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Published at 27th of April 2020 10:05:15 PM
Chapter 53

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 53

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Those people were a bit embarrassed .

They just used Dragon Gang’s name to scare people, and now a group of bald-heads tried to stop them .

Lin Fan’s underlings snapped them out .

“Oh gosh, those bald-head Hunters are really annoying . ”

“Who are they?”

“They are the new recruit Hunters, and Lin Fan is their leader . ”

“Aren’t they afraid to mess with Dragon Gang?”

For those people, Dragon Gang was more terrible than the government itself .

Even the government didn’t dare to arrest Dragon Gang .

But the Hunters under Lin Fan’s command were brave enough to mess with Dragon Gang .

The citizens were full of excitement because Lin Fan may just be their new hope .

If the government could destroy the Dragon Gang, their lives will be much better .

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“Leader, are we going to fight Dragon Gang?” Wang Bao asked .

“Fighting? What do you mean by fighting?” Lin Fan looked at Wang Bao in surprise . “We are maintaining order and stability in Jiangdu City . Those Dragon Gang members make a ruckus in the city . As a Hunter, we are responsible for that . ”

Wang Bao habitually touched his bald head, “Leader, what you said is so reasonable . ”

The Hunters around felt the blood in their bodies was boiling .

They realized they were doing something big .

“Those guys must be sternly interrogated . Ask them how much destruction they have caused . ” Lin Fan said .

“Rest assured . We will meet your expectations . ” Wang Bao answered .

Recently, Jiangdu City’s citizens had been seeing those bald-headed Hunters in every corner in the city .

For Dragon Gang members, the situation was very bad . Lin Fan will arrest them if they committed a crime, and those who did not commit the crimes tried to avoid those bald-headed Hunters .

Jiangdu City’s citizens really believed in what they saw .

The government started to handle Dragon Gang seriously .

Lin Fan’s name spread in the city within a short time .

All people knew the Hunter named Lin Fan took his men to arrest Dragon Gang members in the city .

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As soon as someone committed a crime, he/she will be arrested immediately .

Dragon Gang Hideout, Kaishan Hall .

“Master, something happened . Those Hunters didn’t stop causing trouble for us . Dozens of our brothers have been arrested . ” Ji Zhen hurried forward and immediately reported the situation to Zhu Hou .

One of Hall’s leaders went to meet Wang Zhou . He thought the problem would be solved there .

After all, Dragon Gang’s power and influence in Jiangdu City was not something that the Hunters could deal with casually .

And the government turned blind eye into that matter .

As long as nothing serious happened, the government will keep their eyes closed .

But the situation has changed .

“What?” Zhu Hou was drinking tea .

When he heard the report, he stood up suddenly; his eyes were staring fiercely . “Wang Zhou really wants to fight Dragon Gang?”

Ji Zhen said, “Master, what should we do now? Too many of our people are arrested by the Hunters, which will have a great impact on Dragon Gang’s reputation . If we do not immediately resolve this matter, the situation will be quite complicated . Jiangdu City will not be afraid of us anymore . ”

“And it wasn’t Wang Zhou who did it, but Lin Fan . ”

Ji Zhen really hated Lin Fan .

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He never met such a shameless man .

Lin Fan was so greedy .

“How could a mere Hunter have the courage to fight us without Wang Zhou protecting his back? I can’t believe it . ” Zhu Hou was very furious, and he pondered for a moment, “Don’t worry about it, tell everyone about it . I will go meet Lin Fan and see what he was made of . ”

“Yes . ” Ji Zhen answered, and then left in a hurry .

Zhu Hou really furious because a mere Hunter tried to mess with Dragon Gang and his Kaishan Hall .

Zuixianlou .

Li Zhiyong, Wang Zhou, and others have already arrived, but Lin Fan was nowhere to be found .

“Master Wang, today’s Jiangdu City is very lively . Brother Lin stirs up the situation, are you trying to cover him?” Li Zhiyong sipped the tea and asked about that with a smile .

Although Li Zhiyong was in the Hunter Guild, he knew the situations in the city .

Wang Zhou said, “He is my subordinate, regardless of whether or not he has done something with or without my consent, I have to support him, don’t you think so?”

“Haha . ” Li Zhiyong laughed and said, “Yes, yes, as Master Wang said, but we really can’t do anything about this matter . ”

“Brother Lin has done enough for Jiangdu City, but some things are going a bit inconvenient . ”

Wang Zhou could guess what Li Zhiyong and others thought .

Dragon Gang was a huge organization .

As a Hunter, Li Zhiyong hated the demons, but he often turned his back to Dragon Gang .


Someone pushed open the door .

“Sorry, everyone, I’m late . ” Lin Fan entered the room with a smile on his face, quite helpless; there were a lot of Dragon Gang members in the dungeon, so he has been busy for quite a while .  

“We are worried about you so much . We thought some bad things happened to you . ” Li Zhiyong said .

Li Zhiyong was not a compassionate person, but he was not used to Lin Fan’s actions . It was indeed a bit excessive .

“I just make the situation more lively here and there . ” Lin Fan said .

Wang Zhou pretended to be very angry, “You know that is causing trouble for me . I have told you, don’t even think about leaving the city for a while, just stay safe in the city . ”

He didn’t blame Lin Fan, but he knew that Dragon Gang has already made a move .

But he didn’t know .

Lin Fan’s cultivation has reached 107 years .

He was one step closer to be one of the immortals .

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