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Published at 30th of May 2020 11:57:34 AM
Chapter 85

Inside the building .

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“Master, what should I do now?” Lin Fan asked .

Taiwu Sect’s power was widely known, and it was not an ordinary small sect .

Lin Fan has already heard what that man said before .

Could Fang Jiuzhen handle that?

He couldn’t be panic in front of his disciples .

“Relax, I have a friend in Taiwu Sect . I will go for the time being and have a talk with him . ”

Fang Jiuzhen was about to go to Taiwu Sect and settled that matter .

If Fang Jiuzhen couldn’t give good reasoning, he will be an enemy of Taiwu Sect .

Lin Fan knew that Fang Jiuzhen was pretending to be calm, and maybe he was more worried than anyone else, but as a master, he had to solve the problem on his own .

Later, Fang Jiuzhen left the sect in a hurry .

He couldn’t let his disciples died or ran away because of that problem because it was not easy for him to recruit new disciples .

Lin Fan wondered in his room, he had the opportunity to become stronger . He couldn’t sit still .

If that guy from before was not part of Taiwu Sect, Lin Fan would have killed him, which could make Lin Fan stronger .

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After confirming Fang Jiuzhen has already left, Lin Fan also left the sect . He had to work hard to improve his cultivation .

He swore to heaven that he would stand on the frontline next time .

Mountain entrance .

“Where are you going?” The disciple who was guarding the gate asked .

“I just want to get some fresh air, please rest assured . I won’t go too far . I’m just gonna take a look at the surrounding scenery . ” Lin Fan smiled, gave an impression as if he was really like going out just for a while .

The gatekeeper told him, “Then you must be careful, and you must not go too far . If you are too far away from our sect, you may not be able to return . ”

Lin Fan nodded and then walked down the mountain .

When the gatekeeper could not see him, he suddenly increased his speed and instantly turned into a flash of light dashing forward .

His current practice was just to build a foundation and increased his qi .

The surrounding trees were waning at a fast rate .

“As long as I am careful on the Demon Plains, nothing bad will happen . ”

All beginnings were supposed to be hard .

But that was what matters the most .

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Gradually .

His speed was getting faster and faster, and he was getting farther and farther away from Jiutian Sect .

After a while .

He could saw the Demon Plains .

When he came with his master before, he didn’t feel that it was so cold . The cold was pierced through his bone . An average person won’t be able to resist it .

But Lin Fan’s qi was more than enough to resist those cold .

He didn’t feel any danger in the surrounding environment .

Although Quicken was a pseudo-bronze level, it was very useful .

There was a small cave in front of him, his body moved in an instant, and he entered into the Demon Plains .

The magical energy filled in the air suddenly enveloped him . If he didn’t have qi, it would affect his spirit directly . He will be driven crazy .

But as long as he had qi, he could avoid that situation .

Lin Fan hid in a crack and quietly stretched his head to observe the surroundings .

It was quiet, and there was no trace of the earth demons .

With his current strength, Lin Fan shouldn’t have a problem in dealing with some small demons .

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Lin Fan was at ease when his master led him to that place .

But it was different this time .

He must rely on himself .

After confirming there was no earth demon around, he immediately came out of the crack and quickly ran into the distance, while looking at the surroundings .

Lin Fan sensed something dangerous was coming close, he quickly hid in a crack .

It was really suffocating .

Suddenly, there was strong magical energy in the distance condensed and floated through the air .

In the strong magical energy, purple and black thunder flickered an eerie terror .

“What the hell?!”

Lin Fan was shocked .

He began to walk carefully .

And when Lin Fan turned his head, he saw a golden ray of light breaking through the sky and chasing directly behind the magical energy .

Immediately .

An angry voice echoed in that light, “Don’t try to escape . ”

Lin Fan understood that was dangerous, he was safe to hide there .

There was always a voice in his mind that told him he would be stronger, but only if he dared to take a risk .

Although he was curious about what happened, he was thinking about his own safety . It was better if he didn’t act too recklessly .

After hiding in the crack for a while, he was confirmed that there should be no threat any longer . He immediately came out and quickly ran .

Lin Fan was upset because when he went with his master before, he could encounter the earth demon easily, but when he went alone, he couldn’t see them anywhere .

Lin Fan was having a headache at that time while praying to gods that he could encounter the earth demon .

Suddenly .

There was a movement from a distance, which made Lin Fan felt so happy .

“Run faster! There are too many of these damn immortal disciples . Let’s hurry and call for help . ”

“Damn, these guys have killed so many of our brothers . ”

Lin Fan hid and looked at it . It turned out that two demons were running away to the distance .

They seemed injured .

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