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Chapter 13

Lin Fan pushed the rabbit demon away, took the carrot, and ate it .

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“Such an idiot creature . ”

The rabbit demon’s attack was very powerful, and thanks to the hardening skin from the boar demon, Lin Fan could survive .

‘Obtained: Surprise Attack (Fake-Bronze)’

‘Obtained: 20-Years Worth of Cultivation

Lin Fan was shocked when he saw the system .

“No way!”

Suddenly .

He felt his body was about to burst, his body was processing the new power and cultivation he got from the rabbit demon .

‘Surprise Attack (Fake-Bronze): The third stage rabbit demon’s talent . This talent is also effective to escape from dangerous situations’

“Using this talent for escape is a bit of waste . I’m not the type who will run from the challenge . ”

“Let’s see if you still can taunt me even in your death . ”

If the rabbit rose from dead, it would punch Lin Fan in the face again .

The snake demon found the rabbit demon was dead at Lin Fan’s hands .

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The snake demon ignored Captain Zhao and attempted to attack Lin Fan .

The snake demon thought, how could a mere human defeat them, demons .

The human race was the weakest from others, and just by twisting them gently, human’s bones would be crushed easily .

“Watch out!”

Captain Zhao realized the snake demon was out of his range, and the tiger demon blocked the way so he couldn’t help Lin Fan .

Tiger demon, wolf demon, and goat demon were all wounded .

Even though Captain Zhao’s sword technique was accurate, he couldn’t inflict fatal damage on them, because those demons always avoided his attack when it almost hit their vital spot somehow .

Captain Zhao’s situation was no better than Lin Fan .

Lin Fan was panting and wanted to treat his injury .

Suddenly .

The snake demon slithered toward Lin Fan quickly . When it close to Lin Fan, it whipped its tails fiercely . Every time it whipped its tail, there was a sound of an explosion heard .

“Do you think you can beat me by doing that?” Lin Fan responded quickly, attacked the snake demon’s tail with his sword .

Lin Fan’s movement was faster than the snake demon .

Its tail was cut into two, and blood splattered from its wound .

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The snake demon rolled on the ground, and its body was twisted . He could easily scare the snake demon in its current state at that moment .

“Humph . ”

Now, Lin Fan had 31 Years Cultivation, so he wasn’t afraid of those demons .

“I will kill you if you let your guard down . ”

Lin Fan rushed quickly with a sword in his hand intended to chop the snake demon’s head .

The snake demon saw Lin Fan coming with a sword .

It didn’t expect Lin Fan to suddenly rush toward it because Lin Fan could barely hold his ground in his fight against the rabbit demon earlier .

“How could he be so fierce now?”

The snake demon was not weaker than the rabbit demon, so it shocked .

“Where are you going? I will stop you!” Lin Fan roared while running and swinging the sword, leaving a deep mark on the ground .

“Is that Lin Fan?”

Captain Zhao was shocked and speechless, how could Lin Fan become so powerful even though he didn’t stand a chance against the rabbit demon in the previous fight .

But in a blink of an eye, the situation changed .

When Captain Zhao looked at Lin Fan, the goat demon used that chance and suddenly rushed toward him and stabbed Captain Zhao’s belly with its horns .

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“Damn!” Captain Zhao frowned .

He grabbed the goat’s horn with one hand to stop its horns before it pierced his guts any deeper .

Captain Zhao chopped off the goat demon’s head with his sword .

He pulled out the horns, his blood flowed from his abdomen .

He stuck his sword to the ground while kneeling and covering his abdomen, stared at the tiger demon and the wolf demon with vigilance .

Meanwhile .

Lin Fan was chasing the snake demon in a high speed, but he failed to slash the snake demon because the snake demon was too fast .

“I will chase you down!”

Lin Fan kept chasing the snake, but when he found Captain Zhou was in a bad state after fighting against the goat demon, he stopped chasing the snake demon and rushed to Captain Zhao .

“I will make a bowl of soup with your head in it the next time we meet!” Lin Fan shouted to the snake demon who fled away .

“Captain Zhao! Wait for me . ”

Captain Zhao looked at Lin Fan and did not say a word, but looking at his wound, it was clear that Captain Zhao was in a bad state .

“Are you okay?”

“I’m okay . ” Captain Zhao replied .

There were two demons left .

Lin Fan glanced at the goat demon’s dead body, he regretted why that demon didn’t die by his hands .

Because Lin Fan could obtain its ability or cultivation .

The tiger demon and the wolf demon stared at each other .

“The rabbit demon is dead . ”

“The goat demon is dead . ”

“The snake demon runs away . ”

The demon’s conversation was relatively simple . The tiger demon yelled at the wolf demon, “Snake demon is traitor . ”

“Leader, we are here . ” Wang Bao and the others shouted .

They pulled their sword and shouted at Lin Fan .

The tiger demon and the wolf demon stared at each other again .


“Agree . ”

Those two demons ran away at high speed . They were both wounded by Captain Zhao . Even if those two didn’t have any injuries, those two didn’t have a chance to beat Lin Fan .

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