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Chapter 66

The next day, inside the dungeon .

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“Cheer up! If you’re lucky, you can leave . ”

Lin Fan was in a good mood . Last night’s harvest was very good, which made his mood changed slightly .

“Ouch! Why is it so smelly . ”

“Who is taking a shit in this dungeon?”

Lin Fan walked in, and then Wang Bao came to him .

Wang Bao’s mental state was not very good because he was so tired .

“Wang Bao, what’s happening with you, didn’t you go back last night?” Lin Fan asked .

Wang Bao said, “Leader, you have given me such an important task . How can I go back?”

Lin Fan wondered, “What task?”

“Leader, you said before you left last night that I must stay here, and you will come back to beat the shit out of them . ” Wang Bao said .

“But fortunately, I succeed to make them shit themselves . ”

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“Leader, you can rest assured, I have checked those guys one by one . ”

Lin Fan was shocked when he heard Wang Bao’s words, and everyone remained silent .

That was…

He really didn’t expect Wang Bao will take his words without thinking about it first .

At that time, he casually said it…

Wang Bao actually did it perfectly .

“Leader, just now you said the dungeon is so smelly . But that is proof that we did our job perfectly . ” Wang Bao said proudly, after completing the things that Lin Fan ordered, he felt that he was useful .

His father once said that if the leader trusted him, and he couldn’t perfectly execute what the leader wanted him to do, then he was useless .

Lin Fan looked at Wang Bao’s expression, what else could he say, but Lin Fan patted his shoulder and said, “Wang Bao, you did a good job . ” Lin Fan said such a compliment .

Wang Bao became more proud of himself, “It’s my job to help you, leader . ”

What else could Lin Fan say, he could only say, “Let everyone go, except for San Hou . ”

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“Yes, leader . ” Wang Bao said and immediately did what Lin Fan asked .

Although the current condition was a mess, they showed their professionalism as a Hunter .

At that time, Zhu Hou’s condition was very messy and dirty . He shouted, “Lin Fan, I won’t let you go!”

Lin Fan was holding back, even though he wanted to kick that man’s ass, but he was afraid shit might be coming out .

Lin Fan came to San Hou, “You can leave, but remember, there are some things that are not as simple as you think, but I have to say, I’m sorry, I will beat the shit out of you . ”

Lin Fan kept his distance from San Hou .

He was afraid that the smell would stick to his clothes .

San Hou remained silent, but just stared at Lin Fan’s eyes with hatred, and wanted to swallow Lin Fan alive .

Outside the dungeon .

Yin Ji led his men to wait outside the dungeon . Although he was seriously injured, he must endure it .

Actually, he didn’t want to report that case to the main hall; he didn’t want to know about the demons because it will be a pain in the ass for him .

Quickly .

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San Hou and others walked out of the dungeon .

At that time .

They saw Yin Ji was standing in the distance and immediately ran excitedly .

“Second Master … I know you will come to us . ”

Yin Ji wanted to say something, but immediately, he smelled, an unusual smell, and he said, “Don’t come near me, you are so smelly, follow me but keep your distance . ”

The gang members who followed Yin Ji immediately stepped forward, but when they approached, they were seriously shocked by San Hou’s smell .

“Second Master, what do you mean?” San Hou said in shock .

Yin Ji didn’t want to say anything to save San Hou’s face, “Bring them back . ”

Then he clenched his fist and said, “Brother Wang, I’m really sorry for the past years . You also know that I get transferred to this place, I didn’t expect Dragon Gang here violated the rules . I will fix this and hope to coexist with the government . ”

“Glad to hear that . ” Wang Zhou said .

Dragon Gang was approved by the kingdom, and their base was all over the land for a reason .

If Dragon Gang broke the laws, the kingdom would hunt them down mercilessly .

Everyone on the street saw the second master caught the third master, and it seemed the situation was not good .

At the same time, the smell was so horrible .

No one knew what those guys have gone through in the dungeon .

Outside the dungeon .

Wang Zhou said, “You have proved your worth . You are ready to take the test of Immortal Gate . ”

“Are you sure it is not too fast?” Lin Fan was surprised; he also wanted to go out . It was really comfortable to stay in Jiangdu City, but he wanted to see more of his current world .

Wang Zhou patted Lin Fan’s shoulder .

“You are my pride . I believe you can reach greater heights . ”

Lin Fan nodded and didn’t say anything .

He was worried about his subordinates .

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