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Chapter 167

Lin Fan said indifferently .

His words were very straightforward .

They didn’t believe him .

They felt Lin Fan was so shameless .

No one liked Qin Heng in the Qin family .

He should know it from the beginning . Qin Heng told him that he wanted to join the Immortal Sect so badly so that no one would laugh at him . But he wasn’t that lucky . It turned out he didn’t have a spiritual root .

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me, but you should know that I’m telling the truth . ”

“It’s good to see Brother Qin’s parents . Brother Qin is doing very well, and there is no need to worry . Looking at how he is now, he may need to practice for more than ten years before he can return . ”

“Goodbye . ”

Lin Fan clenched his fists then walked out of the hall . He wanted to pretend that it’s okay for them to say that he tried to forget what just happened and spare their life .

He could see how much Qin Heng had harmed other people .

Could he still help Qin Heng to redeem himself?

“Careful in the way . ” The Head clasped his fists as he watched Lin Fan left .

Qin Hao disdainfully said, “Qin Heng is just unbelievable, how can he sent someone to put an act as his brother and fool us . He has brought shame to the family . ”

“Lao Jiu, if your son comes back, you should teach him a lesson . This family has put so much hope in him, but he failed us . The Qin Family will not tolerate any failure anymore . ” Said the Head .

It didn’t take long for Lao Jiu to come out of the room .

He sighed in relief .

He just didn’t want to disappoint the Qin Family anymore .

“Yes, Head . ”

Qin Heng’s father answered uncomfortably . He never thought Qin Heng could join the Immortal Sect .

Just then,

“Brother Qin, Brother Qin…” There was a voice coming from afar; the voice sounded a little urgent as if something big had happened . It shocked them .

When the Head of the Qin family heard the voice, he immediately walked to the hall entrance .

“Head, please come . Imperial Teacher is here” .

Seeing that the person was the Imperial Teacher, a smile was shown on the face of the Qin Family’s Head .

If you wanted to stand in the Great Zhou City, you couldn’t be just strong, but you also need to have a good relationship with the ruler . You should know where to stand .

The teacher was old, he usually was very calm, but now he was vigorous . He took the hand of the Head of the Qin Family, and walked towards the hall, without paying attention to anyone else there . It surprised them .

“Head Qin, does the Qin Family know about Master Lin?” Head Qin was very puzzled and then said, “No, we don’t . How are we supposed to know about Master Lin?”

The teacher waved his hand, “Impossible . Are you blind? Master Lin had just left the Qin Family’s house . If you tell me about his arrival earlier, we can avoid what just happened today . ”


The teacher was helpless .

What happened in the Imperial Court today was terrifying . So many ministers died . If they knew that the Qin Family knew about the master, they would ask Head Qin to talk to the master and avoid what just happened today .

“Just left?” Head Qin was shocked .

Qin Heng’s parents stared at each other; their breaths became more rapid .

The children of the Qin Family were horrified .

The teacher said, “Yeah, that is terrible; he is Greatest Martial Sect’s disciple . Even the emperor and master who guard the Imperial Court are afraid of him . You have to treat him with respect every time you see him . It’s terrible . ”

“When I saw Master Lin walk out of the Qin Family, I remembered what just happened today, and it scares me, I hid behind the rock . ”

Tell me, what is your relationship with the master?”

Just then,

 Everyone’s silent .

 A silver needle fell to the ground like thunder . Everyone looked at each other .


Qin Hao felt so many eyes stared at him with hatred . Head Qin, his uncles, and even his brothers and sisters .


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Qin Heng’s father laughed as if his chest was suffocated, “That’s it, my son’s brother . My son has joined the Immortal Sect, even if he failed the Immortal Sect assessment . My son has his way . ”

“If my son didn’t join the Immortal Sect, there’s no way Master Lin comes here . ”

Qin Heng’s father was thrilled .

“Teacher, Master Lin is my son’s brother . He came here to tell us that my son is doing well . ”

After the teacher heard this, he was surprised, “I didn’t expect the Qin Family to have such a fortune . His son is Master Lin’s brother . Also, to see that Master Lin came here in person, it seems that their relationship is extraordinary . ”

“Congratulation Head Qin, the Qin Family has such a fortune . This will keep the Qin Family last for 100 and even 1 . 000 years . ”

Head Qin was very embarrassed; he wanted to kill Qin Hao . How could he say such a thing? Luckily, Master Lin didn’t care about it . Otherwise, his family might be over .

That was such a good opportunity to establish a relationship with immortal, but they lost it .

The teacher wanted to tell the emperor about this matter .

