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Published at 24th of May 2020 10:55:14 AM
Chapter 79

At that time .

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Lin Fan saw Fang Jiuzhen moved in an instant and immediately shouted, “Take him down …”

A sword flew through the demons, breaking the wind barrier of the Soul-Crushing maggots, and directly chopping off the demon’s head .

The speed was too fast .

The demon’s head had already fallen to the ground right when Lin Fan finished his sentence .

Lin Fan sighed, and his heart was beating so fast, he wanted to slow the pace a bit .

“What’s the situation?”

Fang Jiuzhen was puzzled .

Didn’t Lin Fan realize how powerful he was?

The demon has turned into a corpse, which was enough to show how powerful the master was .

How could Lin Fan tell Fang Jiuzhen that he wanted to kill the demon himself?

He had to rephrase his words .

“Master, I want to kill that demon before because I want to overcome my fear . “

Lin Fan said nothing wrong .

He couldn’t reveal his real reason to kill that demon at all .

That will bring problems .

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“What you said makes sense, I will let you finish off the next demon we find . ” Fang Jiuzhen said .

Subsequently, Fang Jiuzhen recruited the intact spirits .

“Young boy, this will be useful . The demon dropped this treasure, and it can give a foundation of Longevity . ”

Magic weapons piqued Lin Fan’s interest .

He just wanted to kill the demons with his own hands, he didn’t really care about anything other than that .

Fang Jiuzheng collected the dropped items . He didn’t use those things, nor did all people in the sect . He just wanted to sell them for his family .

“Young boy, You can’t use it yet . Otherwise, you will be seen as an evil disciple by others . ” Fang Jiuzhen said .

“Yes, master . ” Lin Fan didn’t really care about those things, he just wanted to kill a demon with his own hands and hoped the demon dropped something that will be useful to him .

Later, Fang Jiuzhen took Lin Fan around the land of the demon, to the plains .

Fang Jiuzhen also told Lin Fan about the situation there .

Many disciples will come there to practice .

However, they couldn’t fight carelessly there .

No one knew how many disciples died there .

Lin Fan nodded while listening, just to tell his master that he listened properly to what his master said .

That information was also important to Lin Fan .

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When he was strong enough, he could come back there for training .

While Fang Jiuzhen prayed so he won’t encounter the demon, Lin Fan prayed in his heart that he could encounter the demon as soon as possible .

“What are you muttering?”

Fang Jiuzhen was puzzled .

Lin Fan has been mumbling ever since they arrived at that place, he couldn’t hear it clearly and did not know what Lin Fan was muttering about .

“It’s nothing, I just can’t wait to meet the demons . To see if I can overcome my fear or not”

Lin Fan was good with words as usual .

He preferred to go deeper .

Even though he listened to what his master said earlier, he knew that that was basically impossible . His master seemed to be afraid, how could his master bring him in .

Suddenly .

Lin Fan’s eyes lit up, and he saw a shadow in the distance .

“Master, look, there are demons there . ”

Fang Jiuzhen looked at him, “Well, that is a group of the earth demons . Four earth demons in total . I will capture those earth demons for you to overcome your fear . ”

Lin Fan’s face turned red with full of excitement .

Lin Fan has already missed his chance to kill the previous demon because of his master, but luckily, he got a second chance .

When the four demons walked, talking to each other .

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Suddenly .

A golden light was coming from afar, the golden light directly wrapped around one of the earth demons, and then the golden light turned and entangled the other three .

That golden light was Fang Jizhen’s real magic weapon, tied with fairy rope .

The earth demons struggled and screamed on the ground, they were frightened, they didn’t know what was happening .

“Young boy, what do you think of this magic weapon? It can capture those demons alive . ”

Fang Jiuzhen’s was slightly proud .

Fang Jiuzhen showed his magic weapon, which looked like a pendulum .

He deliberately showed off in front of Lin Fan to show how amazing he was .

“Great, as expected of Master, You will become my role model in my whole life . ” Lin Fan’s sugar-coated words made his master flustered .

“Hahaha . ” Fang Jiuzhen smiled brightly .

But he didn’t see Lin Fan’s eyes had already changed when Lin Fan stared at the demons .

It seemed like a burning flame .

Absolutely .

As long as Lin Fan was lucky, he will get something good .

‘Little Demon: Reshape Fate’

‘Possible Item Drop: Golden Spirit Root Fragment, Raw Spirit, Fast Recovery, 220 Years Worth of Cultivation, Demon Machete, Tao Medicine’

The demon looked normal, but there was something inside its body .

‘Little Demon: Reshape Body’

‘Possible item drop: Water Spirit Root Fragment, Raw Spirit, 99 Years Worth of Cultivation, Steel Fork’

‘Little Demon: Reshape Fate’

‘Possible Item Drop: Golden Spirit Root Fragment, Raw Spirit, 180 years Worth of Cultivation, Earthen Fist . ”

Among those three demons, two of them were strong enough .

However, he could see from the possible item drop that little demon who already learned Earthen Fist must have killed the disciples; otherwise, that demon won’t be able to learn that technique .

The last demon was a bit extraordinary .

‘Earth Demon: Foundation Immortal’

‘Possible Item Drop: Earth Spirit Root Fragment, Raw Spirit, Fast Recovery, 50 Years of Mana, Treasure Bag, Earth Demon Scale Armor’

As expected .

Cultivation was not the same as mana .

That longevity earth demon had fifty years of mana .

If he could get it, then his power will drastically increase .

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