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If he exploded with his full strength, it was enough to completely crush this muscular puppet into pieces.

But if he acted like that and exposed his true strength, the matters today would not end successfully. He could perhaps get out and retreat safely, but this would implicate [Avalanche]. It was best to maintain the situation and numb the opponent. If he was able to capture the position of that cold sinister person hidden within the formation, then perhaps there would be a chance to break through this situation tonight.

“If I knew it was like this, I would have brought the silly dog Little Nine tonight. The nose of that fellow is really sensitive, it’s possible he could find out where the mastermind is.”

Ye Qingyu was somewhat regretful.


There was the sound of air being pierced.

The bald muscular formation puppet who had recovered once again used his huge axe to attack.

Lightning flickered out from Ye Qingyu’s body. He fiercely took a step on the ground, and this stride was as if it caused heaven and earth to collapse. A vast power emitted from Ye Qingyu’s leg that dispersed in the air all around, collapsing and causing a piercing and explosive noise.


In a split second, Ye Qingyu had already charged tens of meters forward, jumping to the air above the head of the muscular man.


This fist that was like thunder was as if it encompassed everything.

The force that was released form both his fists rumbled, charging forward like a tide. When the [Dragon Fist] mantra was cultivated to the extreme, the powerful aura it created was enough to split apart metal and crush stones!

The blood light coming from the eyes of the muscular puppet was like a waterfall. His battle instinct exploded, and he reacted extremely quickly. After his huge axe struck nothing, his axe struck upwards and attacked again, both arms striking at a curvature that was impossible for a normal person to do so.


Ye Qingyu’s fist landed directly on the edge of the blade of the blood red axe.

At that instant, the terrifying power contained within his right fist was fully transferred out, striking directly on the blade of the huge axe!


A deep, dull noise emitted from the axe. There was a part of the axe that was sunk in, with the startling image of a fist-shaped lump!

That muscular man was currently as if he was in the claws of a terrifying demon. The huge power rebounding from the blood axe caused the blood red pattern on him to flicker. If he was a true person, in that single strike alone, it would case the blood in his chest to rumble and he would spit blood. Even his internal organs would shift locations as a result of the force of that blow!


The muscular man could not help but retreat tens of steps. The hands that he used to tightly grip onto the axe was already torn apart, fresh blood dripping. But the blood that dripped out was faintly black, as if there was some sort of dye that tainted the axe.

“Hou Hou Hou!”

There was a light that was like the flow of blood from deep within his eyes, as he let out an enraged roar.

“Haha, what are you roaring at?” Ye Qingyu lightly walked forwards, “It seems like the effects of your main course is somewhat weak…”

These words were adressed to the mastermind behind everything.

“Kekekeke… really? Then enjoy it, be careful, kekeke, don’t stuff yourself,” the icy and poisonous voice once again sounded out.

Ye Qingyu’s ear moved.

He was carefully examining the location of the person who spoke.

This was the most crucial part of breaking through this situation.

In truth, at this time, the person that was hidden was also shocked.

He was clear in his own heart just how strong the muscular formation puppet tool was. But he had not imagined that it would be completely suppressed by [War God].

From his perspective, the cultivation of the bald puppet could not be compared to Ye Qingyu. But brute strength was the speciallity of this puppet and it possessed natural herculean strength. For a cultivator at the same stage, if they fought directly using strength, they were looking to die!

But the power emitted by Ye Qingyu’s fists had already largely exceeded his imagination. It was even so that he could not be compared to it.

“Haha, just how many of such puppets do you have? To look at stuff that you’ve painstakingly created to be destroyed just like that, it must pain your heart, hahaha…” Ye Qingyu shouted loudly.

Before he had even finished.

Both his legs stepped through the air. The body that had not even reached the ground yet suddenly fiercely twisted. A mad and berserk force reverberated through him. Stepping through the air, he was like a bolt of lightning that struck to kill towards the muscular man.

The secret of the [Dragon Fist], was in the momentum!

Ye Qingyu’s power had originally far exceeded the musclar man. Furthermore, the angle at which he struck was already enough to cause someone to be confused. Under such a mighty onslaught of power, the power he exploded with far exceeded someone’s imagination.

“Xiu Xiu Xiu!”

Boh his fists constantly struck like raindrops.

This was the first time that Ye Qingyu used the [Dragon Fist] mantra with his full power.

There was silver-coloured divine dragon mirages dancing in the air, accompanied by the roar of dragons piercing through the air. The light of the fists caused there to be countless illusions and mirages occuring within the sky. At this moment, it was as if Ye Qingyu had grown hundreds of arms. These hundreds of fists all madly stuck towards all the vitals of the muscular man!


Too quick!

“Che Che Che Che!”

There was constantly the dull sound of bones cracking all over the body of the muscular man.

With Ye Qingyu’s speed and power right now, it had already exceeded the limit at which the formation puppet tool could react.

The arm, stomach and knee, all sorts of vital points, had received thousands of attacks from Ye Qingyu like a rainstorm in but the short space of a few breaths. His body was about to be completely broken apart by Ye Qingyu!

The axe in his hands had already shattered into two, with the face of the axe completely dented in. It was riddled with fist imprints from Ye Qingyu’s fists, posing a shocking sight!

In the face of such a torrential rainstorm-like offence, he was like a cloth doll. Every single one of his movements was slow, as if he was in slow motion. He could not follow Ye Qingyu’s rate at all.

He could only be hit, be hit and then be hit.

“Cough, cough!”

After several hundred fists, there was the sounds of death coming from the formation puppet. He had incomparable strength, but he could not even cause the slightest of harm on Ye Qingyu. He was not able to block such a terrifying offensive, and the bones in his legs were completely shattered by Ye Qingyu. With a plop, he knelt on the ground.

“Gurgle, gurgle…” The muscular man lay on the ground.

There was a faint black liquid that was like oil seeping from the corner of his mouth. In his eyes that was blood red and deep like a lake, there was a confused red light staring at Ye Qingyu. He opened his mouth to say something, but only a mouth of blood and flesh came out.

“Chilah!” The eyes of the man turned scarlet red, displaying his last sign of madness.

The blood red pattern all around his body like a tattoo started madly flickering. His whole body seemed to double in size, trying to madly muster his last breath. He used his right fist to strike at the Ye Qingyu in front of him. The tyrannical power contained in that massive fist, was so strong it nearly compressed and broke apart space. He wanted to die together with him!

“I’ll give you release.”

Ye Qingyu’s face was cold, his gaze calm.

The [Dragon Fist] struck again!


The instant that Ye Qingyu struck with his right fist, there was an explosive sound like a dragon’s roar, shaking the entire killing formation.

But at that crucial moment —


Within the killing formation, there were tentacles after tentacles of light that appeared soundlessly behind Ye Qingyu, wanting to enter into his body.

An extreme cold aura instantly enveloped Ye Qingyu.

But Ye Qingyu had long made preparations for this and readied his defences.

There was a layer of faint [Supreme Ice Flame] that flashed by, and that icy killing aura from the killing formation was instantly gone.

That killing formation did not interupt Ye Qingyu in the slightest.


The two fists met.

The two fists caused there to be mad waves resounding thorughout the air. With a force that thunder could not be compared to, it surged forward in all directions, casing all the corpses to be blown away.

“Kacha! Kacha!”

There was the sound of bones breaking on the arms of the muscular man. HIs fist could be seen bending at a visible speed, the bones within it shattering completely into powder. His entire fist turned into powder that was discernible to the eye, like he was a statue of sand.

Ultimatley, he was sent flying by Ye Qingyu’s fist.


The next instant, the muscular man fell harshly to ground.


He did his utmost to struggle to sit up.

There was a blood red light that appeared in his pupils, slowly disappearing.

His eyes were empty like two deep pits, not saying anything.

But the killing intent and madness within his face seemed to gradually fade. Little by little, the expression on his face returned to normal.

“Cough, cough…” This was the first a human-like voice emitted from his throat, “I… cough, cough… I’m… finally… free… I stood… and died… Thanks to you.”

Before he had even finished.


The blood red patterns on him urgently and madly flickered, then his entire body exploded.

That undying monster had finally been eliminated.

There was not any expression of joy after a battle on Ye Qingyu’s face—-in truth, defeating a human flesh puppet formation tool was not a significant achievement for Ye Qingyu. It could not be counted as anything. More importantly, Ye Qingyu understood the broken words of the bald puppet formation tool.

Evidently, at the last moment, he had recovered some of his intelligence.

Without question, this flesh puppet tool was a victim of some evil arts. He had not received such evil arts of his own initiative. At the last moment of his death, he had finally been released. The reason why he forcefully stood up was because he had the dignity of an expert. He wanted to die standing, so he thanked Ye Qingyu for achieving his aim of release.

The bald man was someone’s child, was perhaps someone’s husband, or someone’s father…

The rage in Ye Qingyu’s heart rose to the extreme.

Just who was it that dared to use such evil arts to cause harm to others within the Capital?

“If the power of the Empire is one day in my hands, I will definitely eradicate all wrongdoings within the Empire. No matter whether it is the nobles or the sects, I will make them experience the harms they’ve caused others a hundred times over.”

Ye Qingyu swore hiddenly in his heart.

“Keke…” The person hidden within the formation, let out a strange weird smile. “Powerful, powerful. The title [War God] is really not just for show.“

“If you are really so amazing then scram out. I swear on my name, I will definitely kill you.” Ye Qingyu’s voice was the like the resonation of a massive copper bell, echoing throughout the heavens.

As if he could sense Ye Qingyu’s will, the killing intent within the killing formation that was originally like a stagnant pond started to rumble.

Within the darkness, that person fell faintly silent then burst into laughter.

  ”Haha, good, very good. It was originally a situation where you end up dead or I die. If you want to kill me, then first survive. In truth, [War God], you’ve really made me too expectant. If I manage to capture you and turn you into a human flesh formation tool puppet, then do you think you will be able to challenge Heaven Ascension stage experts? Wahahaha…”

  The reason this person painstakingly planned so much was not just to solely kill Ye Qingyu.

