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Chapter 27

Lin Fan heard what the barber was talking about, but he chose to never misuse his authority to punish the citizen .

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Lin Fan smiled, “It ’s okay, now I want you to help me to shave my men’s hair just like me . ”

The Hunters standing beside him wanted to cry, but they couldn’t do anything about that .

“I’m not lying to you when I said you are handsome with that style . ” Said the barber .

“Please rest assured, I know it’s perfect . ” Lin Fan said .

Lin Fan sat in a chair and said, “Wang Bao, you will be the first . ”

“Yes, leader . ” Wang Bao was very excited about being able to have the same hairstyle as Lin Fan .

All the Hunters except Wang Bao were afraid when they waited while the barber was preparing his tools .

Lin Fan looked so happy . At first, he was proud of his bald head, but after a while, he regretted it . But from that moment forward, he will have a lot of baldhead comrades .

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“Father, mother, I’m going to become a monk . Come on, I’m ready . ”

Wang Bao looked in the mirror, and the more he touched his head, the more he liked it . It looked so good, and everyone became more energetic .

People on the street were stunned when the baldhead group passed through .

Some hawkers were laughing so hard at them, Yu Guang saw the group, he was so shocked .

“It’s a shame . ”

The Hunters lowered their heads, embarrassed, and didn’t dare to look anyone in the eye .

“Raise your head!” Lin Fan said angrily, he realized his men’s mentality was in the dump .

Some of them wanted to cry, but tears won’t come out .

The news was thoroughly spread in Jiangdu City .

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Courtyard .

“Listen to me, you guys must practice this technique slowly and steadily, no need to rush things because this technique is dangerous . ”

“I have already prepared the ointment for you . You can find a tree and start practicing the technique . ”

Lin Fan reminded them .

“Wang Bao, you are in charge . ”

“Yes, leader . ” Wang Bao said in a loud voice, he knew felt like Lin Fan just gave him an important task .

Meanwhile, Lin Fan continued his training to crash the bricks to his head . He almost reached the Fourth-Stage .

Lin Fan practiced together with his men . He kept on crashing the bricks to his head . Wang Bao saw how hard Lin Fan’s training was, so he got fired up and tried to slam the tree as hard as he could .

Thanks to that, Wang Bao’s head was spinning around and wobbled like a drunkard .

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“The ground is shaking …”

At that time, he held back not to scream in front of the others, he didn’t want to break others’ spirits .

“We have to train as hard as he can, so we can go home safely from every mission . ”

“Now that I have reminded all of you, the rest is up to you . ”

After Lin Fan finished telling them what he wanted to say, he continued to smash the bricks into his head .

Everyone was training .

Lin Fan smiled, watching his men’s practice .

Because demons were not the only enemy, but also humans .

Lin Fan observed each one of his men’s personality .

Gao Zhenbin was relatively calm .

Lin Fan could talk about serious things to him at ease .

When the Hunters were from poor families, they will give all they had .

“The bleeding must be treated with medicine, thoroughly . ” Lin Fan said .

Although the first try was not bad .

They couldn’t push their body too hard from the very beginning .

“Brother Wang! Your head is bleeding!”

Wang Bao checked where the source of the blood was .

Everyone was shocked by the blood, w

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