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Chapter 7

Why are you here?” Wang Zhou asked because he used to hide whenever it got dangerous .

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“Master Wang, I heard a fight inside, to prevent the thief from escaping, I wanted to block the exit route, but I didn’t expect Chen Zhong to take advantage from your fight against the demon . ” Lin Fan answered .

“Sir, the black fox is going to run . We’re going to stop him . ” Lin Fan said .

Wang Zhou and others stared at the black fox demon intently, and no one said a word, they were fighting against time .

The black fox’s eyes were full of anger, then it jumped up and disappeared into the darkness .

When they saw the black fox left, Wang Zhou and others were relieved .

“With our current condition, can we chase it down? Fortunately, it was shocked by Lin Fan’s presence . It didn’t know if we already recovered or not . So it didn’t dare to fight us . ” Wang Zhou said .

“Lin Fan, you did a good job and saved our lives . You earn this credit . ” Wang Zhou promised .

“This is my job, Master Wang . ” Lin Fan said, seeing how well that was said, fully reflected his personal charm, and then he continued said, “Sir, wait a moment, I will call my men to escort you back to the infirmary . ”

Wang Zhou looked at the back of Lin Fan’s when Lin Fan left, he turned his head and smiled, “What do you think? You used to say the men that I recruited were useless, do you still want to say such things now?”

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“Is he just a newbie?” Li Zhiyong asked .

Wang Zhoudao, “Of course, but I paid close attention to him for a long time, and found that he has talent, and his excellent talent is blooming after I train him . ”

If Lin Fan heard that, he couldn’t help but vomit .

“If he is born as a talented person, maybe he can enter the Immortal Gate . ” Li Zhiyong said .

When the guards came, they saw Chen Zhong’s body and vomited .

The body was split in half, and even the most precious thing for men was also divided into two .

“What are you doing? You have to hurry up and help everyone back to the infirmary . ” As the leader of the newbies, he must act like a leader .

Liu Ru’s condition was the worst among the rest .

Lin Fan muttered in his heart, “A woman was really fragile . ” He compared her injuries with others .

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He watched Wang Zhou and others being escorted away .

Lin Fan stood there and looked at Chen Zhong’s dead body .

Talent: Fourth-Stage Martial Art, Yin-Yang Technique, Shapeshifting .

Lin Fan swore to heaven if he found who created that technique, he will definitely slap that person’s face . That was an immoral technique .

He could get that technique from Chen Zhong’s body, but he didn’t want to .

View status .

‘Name: Lin Fan’

‘Spirit Root: None’

‘Realm: Third Class’

‘Cultivation: 11 Years’

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‘Martial Art: Boar Crash (First Stage), Harvesting (First Class)’

‘Talent: Hardening Skin (Black Iron Grade)’

He was very satisfied with his current status . In a short amount of time, he could cultivate in a fast-rate .

Boar Crash was enough for the time being .

But he must have another technique because he couldn’t just ram his head every single time in battle .

“Wang Bao!” Lin Fan shouted .

“I’m here, what’s the matter, sir?” Wang Bao was pale because he saw the crime scene .

“It’s okay for you to be scared sometimes . ” Lin Fan was a bit dissatisfied .

“Leader, I can do it . ” Wang Bao shouted because he remembered what his father said, he must shout out loud to suppress the fear in his heart .

“Don’t let anyone enter this mansion . If anyone dares to sneak in, make sure to kill them . ” Lin Fan commanded .

Chen Fu was a wealthy merchant family, they had plenty of treasure, gold, and silver .

Lin Fan a bit scared because if someone reported him, he would be in big trouble .

Lin Fan left Chen Family’s residence .

The rest were not his responsibility .

Chen Zhong’s cause of death was concealed .

And the rumors said it was the thief who killed Chen Zhong and the veterans killed the thief .

The people were skeptical, but there was no evidence .

After all, demons haven’t shown up for a long time .

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