  He wanted to transform him into a formation tool puppet after capturing Ye Qingyu.

  With Ye Qingyu’s cultivation, he could be absolutely regarded as the ideal material for a formation puppet. If he was turned into a formation puppet and used as a tool for war, his power would exceed imagination. Even if he was exchanged for tens of the bald formation puppets, this was absolutely worth it.

  It was no wonder that this person would be willing to invest so much.

  Ye Qingyu had nothing to say.

  He had always silently tried to discern the position of that person. It was a pity, however, that with the mysteriousness of the killing formation, with Ye Qingyu’s current cultivation, he could not detect the position of that person hidden in the darkness.

  ”The third battle… begins. Hahaha, [War God], enjoy it fully, kekekeke…”

  As these words were said, within the killing formation, the restriction light within the formation surged, emitting ripples. A faint figure suddenly began to form within the light screen, forming into a silhouette. Ultimately, it transformed into a person wearing green clothing with a blade clenched in his hand, his face wearing a golden ghost mask.

  Ye Qingyu’s eye’s raised, sensing the aura emitting from that person.

  ”It’s another person who was half a step into the Bitter Sea stream stage who has been transformed into a puppet tool. But this one seems to have different attributes to the previous one, who followed the power path…”


  The air flows grew chaotic.

  Without saying anymore, the green-clothed golden masked man charged forward with his blade. The speed of his figure was extreme and angled; like a poisonous viper he moved left and right, forming a z-shaped angle of attack. With the speed of lightning, he had already encircled behind Ye Qingyu.

  Extreme speed.


  As the blade chopped down, it struck towards Ye Qingyu’s waist.

  There was a mirage occurring from the shadow of the blade. From it’s speed and power, if this struck, Ye Qingyu would be split apart in two!

  ”So it was a formation puppet that specializes in speed…” Ye Qingyu was cool and calm.

  His gaze flitted left and right, sensing the acute wind attacking from behind him. Without even looking, his left leg suddenly shifted. At that moment, his body constricted and all the muscles in his whole body moved as one, as if a gigantic anaconda had formed.


  Ye Qingyu’s figure moved slighty, moving to the left just several inches, not any more.

  That blade seemed to have just passed by Ye Qingyu’s body, nearly touching it as it passed by. It could not even move a single strand of his hair.

  ”Such a speed is no different from [Flowing Light] at his peak state.”

  Ye Qingyu made such a judgement.

  The next instant, the green-clothed person attacked once again.

  HIs high speed movements caused mirage after mirage to apear in the air.

  The bladesmanship of that green-clothed person was extremely strange. The blade in his hands was like a viperas it struck viciously. Using high speed, he flickered throughout the formation, encircling around Ye Qingyu. Everywhere his blade passed by, it pressured Ye Qingyu’s vitals at acute angles, posing a troublesome threat.

  Ye Qingyu coldly sneered.

  He was not rushing to finish his opponent… Observing the changes in the killing formation, he used speed to fight against speed. HIs feet rapidly touched the ground, running about like lightning. Both his hands transformed into a sword, as he activated the [Human King Sword Mantra].

  The three great sword mantras of the Peerless War God were all related to each other. The mantra before was the step to the next mantra.

  To want to culivate in the [Divine Emperor Sword Mantra], one must first completely master the [Human King Sword Mantra].

  Ye Qingyu’s current achievement in the [Human King Sword Mantra] was currently belonging to just below mid waypoint. There was still a very long road before he could completely master it. Therefore he could use this opportunity to fight with the formation puppet tool to train his methods.

  The figures of the two were as fast as flowing dragons. It was like a shadow, like lightning. The mirages caused by the two’s movement caused one to feel faint just looking at it.


  There was constantly the sound of metallic clashes in the air.

  Ye Qingyu used his fingers as a sword. After activating the [Human King Sword Mantra], there was a golden-coloured glimmer that gradually formed in his fingers. He no longer avoided the blade of that green-clothed man, but instead used his fleshly body to strike the blade, emitting metallic noises. It was as if his hands were made from metal.

  ”Hand over [Avalanche], otherwise I will destroy your battle puppet.”

  Ye Qingyu diverted part of his attention to test the person hidden in the darkness.

  ”Keke, for such a gorilla-like young man, he is the best material for me to create into a flesh puppet. Although he is slightly worse than you, but he is still an absolute treasure. Why would I hand him over to you? Kekekeke… right now, I am creating him into a new flesh puppet…”

  The person in the darkness cackled sinisterly.

  He intentionally wanted to use his words to provoke Ye Qingyu, to disturb hs mentality.

  ”Really? It’s a pity that your fangs are not suited for the level of appetite you have.”

  Ye Qingyu wanted the mastermind to speak more and more.

  The sounds stopped.

  There was a sword glimmer that emitted from his palms. This was not the rhythm that he had previously exhibited before. In front of such a sword, that green-clothed puppet hesitated faintly. Before he could react, a sword light had already cut off his head.

  A large head soared in the sky.

  At this time, the green patterns on his boy madly flickered. It madly fluctuated within the body of the formation puppet as a strange energy suged out. Ultimately, the head once again returned to the body as flesh regrew and the head became attached again. There was a faint line of blood, before any traces of wounds were removed.

  Xiu Xiu!

  The sword glimmers were like lightning.

  The green-clothed golden masked man once again charged forward like a gust of wind.



  In the little world of the Imperial Ancestral Land.

  A thundering waterfall fell down from a precipice in the mountain deep within the forest, like a white chain hanging down from a verdant sea of green.

  A peerless white figure with white hair sat above a boulder.

  The mist and water in the air could not even get within ten meters of his body.

  Her nimble fingers played her zither without direction. A series of disordered and chaotic sounds rang within the mountains, without any order whatsoever. It seemed to have the same chaotic emotion as their master. It would sometimes fell silent, sometimes grew berserk, sometimes a killing intent would emanate and sometimes it would grow as gentle as water…

  Aunt Heng sat in the little bamboo pavilion.

  ”Sister, are you really sure that youth is…” She seemed to have not yet digested the shock in her heart, her face filled with astonishment.

  The sounds of the Zither stopped.

  Aunt Han slowly rose up, then turned around.

  On her peerless face, there were clear tears flowing down without restraint.

  These were not tragic tears.

  It was tears of joy and delight.

  ”How could I make a mistake in such an important mater?” On the originally calm and emotional face, there was suddenly a grand heroicness. “After a hundred years, we’ve finally waited for the arrival of this day… Heng, my good sister, the day that we have dreamed about is about to arrive. From this day onwards, I Yu Lihan, will once again do battle with the mortal world and Jianghu. Everything that I lost a hundred years ago, I will take it back, item by item.”

  There was a complicated emotion that appeard in Aunt Heng’s face as she heard these words.

  These were two women that had once shocked the heavens and clouds within the Heaven Wasteland Domain. One had slumbered here for a hundred years, one had remained silent here for twenty years. The calmness and tranquility of the Ancestral Land, seemed to have cleansed them of the hatred and humiliation in their heart. The movements from the outside seemed to have no method of ever reaching to here. When everything seemed to have been drawn to an end…

  A change had finally appeared.

  ”The heroes slumbering in the darkness should also begin to awaken. Heng, let out the [Heavenly Mo Order]. The five divine warriors of the pentatonic scale should appear in the world once again. A storm is about to enwrap us, he is even more brilliant than we originally expected, hahaha…” As she said this, the complicated emotions within Yu Lihan’s heart seemed to have been completely swept away, recovering her previous temperament of masculinity. Both her hands were raised high above her head as she let out a mad, loud laugh, “I’m about to return. This time, I will not fight alone. Hahaha!”“

  The Aunt Heng that had a myriad of thoughts and emotions running through her could not help but feel speechless at this.

  Her sister excelled in all aspects. But when she went mad, she was too terrifying.

  Only the Guye of the past would be able to make such a woman yield? [TN Note; Guye basically is a term for the a servant to refer to her lady’s husband]

  After thinking, Heng said again, “You want to awaken the five divine attendants?”

   Yu Lihan opened her mouth in a wide smile. “Of course. Tell them not to enter into the capital first, to not to cause too great a disturbance but go to parts of Snow Empire. There are still countless embers remaining in this world from the [God Murdering Army] of the past, tell them to gather them together again… also, tell [Shade] to go protect little Yu’er. Only protect, not kill. If there is anyone that dares to target little Yu’er, I will make them regret ever coming out from their mother, hehe…”

  Heng was taken aback, then nodded her head in understanding.

  Although her mistress normally acted crazily, but when she did things, she did it like thunder or wind, decisively. In the past, she was the number two figure of the [God Murdering Army], and had experienced countless secret matters. Her way of doing things was planning then acting, and she had rarely failed in her plans. For her to make such a decision, she must have thought deeply about this and carefully considered the entire situation deeply.

  Since it was like this, then…

  Let everything begin once again.

  Heng turned to leave.



  ”The undying body of this human flesh puppet tool, ultimately has an upper limit.”

  Ye Qingyu felt the mysteries ofthe [Human King Sword Mantra] becoming clearer and clearer in his own heart. At this time, he no longer used his fingers as a sword. Every move he used was filled with a piercing sharp sword aura. This razor sharp killing aura fluctuated between his fists and legs. Every thought of his was filled with a tyrannical sword aura.

  His palms and hands could act as sword.

  His arms could act as a sword.

  HIs legs could act as a sword.

  The speed of the green-clothed golden masked puppet was fast, but it ultimately could not be compared to the Ye Qingyu who had activated te [Human King Sword Mantra] to its fullest. It was ultimately killed by the endless sword aura,, turning into scraps. The formation puppet array on his body was destroyed, and he could ultimately not be reborn again.

  Ye Qingyu felt an unprecedented comfortableness.

  His understanding towards the [Human King Sword Mantra], had grown to the next level…

Ye Qingyu absolutely believed that if there was a spirit weapon in his hands, he could challenge Bitter Sea experts at the River stage.

