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Chapter 70

Bypassing seconds, confident people had left one after another in frustration after taking the assessment .

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Because they didn’t have the spirit root .

That was a very cruel reality .

“There are fewer people who have the spirit root than I thought . ” Lin Fan found a problem . After so many people took the assessment, there were only a few of them left .

And by looking at those people, Lin Fan knew they were from noble families .

The proportion of nobles who had the spirit root was around 70% .

What a terrible number .

Monopoly .

That was a family monopoly of the immortal threshold .

Ordinary people had to depend on luck if they wanted to have the spirit root .

“Hou Tian, Seven Grade-Spirit Root, qualified . ” The assessment staff said .

That man who was participating in the assessment cheered and roared .

The appraisal staff smiled; it was not bad; it was the highest grade of the spirit root so far .

“Congratulations on your qualification to enter Immortal Gate . Now, if you have the credit, you can register right now . ” said the staff .

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That man said, “Credit? I don’t have any credit . I just want to join the Immortal Gate . What is this credit you are talking about?”

The staff was expressionless and said, “Hou Tian, Seven Grade-Spirit Root, no credit, unqualified, next . ”

That man shouted, “I have Seven Grade-Spirit Root . Can’t I talk with the higher authority?”

The officer said, “That is the rule, and no one can change that . ”

“Next . ”

That man was not satisfied, but he didn’t dare to say anything . Otherwise, the consequences would be horrible .

Lin Fan did not know how long it has been; he was almost drowsy standing in the line .

Suddenly .

A terrifying shout sounded throughout the assessment venue .

“Second class, Nine Grade – Spirit Root . ”

The man with the sword on the chair got up and nodded; his eyes were flashing with excitement .

Nobody expected to see someone with a Nine Grade – Spirit Root in Chaolu City . That was the highest spirit root .

One, two, and three were inferior .

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Four, five, and six were medium .

Seven, eight, and nine belong to the first class .

The ordinary disciples in Immortal Gate only had inferior spiritual roots . Even the one who was in charge of the assessment only had Four Grade – Spirit Root .

A disciple with Nine Grade – Spirit Root will certainly be the elder in the future if he cultivated well enough .

Immediately afterward, another voice sounded .

“Second class, Nine Grade – Spirit Root, submission credit, qualified . ” The appraisal man smiled, the other one before did not have credit, but that time he had the credit .

Regulations have always existed to bind ordinary people .

The staff congratulated that man with sugar-coated words while hoping when that man became the elder, that man would not forget that staff .

Lin Fan felt disgusted with the staff .

“Next . ”

“Brother, it’s your turn . ” The man standing behind Lin Fan pushed him .

Lin Fan reacted and felt helpless . He had accepted the reality because he didn’t have the spirit root .

The appraisers were in a good mood .

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It was a great thing to find a Nine Grade – Spirit Root disciple in Chaolu City .

Even his attitude towards Lin Fan was so nice .

“Don’t be nervous; just take it easy; the result will come out soon . ” said the assessment staff .

Lin Fan put his hands in the mirror and waited for the result .

The appraisal staff was so leisurely waiting for the result, but then, when he looked at the test result, he rubbed his eyes and blinked fast .

As if seeing something unbelievable .

Then he looked up at Lin Fan and then looked down at the result again .

He shouted .

“High quality of spiritual power and martial arts qualifications … qualifications of gods . ”

In an instant .

The crowd was in an uproar .

Many people were shocked by Lin Fan’s result .

And the men with a sword on his back looked at Lin Fan in surprise . He did not expect to encounter such an impossible thing that mortals could achieve .

The martial art was much harder to cultivate than spiritual power .

It was possible to an immortal to cultivate martial arts to the highest stage .

But suddenly, there was a guy with high-quality spiritual power .

And martial arts at the gods’ qualification .

But it was such a pity .

Lin Fan didn’t have the spirit root to be qualified to enter Immortal Gate .

“You have the highest quality of spiritual power, and your martial arts is at the gods’ qualification, but you don’t have spirit root . Thus you are unqualified . ”

As soon as those words came out, the crowd was quiet .

The appraisers patted Lin Fan’s shoulder and said, “The spirit root is a must . But look at the bright side . Based on your cultivation, you can be the king in the mortal’s world . ”

Lin Fan laughed, “Thank you for comforting me, anyway, I just come to experience the assessment myself . ”

But his heart was also broken .

It was really annoying .

Although he knew that he didn’t have the spirit root, he felt so uncomfortable when he heard that from other’s mouths .

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