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Published at 30th of March 2020 10:48:28 PM
Chapter 25
Chapter 25 No One Can Stop Him
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He had an idea to shave his head in order to learn Iron Head technique .

Because he knew if he combines Boar Crash and Iron Head, he will be invincible .

Lin Fan came to a barbershop in the city .

The barber was very enthusiastic when he saw a visitor . But when he saw Lin Fan’s clothes, he was shocked and said, “Did I do something wrong?”

“Shave my head, make it bald . ” Lin Fan sat there, rubbing his head .

“What?” The barber looked at Lin Fan and was confused .

Lin Fan turned back and urged, “Just do it already!”

“Yes, yes . ” The barber took his tools and made sure again before he started, whether Lin Fan really wanted to do that or not .

So the barber started to cut Lin Fan’s hair .

After hours has passed, Lin Fan looked at himself in the mirror .

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“Man… I’m so handsome . ” Lin Fan lowered his head and touched it . He felt kind of breezy around his head, and his mind became clearer .

“Nice . ”

The barber was worried that Lin Fan might be angry at him, but Lin Fan just paid the bill and walked out .

When Lin Fan walked on the street, he felt that everyone’s eyes were locked on him .

Maybe he was the most handsome man on the street now .

Wang Bao, who went to the pharmacy in the city came back . When he saw a man with his bald head in front of him, he was stunned .

“Who is that bald guy?” Wang Bao thought .

“Have you bought the medicine?” Lin Fan asked and turned back .

Wang Bao saw the bald guy’s face, the medicine in his hand fell to the ground, he was shocked and said, “Leader, where is your hair?”

Lin Fan touched his head and laughed, “My head gets wet when I bled while practicing the Iron Head . It’s easier to clean the blood like this . ”

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“How much silver do you need to copy this book for everyone? Tomorrow, everyone will learn the Iron Head technique too . ”

Those medicines were the preparations to learn Iron Head technique .

Lin Fan went to the kitchen and put the herbs in the pot, add some water, and burned it, remove the husk and leave only the essence .

After quite a while, the herbs in the pot became sticky, as if they were sticking to the bottom of the pot .

After that, Lin Fan went to the backyard and continued his training by crashing his head on a tree .

An hour has passed .

Lin Fan stood and applied for some medicine on his head to practice his spiritual power .

After his head absorbed the medicine, the pain gradually subsided, and the wound slowly was slowly healed .

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After that, he continued his training .

“I won’t slack off even though I have the system, I will reach my goal to become Immortal . ”

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Lin Fan could find someone who had the Iron Head technique and killed than a person to get the technique .

But he chose to learn it by himself .

The next day .

Lin Fan sat in the courtyard with a lot of bricks around him . He picked up a brick and crushed it into his head . His head was fine but the bricks were broken apart .

He was already accustomed to such training .

Although it was a bit painful, he could clearly feel that his head was already hardened .

Lin Fan was one step closer to master that technique .

Wang Bao came from afar and saw that Lin Fan was hurting himself again .

Wang Bao couldn’t bear it when he saw that, but after reading the Iron Head book, he knew Lin Fan was really trying to learn that technique .

But the way to learn that technique looked really painful when Wang Bao looked at Lin Fan .

“Leader, my father invites you to visit our house . ” Wang Bao stood by while looking at Lin Fan crushed a brick after brick with his head .

Lin Fan picked up a brick and crushed it with his head . Then he kept on doing it, and he shouted angrily, “Wang Bao, there is no need to do that . You are my men, and I will take good care of you, tell your father to rest assured . ”

“Leader, I’m afraid that won’t work . My father said that if I can’t invite you, he won’t let me go home . ” Wang Bao explained .

Lin Fan was fine . He looked at a few piles of bricks .

“Then go back and tell your father I will come tonight, I have to continue my training right now . ”

No one could stop him now .

“Leader, I will head home to tell my father about it . ” Wang Bao joyfully headed home .

“Wait, you have to practice this Iron Head by tomorrow . ” Lin Fan reminded him if Wang Bao and the others were still unable to fight at all, It will be harder for Lin Fan as he didn’t have to protect himself but his men as well .

Suddenly .

Lin Fan pondered, it seemed the time to train his men has come, they must be disciplined .

“Yes, Leader . ” Wang Bao understood what Lin Fan was thinking .

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