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Chapter 11

“Leader, will we die?” Wang Bao was very frightened .

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He took out a meat bun from his bag, took a bite, the juice overflowed, and it smelled good .

Lin Fan stared at him, “Do you have to eat at a time like this?”

“Leader, I don’t want to be a starving ghost . My father said being a starving ghost is the worst thing, you will be thin when you are reincarnated . ” Wang Bao said, and then he took another meat bun from his bag .

“Do you want it? It tastes very good . This is from my father . I am very happy because he made it for me . ”

“I want your life . ”

Lin Fan stared angrily, he took the bun, and when he tasted it, he was shocked .

“Your father is a good cook . ”

“That’s for sure . My dad was a famous bun-king when he was young . ” Wang Bao proudly said that he had no mother, his mother passed away due to a serious illness when he was young . He lived with his father after that .

Lin Fan swallowed the buns just in three bites, and commanded, “Don’t make mistakes, those demons are not that terrifying, just treat them as that boar demon . ”

Everyone still remembered when Lin Fan killed the demon boar .

“All of you get into the carriage and take the swords . Stab the demon if they come closer . ”

Everyone immediately got into the carriage, and the sword in their hands was ready to cut the demons at any time .

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But if the demons rushed over and they scattered, then they would be finished .

In the distance .

Five demons came closer .

Tiger demon, wolf demon, goat demon, rabbit demon, snake demon .

The scariest from those five was a rabbit demon . Its ears were dangling almost touching the ground, and its fur radiated a black luster . Under its fur, huge muscles were hidden .

What was so special about a rabbit demon was its muscles .


The tiger demon’s body was larger than the ordinary tiger . After roaring, it attacked Captain Zhao .

“Fuck demons, bring it on!” Captain Zhao shouted, and then said, “Lin Fan, be careful, if you have a chance, run and return to Jiangdu City and tell Master Wang what happened here . ”

The tiger demon was extremely fast and suddenly appeared in front of Captain Zhao in a blink of an eye . The sharp tiger claws stroke Captain Zhao .

There were sparks when the claws clashed with Captain Zhao’s sword .

Since the demon tiger overpowered him, his only chance to win was to rely on his speed and technique .

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Captain Zhao shouted, and the sword in his hand struck the claws and tried to stab towards the underarm of the tiger demon .

Blood sputtered from under the tiger demon’s arm, but it was a pity that the tiger demon responded very quickly, he avoided it while howling to give a sign for the others to strike Captain Zhao together .

Captain Zhao’s swordsmanship wasn’t beautiful, but it could kill his opponent in an instant .

“Okay, it’s all good, Captain Zhao is so powerful, he will win . ” Lin Fan said .

Lin Fan thought Wang Zhou was really a reliable person to arrange such a strong person to accompany him .

Suddenly .

Wang Bao pulled Lin Fan clothes .

“Leader . ”


Wang Bao’s voice was trembling and frightened .

“What’s wrong with you?!” Lin Fan asked .

Wang Bao finger pointed at a certain direction and said, “Leader, he seems to be looking at us . ”

“Huh?” Lin Fan frowned . When he looked at the direction Wang Bao’s pointed, he trembled .

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The rabbit demon who was sent flying by Captain Zhao crashed to the tree, and when it got up, it stared at Lin Fan and the others .

“This is still an innocent rabbit demon . ” Lin Fan muttered .

Then he looked at the system information above the rabbit demon’s head .

‘Rabbit: Third-Stage Demon’

‘Possible item drop: Surprise Attack (Fake-Bronze), 20 Years Worth of Cultivation, Rabbit Meteor Fist (Second-Stage), Quicken (Third-Stage), Spiritual Root (Fragment), Demon Rabbit Fur . ’

Lin Fan was amazed by the possible item to drop from the demon .

When he focused on the system information, the rabbit snarled .

When Captain Zhao noticed the rabbit walked towards Lin Fan, he was worried and wanted to stop the rabbit .

But the other four demons held him, making it difficult for him to save Lin Fan .

Especially with the snake demon being there as well, if the demon entangled him, his whole bones will be crushed in an instant .

“Lin Fan, be careful! I’m busy here . ” Captain Zhao shouted .

Captain Zhou was attacked again by the tiger demon, its claws smashed his sword with a powerful stroke and it was shocking him .

Lin Fan and the other was in panic inside the carriage .

Everyone was thinking about their loved ones because they thought they might die at that moment .

“Leader, are we fighting that demon?” Wang Bao trembled .

“Are you afraid?” Lin Fan looked at Wang Bao with a confused look .

“Well … I’m scared, but my father said, since I become a Hunter, I can’t be scared to die . ” He said that while cowering .

Lin Fan crawled out of the carriage .

“Leader, what are you doing?” Wang Bao shouted .

Lin Fan smiled, “I’m your leader . I’ll go to fight that demon . If you find a chance to escape, just run away without me . If I’m being killed by that demon . You all must remember me . Burn me more incense every year . If you guys didn’t do that, I would take you with me . ”

“Leader, please come back, let’s run away together, you can’t beat that demon . ”

Wang Bao was worried, he wanted to help Lin Fan, but he was scared .

Lin Fan glanced back .

“Why don’t you guys have faith in me?” Lin Fan thought .

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