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Published at 11th of May 2020 11:02:45 PM
Chapter 67
Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 67
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 nyawdao Inadvertently Invincible May 12, 2020 4 Minutes

The rumor was always the fastest message application to send a message . Regardless of whether it was true or not, as long as they could relieve the distress in their hearts .

There were rumors about government and Dragon Gang in Jiangdu City .

The citizens talked about Lin Fan, who beat the crap out of the grandmaster .

All sorts of gossips were spreading .

Some were true .

But some were also fake .

Yin Ji took the grandmaster’s position .

Nu San Hou thought that when he returned to Dragon Gang, he could feel the warmth of the family .

But Yin Ji took some actions; he gathered all of the members and hall masters .

He made an upset .

Yin Ji made sure that the rest of Dragon Gang members in Jiangdu City abided the rules . Otherwise, they will die .

In the past, they dared to be so arrogant because the grandmaster gave permission .

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And the current grandmaster has changed; they could only obey Yin Ji .

As for Lin Fan, he promoted Wang Bao in the government .

He raised the reputation of the baldhead Hunters .

Everyone did not expect the baldhead Hunter would kill Dragon Gang’s grandmaster .

Then… Something awkward happened .

The baldhead was becoming more and more popular in the city .

Many people came to the barbershop to shave their heads clean .

The baldhead turned out to be insanely hot .

The owner of the barbershop was laughing when he saw the situation .

“Leader, aren’t we training today?” Wang Bao asked, the newcomers were already well-known in Jiangdu City .

When they returned home, their neighbors respected them .

Lin Fan looked at fifteen of his men without saying anything, although they haven’t been together for that long .

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But they already established a deep bond of brotherhood .

Lin Fan waited for them in the city gate .

Quickly .

Wang Zhou and Captain Zhao led the horse, and at the same time, brought a burden to Lin Fan .

The day of Immortal Gate’s assessment has came

He felt that even if he didn’t have spiritual roots, in the martial arts realm, he should be more powerful than others .

Moreover, he also desperately wanted to go out and see the outside world .

Wang Zhou approached Lin Fan and patted his shoulder, “This time, you worked hard . ”

“Sir, what kind of hard work that I do?” Lin Fan laughed .

Then he looked at his men

“Brothers, I wanted to tell you sooner, but parting is so sad, so I didn’t tell you until now . I’m leaving to participate in the assessment of Immortal Gate . I’m counting on you to protect this city . ”

Lin Fan felt that staying in Jiangdu City was also a good choice .

But he must go to Immortal Gate in order to bring peace for Jiangdu City .

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“Leader, didn’t you say you want to live here?” Wang Bao was so sad .

Everyone felt the same; they knew how good Lin Fan was to them .

Even though it was short, they have really regarded Lin Fan as the leader for their entire life .

“Goodbye, I will leave for a while . ” Lin Fan said .

Wang Bao wanted to say something, but he didn’t say it, and smiled, “Leader, don’t worry, we will live up to our reputation . ”

“Leader, this is my father’s bun, please take it with you . ”

Wang Bao took out the bun .

“Rest assured, I’m only going out for a while, and I believe you guys will have a chance to go there in the future . ” Lin Fan took the bun and said that with a smile .

“By that time, you will see more baldheads . ”

“Hahaha . ”

Lin Fan laughed, and then looked at Wang Zhou, “Master, please take care of my brothers . ”

“Rest assured . They are the government’s people . Naturally, they are my brothers too . I will take good care of them . ” Wang Zhou said .

Captain Zhao nodded to Lin Fan, gave him a sign that he could leave at ease .

Jiangdu City will be fine under their watch .

“Master Wang, I have to leave . ” Lin Fan said .

Wang Zhou had no hope to be part of Immortal Gate anymore and entrusted his hope to Lin Fan .

He just wanted Lin Fan to enter Immortal Gate .

“Be careful along the way, remember, when weird things happen, don’t bother it . When you arrive at Chaolu City, you will see the sign of Immortal Gate’s assessment . ” Wang Zhou pulled Lin Fan and told him something .

Lin Fan listened to them one by one, then he said goodbye to the crowd and went straight out of the city .

“I will return . ” Not long after that, Lin Fan’s voice was heard from afar .

Wang Bao could not help crying, “I can’t bear to let him leave, but I can’t tell him . ”

Gao Zhenbin comforted Wang Bao .

Wang Bao shook his head, “No, Our leader takes a huge step, he can become a disciple of the Immortal Gate . How can I make our leader feels uncomfortable because of my sentiment? I must let him leave at ease . ”

Wang Bao was having difficulty controlling his emotions .

And all of Lin Fan’s men decided to train as hard as they could, so if Lin Fan came back, they already became stronger .

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