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Chapter 29

Training ground .

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Lin Fan commanded them to run around Jiangdu City .

They were tired and lay on the ground like dogs, but because Lin Fan was behind them, they immediately returned to the training ground and continued to practice Iron Head .


That was something that did not exist in Lin Fan’s dictionary .

Those who were too tired couldn’t stand up nor sleep without clothes, because the weather was so cold .

That was the first time they experienced Lin Fan’s hellish training .



Lin Fan continued to crush the bricks with his head, he already reached the third-stage thanks to his hard work .

“Yeah, I can do this! I can keep cultivating on my own . ”

Lin Fan pondered and nodded silently .

Meanwhile .

Someone rushed in and said, “Sir, someone just asked me to give this letter to you . ”

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That person handed the envelope with both hands and looked around, his heart trembled seeing Lin Fan’s rigorous training .

Fortunately, he was not a Hunter, he would have died because of that training if he became one .

“Who gave this letter to you?” Lin Fan took the envelope and asked .

“A child . ” The man replied, and he added, “A child eating a lollipop . ”

Lin Fan was stunned when he heard that information, he had various thoughts based on movies and tv-series in his mind .

He waved his hand told the man to go .

He opened the envelope .

“Want to know the truth? Come tonight, don’t tell anyone about it, if you want to guarantee their safety . ”

There was not much in the letter, and there was no signature .

“This is a serious matter . ” Lin Fan squinted his eyes, it seemed that someone was after his life .

He didn’t know how many times he has seen the exact same scene from film and television dramas .

The scene often happened to an important supporting character to prove their ability .

Lin Fan wanted to go alone to that meeting point even though there was a possibility he will be ambushed .

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But there was another possibility, he will be framed .

Both of those possibilities were high .

“Hey, you may be disappointed . I, Lin Fan, is a great Hunter, and I know everything in Shildi . I don’t want to trouble the Hunter Guild, so I won’t play with you . ”

He pondered again whether he should go to that meeting point or not, and about the preparation if he wanted to go there .

“But wait, who is the main character in this storyline?”

With that in mind, Lin Fan fell into deep contemplation again . He did not believe that he was the main character, he thought at least he was the protagonist’s supporting character in that case .

He considered human nature .

Curiosity could kill someone .

“You all keep practicing and don’t slack off . ” Lin Fan left and went to see Wang Zhou .

It would be better for us to investigate the situation while Wang Zhou stayed in the city .

Wang Zhou was dealing with some business .

“Master Wang, can I come in?” Lin Fan stood outside the door .

“Come in . ” Wang Zhou answered from inside the room .

Lin Fan came in and took out the envelope .

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“Sir, I receive a letter . Please look over it . ”

Wang Zhou took the letter and opened it, he wondered, “Do you know who sent it to you?”

“I don’t know . I heard this letter is from a child, and the one who writes this letter might ask the child to deliver this letter in exchange for candy . ” Lin Fan said, Wang Zhou never heard a case like that often .

“What do you think?” Wang Zhou asked .

Lin Fan said, “Sir, from my point of view . This man might be trying to ambush me because of the recent cases I handle . I might be killed if I go there . ”

“Or I might be framed, there might be a corpse there when I arrive, and conveniently the government will catch me red-handed right after . ”

Lin Fan explained all the possibilities .

Wang Zhou looked at Lin Fan’s eyes .

Lin Fan never ceased to amaze him from the moment they met .

“This is a talent …”

Wang Zhou couldn’t help but amazed by Lin Fan . He was already fascinated by Lin Fan’s talent, but now he saw Lin Fan in a different light .

“How did you figure that out?” Wang Zhou asked .

Lin Fan wanted to tell him that he must watch tons of movies and tv-series to get used to that kind of scene .

“Sir, this is my presumption . Dr . Sun and Lu Nian died by my hands . The organization behind both of them might want to get revenge . ”

“Then, what do you think the right decision we must take?” Wang Zhou asked .

He wanted to focus on honing Lin Fan’s talent .

“It depends on what you think . If you want to track this down, we will face more problems . ”

“But if we ignore it, they might search for other ways to lure us out . ” Lin Fan answered .

Wang Zhou stood close by the window and stared into the sky, he slowly said, “Maybe I know something . Maybe I know who is going to set you up, but I can’t allow you to walk into their trap, I want to teach you all the things I have learned . We must teach them a lesson or two . ”

“What do you have in mind?” Wang Zhou asked .

Lin Fan didn’t want to go there, it was better to stay in the city, but it was impossible to stay in the city based on the current situation .

He thought something good .

Lin Fan approached Wang Zhou and whispered …

Meanwhile, a child with a lollipop in his hand handed a letter to a man and told that man to give it to Wang Zhou .

Two lollipops in a day .

The child was so happy, “Uncle is so nice . ”

Hopefully tomorrow, that uncle will ask that child again to send a letter .

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