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Chapter 1001: 1001

1001 Shocking rate

Sima You Yue saw Little Seven raise her head and looked at her with her big rounded eyes blinking and said helplessly, “It’s still best that you guys better don’t heed my advice . ”

Meaning that she agreed .

Sima Yi Fei exchanged glances with Sima Xin Shu and said, “Since that’s the case, then let’s go in and choose a mine . ”

They were all from big clans, those small mines outside didn’t attract them .

Just like other Stone Pavilion, here, it was segregated into a few zones, every zone had different grades, the grades of the spirit stones extracted would be different too . Of course, the price of the mines would be different .

Sima You Yue followed them to the second zone, Sima Qi Qi and Sima Yi Yun were already in front of the mine zone choosing the stones .

Sima Xin Shu, Sima Yi Yun and Sima You Yue came to the zone and said, Si Yue, help us to choose a few . ”

“You want me to choose them all?” Sima You Yue asked .

“You help us to choose first, then we will buy according to our condition . ” Sima Xin Shu said .

Sima You Yue didn’t understand what they were thinking, so she casually chose ten of it .

Sima Xin Shu paid briskly, he kept the spirit stones without hesitation .

After coming out from the stone zone, Sima Yi Fei gave the address to Sima You Yue and said, “Come tomorrow, it should be refined by then . ”

Then he gave them the address again .

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“Okay . We will definitely visit tomorrow . ” Sima You Yue replied and left with Little Seven .

After they left, Sima Qi Qi then asked Sima Yi Fei, “Why did you ask him to help us to pick the stones? Didn’t we plan not to buy this? Why did you guys suddenly want to buy this?”

“It will be useful to us naturally . ” Sima Xin Shu continued, “You will know it soon . ”

“Qi Qi, I think they want to test how many spirit stones Si Yue can pick everyday, then decide if this person qualifies to be our friend . ” Sima Yi Yun explained .

“Let’s go, I will refine that necklace for her, find ten people to open up that mine after you guys get back, see how many of the stones can get spirit stones . ” Sima Yi Fei said .

“Okay, just leave the stones to us . ” Sima Yi Yun said .

They went back to the courtyard where they stayed . Sima Yi Fei went to refine the necklace for Little Seven, Sima Yi Yun and the other two went to look for their Master that knew how to open the stones .

On the second day morning, Sima Yi Fei came out from the room and went to look for Sima Yi Yun and the rest .

“What was the result yesterday?” He asked as he glanced at them .

Sima Qi Qi was talking about the result yesterday with Sima Yi Yun, they were very surprised, seeing them so eager and said, “Make a guess . ”

“Three? Four?” Sima Yi Fei guessed .

Both beauties shaked their heads .


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Both beauties shaked their heads again .

“Could it be six?” Sima Yi Fei asked doubtfully .

Both beauties shaked their heads still .

“Could it be only two then?” Sima Yi Fei stopped guessing higher .

“Nope . ” Sima Yi Yun sees how her Elder Brother didn’t guess correctly so many times, she smiled and said, “It’s seven . And there are five other colours of spirit stones inside . The grade of the other two wasn’t low too . ”

“Seven?! Seventy percent rate of spirit stone? Really?” Sima Yi Fei couldn’t believe it .

“Absolutely true, authentic . ”

“It’s actually seventy percent!” Sima Yi Fei was stunned, he was shocked by the result, “Seems like this so-called tactless person has more than tactless standards!”

“And, I realised something . ” Sima Yi Yun said .


“I was just telling Qi Qi, yesterday when he was choosing the stones, I observed that when he was picking them, he chose some of it seriously while he chose some of it casually and a few of it randomly . ” Sima Yi Yun explained .

“Little Sister, you are always meticulous . Do you remember the spirit stones he picked?” Sima Yi Yun asked .

“I remember . ” Sima Yi Yun nodded, “That is what shocked us . ”

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“I remember his facial expression every choice he picked, then I followed according to the choice he chose and the expression he made at the point of time, guess what I noticed?” Sima Yi Yun beat around the bush .

“Tell me straight . ” Sima Yi Fei already guessed in his mind, but his thoughts were quite scary, might as well asked directly .

Sima Yi Yun understood his Big brother, knowing that he wanted to know the answer and didn’t want to guess anymore .

“I realised, the five he chose attentively, all of it produces good spirit stones that are different colors . The one that he casually chose, two of it were common spirit stones and the other three were white stones . ” Sima Yi Yun continued, “I think this shouldn’t be coincidental . ”

“You are saying, the ones that he chose attentively, are the ones that give a hundred percent rate of spirit stones?” Sima Yi Fei was speechless .

“That’s right . ” Sima Qi Qi continued, “Although these were easier to identify, having to identify it at a hundred percent rate, can’t be done by any common Seeker Spirit Master . ”

“This Si Yue is indeed unusual . ” Sima Yi Fei continued .

“Yi Fei, how did you come to think of testing him?” Sima Qi Qi asked in curiosity .

If Sima Yi Fei didn’t come up with the method of buying mines, they wouldn’t find out that Sima You Yue was actually a powerful Seeker Spirit Master .

“I didn’t want to test him, I was just curious . ” Sima Yi Fei continued, “You see, when Little Seven was opening stones, he just stood aside, but in the end, they hit the target . So I was thinking, he’s not bad, if he’s powerful, we can make friends with him . ”

“What if he’s not powerful?”

“Whoever that can be friends with our Sima clan, if common people… . ”

“If you want to be friends, why do we need them to have strength? The friendship of a gentleman is as tasteless as water; that of a petty man, sweet as rich wine . ” Sima Xin Shu walked in, hearing Sima Yi Fei’s words and said his piece .

“I was only thinking that he could make those people from the Alchemist Guild leave dejectedly and since he knew that our status is out of the ordinary, he left just like that, so I was just curious . ” Sima Yi Fei explained .

“The results we have gotten is really shocking . ” Sima Qi Qi said .

“Oh right, you said you will refine her necklace, have you finished it? Don’t go back on your words when they come here in the evening . ” Sima Yi Yun asked .

“Already finished refining . ” Sima Yi Fei took out a necklace, “Wait for them to come in the evening and we’ll just need to embed the spirit stone inside then it’s done . ”

“It’s best you don’t go back on your words, I asked someone to check on Si Yue and Little Seven, you guys guess what kind of news did I get?” Sima Xin Shu said .


“There’s no Si Yue, but there’s a Sima You Yue . ”

“Sima You Yue?” Three of them called out in unison,”Is he from our clan?”

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