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Chapter 526: Jun Mohuang

“Eh, that green-clothed beauty seems to be Senior Zhi Tong who’s ranked at the 50th position on the Combat Strength Rankings.”

“Yes, it’s her. She’s someone by Senior Su Zhiyun’s side.”

“Who is that beauty beside Senior Zhi Tong? Why haven’t I seen her before?”

Some students with sharp eyes recognized the green-clothed woman and began to be curious about Su Zhiyu.

With how beautiful this woman was, they should have a good impression of her.

“Everyone, this is Senior Zhiyun’s older sister, the seven-star apothecary Su Zhiyu. She joined the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions yesterday.”

When Zhi Tong saw that more and more people were curious about Su Zhiyu’s identity, she began to introduce her to everyone.

“Wow, so it’s Senior Zhiyun’s older sister, a seven star apothecary. How amazing!”

“As expected of Senior Zhiyun’s family. Everyone in the family is beautiful and powerful. How could we ever compare to them?!”

When the students heard of Su Zhiyu’s identity, they all praised her appearance and apothecary level.

Even in the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions, becoming a seven-star apothecary at Su Zhiyu’s age was rare.

And she was even a beautiful apothecary. That was even rarer.

“That’s great. Our academy will have another precious apothecary in the future. Junior Zhiyu, we’ll have to rely on you for our pills in the future.”

There were over two thousand students in the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions, and the consumption of medicinal pills was huge.

There were over 30 apothecaries among the students, but they could only satisfy a very small portion. The phenomenon of medicinal pills being out of stock frequently occurred in the trading center.

Now that the academy had an additional apothecary, it meant that the number of medicinal pills would increase a little.

Although it wasn’t much, it was enough to make them happy.

“No problem. I will definitely work hard and refine more pills.”

Su Zhiyu replied with a smile.

Her attitude improved the students’ impression of her.

Most of the apothecaries had eccentric tempers. Most of the time, they would give the rest cold looks. It was rare to see someone as kind as Su Weiyu.

A student asked curiously, “Are Senior Zhi Tong and Miss Zhiyu waiting for someone here?”

“Junior Zhiyu had an appointment with another junior yesterday. The two of them will compete to see who can earn more Spiritual Value Points in the next 15 days. We are waiting for this junior here.”

When Zhi Tong saw that everyone liked Su Zhiyu, her lips curled up slightly.

Her goal today was to bring Su Zhiyu into the limelight and let everyone know her identity. Not just anyone could bully her.

Yesterday, when Su Zhiyu had returned to the Cloudweaving Pavilion, Zhi Tong had found out that she had secretly cried out of grievance.

After Zhi Tong understood the whole situation, she took the initiative to bring her to the trading center to support her.

After all, she was Su Zhiyun’s older sister. Su Zhiyun was a cold person who didn’t care about such trivial matters, but Zhi Tong, as someone close to her, couldn’t ignore her.

“Just who is it that actually dares to compete with a seven-star apothecary!”

“Could it be that this junior is also an apothecary or a refiner?”

“Perhaps this junior is very powerful.”

Everyone was extremely curious when they heard that someone wanted to compete with Su Zhiyu to earn Spiritual Value Points.

After all, within the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions, unless one’s strength was extremely strong and could accept and complete the high difficulty missions that the various schools regularly issued, and obtain a large amount of Spiritual Value Points as a reward…

Otherwise, for ordinary students, it would be the easiest for apothecaries to earn Spiritual Value Points, followed by refiners.

As the students were discussing amongst themselves, Zhi Tong suddenly pointed in the direction behind everyone and smiled with deep meaning.

“Here, this junior is here. You can ask her which type she belongs to.”

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