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Chapter 14

“Chase them!”

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Wang Bao shouted and chased those demons who ran away .

He found that something was wrong, and he looked back . Everyone stood there, didn’t move, and looked at him as if he was a retard .

“Yeah, I know…” Wang Bao felt like a peerless master who was going to fight the demons with his life on the line .

If the tiger demon and the wolf demon knew a weakling was chasing them, maybe they would return and took Wang Bao with them .

“Good evening meals . ” They would say .

Captain Zhao breathed a sigh of relief, and he was seriously injured, causing him to faint .

“Captain Zhao, hang on . ” Lin Fan carried Captain Zhao, “Let’s go back!”

They didn’t have time to waste .

If several demons showed up now while they were in a bad state, they would be killed for sure .

And all of his underlings behind him were already exhausted because of the battle with demons .

“Let’s use a different route, don’t take the usual route . ” Lin Fan thought for a while, and he felt it would be dangerous if they chose to head back with the usual route .

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The underlings nodded with full of respect to him now .

Jiangdu City .

When he reached Jiangdu City territory, he felt so relieved .

His underlings smiled, that was a journey with their life as a stake .

Hunter Guild .

Wang Zhou talked to Li Zhiyong and others about the incident with the fox demon . The demon was vengeful . Even if Chen Zhong was dead, the demon wouldn’t stop seeking for revenge .

“The black fox demon is close to the transformation, and we need to report it to the higher-ups, asking the higher-ups to send a backup to guard Jiangdu City, if the black fox demon is fully transformed no one can stop it . ” Wang Zhou said .

Li Zhiyong said, “I didn’t expect Chen Zhong will cause such big trouble for Jiangdu City . ”

“We don’t need a backup . It should take years for that demon to fully transformed . Unless it uses some treasure to speed up its cultivation . Where can that demon find such a thing?” Said Liu Ru .

“We better prepare for the worst . Sometimes things will end up beyond our expectations . The only thing I worry about is the power behind the black fox demon . ” Wang Zhou worried .

Everyone was silent .

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What Wang Zhou said was reasonable . Demons might also have their own pack as humans do . The black fox demon was not a mere demon . It was not like any ordinary wild demon .

If the black fox demon looked for help .

It may cause so much trouble .

At that time .

Some of his underlings reported, “Reporting, Captain Zhao and leader team Lin Fan returned . Captain Zhao was seriously injured, unconscious, and now he is under treatment . ”

“What?” Wang Zhou was shocked, suddenly stood up, and hurried to see them .

Li Zhiyong and everyone looked at each other . They naturally knew what happened to the caravan, but just by looking at the current situation, it seems like things didn’t go too well .

Inside the Clinic .

“Gently, gently . ” Lin Fan talked to the doctor, who gave him a treatment .

“I know you have spiritual power . But still, you must pay attention to the wounds you might get in a fight . Fortunately, you are really tough, tougher than ordinary people . Any average people who suffer this kind of injury would have lost an organ or two, but you don’t have serious injury . ” The doctor said .

When the doctor gave him medicine, his finger slipped on Lin Fan’s mouth intentionally .

Lin Fan wanted to kick the doctor right away .

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Was that doctor gay?

Wang Bao proudly said, “That’s natural . Our leader is not an ordinary person . If you see it for yourself, I assure you that you will be scared . ”

The doctor was the official doctor of the government .

Naturally, he knew demons really existed .

He already treated countless people who fought against the demon .

At that time .

“Lin Fan, how’s your condition?”

Wang Zhou came in and then glanced at the doctor .

“Nothing serious . ” Lin Fan said .

The doctor said, “Team leader Lin’s injury is not serious . Just take some medicine, and he will recover after a few days of rest . ”

“Master, I want to report something to you . ” Lin Fan said .

The doctor packed his things and then left .

Wang Zhou watched the doctor left and closed the door . “What the hell happened?”

“We fought five demons . ” Lin Fan said .

Wang Zhou’s heart trembled, but he did not expect that the demons were the culprit . There was a high possibility that humans involved .

He realized that it was not an easy task to come home in one piece after facing such enemies .

“Master, I feel there is something off about Dr . Sun, you must interrogate him . ” Lin Fan said .

“Well, I’ll send someone for interrogation at a later time . ” Wang Zhou sad, Dr . Sun didn’t know Lin Fan, and the others had a suspicion toward him .

“Master, when I fight against the demon, I found that the rabbit demon was like a pet when it saw a carrot . What comes to your mind?” Lin Fan asked .

In Lin Fan’s opinion, the rabbit demon was a pet, even if it became a demon, its nature might still remain .

“Is that true?” Wang Zhou said, “Maybe only its nature, just like humans, some die for money and some die for beauty . ”

“But not all demons are like that one . With good luck, you may encounter demons that have that kind of nature, but many demons will not have these natures . ”

Lin Fan nodded, maybe Wang Zhou was right .

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