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Chapter 12

“I can do it!”

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“I can!”

“I can beat him!”

Lin Fan tried to motivate himself .

There will always be a chance along the way as long as he was confident .

Lin Fan walked toward the rabbit demon with his sword .

When he got closer to the rabbit demon .

His heart was beating fast .

In the carriage .

Everyone was worried and prayed for Lin Fan’s safety .

Lin Fan’s bravely shocked their weak hearts .

“Leader, you must come back safely . ” Wang Bao prayed, he took the meat buns and ate it . He was so scared that all he could do was eat .

As for the escape he mentioned before .

He will never escape .

His legs were numb .

“Dear Rabbit Demon, can you stop looking at me like that? I am a bit flustered by you . ” Lin Fan looked at Rabbit Demon’s eyes, its red eyes were scary .

“You are a friendly rabbit . You should be gentle . Let’s talk nicely, maybe we can become friends . Are you okay with that?”

Lin Fan softened his tone while talking with the rabbit demon .

He hoped Captain Zhao could defeat those four demons when he was talking to the rabbit demon, and then slashed the rabbit demon .


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The rabbit demon’s cry was a sign that it was angry, the rabbit demon walked slowly and suddenly ran towards Lin Fan .

“Oh my …”

The rabbit demon raised its hand and punched Lin Fan .

Explosive spiritual energy came with the punch .


Lin Fan parried it with his sword, and the rabbit couldn’t believe Lin Fan could parry it .

The rabbit demon opened its mouth as if it was smiling to mock Lin Fan .

The rabbit suddenly disappeared in front of Lin Fan, and it rushed from the Lin Fan’s blind spot to launch a surprise attack .

Lin Fan couldn’t respond and was punched on his face . And the rabbit successfully landed chain-attack on Lin Fan and sent him flying .

“It hurts, damn it!” Lin Fan felt his face was about to crack .

His new talent after defeating the boar was useful in that situation . Otherwise, his face would be ruined by that attack .

“You son of a bitch, don’t force me to get serious . ” Lin Fan got up, wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth, and adrenaline rushed in his body .

Being bullied since kindergarten, experienced violence by his father, and three months in the hospital .

And at that moment, he suddenly remembered those memories, and it made him so furious .

The rabbit demon smiled to mock Lin Fan playfully .

Exposing its sharp teeth .

Lin Fan felt so upset when looking at that rabbit .

Lin Fan walked slowly, circled around the rabbit to look for a blind spot to attack it .

But the rabbit just stood there doing nothing, as if it didn’t care about what weakling could do .

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Lin Fan didn’t know what to do to defeat that rabbit, so he decided on some sort of plan .

He walked slowly toward the rabbit, started to run, but the rabbit kept ignoring him and smiled like it didn’t care about Lin Fan tried to do .

But when Lin Fan’s speed suddenly increased, the rabbit was shocked and didn’t have a chance to dodge .

Lin Fan used Boar-Crash .


Lin Fan slammed to the rabbit’s tummy, but his head was hurt because of that .

Unfortunately, the rabbit’s muscles were so hard .

Well, that was a big mistake he did .

A mistake has been made, and Lin Fan had to pay for it .

The rabbit launched a counterattack, it grabbed Lin Fan and threw him to the air .

And then the rabbit jumped and launch a super-speed chain-attack .

“Aaaargh …”

Lin Fan didn’t expect it to end up that way . The rabbit demon was too strong .

The difference in technique and cultivation was too big .

Suddenly .

Lin Fan found that his feet were off the ground and floated into the air .


The rabbit snarled, waved its arms .

Left uppercut!

Right uppercut!

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The two punches landed successfully . And it kept punching Lin Fan relentlessly .

Rabbit Meteor Fist!

Da da da da da!

The rabbit’s punch was so fast that it created afterimages, and all its punches landed on Lin Fan’s body .

“I …”

Lin Fan took a deep breath, he tried to resist so hard, but after a moment, he really couldn’t hold it anymore, the rabbit demon was too powerful, his body was twisted by bombardment, and continued to bleed .

The last punch landed .

The rabbit smiled and laughed .


The rabbit landed a critical hit on Lin Fan .

Lin Fan vomited blood on the ground .

“Damn, it hurts . ”

Even the Hardening Skin couldn’t absorb all damage the rabbit inflicted on him .

The rabbit demon landed on the ground, as if trying to mock Lin Fan, it practiced some boxing-moves like moving from side to side, left uppercut and right uppercut while dodging .

“Leader ……”

Wang Bao cried with tears .

He was so heartbroken when he saw Lin Fan in that state .

“Leader, I’m here, please hold on . ” Wang Bao was worried, the fear in his heart has been dispersed, and he took out a carrot from his bag . He wanted to eat his last food, and even if he died, he could not waste his food .

He took a bite on the carrot .

Then a crisp sound was heard .

The rabbit demon looked at the carrot in Wang Bao’s hand . The carrot stimulated its appetite .

The rabbit demon was drooling when it stared at the carrot .

Lin Fan saw the expression of the rabbit demon and then looked at Wang Bao . So he got an idea based on what he saw .

“Wang Bao, throw the carrots over!” Lin Fan shouted .

Wang Bao heard the voice of his leader, without hesitation, he threw the carrot in his hand towards Lin Fan .

When the rabbit demon saw the carrot, he couldn’t help but jump up to get the carrot .

Lin Fan threw high the carrot in his hand, and the rabbit jumped, it fell for Lin Fan’s trap .

“Give … Me …”

The rabbit demon floated in the air then held the carrot in its hand .


Lin Fan stabbed the rabbit right in its abdomen, and he kept slashing at a fast rate .

The rabbit demon swallowed the carrot, and then its body was limp, its breath was stopping and fell on Lin Fan’s body .

Captain Zhao kept watching Lin Fan’s situation .

When Lin Fan was about to be beaten to death by a demon, he was in a hurry .

But …

When he saw that scene, he couldn’t help but speak .

“How about we go for another round?”

That was a serious life-and-death battle .

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