  ”Another one of your tools is gone. Do you still want to try again? ” Ye Qingyu regarded his surroundings as he coldly said in a loud voice.

  As expected, there was the rebuttal from the person hidden in the shadows, “Really, how much inner yuan do you have left? Do you still have half?”

  Ye Qingyu’s ear moved. He was still searching for any signs of the location of the opposing party. “Why don’t you try it and see.”

  ”Kekekeke, it seems like you still have energy. But rest assured. Even if you are made from steel, I will grind you bit by bit into powder. When you have expended all your energy, I will then turn you into a formation puppet battle tool. Keke, at that time, you will be my most perfect creation…” The sinister voice, was like a demonic owl at night that sounded within the formation, causing one to shiver with fear.

  Before the sound finished.

  Another formation puppet appeared from within the black mist.

  At first, it was a blurry silhoutete. Only when it neared could one see. It was a four foot tall figure, a dwarf-like figure that seemed as if it was a child.

  This midget’s hand was incomparably large, twice as large as his own face. There were two daggers held in his hands that were like fans, a bolt of lightning striking across the skies.

  There was a seeping cold glimmer coming from the daggers.

  When he was approximately ten meters away rom Ye Qingyu, this strange midget moved.

  Without any signs, he had transformed into faint black mist at quick speed.

  There was a trace of alarm that rose in Ye Qingyu’s heart. He struck out again, the sword qi rumbling out.


  There was a series of sparks that rose in the air.

  But the figure of the dawrf was like a faint shadow. It instantly disappeared, like a bubble immersing itself into flowing water. With a flash, it could not be found again.

  ”A battle puppet specializing in concealment?”

  Ye Qingyu instantly understood.

  But for him, this did not possess any challenge whasoever.

  The cultivation technique he passed onto Jin Ling’er was originally the pinnacle mantra of the Shadow attribute, [Flowing Shadow Kill] . This was the treasured mantra for the assassination art, and concealment belonged to the same category of arts within assassination. If Ye Qingyu wished, he could instantly transform into an assassin even more terrifying than this.

  But he did not do such a thing.

  Sword aura radiated from his entire body, and a glistening silver frost like a mist surged out. There were faintly discernible swords that appeared around his body. Ye Qingyu had pushed the [Human King Sword Mantra] into another new level, using his qi to form into a sword, using the ice inner yuan qi to create sword forms. It was as if such sword forms were slowly born within the air.




  There was a total of nine swords formed from his ice yuan qi that appeared around Ye Qingyu.

  There was a blankness of mind that was slowly born in Ye Qingyu’s heart. He was able to comprehend some mysteries he did not understand before. He felt like those nine ice yuan qi sword mirages were as if they possessed life. It gradually communicated with his heart, like nine protecting deities, staying by his side.

  The next instant, a warning was born in his heart.

  That hidden dwarf-like assassin struck once again.

  Ye Qingyu instantly reacted with his thoughts.

  An ice yuan sword vibrated, then shot out like a bolt of lightning towards him.

  The originally mirage-like sword image instantly solidified.


  There was a metallic clash, then a series of sparks.

  Seeing his strike not succeed, the midget assassin figure appeared briefly before quickly disappearing again.

  Ye Qingyu’s attention was not on the dwarf-like assassin.

  It was on the long ice qi sword.

  ”It can instantly soldify? Then in other words, this ice yuan qi sword can constantly change between a solid form and an incorporeal state?”

  He understood a mystery that he had previously not noticed before.

  With a clench of his hand, one of the nine ice yuan qi swords floating near to him fell into his hands. It was as if he was holding a true long sword, the sword shadow like it was real. Ye Qingyu could not help but think deeper into the mysteries of the [Human King Sword Mantra].

  At that instant, it was as if a door was opened in his mind. The normal characters written on the [Human King Sword Mantra] seemed to disassemble and reform in a different order, bringing with it an unbelievable new life.

  ”I understand.”

  There was a faint smile that appeard on Ye Qingyu’s face.

  The sword that had instantly solidified in his hand was struck out.

  Fast like lightning.


  There was a series of sparks in the air.

  The third attack of the dwarf assassin was once again blocked.

  He was like an assassin hidden in the night, as soundless as a spirit. Every time he struck ,he grasped the timing perfectly. If it were other experts at the same cultivation level, they would long have perished. But it was a pity for him that he met with Ye Qingyu who was also skilled in the assassination arts.

  Ye Qingyu was able to easily resolve each of these three strikes.

  The midget figure of the assassin once again hid within the air.

  Ye Qingyu did not rush to kill him.

  He was still immersed within the mysteries of the ice qi sword.

  Right now, he could be sure that the form of the ice yuan qi sword was one of the true secrets of the [Human King Sword Mantra].

  The sword mantra manual was mysterious. There was not any comprehensive training method or instructions, it all relied on a single word — comprehension. Ye Qingyu did not understand at first, but now he fiercely understood. The fact that the [Human King Sword Mantra] did not have any comprehensive training method, was in truth the greatest training method. This sword mantra had far too high a requirement for the person learning it. If one could not truly understand the essence, one could train in it till one were old and be unable to truly exhibit it’s true power.

  ”The ice yuan qi sword shadow can transform from formless into real at will…”

  Ye Qingyu looked at the ice qi sword shadow held in his hands.

  Following his will, the sword shadow could enlarge or shrink constantly changing between different forms. It could constantly transform in the state between real and illusion, extremely incredible.

  ”If it was like so, and if it could change between formless and form at the instant the sword struck , the opponent would definitely have no way of defending.”

  As he spoke, Ye Qingyu fainty smiled. His figure suddenly turned around, striking towards the space on his right side with the sword.

  The sword qi surged out.

  The faint black air turbulence was in turmoil, then a midget silhoutte was formed.

  The dwarf-like figure was after all, not completely gone from space. As soon as the air flows moved, he would appear.

  The location that Ye Qingyu struck at, was namely his head.

  The midget could not avoid, raising his dagger up to block.

  But the sword shadow was like a mirage. It passed through the dagger, then turned into solid form once again, cutting apart his body.

  The midgets figure instantly stayed where he was.

  HIs dagger was unharmed and intact.

  But in his body, from his head to between his two legs, a faint silver line appeared that separated him into two.

  The weapon could not block a mirage.

  HIs body could not withstand a true sword.

  Ye Qingyu looked at the sword shadow in his hands, incomparably excited.

  It was really as he imagined. Changing the form from real to illusion had staring effects. When facing someone’s weapon to block, it was a mirage, but when striking towards the enemy’s body, it was real.


  There was a faint red pattern that flickered madly on the surface layer of the midgets body like a spiderweb. The formation that was etched on his body madly fluctuated, attempting to repair his broken body .But within Ye Qingyu’s sword, there was a cold sword qi that instantly destroyed the majority of the formations…


  A red glimmer enveloped the midgets body, then the formation fell into disarray. His body exploded.

  Pitch black blood like oil fell everywhere on the ground.

  ”How is this possible?”

  The person hidden behind the scenes could not hold back his cries of shock.

  This midget’s strength was many times stronger than the bald puppet as well as the green-clothed puppet. But it could not last too long in front of Ye Qingyu. It was instantly killed, making him somewhat unable to accept this.

  After fighting for so long, has the inner yuan within [War God] finally been completely expended?

  But at the same time he let out a shocked exhalation—–


  Ye Qingyu’s figure moved,. Like a bolt of lighting, he instantly headed towards a point of the killing formation, striking with his full strength.

  The nine sword shadows struck to kill instantly like electricity.

  Ye Qingyu’s yuan power was activated to the extreme, the sword in his hands madly striking.

  The moment he was waiting for was now.

  The person hidden in the shadows was evidenty stunned and had lost his focus. He had not entirely used the formation to hide his location. The Ye Qingyu who had been patiently waiting for this moment grasped it.

  Only when Ye Qingyu struck to kill did the hidden person react.

  The killing formation rumbled, wanting to stop Ye Qingyu.


  Ye Qingyu roared with rage, the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] activating.

  Both his hands transformed into the claws of a dragon. Like tearing apart paper, he instantly tore apart the rumbling killing aura into pieces. The nine sword shadows were like the blades of the death god, instantly striking to kill through the crevice.


  There was a painful scream from an extremely far off distance.

  ”Impossible, how did you disover me…” the hidden person let out a cry of shock. “You… could it be that you know the [Demonic Blood Refining Deity Array] ?”

  At that same time, the killing aura of the surrounding formation frantically tried to attempt something.

  The formation array greatly changed.

  Ye Qingyu’s figure landed.

  Once the formation altered, he once again lost the location of the hidden person. He could not kill him in one strike.

  But that person was defintiely heavily injured.

  ”Hahaha… [War God], you’ve enraged me… I will refine you, I will refine you to death.” The hidden person let out an angry cry like that of an injured beast. The killing aura of the killing formation was once again in turmoil.

  Ye Qingyu faintly smiled. “Really? Do you not feel the ice qi within your body? If this continues on, you won’t even able to preserve your own life. You still have the energy to maintain the formation to kill me?”

  ”You…” The hidden person evidently investigated the state of his own body and was greatly shocked. After falling briefly silent: “The formation has the energy and bodies from the people who have died in the formation. Furthermore, the [Demonic Blood Refining Deity Array] can absorb yuan qi on it’s own. I’ll first go and recover from my injuries, and the formation will automatically refine you for forty nine days. When I come back, I will then turn you into a human flesh puppet.”

  The sounds stopped.

  The killing formation madly began activating.

The black armoured death warriors as well as the three flesh puppets that had died in battle earlier, their blood, energy and all the parts of their bodies began to dissolve. They dissolved into a red liquid that soaked into the formation on the ground. An extremely evil aura began to be invoked, and there was a decaying smell occurring in the air. A strange apocalyptic energy emitted from all directions trapping Ye Qingyu at the center of the formation.

  Outside the formation.

  The person that controlled everything left with injuries.

