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Published at 7th of March 2020 08:21:59 PM
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 What Should I Do
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‘Obtained Talent: Hardened Skin (Black Iron)’

‘Obtained Martial Art: Boar Crash’

‘Obtained 1 Year Worth of Cultivation

Lin Fan held the spear and tried to catch his breath while listening to the system sound .

He felt some changes in his body .

He used to feel like a normal person, but now he felt like a martial arts Master Wang .

“Very good, you are a quick learner . You have to remain focus when facing demons . You have to kill demons by any means, and that is fine with me . ” Master Wang said .

Lin Fan wanted to go home quickly to study more about the system .

“Master Wang, I’m sorry that I ended up killing the demon . ” Lin Fan said .

He couldn’t help it . He wanted to get the cultivation .

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If he did not seize that opportunity, he wouldn’t be able to sleep .

“I’m fine with that, it’s rare to find a talented man like you . From now on, you will be in charge of this team . ” Wang Zhou said .

“Master Wang, thank you for the promotion . ” Lin Fan was so happy, he didn’t expect to be promoted .

The novices were amazed by Lin Fan’s battle, even though his method of killing the demon was ruthless .

Everyone hadn’t forgotten the scene when Lin Fan took out the spear, blood and feces was dripping from it .


Another Hunter came and whispered in Wang Zhou’s ear .

Wang Zhou’s expression gradually became serious, and then he raised his hand to halt the test .

“Today’s test is over . From now on, you will be a hunter and work for Jiangdu City . ”


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Wang Zhou left in a hurry as if something important had happened .

On the training ground .

Fifteen newbies quickly surrounded and sweet-talked Lin Fan because he was their new leader .

He ended up becoming the center of attention even though he really wanted to go home .

“I will be your leader in the future . As long as you obey the order, I will guarantee that you will be fine . As for the demons, don’t worry, they will end like that boar . ” Lin Fan proudly said that .

The novice hunters looked at the demon boar and frightened . But they didn’t think Lin Fan’s method was wrong .

And after a few more words, Lin Fan left them in a hurry .

Inside the house .

Lin Fan hurriedly checked the system .

‘Hardened Skin (Black Iron): Talent from demon boar, granting resistance to all weapons without the enchantment of spiritual power . ’

‘Boar Crash: Technique from demon boar, it can crush the opponents’ bones . It depends on how hard your skull is . ’

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Lin Fan didn’t expect to get such useful talent from that boar .

Now he could protect himself .

Plus, he got a year’s worth of cultivation .

The item drop depended on luck .

The demon boar had six possible items drop in its list, and it only dropped three items .

And back then, Lin Fan, for a second, was tempted to kill Wang Zhou after he killed the demon boar .

And right now, he wanted to test his new power .

Lin Fan complained to the original owner of his body because he was just a useless average person in that world .

Jiangdu City .

Lin Fan was wearing a battle suit, with a sword around his waist, and he walked on the street while holding his head high .

Nobody dared to stand in his way .

“Hey, being an official hunter has its own advantage . ” Lin Fan was so happy because he never felt like that before .

When passing by a Pavilion .

He heard a group of people talking about some wealthy families who got attacked by demons .

When Lin Fan decided to avoid the crime scene, he heard the voice he was familiar with calling him from behind .

“Lin Fan, why are you here?” Wang Zhou asked .

Lin Fan turned back, took a deep breath, and said, “Master Wang, I’m patrolling to ensure the safety of this city . ”

“That’s good . I didn’t regret investing my time to teach you . There is a murder case in Chen Family’s residence . Now you go back and bring people over to guard Chen Family’s residence . No one is allowed to get in . ” Wang Zhou said .

“Yes, Master Wang . ” Lin Fan answered .

No way…

When he intended to avoid the crime scene, his Master Wang ordered him to guard that place .

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