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Chapter 116

Ye Zhentian came to take back his artifact by using his position as a core disciple .

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Even though that artifact was important, because of Lin Fan’s words, everyone realized that Ye Zhentian couldn’t break the rules set by the sect, although he was a core disciple .

A core disciple like him couldn’t afford to ruin his own reputation, not to mention in public .

After Ye Zhentian left, Lin Fan found that Xi Xi was trembling .

“Sister Xi, are you okay? You’re trembling . ” Lin Fan asked her .

Xi Xi acted tough, “No, Brother Lin, you are wrong, maybe that’s is because it’s so cold here . ”

Lin Fan was felt so helpless when he thought about it, no wonder she was trembling, she argued with Ye Zhentian earlier, a core disciple, a normal disciple wouldn’t have any courage to even open their mouth against Ye Zhentian .

Lin Fan realized she was just acting tough .

Chen Zhiyu smiled and patted Lin Fan’s shoulder, “Good, Brother Lin . I will watch him for the time being, but be careful in the future . ”

He seemed to be in a good mood .

Yang Gang earned a lot of spirit stones, but he did not say anything about it . He secretly bet on Lin Fan, and no one knew it . Yang Gang was just smiling ever since Lin Fan killed Zhao Xian .

Mysterious Sword Peak .

When they returned to Mysterious Sword Peak, they did not see their sister anywhere .

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But it did not matter for Lin Fan, anyway, he had no interest in Meng Qingyao anyway .

“Sister Xi, just sell this Dragon and Tiger Ruyi for some spirit stones to improve our brothers and sisters’ cultivation . ” Lin Fan took Dragon and Tiger Ruyi out and handed it to Xi Xi, he was not interested in that magic weapon anyway .

When Zhao Xian used that magic weapon, he didn’t see any special power in that magic weapon .

But Flying Smoke Spirit Sword was quite good .

It was both capable of offensive and defensive, he could use it with the Breaking Sound Magic Sword .

Xi Xi couldn’t just take the credit for Lin Fan’s hard work and said, ” Brother Lin, I can’t do that, this is yours, not ours . ”

“Don’t mind me, I’m fine with this Flying Smoke Spirit Sword, so this Dragon and Tiger Ruyi is for our brother and sister, I don’t take no for an answer . This is a token of my gratitude . ” Lin Fan said to Xi Xi .

Chen Zhiyu said, “Yes, Sister Xi, don’t refuse our Brother Lin’s kindness . ”

Well, that .

Because Dragon and Tiger Ruyi was a superb magic weapon, it will fetch thousands of spirit stones .

Xi Xi glared at Chen Zhiyu, “You’re just troubled because you just lost your Golden Amulet and wanted to earn a few spirit stones in exchange, right?”

Chen Zhiyu was a bit embarrassed .

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He was scratching his head while standing there smirking .

Yang Gang said, “Sister Xi, our Brother Lin went so far and gave this to us, you should accept it . ”

“What Brother Yang said is right, Flying Smoke Spirit Sword is enough for me . ” Lin Fan nodded .

Xi Xi finally agreed to accept the Dragon and Tiger Ruyi .

Xi Xi and others asked Lin Fan to go back and take some rest .

Because they knew Lin Fan must be tired .

Lin Fan also wanted to go back to see what items he just got . He got a lot of items from the previous battle after all .

Inside the house .

After Lin Fan closed the door, he danced excitedly and almost jumped up .

Thanks to Zhao Xian, his mana has already reached 662 years .

And he also learned a valuable lesson from the battle, even though his opponent used a strong artifact, he could beat his opponent as long as his mana was stronger than his opponent’s .

‘Dragon Fist: Requires the imperial blessing to master . Reaching its highest level of cultivation grants invincibility . ’

‘Flying Smoke Spirit Sword (Second Grade Spirit Weapon): Made from dozens of precious materials such as Pure Magic Stone . Its attributes were clouds and smoke, capable in both offensive and defensive, a rare spirit weapon . ’

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He was very pleased with the items he got .

But it was a pity he couldn’t take the items on Zhao Xian’s body .

The only thing that made Lin Fan very happy was his current mana, he could break through to the Trinity Immortal Stage .

Could it be that he must break through to the Trinity Immortal Stage by himself?

He pondered about it a bit .

Maybe that was the perfect time system to come into play .

He just hoped that it would work out .

Staying in the house was boring .

Lin Fan suddenly had an idea and smiled .

“Let’s see if I can challenge anyone to a duel, time to level up . ”

The system could see through the opponent’s possible item drop, so he didn’t need to worry about encountering an opponent who pretended to be powerless as bait .

Sky Peak .

Ye Zhentian came back with a cold face, and the disciples around him could feel the chill coming from their brother .

After reaching a certain range, they felt as if they were falling into the icy river, and the cold was making people shudder .

Their brother was angry .

From their point of view, it must be because of Zhao Xian’s death .

But they didn’t know that Ye Zhentian didn’t care about that, the only thing he cared about was his reputation, and because of Mysterious Sword Peak, his reputation was ruined .

Ye Zhentian sat, glaring at everything that came into his sight .

“Fuck …”

Ye Zhentian cursed, he threw things all over the floor, gritted his teeth, muttered angrily .

“Mysterious Sword Peak, Meng Qingyao . ”

If Lin Fan knew that Ye Zhentian was frustrated, he would’ve rushed straight to Sky Peak just to see Ye Zhentian’s face .

But Lin Fan wasn’t in Ye Zhentian’s radar at all, he only cared about Meng Qingyao .

He thought Lin Fan wouldn’t dare to do anything without Meng Qingyao behind him .

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