a pill .

“He’s succeeding as well!” Song Ming Zhu cried out softly .

“This fragrance…”

The others were extremely surprised as well . They could recognise that this fragrance was… an eighth ranked pill!

“He’s actually an eighth ranked alchemist as well!” The entire arena turned deathly silent . They were not loud and boisterous like they were before, but were so shocked that they couldn’t speak .

“Hmph, even if he is an eighth ranked alchemist, Xuan Xuan completed her pill first, so he won’t be first place!”

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