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Chapter 1000: 1000

1000 Little Seven’s luck 2

Later, she opened another one and her luck seemed better than before as a spirit stone was discovered but as the grade was too ordinary and the value of it wasn’t very high .

“Yue Yue, look, is this valuable?” Little Seven brought the spirit stone over to Sima You Yue to have a look .

“Still alright, let’s see how the rest goes . ”

Little Seven moved back as she asked the Master to continue opening the stones .

Sima You Yue watched quietly for the next two and it was until the very last one when she walked forward and said to the Master, “Open it up from here, then start shaving it from both sides . ”

That Master followed Sima You Yue’s request and cut the stones into one big and one small portions, then he started shaving the smaller one .

Little Seven looked at that Master anxiously . You Yue had not spoken for such a long time earlier and this time round she put forward her request, something must be up!

“You’re a Seeker Spirit Master?” Sima Yi Yun asked .

“Is a dabbler considered as one?” Sima You Yue posed the question back .

“A dabbler Seeker Spirit Master is very powerful . ” Sima Qi Qi said, “You must know that it’s very rare to find a Seeker Spirit Master like Third Master Mo . ”

People in the inter regions also knew about Mo San, and looked like his reputation was very bright!

Very soon, the stone cutting master took out the first spirit stone . That forest green colour attracted the surrounding people’s attention .

“Heavens, it’s forest green spirit stone!”

“You can actually open up a forest green spirit stone at this place?!”

“The price of this one is able to make up for those ten!”

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“Not only these ten adding up the previous ten would also not match up to the value of this one!”

“That’s right!”

“This time round her luck has changed!”

Little Seven heard their words and smiled happily .

She was just thinking about how unlucky she was . Twenty stones and not a single spirit stone was discovered . This was what was known as it never rains but pours!

Stone cutting master was all smiles because to them, to be able to open a spirit stone was a happy thing .

“Young Miss, keep this properly . ” He placed the spirit stone onto Little Seven’s hands and said to the person behind, “Next . ”

“Wait a minute . ” Sima You Yue called out to stop him, “Can we trouble Master to open the other half?”

“This small stone won’t have any spirit stone but since you requested, I can open it for you . ” This stone cutter master had a warm character, unlike the other stone cutting masters who got angry because the customer’s requests were different from their own thinking .

He took up the other half of the stone and started rubbing it carefully . Very soon, that stone was around the size of a chicken egg .

“Yue Yue, it’s just this little bit left, will there really be any spirit stones inside?” Little Seven asked .

“Just wait and see . ” Sima You Yue smiled .

Sima Yi Fei and the others were watching by the sides quietly . They were considered to be knowledgeable and knew that it wasn’t something impossible for an ore stone to have two spirit stones since it had happened before . They were more interested in the confident smile on her face .

That smile was calm and it made one believe her from the bottom of their heart, making them feel that there really was a spirit stone in that bare stone .

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Layer after layer of stone skin was rubbed away and just as everyone was about to lose confidence, the stone skin was finally no longer white .

“There’s colour!”

“It doesn’t seem to be green!”

“It seems to be reddish, we’ll know when the last layer of stone skin has been rubbed off . ”

When the stone cutting master saw that dim red colour, he was first astonished but later became excited .

No matter how large the spirit stone in there was, as long as it’s other colours, the value would jump several folds!

The action on his hand became even gentler, as though he was taking good care of his own child .

Very soon, that spirit stone had completely appeared in front of everyone’s eyes . Intoxicating red colour, the size of a walnut, it’s shape seemed like a small little heart which made one fond of it endlessly .

“It’s so pretty!” Little Seven’s cheer awoke the surrounding onlookers .

“Young Miss, I’m willing to fork out fifty thousand crystals for that spirit stone, please sell it to me!”

“Young Miss, I’ll come out with sixty thousand… . . ”

“Seventy thousand… . . ”

The price quickly went past hundred thousand but Little Seven had no intention to sell at all as she retrieved the spirit stone and started playing with it in her palms .

“Young Miss, if you’re willing, our Stone Pavilion is willing to acquire… . . ”

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“No . ” Little Seven shook her head and said, “Such a pretty spirit stone, I’m going to keep it for myself . ”

The people who were bidding for it were slightly disappointed and someone still tried to persuade her further .

“Young Miss, you can consider the price which I’ve offered, that price is already much higher than the value of the spirit stone itself . ”

“I’m not selling!” Little Seven waved her hand impatiently as she brought the spirit stone to Sima You Yue’s front and said, “Yue Yue, look, it’s so pretty!”

“Indeed! It’s very pretty!” Sima You Yue saw that she liked it so much and smiled, “When Fatty and the others come out, get him to forge a necklace for you and you can wear it on your neck . ”

“But Fatty and the others will take many years before they return from the little realm!” Little Seven couldn’t wait for the necklace any longer .

“Then just wait until the matters here have been settled then let’s go back to find an Armament Master to forge one . ”

“Then when can we return?”

“We don’t know how long the competition will take . This thing is already in your hands so just wait for a few more days . ” Sima You Yue replied with uncertainty .

“If Young Miss Little Seven cannot wait, I can give it a try . ” Sima Yi Fei said .

“You know how to refine armaments?” Little Seven asked .

“If your requirement of grade isn’t too high, I can give it a try . ” Sima Yi Fei replied .

“Not high, not high, I don’t need those whatever defence skills . As long as it looks good and worthy of this spirit stone, it will do . ” Little Seven said excitedly .

“Then I’ll let you know once I’ve refined it . ”

“When can you finish refining it?”

“Tomorrow I guess . Tomorrow afternoon you can go to the place where we stay to collect it . ”

“Alright! Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be there . ”

In no time this matter was settled . Sima You Yue wasn’t even able to stop her in time . Feng Zhi Xing didn’t tell her too many things so she wasn’t sure if she had any relations with the Sima clan, and didn’t know if she would bring trouble to herself if they interacted too much .

She wanted to maintain a distance with them but on seeing Little Seven so excited, she swallowed the words of rejection into her stomach .

“Still continuing to play?”

“Not playing anymore . ” Little Seven shook her head . With the spirit stone in her hand, she was not interested in anything else anymore .

“Then let’s go back . ”

“Si Yue, we want to select a few stones, can we consult you for a moment?” Sima Yi Yun asked .

“I’ve just merely learnt a few little tricks and not enough to help others select stones . It’d be fine if you get some spirit stones but if nothing comes out, that wouldn’t be very nice . ” Sima You Yue tactfully declined .

“That’s much better than us who don’t know anything at all . ” Sima You Yun smiled, “Letting us choose would be choosing blindly . If we really can’t get any spirit stones, that’s our own responsibility . ”

Little Seven didn’t know these people’s identities so she tugged Sima You Yue’s hand and said, “Yue Yue, just help them please, they still have to help me refine my necklace!”

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