  The formation array surged, using a berserk energy to madly strike at Ye Qingyu.

  ”Damn this…” Ye Qingyu was in a rush.

  If he really let the opponent escape, then he would really lose all clues of [Avalanche’s] whereabouts.

  He no longer hid his strength. Activating the [True Will of the Sky Dragon], he completely transformed into a silver-coloured sky dragon. A peerless power and energy emitted from his body, and with his roar, he manage to completely block the aura emitting from the formation. As the world shook, the formation ultimately was not able to restrain Ye Qingyu’s terrifying power, and was completely broken apart.

  Ye Qingyu escaped.

  The entire [Demonic Blood Refining Deity Array] was destroyed. The formation patterns in the rocks and in the air were crushed into pieces, the ground that was tens of meters thick was lifted up. Mountain rock collapsed and crumbled, and everything a thousand meters around him was nearly shattered. The ancient broken temple within the valley had long been buried in such chaos.

  The dust gradually settled.

  Ye Qingyu slowly drew his consciousness away.

  ”It’s a pity, that person has ran…”

  There was no longer any shred of the person’s aura in the surroundings. Evidently, that person had left before his formation array had been destroyed.

  Ye Qingyu attempted to find some clues in the shattered rocks around him. But evidently the opposing party was an extremely careful person. He did not find any clues whatsoever. Lifting apart the rubbled rock, Ye Qingyu found a jade-coloured praying mat within the submerged ancient temple. It should be something the hidden person used, there would not be such new items appearing in the ancient temple.

  ”I’ve let that person get away. There’s not any clues to [Avalanche’s] whereabouts. It’s a pity, I was only a little bit off.”

  Ye Qingyu was incomparably guilty.

  Previously, he had already exploded with his full strength to escape from the formation. But he had still delayed matters. If he used the [Flash] formation to leave the formation array at the beginning, there was perhaps the possibility of capturing such a person.

  But it was already too late.

  The scene he caused from destroying the formaiton was too great. The person hidden behind the scenes must have seen this already, and would absolutely not reappear. Even if Ye Qingyu waited here for him to return, he would not have any gains whatsoever.

  Ye Qingyu once again searched over, but there was still no clues at all. At last, he left with regrets.

  ”When I return, I’ll bring Little Nine here and see if that fellow can find any sort of hints…”

  Ye Qingyu planned this in his heart.

  His body transformed into flowing light as he left.


  By the time he returned to the great building of the miltiary, it was already evening.

  During the night time, the great military buiding was somewhat more tranquil. There were less people about, but the inspections that were carried out were much stricter than normal. After spending fifteen minutes, under the lead of a soldier, Ye Qingyu was led through many obstacles before returning to the fifty-fifth floor.

  But when he arrived at the entrance to the training camp, he was taken aback.

  The originally clamouring and bustling training camp was currently incomparably quiet.

  The formation lights were also in a slumbering state and the training camp was completely pitch dark.
  As he suddenly realized something, there was amisfortunate feeling occurring in his heart. Extending his hand to insert a shred of yuan qi into the formation lights at the entrance, the lights all lit up in an instant. The large training camp was completely empty, without any sign of anyone. The dormitories by the side all had duvets covering them. Only Ye Qingyu’s own bed was left, that still had the meditation mat he used when cultivating as well as the bed which was made…

  There was no one.

  ”It seems like the others have already received their new missions, and left the training camp. There’s only me left. It’s a pity that I was not in time to say goodbye to everyone…”

  Ye Qingyu felt somewhat dissapointed.

  Although the time at the training camp was only one short month, but for Ye Qingyu, the friends that he met here were much more than the ones when he was at White Deer Academy. The friendships he made here were also more valuable than the ones at White Deer Academy. After all, they were all young experts originating from the army, they had the same passionate blood and drive running through them, and they had done battle together shoulder to shoulder…

  It was unknown just where they had gone to.

  Ye Qingyu returned to his own bed, spacing out slightly.

  There was the sounds of footsteps from the outside at this time.

  It was the refining body instructor, Bao Shinu, as well as the battle technique instructor.

   “We saw the training camp had brightened up. Looking at the time, it was about time for you to return,” Bao Shinu said with a smile, then suddenly sensed the bloodiness and faint killing intent on Ye Qingyu. He suddenly realized the possibility of just where he had gone. Ye Qingyu had just experienced a bloody battle. His complexion changed, “Did you encounter something? Are you alright?”

  Ye Qingyu shook his head, jumping to the ground :”I’m fine. But it’s a pity, I did not manage to find any clues to [Avalanche’s] whereabouts?”

  ”[Avalanche’s] whereabouts?” The battle technique instructor was surprised, sneaking a glance between them both. “The mission of [Avalanche] has already been released. The other people, apart from you, have also gone to undertake their mission. These were the missions that the Crown Prince individually set. This is something extremely hidden and not announced publicly. Just why do you want to know where [Avalanche] is?”

  Ye Qingyu hearing this, was stunned for a moment.

  He suddenly realized something, saying, “You mean… [Avalanche] has already returned? He’s returned already?”

  Bao Shinu regarded Ye Qingyu with a strange face. “Of course. He came back a day ago and left immediately after receiving his new mission. He was the same as the other little fellows, he wanted to wait to see you before leaving, but you came back too late. No one could wait for you, [Avalanche] was the last to go…”

  It was like this?!

  Ye Qingyu had not imagined that nothing had happened to [Avalanche] whatsoever. It was only that the fact that his lack of information had been exploited and was fooled shamelessly by the person in the background.

  That’s not right!

  [Avalanche] had not returned several days ago. This was something only people of the training camp knew. The fact that he was worried about [Avalanche’s] safety was also something that only people of the training camp knew. Just who was this person hidden in the background, that he was so familiar with his heart. They had preemptively stationed at the entrance to the military building to speak nonsense to him, and to fool him into the killing formation within the mountains.

  Ye Qingyu suddenly felt somewhat confused.

  This matter really was somewhat strange.

  The hidden person evidently wanted to kill him. Within the capital, just who was it that had such ability, and possessed the intent to kill him?

  After thinking it over, this was a complete mystery.

  But Ye Qingyu ultimately let out a relaxed breath.

  As long as [Avalanche] was fine.

  This was absolutely a great piece of news.

  No matter who the person hidden in the shadows was, as long as he attempted to cause further waves in the future, Ye Qingyu would sooner or later find out who he truly was.

  Thinking about this, Ye Qingyu’s heart became much more relaxed.

  ”This is something that they left behind for you, before they left…” Bao Shinu brought over a jade stone. This was an item with some simple formations in it held within the jade piece that could store sound.

  Ye Qingyu received it and randomly picked one. He activated the little formation within the jade piece.

  ”I will return again. Wait for my challenge, I will defintiely defeat you next time.”

  The voice of the black-robed young man [Shadow] sounded, direct and to the point.

  Ye Qingyu smiled.

  This was [Shadow’s] style.

  Within the jade piece, there were some teasing words left behind by the young experts, some well wishes of fortune, some asking how he was, some setting a time and place to meet again. There were some that hoped to fight alongside with Ye Qingyu, and the person that blathered on the most was [Avalanche]. He went on a long tirade about Ye Qingyu, blaming him for not coming back in time…..

  These were all voices that he was familiar with.

  Hearing this, Ye Qingyu’s heart was warmed and also somewhat moved.

  ”There’s sixteen… eh, there’s one less?” Ye Qingyu held the jade piece. There was only sixteen of them.

  Bao Shinu smiled, “[Ordinary Person] did not leave a jade piece behind.”

  Within Ye Qingyu’s brain, the image of [Ordinary Person] appeared, a fellow with a head that was several times greater than normal. The battle strength that he had been evaluated with was the person at the very last. Normally, when cultivating, his aura was normal and he spoke little. His performance was average, and could be said to be the most average person out of all the youths.

  ”It’s fine if he did not leave anything.”

  Ye Qingyu smiled.

  ”That’s right, are they all within the capital? Ye Qingyu looked at the two instructors, somewhat curiously. “Will I be able to see them afterwards?”

  Bao Shinu shook his head.

  The battle technique instructor had a strict face as he said, “Their locations are a secret. There are some people within the capital, and there are people who left. You won’t be able to encounter them in the near future, and all of you have your individual missions. Everyone has to complete their mission on their own, this is a huge responsibility and duty.”

  Ye Qingyu could hear the implied meaning within such words, “Are there missions that are very dangerous?”

  ”Martial experts travel throughout the world. Encountering danger is not strange. Before coming to the capital, they are survivors that walked out from mountains of corpses and seas of blood. No one can guarantee that one will forever be victorious in battle, that they will never die.”

  The batle technique instructor gave his answer in an extremely tactful fashion.

  Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

  He was already clear in his own heart.

  ”Then the mission regarding me?” Ye Qingyu asked. “Am I the same as the others, that I have to wait for the Crown Prince to see me tomorrow and personally give me my mission?”

  Bao Shinu shook his head.

  The battle technique instructor said, “There’s no need. Your situation is somewhat special. Your mission is already given, there’s no need for the Crown Prince to personally see you.”

  ”Oh? Somewhat special?” Ye Qingyu was taken aback slightly. “Just what is it?”

  The battle technique instructor smiled. From his chest, he took out a yellow scroll.

The scroll was about half a meter long and was completely yellow. It emitted a noble light and one could faintly see a strange yellow formation flickering. It emanated with a rare authoritative aura, letting out an aura that was like a lord. Instantly, all the formation lights of the training camp was submerged. In the entire training camp, an authoritative yellow-collored light surged, like an ocean causing an extremely sacred sensation.

  The battle technique instructor lifted the scroll high up respectfully, announcing in a loud voice—

  ”Ye Qingyu, receive the edict.”

  Ye Qingyu was taken aback, then instantly realized.

  The scroll within the battle technique instructors hands was lifted high up. So it was the Imperial Edict from the Emperor of Snow Empire.

  The Bao Shinu at the side was already kneeling respectfully on the ground.

