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Chapter 56

Lin Fan knew Dragon Gang would never let that slide .

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He arrested the Hall Master, one of their leaders might come to restore Dragon Gang’s reputation .

Lin Fan just needed to wait for the fish to bite the bait .

Dragon Gang has been controlling Jiangdu City for so many years, and no one ever dared to mess with them .

Lin Fan’s actions will completely wake the tiger up .

Zhu Hou kept glaring at Lin Fan; he wanted to kill Lin Fan if he could .

Lin Fan also wanted to kill him, but Lin Fan chose to wait for the time being .

Lin Fan was thinking of Wang Zhou, who was eating spicy food in the restaurant; he was very envious . He regretted he hadn’t eaten anything at Zuixianlou earlier .

Night has come .

It was a sleepless night .

Wang Zhou, Li Zhiyong, and others were still drinking in Zuixianlou .

Even though Wang Zhou was happy to drink, but he was still worried about Lin Fan’s situation .

In the middle of the night .

Two Hunters were guarding dungeon’s gate .

Suddenly .

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They found that someone was coming from afar, and looked like that man was upset .

Quickly .

A figure appeared in front of those two Hunters .

“No one is allowed to enter . ” Wu Yi, who was a dedicated person, took a stance and prepared to draw his sword . Wu Yi will take that man down if he dared to rush in .

That man stopped, under the moonlight, they saw his face was very gloomy, and that man said, “I’m the third Master, get away from me . ”

Those two Hunters were shocked .

What a crazy guy, did he really think the dungeon was his home?

When they were about to pull the sword and attack that man, they suddenly realized . That man was the third master from Dragon Gang . They looked carefully . When they saw that man’s appearance, they were frightened .

That was a dangerous man; they couldn’t afford to lose their lives .


The third master shook his sleeves and walked into the dungeon .

The government seized Zhu Hou and imprisoned him in the dungeon without paying attention to Dragon Gang .

Meanwhile .

Lin Fan was waiting impatiently while eating snacks, and then he heard footsteps slowly approaching from the distance .

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“Finally . ”

Lin Fan didn’t know who was coming .

Zhu Hou also heard the footsteps .

Zhu Hou opened his eyes widely, and when he saw the one who was coming, he immediately shouted, “Third Master! Thank you for saving me . ”

At that moment, Zhu Hou laughed and looked at Lin Fan while sneering . He wanted to see what Lin Fan could do .

“You dare to break the law for coming here without permission, don’t you respect the government?” Lin Fan said slowly .

The third master glanced at Lin Fan furiously . To him, a mere Hunter was just ant .

Lin Fan was getting on his nerves even though he didn’t want to respond to the good for nothing Hunter .

“You dipshit, just stay there if you want to stay alive . ” The third master was worthy of being one of Dragon Gang’s leaders .

Wang Bao and others were afraid .

Their parents always told them to avoid Dragon Gang since they were a child .

If Lin Fan was not there, maybe they will run for their lives .

Fortunately .

They were with Lin Fan .

For them, they were afraid of the Dragon Gang, but they wouldn’t let Lin Fan down .

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Lin Fan laughed and said, “As expected of the third master, you will be a great example for others . ”

“Huh!?” The third master said, “You son of a bitch, I want to ignore you, but I have changed my mind . I hope you will be a nice dog for me . Otherwise, you will bear the consequences . ”

“If you don’t believe me, just try me and see what I can do to you . ”

The third master didn’t want to respond Lin Fan, he walked toward Zhu Hou, he crushed the iron chain, and then looked back at Lin Fan, “Tell Wang Zhou, I will let this slide . ”

“Let’s go . ”

The third master walked toward the exit .

Zhu Hou pointed at Lin Fan, and said, “Boy, don’t think that Wang Zhou can protect you . You will pay with interest . ”

“You will be a goner by tomorrow morning . Even Wang Zhou won’t be able to protect you . ”

Lin Fan stared at their back; he was smiling and put down the chopsticks, then he took the sword while kept staring at their back .

Lin Fan walked toward them step by step .

When those two arrived outside, Lin Fan drew his sword and shouted, “You criminals …”

At that moment .

Lin Fan rushed toward the entrance with extreme speed .

Their expressions changed when they saw Lin Fan was chasing them .

“Boy, you’re looking for death . ”

Suddenly .

The third master stretched out his palms and tried to grab Lin Fan’s feet .

But when his palm was in contact with Lin Fan’s feet, his expression changed greatly, an unstoppable power swept through, Lin Fan successfully landed a hit on him, he fell to the ground and vomited blood .

Zhu Hou was completely dumbfounded as if he saw a ghost .

Lin Fan kicked the third master to the ground; he will go to heaven for sure .

“You …” Zhu Hou was furious, and just when he was about to do something, he stopped immediately, because Lin Fan’s sword was already placed on his neck .

“Are you trying to escape?”

“Answer me, but I don’t mind if you choose to die . ”

Lin Fan really wanted to cut Zhu Hou’s head off, but it was not the time for that .

“I …” Zhu Hou was speechless .

Lin Fan kicked him to the ground and then arrested those two .

“You are guilty of helping the prisoner to escape . ”

“I will lock you up and make you a spectacle in front of the crowd tomorrow . ”

The third master passed out when he heard that, but when he was about to pass out, he cursed Lin Fan in his heart, “I will kill you . ”

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