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Chapter 45

Lin Fan knew his opponent’s name because he got the information through the system .

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“How did you know my name?” Feng Yisan said in horror .

He was shocked because Lin Fan could know his name, even though he was wearing a mask .

Lin Fan seized the opportunity; he slashed the opponent when he knew his opponent was in a panic, and the opponent’s movements became sloppy .


If Feng Yisan were not fast enough, he would be cut into two by Lin Fan .

He shouldn’t answer Lin Fan’s words, even if he were really shocked .

Lin Fan felt that it was a pity that he missed the big chance .

Lin Fan glanced at Feng Yisan .

‘Feng Yisan: Fifth Stage’

‘Possible Item Drop: 

70 years worth of Exp Battle Axe (Fourth-Stage) Triple Strikes (Fourth-Stage) Fivefold Strikes (Fourth-Stage) A Fine Iron Axe Silver Money Secret Letter
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Lin Fan was fascinated by Feng Yisan’s possible item drop .

Wang Zhou and others have already fought against their own enemies, not only humans, but they also must also be aware of demons too .

As for Captain Zhao, he was in a pinch even though his opponent was easy .

He was facing a Fourth-Stage cultivation demon .

Although he was skillful and he had enough combat experience, the opponent’s cultivation was higher than him, which made Captain Zhao cornered . He took everything he had just to dodge his opponent’s attack .

“When did this kid become so powerful?” Captain Zhao looked at Lin Fan, how long had the time passed, even though a while ago, Lin Fan was cornered by a rabbit demon, but Lin Fan was like a different person now .


Meanwhile .

Feng Yisan successfully landed a hit on Lin Fan’s chest .

That attack injured Lin Fan .

Lin Fan’s enemy was difficult to deal with .

“Your son of a …” Lin Fan was in a pinch, and he slashed Feng Yisan’s abdomen . Feng Yisan made a fatal mistake to show an opening .

Lin Fan smiled when he successfully slashed Feng Yisan’s abdomen, and the blood was dripping like a waterfall .

Feng Yisan was also a veteran and had a lot of experience . He used the iron chain to stop Lin Fan’s sword before it got too deep, and then he kept the distance between Lin Fan .

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“This guy is a bit strong . ” Feng Yisan felt the blood didn’t stop dripping from his abdomen .

He really wanted to cut Lin Fan into pieces; he didn’t want to say anything to Lin Fan in order to keep his secret .

But he couldn’t figure out how Lin Fan could know his name .

That was simply impossible .

Meanwhile .

Lin Fan’s chest was hurt a bit . Fortunately, the hardening skin saved him .

“Yes, I can kill him . ”

Even though the opponent’s cultivation was three years higher than him, he was not afraid . He already found the opponent’s weakness from earlier .

All he needed was confidence to bring out his full strength .

“Feng Yisan, just drop that mask off, maybe the others don’t know who you are, but I know you . ”

“And not only you, I know every single one of you . ”

“Don’t think I’m lying to you . ”

“He is Wan Qing . ”

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“He is Yuan Bei . ”

Lin Fan didn’t move; he wanted to observe Feng Yisan’s reaction after he mentioned all of Feng Yisan’s comrades .

As Feng Yisan was wearing a mask, he could not see the expression .

But he knew Feng Yisan was in a panic because Lin Fan could know the name every one of them .

The man who fought with Wang Zhou was distracted by Lin Fan’s words .

All of the enemies were panic, thus affecting their stance .  

Wang Zhou seized the opportunity; he successfully slashed his opponent .

Wang Zhou could bring down one of his enemies because he fought with two enemies at the same time . He endured a lot of pressure, not to mention his opponent cultivation was the same as him .

He wondered how Lin Fan knew their name .

But that was not the time to ask about those things .

Lin Fan obviously disrupted the situation at the scene .

And that was the opportunity for Lin Fan’s party .



“I want your Triple Strikes!”

Lin Fan shouted, and then he took a stance, using Ox Crushing The Mountain, Lin Fan’s spiritual power was blasting out like thunder .

Lin Fan slashed Feng Yisan’s lower part of his body .

Feng Yisan tried to protect his lower part of his body but failed .

But Feng Yisan was moving so fast, he changed his stance and swung the ax in his hand .

Feng Yisan was relying on his flexible body, but Lin Fan also instantly changed his stance, and Lin Fan’s sword clashed with Feng Yisan’s ax .

“Hya!” Lin Fan shouted, pressed Feng Yisan’s ax to the ground, and then slammed his head toward Feng Yisan .

Iron Head!

After many days of hard work, it was finally time for that technique to shine .

The brute strength of Ox Crushing The Mountain, plus the Hardening Skin and Iron Head, Lin Fan was using three-technique at the same time .


Feng Yisan was shocked, Lin Fan’s attack crushed his chest .

“What a stupid guy, you get distracted just by my words . ” Lin Fan said while touching his head .

Even if Feng Yisan didn’t die, his organs were absolutely shattered by Lin Fan’s bald head .

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