  After hesitating slightly, Ye Qingyu knelt with one knee. In a clear voice, “Third class Marquis receives the Edict.”

  The sounds stopped.

  The yellow saintly scroll floated slowly up from the hands of the battle technique instructor, unravelling slowly.

  An energy that was clearer and more authoritative began to emit. The airflows within the entire training camp was aglow, as a humongous pressure that was hard to describe using words began to spread about. Even with Ye Qingyu’s current cultivation, he felt like he was a little raft amidst surging waves, as if he would capsize at any given moment.

  ”According to the words of the deities of Heaven Wasteland Domain, as well as the words of the Snow Empire: The third class military Marquis Ye Qingyu of the Vanguard in Youyan Pass has excellent achievements. His cultivation is profound, his temperament kind and he is loyal to his monarch and country. His rank is increased by one and he is now a second class military Marquis. He is bequeathed as the Lord of the Light Palace of Snow Capital, ruling over the [Light Palace]. He will assume this role tomorrow!”

  A voice like that of deities singing began sounding out within the training camp.

  On the unfurled saintly scroll, there was a vast energy surging. The golden characters on it were like soaring dragons, flying out character by character and flickering in the air, flitting across Ye Qingyu before once again returning to the scroll.

  The scroll closed.

  And slowly descended into Ye Qingyu’s palm.

  Ye Qingyu had once seen the edict of the Snow Emperor mentioned within the library of White Deer Academy. It was not something a normal person would be able to receive. Apart from representing a glorious bequeathing of title by the Imperial family, it was also an exquisitely designed martial weapon. Furthermore, this was an Imperial Edict used to confer a title, it was said that the scroll was instilled with one full power strike from the Snow Emperor. And the Snow Emperor was said to have become an existence at the Heaven Ascension tens of years ago, so the value of this Imperial edict was easily imagined.

  Ye Qingyu received the Imperial edict and faintly inserted a shred of yuan qi.

  The luxurious yellow gimmer on the Imperial edict flashed, then it retreated. The aura of authority and energy fluctuation within the entire training camp was like water being absorbed by a whale. It was all taken back in within the Imperial Edict.

  The training camp returned to normal.

  Ye Qingyu held the Imperial Edict in his right hand as he slowly stood up.

  Bao Shinu as well as the battle technique instructor had the same expression of shock. They stared at Ye Qingyu, forgetting to stand up.

  To think it was the Lord of the Light Palace!

  Controlling the [Light Palace].

  The two people were placed into utter shock by the contents of this Imperial Edict.

  Although the Imperial Edicts had long been delivered into their hands, but with their positions, they naturally could not open the Imperial Edict on their own and look at the contents. If not for the fact that the Crown Prince could not appear, this Imperial Edict should be something the Crown Prince personally gave to Ye Qingyu.

  Before this had happened, the two were clear that the Crown Prine regarded [War God] as more important than the other young experts. The mission given to [War God] must be the most important and significant. But they had never ever imagined that it would be significant to such an extent.

  The [Light Palace] of the Empire was said to have been established by that legendary person before the Empire was even founded. The main responsibility it had was surveilling and monitoring of all the Imperial officials, investigating corruption, punishing breakages of the law, dispersing darkness and shining light into all things. The power it had was far exceeding those of other normal military heads, this was a position that had true special power.

  Because of the heaven shrouding power of that day in the past, even the Snow Emperor had to be wary of him. As a result, the power possessed by the [Light Palace] was terrifying. In that period of time, everyone was shivering under its power. When the phrase [Light Palace] was mentioned, those nobles that had dirty dealings within the capital all trembled with fear. They feared for the day that the soldiers of the [Light Palace] would rush towards their own residence…

  When the [Light Palace] was at its peak, even the Right Minister, Left Minister, and the military department, as well as other offices could not do anything to it.

  It was only that some change occurred afterwards. That person disappeared, and the [Light Palace] slowly deteriorated.

  The current [Light Palace] already was not as massive a web of information as it had in the past. The number of experts it possessed was also numbered. The famous envoys of light had either died or retreated into seclusion. It’s true strength could not even be compared to a patrolling camp. From the laws of the Empire, the [Light Palace] still had an unshakeable authority that made people fear, but it did not have the power to back this up.

  Furthermore, the Snow Emperor had paid little attention to the [Light Palace] in these current years, so it had very little support. The authority of the [Light Palace] had no way of being used at all.

  Therefore the current [Light Palace] was no longer as feared or as terrifying as in the past.

  The last Lord of the Light Palace had died of sickness half a year go. After that, the position of the Lord of the Light Palace had always remained empty. Although the position as Lord was not low, but for those nobles with true position, no one wished to control such a department that had been placed in the sidelines. Going to the [Light Palace] represented that you would not have any opportunities to progress.

  For those low class nobles, there were people that did want to go to the [Light Palace], but their classification and nobility class did not meet the most basic requirements to be Lord of the Light Palace.

  The [Light Palace] was an office that could not be counted as powerful, but neither can it be said to be insignificant. It was only that it was about to be buried within the dust of time.

  But no matter what, according to the laws of the Empire, this [Light Palace] was a department with true special power. To want to become the Lord of the Light Palace, one must be at least a first class military marquis. Their strength and cultivation must also meet the requirements. Ye Qingyu’s current status should not have been able to meet such a requirement. However, with the Imperial Edict, he was able to become the Lord of the Light Palace in one leap.

  For Ye Qingyu, this was something leaps and bounds above what he could usually obtain.

  That was the reason why Bao Shinu and the battle technique instructor were so shocked.

  Ye Qingyu stowed away the scroll, his heart thoughtful.

  He had once heard a little bit about the rumours regarding the [Light Palace].

  To some extent, the position of the Lord of the Light Palace, was similar to his own position as Patrolling sword envoy within Youyan Pass. It was both positions with special authority. But in reality, it did not have the power to back up this authority and was just a joke.

  ”I did not think the Crown Prince had arranged for such a role for me. Just what are his thoughts? Does he want me to charge in unthinkingly and tyranicaly like I did in Youyan Pass, causing huge waves in the stagnating capital?”

  Ye Qingyu slowly considered.

  ”From Deer City to Youyan Pass, to Youyan Pass to the Snow Capital, I’ve seen all sorts of civilians before and understand deeply just what sort of danger is hidden under the blossoming surface of the current Empire. I hate the fact that there is not a true saint that has been born who can eliminate all the dirt and evilness within the Empire… Although I am not a saint and I cannot reverse the ides from a desperate situation, but my feelings and thoughts coincide with this. No matter what the original thoughts the Crown Prince and those important people have, but since matters had progressed like this, then I will have a go at these muddy waters! “

  Ye Qingyu’s thoughts gradually became clear.

  It was only that he suddenly felt that the Imperial Edict in his hands weighed tens of thousands of pounds.

  Through the window on the outer walls of the training camp, one could see the night sky covered with dark clouds. It was as if dark beasts had enveloped the entire capital. The light from the tiny specks of stars all around had no way of causing the entire sky to become bright, creating a suffocating atmosphere.

  There was a determined faint smile that was exposed on Ye Qingyu’s lips.

  His heart, at this time, became unprecedentedly firm.

  He will use his own method to tear apart this gloomy darkness.

  Even if his body burned into flames, he did not care.


  The next day.

  After Ye Qingyu had finished some procedures, he left the great building of the military department.

  After returning to the Medicine Hut, both Ouyang Buping and Dugu Quan had returned from the Imperial palace.

  ”How is it, has little Ye received the Imperial Edict?” Dugu Quan said with a laugh.

  Ye Qingyu saw his expression and immediately knew that this old man had received news of this beforehand. Thinking to his previous action of rushing to the Imperial palace earlier, a thought occurred to Ye Qingyu, “Could it be that the reason you went to the Imperial palace has to do with my mission?”

  ”Haha, a clever person does not need much clues,” Ouyang Buping stood by the side and laughingly said, “Speaking of this, you are really bizarre. Did you know that your assigned mission has become the point at which several important figures argued over. The Crown Prince, the Apex Prince, the Left and Right Minister all participated in this discussion. Us and also Gongfengs that we are close with were all asked. Lastly, even Princess Chang who rarely participates in political affairs opened her mouth. Only with this was the matter finally settled.”

  Ye Qingyu was shocked at hearing this, “How could this be? I’m only a minor character, how can I cause so many great figures of the empire to discuss so heatedly over such a matter?”

  Dugu Quan poured Ye Qingyu a cup of tea, and a cup of tea for himself. Sipping a mouthful, “Perhaps it’s as you say, your mission will not be able to cause such a great turbulence at all. But within the capital, all the major factions are planning and scheming, they are competing with each other. This is especially true right now where rumours had emerged that the Snow Emperor has entered into a state of demonic fire due to cultivation and is weakened. The competition over the position of Imperial Monarch has begun once again. At this time, as the future monarch, the actions of the Crown Prince, and how he has recruited eighteen young experts, has triggered many people’s nerves. Before investigating what the true aim of the Crown Prince actually is, all you eighteen people are points of notice. Especially you…”

As he spoke to here, Dugu Quan drank another gulp of tea. After slowly savouring it, he continued, “That battle you had with the Du household, you guys were too eye catching. This was especially true for you… for a person who is only sixteen, that can defeat [Purple Eye] Du Heng, how is it possible to not attract the attention of all parties? Furthermore, this matter concerned the Whip of the Thunder Deity… you are not enwrapped within, so you have no way of knowing the current situation of the capital. It can be said that if you move one part of it, the capital as a whole is shaken. The role that you are playing… is the fuse.”

  Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

  There would definitely be repercussions. But the actions that he did in the capital was not entirely without meaning.

  It did not matter if everyone was noticing him. To be able to enter into the capital from a little city in the boundary, Ye Qingyu had grown extremely quickly. But every step he took was stable and firm, with no guilt in his heart. He was not afraid of the shadows within this turbulence at all.

  ”It’s only that I don’t know why Princess Chang would be enwrapped into this affair?” Ye Qingyu sipped his tea, asking.

