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Chapter 122

Lin Fan felt like a child who has just found mother’s love, he accepted that love sincerely, and since his act was a success, Lin Fan will no longer hold back, it was time for him to play rough with Ye Zhentian .

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“Thank you, mother, for letting me feel a mother’s warmth . ” Lin Fan slowly walked away from her arms .

“I know I am an unwanted child, but at least I can die happily now . ” When Lin Fan finished speaking, he raised his head firmly, trying hard not to let tears flowing down .

Wei You wanted to stretch out her hand when Lin Fan let go of her arms as if refusing to let Lin Fan go .

“Lin Fan, what do you mean, die?” She asked . “If you want, I will be your mother from now on . ”

Lin Fan couldn’t express his excitement because no one knew her identity, and no one knew her strength except himself .

But If he was too excited, he will be busted .

Lin Fan turned around, with his serene smile and expression, “Mother, I‘ve joined Taiwu Sect just recently, but I offended a core disciple named Ye Zhentian from Sky Peak . He wants me dead ever since . So maybe I don’t have that long . ”

“I actually wanted to live since I have someone I can call mother now, although we’re not related by blood, I love you like my own mother, I can’t involve you in this matter . ”

When Wei You listened to Lin Fan’s words, Lin Fan reminded her of Wen Er’s last moment .

At that time .

Wei You’s body trembled slightly, and she will never allow that horrible experience happened again .

A faint killing intent slowly welled from her heart, and gradually became stronger and stronger .

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Lin Fan then approached Nangong Jin, “Since you and Sky Peak want me to die that badly, alright then, I’ll be your opponent . ”

When he heard Lin Fan was willing to duel against him, his blood began to boil .

“Sign it . ” Nangong Jin threw out the agreement paper .

He has been waiting for that moment .

And before Lin Fan could sign it, he heard a loud yell .

“Enough!” Sect Master Bai prevented the duel while looking at Wei You . He had a feeling that Sky Peak will be in trouble .

The middle-aged woman looked exasperated .

Nangong Jin was very annoyed that someone interrupted their duel . But before he could yell at that person, he found that the young boy’s face and body shape was changing .

Gradually .

Not only Nangong Jin, who was terrified, the disciples around him were also dumbfounded .

“Sky Peak disciple, Nangong Jin, hereby greet Sect Master Bai . ”

Suddenly .

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Everyone bowed and didn’t dare to look at Sect Master Bai .

Nangong Jin was shocked .

That young man turned out to be the Sect Master of Taiwu Sect .

And he almost yelled at him . If Sect Master Bai didn’t show his real appearance, he would’ve done it for sure .

Lin Fan didn’t expect that the young man was the Sect Master, and he was very surprised .

Lin Fan almost bowed too, but Wei You stopped him from doing so .

Sect Master Bai couldn’t understand the meaning behind Wei You’s action .

“Nangong Jin, head back to Sky Peak at once, and I will at least forget this ever happened, but I will not spare you if this happens again . ” Sect Master Bai was angry .

“Understood, thanks for saving my life . ” Nangong Jin was terrified, he just ran away .

Sect Master Bai said, “Dismiss!”

“If he is Sect Master Bai, then you are …” Lin Fan was terrified, nervous, and frightened . Now Sect Master Bai showed himself before him, if he continued to remain calm, he will be busted .

But it was a pity .

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He planned to ask his mother to give him some sort of super strong technique and then killed Nangong Jin on the dueling ground .

But he did not expect that Sect Master Bai got in the way .

He realized that Sect Master Bai was protecting Nangong Jin .

Never mind .

Sparing him once won’t affect his progress too much .

“My child, from today onward, I’ll serve as an elder here . From now on, no one in the sect will ever mess with you . ” Wei You said gently .

Lin Fan bowed his head and said, “I’ll be sure not to cause you any problem . ”

Lin Fan’s fear, anxiety, and inferiority at that time, worried Wei You .

“Lin Fan, I thought you’ve considered me as your own mother . Or are you saying that all you said is just a lie?” Wei You asked with a trembling voice .

“No, there’s no falsehood in my words and my feelings . ” Lin Fan raised his head excitedly .

As if he didn’t want to be misunderstood and he said, “I’m afraid people will talk behind your back that you’re favoring me even though I’m just a new disciple, I’d like to climb the ranks with my own power, I will try my best not to cause you any trouble, mother . ”

Sect Master Bai, who was aware that Lin Fan was nothing special, advised Wei You, “Sister, he has a point, you’ll be an elder here, meanwhile, he’s just a new disciple, people will … “

“Shut up . ” Wei You glared at him .

Sect Master Bai felt helpless since his sister seemed so persistent .

He didn’t dare to imagine if his sister really considered Lin Fan as her own son, what would happen then?

At that very moment, an overlord was born in Taiwu Sect .

No one dared to touch Lin Fan .

“My son, don’t be afraid, now that I’m here, no one will ever touch a strand of your hair” Wei You said .

“Mother …” At that moment, Lin Fan used all his acting skill to show his mother that he was really grateful .

“Yes…” Wei You laughed happily and then looked at Sect Master Bai .

“Brother, tomorrow I will announce to everyone that he is my son . ”

“And while I’m at it, I’ll also let them know that from now on, whoever dares to touch him must pay a great price . ”

Sect Master Bai looked at her sister and Lin Fan .

Was that necessary?

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