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Published at 9th of May 2020 08:50:34 PM
Chapter 64

Lin Fan was coming out of nowhere .

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The rumor said that someone who entered the second stage could move as fast as a horse .

And when he/she entered the third stage, he/she could move even faster .

Wang Zhou wanted to confirm whether it was Lin Fan or not, but he was shocked before he could confirm who it was .

Lin Fan was too fast, and he was surprised when he saw everyone’s expressions .

Yuan Bei’s expression changed because Lin Fan stopped him when he was about to kill Wang Zhou .

“I will kill you with my own hands . ”

Yuan Bei’s palms were as fast as lightning, causing afterimages .

Lin Fan swung his sword so casually, regardless of the swordsmanship technique, but his messy swordsmanship technique successfully hit Yuan Bei .

He was so excited at that moment .

“How is this possible?”

Yuan Bei saw Lin Fan’s swordsmanship was like an amateur and a lot of opening here and there .

Yuan Bei was still taunting Lin Fan, but then something that shocked him happened .

Lin Fan’s swordsmanship brought him big trouble .

However, Lin Fan’s movement was too fast when he swung his sword, Lin Fan’s sword was already in front of his eyes in a blink of an eye .

Plus, Lin Fan’s cultivation was bigger than him .

There was no way to win against Lin Fan .


Lin Fan shouted, and he used The Ox Crushing The Mountain to slash Yuan Bei’s head .

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Yuan Bei was frightened .

Lin Fan was too fast, and he couldn’t avoid it .

He tried to block Lin Fan’s attack with his sword, but…

The sword was broken .


In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan’s sword stuck on the ground .

Yuan Bei’s body split into two, and his blood stained the ground .

Clearly, he already died .

“Master, rest assured, You can count on me, please take a good rest . ” Lin Fan sheathed his sword and looked back at Wang Zhou, but he was shocked when he saw the second master .

“What kind of combination is this?”

And then Wang Zhou explained to Lin Fan what happened to both of them .

“Okay . ” Lin Fan nodded .

In fact, he didn’t care about that kind of thing at all .

Because he didn’t have any interest or dream, he wanted to achieve in his current world .

But when he heard Wang Zhou was being chased, he came out without a second thought, regardless of who the enemy was, and killed them all .

Yin Ji was startled and said, “Brother, he is so powerful . How do you feel if your men are more powerful than you?”

Wang Zhou glanced at Yin Ji said, “Yeah, right, several masters, and a powerful demon…”

Lin Fan didn’t care what item Yuan Bei dropped .

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He didn’t pay attention to those things at all, at least at that time, but he looked at the other guys .

The grandmaster frowned .

He felt that Lin Fan’s eyes were like the beast’s eyes that were ready to kill its prey, and he was upset about that .

“Come and fight me!” The grandmaster yelled because Yuan Bei’s death shocked him greatly .

Wan Qing attacked Lin Fan with all his might .

Lin Fan struck his sword to the ground, and the ground became cracked, and then he attacked Wan Qing in a blink of an eye .

That was superb .

His fingers were shining under the moonlight, he spread his fingers, grasping Wan Qing’s chest .

“Five-Fold Strikes!”

“Sharp Edge!”

Lin Fan’s fingers pierced Wan Qing’s chest .

Wan Qing felt that his heart seemed to be dragged away by a mysterious power, and he was pulled toward Lin Fan’s direction, then he felt so much pain instantly .

Lin Fan’s attack damaged Wan Qing’s internal organs, especially his heart .


Wan Qing fell to the ground .

Lin Fan rushed to him at a very fast speed, with Lin Fan’s Five-Fold Strikes attack landed on his chest; he felt as if he couldn’t control his power because Lin Fan’s Five-Fold Strikes could block acupuncture spot .

So if the technique landed properly, the target wouldn’t be able to control their power properly .

Wang Zhou and Yin Ji stared at each other .

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“Is that guy dead?”

“Brother, what kind of power your subordinate has?”

Yin Ji and Wan Qing have fought against each other .

And Yin Ji knew Wan Qing was not an easy opponent because he was almost as strong as Yin Ji .

“My blood is boiling . ”

Lin Fan felt like every pore in his body was wide open .

“Now, it’s your turn . ”

Lin Fan stared at the grandmaster .

“Boy, you’re looking for death . ” The grandmaster said .

Lin Fan leapt into the air, spread his arms, he suddenly appeared in front of the master and landed an attack .

But the grandmaster was able to block it, and the aftereffect of their fight was so great .

Lin Fan’s face became red because he clashed with the grandmaster .

At the same time, the grandmaster could not bear Lin Fan’s power .

“How is this possible?” The master was terrified .

But he couldn’t afford to lose focus at that time .

Suddenly Lin Fan was holding the grandmaster’s wrist, and even though he saw Lin Fan’s attack was coming, he couldn’t avoid it .

As soon as Lin Fan moved, his fingers were moving on the grandmaster’s wrist, and he reached the armpit, in the blink of an eye…


At that moment .

All the bones in the grandmaster’s arm were broken .

“What! Aaaargh!”

The grandmaster screamed .

“You’re screaming too early . The main course is about to be served . ”

Lin Fan pulled the master’s arm backwards, pulling it into a bizarre angle like a pro wrestler .

Then he locked the other grandmaster’s arm, and then legs, hip, waist, reaching up to the back of the neck .

The grandmaster’s body was looking fine from outside, but it was already crushed inside .

The grandmaster was screaming endlessly .

The moment Lin Fan let go of his hand, he only heard the sound of cracking bones .

The grandmaster’s body was shrinking, several times smaller than before .

“I’ll kill you in my special way . ”

Lin Fan pressed the top of the grandmaster’s head and raised his jaw .

“Master Lin, please show your mercy, don’t kill him . ” Yin Ji looked at him and shouted .


The grandmaster’s head turned 180 degrees, sticking out his tongue, his neck crooked, and died .

“Don’t kill him?”

“If I’m not here to kill anyone, then what am I doing here?”

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