  Ouyang Buping nodded his head. “This matter is really somewhat strange. In these years, the martial power of Princess Chang is famed throughout the capital. She rarely takes part in political affairs, remaining secluded from the crowd. She had a special status and authority. This time she spoke for you of her own initiative, which was against everyone’s expectations. The reason you are able to successfully ascend as the Lord of the Light Palace, was because Princess Chang spoke for you. The ultimate decision was something that the Right MInister Faction did not expect.

  Dugu Quan continued on, “Me and Dugu Quan’s guess is that the Crown Prince went to ask Princess Chang. Although Princess Chang does not interfere in political affairs, but she still cares very much about the children of the Imperial family.

  As Ye Qingyu heard this, a figure flashed by in his mind.

  Very likely, this matter had something to do with Yu Xiaoheng, that spoiled princess.

  ”Becoming the Lord of the Light Palace, is a massive opportunity for you. This is equal to you escaping from the constraints of the military department, and you will also be free from the constraints of any other factions. You can do things as you please regarding some matters —–and if you have enough power you can definitely support this abandoned divine palace that has such special authority,” Ouyang Buping said.

  Ye Qingyu smiled.

  This was one of the main reasons that he looked favourably on the position as the Lord of the Light Palace.

  As for strength… with his current strength, it would not be enough to fight against all the major factions within the empire. But he was someone with support. Apart from those old monsters that he had encountered such as the Turtle Shell Immortal, the Heavenly Cripple in the Formation Palace of the of the [Formation Sovereign] Luo So, there was also the ancient awakened consciousness, as well as Aunt Han from within the Imperial Ancestral Land

  The consciousness of the elder that had awakened from ancient times was perhaps fleeting and not reliable. But Aunt Han was described to be incredible by Yu Xiaoheng, and had planted a shred of her consciousness within his brain. Evidently she wanted to protect him, so why not use this opportunity fully?

  ”Little Ye, when are you preparing to assume the mantle?” Dugu Quan asked.

  Ye Qingyu thought it over. “Since you two have come over for tea today, then I’ll go tomorrow. However since the situation at the [Light Palace] is still unknown, is it still fine if I leave the people I brought still at the medicine hut?”

  Ouyang Buping nodded his head. “This is not a problem.”

  ”I also have something I need to rely you on. Can you help me gather infromation regarding the [Light Palace]. Because I had not expected this responsiblity, therefore I only have some surface knowledge regarding the [Light Palace]. I want to know every internal information regarding it.” Ye Qingyu smiled.

  ”Haha, don’t worry. I’ve already ordered people to do so.” Dugu Quan smiled. “This is something that me and old Ouyang long predicted.

  Ye Qingyu nodded his head in thanks.

  After the three conversed a bit, the topic once again reverted to the ancient characters.

  At this time, Ye Qingyu no longer kept any secrets. From start to finish, he spoke out the mysteries that he had comprehended from within [Sole Will of the Heaven and Earth Copper Cauldron], exchanging thoughts with these two old men.

  The one hundred and eight characters of the [Sole Will of the Heaven and Earth Cauldron] had a great background. It was not only used for smithing metals, creating pills and refining medicines, it was also related to divining and medial arts. Although it was scattered and diverse, in the eyes of a Pill God like Dugu Quan, he would gain something. And in the eyes of a Divine Doctor like Ouyang Buping, he would also gain something.

  In the blink of an eye, the skies had darkened.

  Mother Wu got ready to prepare the evening meal.

  This was the first time that Ye Qingyu could sit down and enjoy Mother Wu’s culinary skills.

  To be able to satisfy the appetite of a monster like Wen Wan, Mother Wu had hired five female servants that began cooking alternatively for Wen Wan to make noodles.

  After eating for a while, the silly dog Little Nine appeared. He had a bone pick in his mouth and began lazily wagging his tail. In an attitude that seemed as if he needed a beating, he lay on the shoulder of Ximen Yeshui as they walked in from the main entrance. As he entered, his nose moved, and shouted, “Fragrant, really fragrant… Mother Wu must have made stew. Hah, every time Mother Wu cooks, master must have returned.”

  Ximen Yeshui had swapped to find a luxurious robe with an accompanying jade from somewhere, all dressed up. He seemed much more energetic, but his skin was still too black, like coal. Compared to the silly dog Little Nine by his side, whos fur was as white as pure snow, this contrast was incomparably strange.

  ”Eh? The little brat has returned.” Ximen Yeshui, seeing Ye Qingyu, immediately grew excited. “Hey, this capital is really fun. Wahaha, do you know, the girls in the Hidden Jade Pavillion are really immortals. You’ve gone to cultivate everyday, you don’t know how to enjoy life. Are you busy tomorrow? I’ll bring you to the HIdden Jade Pavillion to have fun, wahaha…”

  After Ye Qingyu heard this, a misfortunate feeling was invoked in his heart. Turning his head to Lin Baiyi to the side, “What does the HIdden Jade Pavillion do?”

  Lin Baiyi smiled. “Reporting to little Shishu, this is a brothel.”

  Hearing this, Ye Qingyu could smell the alcohol coming from the Ximen Yeshui who was still reminiscing about this from far away. “You went to such a place? And you also brought Little Nine… with you?”

  Bringing a dog to a brothel?

  Was this really a successor of an ancient set?

  Was he really an expert with unfathomable strength?

  Ye Qingyu felt that he had somewhat misjudged this person.

  ”Woof?” Sensing Ye Qingyu’s strange gaze, Little Nine instantly leapt up. “Why are you looking at me with such eyes? I only went to drink and eat, the steamed ribs over there are delicious…”

  Before he had finished, Ximen Yeshui instantly looked at him with disdain as he pierced through his story. “You only went to eat and drink? I remember you saying the female dog raised by the Song Xuanji of the Hidden Jade Pavilion is charming and pretty…”

  ”Woof woof woof!” The silly dog instantly let out an embarrassed and enraged roar. “Shut your mouth, do you want to die? Did we not say this is our little secret, why did you betray me?”

  Ximen Yeshui replied nonlanchantly. “Haha, your master is not an outsider, why is this betrayal…”

  ”Woof… this is really too embarrassing, this is too embarrassing… our friendship has shattered.” The enraged and embarrassed Little Nine seemed to have lost his reason. Transforming into a bolt of lightning, he bit onto Ximen Yeshui’s leg, and would not release it for anything.

  Ximen Yeshui began squawking loudly, “He’s doing it again…”

  Seeing this speech, everyone was speechless.

  ”Two idiots!” Wen Wan who was sitting on the steps eating noodles gave them a disdainful insult. Then he turned his head to shout, “Mother Wu, Mother Wu, is there still garlic? Give me a clove of garlic…”

  Next to him were some garlic skin as well as tens of empty bowls.

  Next to the banquet, there were five female servants sweating as they made and cooked the noodles.

  Ye Qingyu nearly could not lift his head anymore.

  Heavens, just what kind of people were beside him, why were all of them so weird?

  Only the dragon Little Silver was reliable. Although his personality was somewhat introverted and he often just sat in his head without moving. But at least he was stable and would not cause trouble?

  Ye Qingyu thought this in his heart.

  At this time, Little Silver began slowly sliding from his hair and dropped into a jar of wine, delightfully swimming about.

  Bastard, he forgot this fellow was an alcoholic.

  Ye Qingyu nearly collapsed.

  After a while–

  ”What? You’ve been promoted?” Hearing Ye Qingyu’s newest responsibility, Ximen Yeshui came over excitedly. Saying with a laugh, “Lord of the Light Palace? It sounds quite glorious. Brother, do you think we are good brothers that have gone through life and death together?”

  Ye Qingyu could see through him in one glance. Expressionlessly, he said, “Speak, just what do you want me to help you with?”

  ”Hehe, no wonder you are my brother. You can see that I have a request.” Ximen Yeshui came over with a smile as he neared. Lowering his noise, “How about this, why don’t you give me a position within the [Light Palace]? If I can get a position, I can at least say I’m doing something, and my master will no longer urge me to rush and return…”

  Seeing Ximen Yeshui’s begging expression, Ye Qingyu hiddenly laughed.

  It was unknown just what sort of demonic hell the sect this fellow came from, but it was this fellow’s biggest nightmare ever since the two had met. He had always been forcefully summoned back to his sect by his master, and he did his utmost to try and remain in the bright and glorious mortal world.

  But this request met with Ye Qingyu’s plans.

  Ximen Yeshui was an expert, an expert of experts. From this perspective, he was reliable.

  Ye Qingyu wanted to stabilize his position within the [Light Palace] completely. Apart from his strength, he also needed the aid of such experts. Previously, Ye Qingyu had planned what to say to get Ximen Yeshui to join under him, but thankfully, he had requested of his own initiative

  ”Good, this will be fine.” Ye Qingyu accepted, but after thinking it over, “But after entering the [Light Palace], it’s best if you go less to the Hidden Jade Pavilion. It’s not a good influence.”

“Ah? Ximen Yeshui was taken aback, having a face of hesitation and objection. Ultimately, he was like a deflated ball. With his head lowered, he said, “Fine, I will go less…”

  Ye Qingyu smiled, then looked at Wen Wan eating noodles by the side.

  Ximen Yeshui and Wen Wan could be counted as his subordinates in the early stages of his command over the [Light Palace].

  There were also some other people, such as [The Fisherman of Han River] Gao Han, who should be able to meet up with him a bit later in the capital.

  After food.

  Ye Qingyu tested Bai Yuanxing and Jin Ling’er on their martial progress.

  JIn Ling’er cultivated in the [Flowing Shadow Kill]. His talent was originally excellent, and training in the shadow attribute cultivation technique made things easier with half the effort. Right now, he had already trained to a state where he would have a shadow clone, it was only that his body refining stage was still only at the peak of the Ordinary martial level, and not yet entered into the Spirit spring stage. When he could truly sense yuan power, and step into the Spirit spring stage, then his cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds.

