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Chapter 1024: 1024
Chapter 1024 Pill Competition 6

“It was merely in the preliminary competition that you were first . The final results of this competition will not be based on your earlier results . ” Song Ming Zhu said, “You definitely won’t know this, since you’re from a small area, but true strength comes out at the last stage . You just have to be steady in the earlier competitions . You were first in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean that you will still be first in the end . ”

“You are right, I feel the same way . ” Sima You Yue nodded her head in agreement .

After speaking, she looked at Ji Qing Yuan, who said that they could get on stage now . She no longer bothered with those people as she turned around to get on the stage .

When Song Ming Zhi saw this, he shot a death glare at her back as he got up with Shen Ye Xuan and the others .

Ji Qing Yuan waited for them to get onstage before announcing, “Today is the final battle . The question is simple . You may refine any pill you wish . There is no restriction on time nor category . Every person gets three chances . The final result will be based on your rank . The highest rank will be the winner . If the rank is the same, the final results will be determined based on grade . If the rank and grade are the same, it will be dependent on the time you took to refine it . This is your final competition, bring forth all of your power!”

After speaking, he got off the stage .

The way they chose to compete this round was similar to the second one . However, nobody was holding anything back this time .


Song Ming Zhu took out a furnace . This furnace was rather heavy as it landed with a thud .

Sima You Yue looked over and the ancient furnace was heavy and the ancient patterns were fine . The furnace didn’t appear average in the least .

“This is ranked twenty fifth amongst the ancient furnaces, the Floral Furnace . ” Song Ming Zhu raised his chin arrogantly .

Sima You Yue looked at the floral patterns and pursed her lips . This was really making her dizzy!

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However, a furnace that was ranked twenty fifth sounded like it would be able to raise the quality of his pills .

“How is it, never seen it before, have you?” Song Ming Zhu took Sima You Yue’s curled lips in disdain as an ignorant expression, “Everyone here has a listed furnace, do you?”

Sima You Yue blinked in confusion . Listed furnaces, did she have any?

Following which, Shen Ye Xuan and the others took out their own furnaces as well . There were those who had already used them in previous matches, and those who were taking it out for the first time . Just as Song Ming Zhu had said, they all possessed furnaces that were ranked in the top fifty . Shen Ye Xuan’s furnace was the best out of all of them, possessing the Hundred Beast Furnace ranked fifteenth .

“Everyone has taken out their furnaces, so let’s take a look at yours . ” Song Ming Zhu said, “You wouldn’t still be using that torn and tattered furnace from previous rounds, right?”


Someone burst out laughing . They had seen Sima You Yue’s furnace before . Although it wasn’t really torn and tattered, it was like mud as compared to theirs .

Sima You Yue looked around her . Were they all really waiting to make a joke out of her?

With a single thought, she brought out the furnace that was inside her spirit pagoda .


The heavy furnace caused the ground to shake . If the ground were not made of solid stone, it might have cracked .

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“The Auspicious Dragon Phoenix!” Shen Ye Xuan cried out .

“Auspicious Dragon Phoenix? The Auspicious Dragon Phoenix that is ranked top ten? Xuan Xuan, you couldn’t have gotten it wrong, right?” Song Ming Zhu dared not believe it .

“That’s definitely it! I’ve seen it before in a text . ” Shen Ye Xuan said .

“Didn’t they say that the Auspicious Dragon Phoenix has been missing for many years?”

“Our clan has been searching for it for many years . Who would have thought that it would be in his hands!” Shen Ye Xuan said .

She was not the only one . The others were filled with surprise as well . They didn’t think that she would possess a furnace like that .

Sima You Yue saw how surprised they were and was glad that they had taken out this furnace . If she took the other two out, they would have been even more surprised .

Although she didn’t know the names of the other two furnaces, their ranks were even higher than the Auspicious Dragon Phoenix and were definitely ranked a lot higher .

These furnaces all belonged to Little Spirit’s past owners . Because she had been too weak in the past, she was unable to control them properly and had to use the average ancient furnaces . As she got stronger, she began to use the Auspicious Dragon Phoenix .

Shen Ye Xuan and the others were beyond themselves with surprise . However, they quickly returned to their senses and began to prepare their own medicinal ingredients .

They had to pay close attention to the pills that they were going to refine today . If the rank of their pill was too low, they would lose to those who had pills ranked higher than theirs . If their rank was too high, they may not be able to refine it successfully .

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Actually, everyone’s strength was comparable . It was already amazing for them to be able to refine a seventh ranked pill when they were less than a hundred years old . It was impossible if they wanted to refine an eighth-ranked pill . However, one could not rule out the possibility of a perverse genius .

That was why their choices were either a low, middle or highly ranked seventh ranked pill based on their own abilities .

Sima You Yue was not anxious about what pill she would have to pick . She first looked around at what ingredients everyone else chose before guessing what pill they were going to refine . When she saw Mo Yu and Shen Ye Xuan’s pill ingredients, her eyes shone .

After thinking it through carefully, she took out her own ingredients and filled the table with ingredients . They were piled high like a mountain .

“Why would Yue Yue use so many ingredients? Others have a lot less ingredients than she does . ” Little Seven often watched them refine pills, so she had a bit of understanding .

She had a lot more ingredients than anyone else, which meant that she would take a lot more time to purify it, fuse and bind it . It was also more unstable and more likely to fail .

That was why the others chose pills that needed less ingredients . They were thinking about taking the lead in terms of time .

“She always has a reason for doing things . Let’s just continue watching . ” Han Miao Shuang looked at Sima You Yue’s chosen ingredients and her heart beat exceptionally fast .

Was she going to…

Pills of the same rank and type would be affected by the time they took to complete it . This was something everyone understood . Since everyone’s ability was around the same level, it was important to finish first . Once they finished making their preparations, they began to refine their pills one by one .

Sima You Yue was the same . Once she finished inspecting her ingredients, she began the purification process .

Purification was not a problem for all of them . At the same time, it wasn’t difficult to manage these pill ingredients . After an hour had passed everyone had completed the purification process .

It was during the purification process that people started to pull away from each other . The difference between the fast and slow ones was about ten types of essences .

Sima You Yue carefully controlled the situation inside her furnace, which was why she was a lot slower than the others . When the others had finished this step, she was barely close to one third of the way done .

“Look, I just said that having too many ingredients would slow him down!” Little Seven was agitated and started to worry for Sima You Yue .

“Relax, Junior Brother will be fine . ” Su Xiao Xiao said .

Once Sima You Yue had finished her fusion process, fragrant medical smells already started to waft from the furnaces of the others . This proved that they had already successfully completed their pill refinement . As long as nothing unexpected happened, their pills would have been successfully refined .

Very quickly, someone cried out loudly and opened the lid . Raising his hand, he slapped the side of the ancient furnace and two pills flew out as he caught it deftly in his palm .

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