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Chapter 1012

Both sides looked at each other . Anything could happen .

“Attack!” Gao Zhi Hong cried out as he attacked Song Jiang, who was standing not too far away from him .

Both parties attacked each other again . With the addition of the firebirds, more than half of the Cloud Protection Unit was quickly killed .

Song Chang Jie saw that the situation wasn’t turning our right as he took out something and broke it . Very quickly, Sima You Yue felt a movement in the spatial area, and a portal opened . A group of masked men walked out .

They could tell from their auras, and everyone immediately came to a consensus . These people were from the inner regions!

When those from the inner regions saw those people appear, their expressions turned solemn .

The powers from the inner sect were interfering?

“Left Emissary, save us!” Song Chang Jie cried out .

The gaze of the left emissary turned malicious as he glanced at Song Chang Jie and Zhao Siang Riu out of the corner of his eye . The both of them felt a chill run down their spine .

“You can’t even handle something like this, so how would you be able to assume the leadership position!”

He waved a hand and Song Chang Jie and Zhao Xiang Rui were sent flying by a gust of wind, landing heavily on the ground .

“Your subordinate did not do things well . Left Emissary, please give your punishment!” Zhao Xiang Rui hurriedly admitted to his wrong .

A trace of hatred flashed in Song Chang Jie’s eyes, but it was momentary . He stood up and said with a lowered head, “Your subordinate did not do things well . Left Emissary, please give your punishment . ”

“Useless trash!” Left Emissary cast his gaze to Xia Zhang Tian and ordered the ones behind him, “Kill him where he stands . ”

“Yes, Left Emissary!”

Those black clothed men were all experts that were at least of the monarch rank . Although there were quite a few monarch ranked experts here as well, the opponent was just too strong as the tables turned once again .

Sima You Yue watched the situation as her heart sank .

Why was it so troublesome to handle these people?

She looked at the entire plaza . Earlier on, those who were from the inner regions did not involve themselves because it was happening to the outer realms . They dared not interfere casually . However, now that someone from the inner region had joined the fray, would they step forward to help?

She looked at the Sima Clan and felt like this wasn’t too high a possibility . Why would they join the battle?

However, if things continued, Xia Zhang Tian and the others would be defeated soon .


Mao San Quan was hit and he spat out a mouthful of blood . His entire person fell back .

“Instructor Mao!” Sima You Yue and Little Seven flew over . Sima You Yue supported him as Little Seven protected him . The three of them retreated back into the protective array .

“Instructor Mao, eat this pill . ” Sima You Yue took out a pill and fed it to him .

Mao San Quan ate it and his condition improved considerably .

“We can’t keep going on like this . We can’t hold on much longer . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

We didn’t expect those from the inner regions to come . Now, even if we wait for our reinforcements to arrive, we may not necessarily win either . ” Ying Bai Chun said .

“What do we do then?”

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Nobody spoke . None of them knew what to do .

Reinforcements arrived not long after Ying Bai Chun spoke, but they were not a match for the inner regions at all .

Left emissary stood in the air as he watched Xia Zhang Tian, protected in the middle . Spirit energy poured out of both his hands as he battled his way over .

The guards who were protecting him were sent flying by the attack and Xia Zhang Tian was immediately engulfed .

Gao Zhi Hong saw that Xia Zhang Tian was engulfed in flames and immediately went crazy . He slashed his opponent into two with a single strike and dashed over, dispersing the spirit energy flame with an attack .

“Zhang Tian!” His crimson eyes stared blankly when he saw that Xia Zhang Tian was alright .

Xia Zhang Tian had yet to react . It seemed that he had almost died just now .

Everyone was shocked by what had happened . He had just casually reacted but was able to rescue him .


Sima You Yue’s voice startled everyone . Xia Zhang Tian could feel the imprisonment around him disappear .

It turns out that at the last minute, Sima You Yue used a spatial lock to freeze time around Xia Zhang Tian . That was why the fire didn’t reach him .

Gao Zhi Hong tossed a grateful look in her direction before turning back to protect Xia Zhang Tian .

Left emissary looked at Sima You Yue . He didn’t think that she would actually know how to use a spatial lock and managed to rescue Xia Zhang Tian . Murder flashed in his eyes as he attacked her .

“You dare harm my Yue Yue?” Little Seven rushed over and battled the left emissary .

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“Little Seven is so powerful!” Those in the sect cried out when they saw that Little Seven was matched evenly to Left Emissary .

They had known that Little Seven was powerful before because she was able to take down all the guards of the alchemist guild . However, they didn’t think she was this powerful!

Many black clothes men saw that Left Emissary was held up by Little Seven, so they attacked Sima You Yue . They were all monarch ranked experts, and Sima You Yue couldn’t defend herself at all .

“Pff- Pff”

The bodies of those who attacked Sima You Yue burst into flames, and this was even more puzzling than it was earlier on .

“Who is it?” Song Chang Jie looked around and didn’t find who it was that was so powerful .

“When were those of the inner regions allowed to so casually interfere in the outer regions?” A silhouette appeared soundlessly in midair, glancing lightly at everyone around them . They immediately felt like they couldn’t breathe .

Sima You Yue recognised him . That was the person in charge of the Xuan Qiu clan .

Xuan Qiu Lai saw that she was looking at him and explained, “Young Master was afraid that you would be injured by the happenings today, so he asked me to come over and keep watch . ”

Sima You Yue nodded at him, “Many thanks . ”

“Who are you?” Left Emissary and Little Seven broke apart . He saw Xuan Qiu Lai and terror gripped his heart .

This person was more powerful than a monarch ranked expert!

“You are not allowed to interfere in the issues regarding the Alchemist Guild . Throw away your tiny ambitions . Scram!” Xuan Qiu Lai bellowed, and the black clothed men vomited a mouthful of blood .

It was just a simple shout . Just how powerful was he?

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Everyone looked at him . He looked like a skinny old man, but he felt like a towering mountain .

“What, are you unwilling to go?” Xuan Qiu Lai narrowed his eyes, malicious intent dense in the air .

“We’ll leave!” Left Emissary thought about it again and again . They were truly not good enough to battle him . If they stayed behind, they would definitely die . They might as well keep their lives and go back to receive their punishment . At least they would still be alive .

They opened a portal through space, took their men and left .

“Left Emissary, don’t abandon us!” Zhao Xiang Riu cried out when he saw that they were leaving .

However, he didn’t pay him any heed . Once all the black clothed men had entered the portal, it closed behind them .

Xuan Qiu Lai cupped his fists towards Sima You Yue, saying, “Young Master invites Young Lord Sima to the house as a guest, whenever you are available . ”

“You Yue will definitely come to pay him a visit soon . ” Sima You Yue returned the gesture .

He had saved her life and she owed him a debt of gratitude . She would definitely have to go and personally give her thanks .

Xuan Qiu Lai saw the gratitude in Sima You Yue’s eyes and smiled with satisfaction . He disappeared with a flash .

Sima You Yue saw that Xia Zhang Tian and the others were still in a daze and said, “President, Subdivision Leader, should we not clean things up here?”

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