  For this clever little brat, Ye Qingyu was not worried about the progress of his cultiation at all.

  Ye Qingyu was more concerned over Bai Yuanxing.


  A clear voice shouted, Bai Yuanxing exhibited his move.

  His fist and feet were lightning, every movement filled with a powerful feeling.

  Seeing this, Ye Qingyu slowly nodded his head.

  The basic moves and battle techniques of the [Heavenly Blind Way] had already been completely grasped by Bai Yuanxing. What followed after was for him to slowly understand how the heart sutra and moves combined together, and understand the most central essence to this cultivation technique. One must know that apart from the close combat power of the [Heavenly Blind Way], an aspect it also excelled in was assassination.

  Under Ye Qingyu’s notice, Bai Yuanxing demonstrated this move by move, showing it off perfectly.

  Slowly, next to him, there was a faint silver aura that could be discernible with the naked eye fluctuating around him. An unhurried rhythm began to be formed around him.


  HIs leg kicked out.

  The faint sound of the wind exploding in the air could be heard.

  Twenty meters away, a huge boulder that was over ten thousand pounds faintly shook. Then it slowly shattered into pieces the size of a fist, scattering and breaking.

  Ye Qingyu’s complexion changed, suddenly standing up.

  ”This… what is this power?”

  Bai Yuanxing’s strike clearly did not have any yuan qi flutuation in it. Then how could it have such great offensive power from a distance of twenty meters?

  The power of this strike was basically equal to the full power attack of a person at the ten Spirit springs cultivation.

  For a person who had not yet cultivated in yuan qi, it was possible for them to have such power. But this was not due to body refinement, that was why Ye Qingyu was so puzzled.

  Bai Yuanxing still seriously continued exhibiting his moves, one by one.

  Ye Qingyu was both shocked and delighted, narrowing his eyes as he carefully observed.

  Slowly, he could sense that as Bai Yuanxing moved his fists and legs, a strange energy was rumbling. This was an energy that was similar to yuan qi, it was an extremely strange energy. But it was definitely not weak, and was drawn into Bai Yuanxing’s body. As he performed the moves and the heart sutra of the [Heavenly Blind Way], it seemed that he could control this energy to a certain extent.

  This was really strange.


  Bai Yuanxing’s palm landed on the ground.

  The ground shook.

  A strage force began rumbling through his palms, like a vibration that began emitting from the ground. It made Ye Qingyu clearly sense his foot going numb. Ten meters near the area that Bai Yuanxing had struck with his palm, a terrifying killing intent like that of a gust flickered past.


  Ths strike was even comparable to the full power strike of an expert at the twenty Spirit springs.

  This really was a strange and bizarre incident.

  Just what sort of power was hidden within Bai Yuanxing’s body?

  As the descendant of the first owner of the White Horse tower in Youyan Pass, could it be that there is some hidden secret within this line of people that others did not know? In other words, was there something special regarding their bloodline?

  Ye Qingyu suddenly felt that the ancestral teachings of their family to forever guard the White Horse tower was not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

  Bai Yuanxing had always been unable to cultivate yuan qi and to become a true martial artist. Perhaps this was not just solely because of his lack of talent.

  Boom!Boom! Boom!

  Bai Yuanxing demonstrated move after move.

  There were faint signs of rumbling and shaking in the air.

  The more Ye Qingyu looked, the more delighted he grew.

  After Bai Yuanxing had finished demonstrating all his moves, a clear power fluctuation burned around his body like that of a flame. This was only discernible by experts. Even the light in the air around his body seemed to be distorted.

  ”A really special power.”

  Ye Qingyu had grown more and more curious.

  But he did not act to detect the situation inside Bai Yuanxing’s body.

  Because on the surface, this energy that did not belong to yuan qi cultivation was not an aura that belonged to evildoers, it was a normal energy. If it was like this, then this energy should be a secret that solely belongs to Bai Yuanxing…” Ye Qingyu did not allow his curiosity to affect Bai Yuanxing’s dignity.

  ”Without knowing why, when trianing in the [Heavenly Blind Way], I feel a strange energy suddenly…” Bai Yuanxing reported what he had managed to comprehend back to Ye Qingyu.

  Ye Qingyu nodded his head. “Thi is you fortune. I guess that some sort of bloodline within you has been awakened… How about this, I act as your opponent. Strike with your full force.

  ”This… I do not dare.” Bai Yuanxing was greatly shocked.

  ”There’s no need to be worried. A martial expert cannot hesitate and be undecisive in cultivating. Only by correcting each other can one improve. You know I’ve just became the Lord of the Light Palace and need subordinates. I hope that you can quickly grow to the next level, and aid me.” Ye Qingyu smiled.

  After hearing this scene,Ximen Yeshui and the others knew just how heavily Ye Qingyu regarded Bai Yuanxing.

  Everyone knew that Ye Qingyu’s words were all for the sake of Bai Yuanxing. He had offered to spar with Bai Yuanxing, and the words he said were only to placate him. In the end, it was all to help him. With Ye Qingyu’s current position, status, and martial cultivation, just what benefits could one gain from sparring with him was something that the seventeen young experts knew clearly.

  ”Fight to your utmost, don’t show mercy.”

  Ye Qingyu shouted.

  Bai Yuanxing did not hesitate anymore, the heart mantra of the [Heavenly Blind Way] instantly acting.



  The second day.

  A bright and clear day.

  [Light Palace].

  As one of the offices that once possessed significant power within the empire, the position of the [Light Palace] was naturally the one closest to the Imperial palace. It was like a small ancient city with large black city walls, like metallic stones surrounding it from all sides. There was a crenelated parapet wall around it, layer by layer, the surveilling enemy buildings, standing tall and lofty. The area it possessed was near a thousand acres, and within it, it had its own martial practice grounds, martia store, resource store, military camps, operations department, prisons as well as other features. Adding it all up, it was like an independent little nation.

  When the [Light Palace] was at its peak, light soldiers entered and left like a flow of water and the number of experts within the city were like clouds in the skies. At that time, there was a Cloud Heavenly Sky Eagle image flickering rapidly, constantly passing information in and out. Those experts who wore armour would all have fierce flames escripted into their armour. Through the seal, there was a brightly burning flame, incomparably glorious.

  Apat from the empire, no matter who it was, they would have to feel apprehensive to all those martial artists that had the Seal of the Light Palace.

  But right now…

  This city was still the steel city of the past, but right now it was completely deserted.

  There was a group of sparrows that chirped as they hopped over. He would occasionally encounter two or three soldiers patrolling on the walls of the city, but they were too lazy to bother him.

  The [Eastern Kill Gate] that once had soldiers heavily stationed there only had seveal old soldiers lazily guading there. They had a spear in their embrace as they sat on stone chairs, with their eyes closed, leisurely enjoying the sun. The armour on their bodies were loose and unarranged. The formation array of the city had always lost effectiveness due to loss of energy and lack of repair. From far off, one could see the word [Light] above the city gates on a large flag, silently standing there.

  There was a little white rabbit with red eyes in Ye Qingyu’s embrace. Step by step, he walked towards the [Eastern Kill Gate].

  There were four gates to the [Light Palace] in total. All of them had ‘kill’ in their names,and they were known as the Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern Kill Gates. There were also three great Pavilions inside, and was known as the Central Three Kill Pavilions. There were seven Kills after it was all combined, and this was the reason that many people referred to the [Light Palace] as the Seven Kills Pavillion. In the chaotic days after the empire was founded, the [Light Palace] used killing to stop further killing. They used powerful and brutal methods to suppress chaos with methods like thunder and lightning. There, the seven words of [Kill] really suited the [Light Palace’s] style.

  ”Che che che che…”

  There was a tense expression displayed on the little white rabbit.

  This little fellow was something Song Xiaojun had handover over for him to look after. Previously, Ye Qingyu had trained in the great building of the military department, so he had handed this little rabbit for Lin Baiyi to care for. The result was that this fellow would often go out and eat. After eating many Spirit herbs in the herb gardens, it had even taken a nibble at the [Medicinal King Lingzhi], something that Ouyang Buping regards as equal to his own life…

  Adding the little rabbit and Little Nine together, this was enough for them to become the nightmare of the medicine masters.

  After Ye Qingyu heard this, colds sweat also bstop as of this point. Today he had brought this little fellow at his side when he came to the [Light Palace] to prevent any unnecessary trouble.

  Standing beneath the [Eastern Kill Gate], he looked at the city walls high up.

  The black city walls had experiencdd a hundred years of mortagages but was still standing towering. There was an indescribable attractive feeling emitting from it. Faintly, it was as if life had returned to it, the image of blade shadows clashing being released.

  A faintly aura began pressuring towards him.

  All outsiders who came to the outside of the [Light Palace] would be astounded by the aura released by this little ancient city.

  Ye Qingyu did not say anything, but the little rabbit released a noise, attracting the attention of the old soldiers.

  ”Hm? What is it?”

  ”Who is it?”

  ”Go, go, go, this place is not somewhere were you can walk around. Quickly go…”

  The several old soldiers saw a strange person had appeared, but they still did not have the slightest of caution. They lazily sat where they were as they berated, not even having the intention of standing up.

  Ye Qingyu lightly shook his head.

  The old soldiers felt their vision going blurry as the young man with a little white rabbit in his embrace suddenly disappeared.


  ”He’s gone?”

  ”Maybe he left…”

  ”Haha, I feel that you’re seeing something.

  They laughed and joked about it, still lazily enjoying the sun.

  Ye Qingyu had already passed through the [Eastern Kill Gate] into the inside of the city. He went through a series of back passageways, where there were signs of formation arrays etched onto the walls. But it had already lost its effectiveness. There was a series of tight and clustered little black holes in the walls, this should be where the heart of the mechanism lay.

  After passing through the hundred-meter-long passageway, he came to a miniature city gate.

  There was a gigantic black-coloured stone tablet in the form of a sword that appeared.

  There were words.