It seemed that in the future, it’d be necessary to pay attention to the Qin Family .

It was undoubtedly a big deal for the Qin Family’s children to have a relationship with Master Lin, and it would make them the top family in Great Zhou City .

The next day .

Lin Fan took Wang Zhou and others back to Jiangdu City .

He formed a shield using his qi to protect them on their way .

He came to the mortal realm just to see Wang Zhou and his brothers .

He didn’t expect such a thing to happen, which took a lot of his time .

At the gate of Jiangdu City .

“Leader, when will you come back to see us?” Wang Bao was very reluctant . They had only been together for two months, but it was such a good time . Wang Bao never knew how long it would take until they meet again .

Lin Fan laughed, “I will come back to see you again next time . ”

“You have to watch yourself . Although I haven’t met any immortal here, I know that there are many immortals out there . Immortals are more dangerous than mortals . ” Wang Zhou pat Lin Fan’s shoulder . He had a lot to say, but those words just wouldn’t come out from his mouth .

“Well, rest assured, I will be careful, Master Wang, you take care of yourself in Jiangdu City . As long as the Imperial Court and the Dragon Gang are not doing anything stupid, it will be no problem . ” Lin Fan solved the troubles for Wang Zhou, and they knew that there’d be no more big problems in the future .

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It’s too fast .

Everyone’s sad .

Lin Fan tried to remember all of his brother’s faces in his heart, “Don’t say anything anymore, if you have something to say, tell me the next time we meet . ”

“Leader, take care . ”

“Leader, take care . ”

Lin Fan smiled . He used the earth escape technique and instantly disappeared in front of them .

They waved their hand .

After a long time .

“Master, when will the leader come back?” Wang Bao asked .

Wang Zhou said slowly, “Cultivation is not something you can do quickly . It takes years . Maybe we can still see him in the future, but maybe we are not . ”

“I hope to see him again 100 years later . At least for the last time . I’m sure we will be already old at that time, and he will be as young as he is today . ”

Wang Zhou was willing to give Lin Fan credit, he believed that he would become a disciple of the Immortal Sect, and after he became a disciple of the Immortal Sect, he would return to Jiangdu .

Now everyone’s safe .

Jiangdu City’s safe .

The Imperial Court had sent a guard to the city .

Half a month later .

Greatest Martial Sect .

It’s been a while since Lin Fan left Jiangdu City, and he already missed it . He’s free now, his life had been easy, but he still needed to improve his Cultivation . His life span’s short .

He still wanted to live longer .

“Mother, I’m back . ” Lin Fan said sweetly; he went to the place where his mother lived and walked in .

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“You’ve been out for so long . I’m surprised you came back now . ” Wei You said .

Mother, I went back to Jiangdu City to visit my friends, but because I missed you so much, I came back quickly . ”

Oh, yes, Mother, I brought a gift for you, although this is not an expensive gift, it looks beautiful . ”

He took out a delicate hairpin .

He got it while he was strolling around Jiangdu City .

“Oh, you bring a gift for me?” Wei You smiled .

Lin Fan was trying to bribe Wei You . She was so generous to him, even gave out a set of high-quality armor for his protection, so that he would be safe outside .

“Your son brought a gift for you, mother . ”

He stood behind her and inserted the hairpin into her hair . He made her look in the mirror .

“It’s lovely, even more beautiful if you’re the one who wears it . ”

Wei You’s pleased . She was smiling .

“Okay, let’s talk, is there something you need from your mother?” Asked Wei You .

“Mother, your son bought this gift because he was thinking about you . I don’t have any other intention, but now that you ask, I may have something in mind . ”

“I always have trouble staying at Mysterious Sword Peak . I don’t know if I can have my own peak . ”

Mysterious Sword Peak is Meng Qingyao’s peak . He is not in a great relationship with her .

For less trouble .

He should own peak .

Wei You said, “Okay, I will do this for you . As the disciples of Greatest Martial Sect, you can have a peak, only then you have to become core disciple . Nothing more . ”

“When Deep Sea open, you can go and look for treasure there, be strong and own the four peak, then there’s nothing you need to worry about . . ”

“Thank you, mother . Do you know that you are the best mother?” Lin Fan sighed . Having someone who genuinely cared for him was too precious .

“Mother, where is that Deep Sea?”

” Deep Sea is a place where the mighty immortal fall . When the mighty immortal fall, a cave full of treasure will be opened, it always opens every ten years to give all the generation the same opportunities . If you go there, you will have the chance to be powerful . ”

For Wei You, No one could hurt Lin Fan as long as he wore the Sacred Beast Robe .

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