  ”Humans cultivate all things to nourish Fiendgods, Fiendgods have nothing they can give to repay humans. Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

“This is…” Ye Qingyu was slightly taken aback.

  Seven Kill Plaque!

  This was the legendary Seven Kill Plaque.

  The Divine Doctor and the Pill God had once mentioned there was a Seven kill Plaque within the [Light Palace].

  It was said that the existence that founded and created the [Light Palace], had once left a sword plaque here within the [Light Palace]. It had the power to suppress ghosts, deities and Fiendgods.

  It should be the sword plaque in front of him.

  It really had the ability to suppress ghosts, deities and Fiendgods?

  He could not sense anything.

  There was not any fluctuation of energy around this sword plaque whatsoever.

  Apart from the characters on it, it did not have any formation arrays or any sort of mystery upon it.

  Could it be something that outsiders had turned into a legend?

  Ye Qingyu lifted his head to look at the stone plaque, staring at it and suddenly felt a spell of faintness.

  A change had occurred.

  The characters were like they were chiseled by blades and axes, every character was like it was cut with a blade. After the sword plaque had experienced the passing of a hundred year of time, Ye Qingyu could still feel in these twenty-two words, a flickering blade will hidden, like the aura from the clash of millions of blades, metals and horses. Without knowing when, Ye Qingyu felt his vision had changed. He was no longer standing in front of the Seven Kill Plaque, but within a battlefield, amidst an ocean of blood and a mountain of corpses…

  ”Just what is this?”

  Ye Qingyu was shocked.

  He suddenly turned his head, activating his consciousness and firming his will. However, even using the nameless breathing technique, he had no way of breaking past the illusion in front of him.

  Formation array?

  Or was it an illusion?

  Ancient scene after ancient scene began appearing ——

  Within the air, there were battleships upon battleships, completely shrouding the skies. Fiendgod after Fiendgod fell to the ground from the air, like withered leaves. One could see mountains of corpses and seas of blood on the ground. There were countless strange and alien races brandishing their weapons and fighting. The fresh blood was like a river that gathered together and surged throughout. White bones were piled up so high that it was like a mountain. One could see broken walls and burning flames, one could see collapsed mountain peaks. One could see dried up oceans, one could see broken space, one could see magma swallowing the city walls and high buildings…

  The entire world madly swirled around Ye Qingyu.

  He saw the imagery of Fiendgods fighting within the skies, rending Heaven and Earth apart.

  He saw countess races that followed the Fiendgod also perishing in such a scene.

  The entire world, in such a brutal battlefield, was like an exquisite sand sculpture that collapsed bit by bit.

  Ye Qingyu had unknowingly clenched his fist at seeing such a scene.

  Seeing the death of countless lifeforms, seeing the battle between Fiendgods unending, seeing the entire world perishing of battle, an uncontrollable killing intent began building in his heart. A hard to describe rage, seemed to have been lit my something. He hated the fact that he was unable to transform into a destructive flame, and surged forwards and sweep up the Fiendgods fighting throughout the skies with vicious expressions. He wanted to make these lifeforms that were like tumours, completely disappear from this world…

  It was as if flames had enshrouded Ye Qingyu eyes.

  Then his entire person transformed into flames.

  In his ears, the roars of rage and howls of tragedies coming from countless lifeforms began to distance away.

  He did not know how long had passed before he awakened.

  Looking around his surroundings, the previous illusions had all disappeared. There was only the sword plaque raised high up in front of him.

  Looking at the twenty-two words now, he could only feel that the strokes of the characters were extremely sharp. There was no longer any dizziness or illusions by looking upon it anymore.

  ”Just what is happening?”

  Ye Qingyu looked again towards the Seven Kill Plaque.

  Why had that existence in the past left such a plaque behind?

  The things that he had witnessed, was this the true intention of this plaque?

  When that existence in the past left the sword plaque behind, his martial will and spirit had implanted the scenery he saw.

  But it was only that, in the legends, this existence was the Snow Empire War God, a legendary figure a hundred years ago. But from what he just saw, it seemed like he had experienced the God and Devil Age himself, that he would be so hateful and angry towards the Fiendgods?

  Ye Qingyu felt that the matter was not as simple as it seemed in the legends.

  Standing in front of the Seven Kill Plaque for a while longer, Ye Qingyu felt the hatred and killing intent in his body slowly dissipating. Only then did he turn and leave, heading further inside.

  What he had was time, he could slowly investigate this Seven Kill Plaque in the future.

  After passing the miniture city gate, there was an open and large yard.

  At the very center was a road for carriages that was approximately ten meters wide.

  On the side of the main road were two rows of light soldier statues. Every statue was ten meters tall, faintly silver. It was extremely lifelike. Everyone held their swords at the chest and let out an imposing aura.

  Outside the soldier statues, on the left side was the martial practice grounds. On the right side was the camp and military stores.

  There was a wooden fence that separated the main road.

  Ye Qingyu slowly walked through the main road.

  There was a clamour that sounded.

  On the right side of the camps, there were people playing and enjoying themselves.

  He saw a crowd of soldiers that wore casual clothing as well as two muscular men that were topless. Their foreheads were against the other’s forehead, staring angrily at each other, doing their utmost to wrestle the other to the ground, with hundreds of soldiers madly cheering for them. There was a large fatty that seemed like a flesh mountain from far away sitting on a stone chair. He was shouting and screaming, yelling at them to wager on just which of the muscular men would be the first to fall to the ground…

  ”Hahaha, wager, wager, wager everyone. I don’t have anymore money, and the monthly wages hasn’t yet been distributed. I’ll first owe you ten gold on the loan…” The fatty had a face filled with crazed fanatic light as he shouted.

  Every time he laughed, the flesh on his body beneath his loose clothing would shake.

  ”Fatty, why are you betting with nothing again? You’ve already owed us several hundred gold that you’ve delayed for several months, why are you tarrying?” There was someone that shouted in disagreement.

  ”Because I’m the commander of the soldier army, and my military rank is higher than you. Wahaha, what can you do?” The fatty began shouting arrogantly.

  ”We said at the very start, there is not father and son in a wager. What does your military rank matter…” Another large man began yelling in rebuttal.

  The fatty was somewhat angry. After being angry for a while, he suddenly turned back, “Duan Tiande, Duan Tiande, don’t sleep all day then, grab my military badge out for me…”

  From the great tent behind them, there was a large swathe of yawning young soldiers that walked out. This should be the Duan Tiande that was mentioned by Fatty. There was a silver item in his hands. With a throw, he threw it from far off…

  The items drew out a silver arc in the air.

  Ye Qingyu could see it clearly. This was a military badge that was extremely intricate.

  There was a significant aura emitting from this sword shaped military badge. It was evidently not common, and its rank was absolutely not low. It was at least the military badge of a second class military Marquis.

  However, the pig-like fatty did not even turn his head as he received it. Then he directly threw this military badge into the pile of scattered money, loudly shouting, “I wager my military badge. How about that then?”

  ”Che, you use this move every time, do you think we’re afraid of you.” The people beside him looked at him with disdain.

  From far away.

  Ye Qingyu looked on them for a while on the main road, then shook his head.

  Was these the current soldiers of the [Light Palace]?

  And that fatty seemed to be the commander of these soldiers.

  For military discipline to deteriorate to such a degree, it seemed that the [Light Palace] had really fallen into a sorry state.

  Ye Qingyu did not say anything and continued walking further inside with the little white rabbit in his embrace.

  The soldiers that were still engrossed in wagering and gambling perhaps noticed Ye Qingyu, or perhaps they did not notice. However, no one gave any attention to Ye Qingyu. When Ye Qingyu passed this area by and continued walking, no one blocked him.

  At the end of the main road was another inner city wall.

  The innter city wall was of similar hright to the outer city wall. There was another city gate inside, it’s scale even larger than the previous [Eastern Kill Gate]. This should be the [Front Kill Gate] of the Front, Middle and Back Kill gates.

  In the past, even experts of the sects that had hands covered with blood and had ran rampant throughout their times had been slaughtered in front of this gate.

  But right now, in this famous [Front Kill Gate], there was no longer anyone guarding it.

  Ye Qingyu entered through the [Front Kill Gate], going further in.

In front of him was the most central area of the [Light Palace]. This was the area where the true experts were stationed. According to the legends, when the [Light Palace] was at its pinnacle, there were hundreds of Bitter Sea stage experts stationed here, and tens of Heaven Ascension stage experts. They could be regarded as an extremely terrifying power, but right now…

  On the way here, Ye Qingyu could see several withered great trees as well as yellow soil.

  The camps that had once stationed top level experts had been broken apart by the wind and rain. The weapons that had once been sparkling and glittering with light were now rusted and broken. There was a platform that had fallen into disuse, as well as formation arrays that did not have any more energy to sustained it…

  The previous [Front Kill Gate] at least had those lazy soldiers existing. It at least gave off a feeling of life. But this area was a dead area. Decrepitated and decayed, there was not even a sparrow to be seen.

  Although he had already made his preparations, but Ye Qingyu had never thought that the [Light Palace] had decayed to such an extent.

  With such an atmosphere and battlepower, it could not even be compared to the soldiers under the command of the lowest Guerilla Warfare officer of Youyan Pass.

  ”The glory of the past has been blown away by the wind and rain. It seems to want to make the [Light Palace] rise again, everything has to start from the beginning again. As the Lord of the Light Palace, I am only an empty shell… it’s only that the Crown Prince spent such a great effort to push me into the position as the Lord of the Light Palace. Why did he do so? If he was supporting his trusted subordinates… But until now, I have never even seen the Crown Prince. How can he be sure that I would be willing to work under him with all my heart?”

  Ye Qingyu was thoughtful as he headed further inside.

  It was another inner wall.

  At the center of the inner wall is the [Middle Kill Gate].

  The fame of the [Middle Kill Gate] was even greater than the [Front Kill Gate].

  Those people slaughtered here in the past were all the monsters and tyrants at the Sect Leader class.

  But this [Middle Kill Gate] was not any different from the [Front Kill Gate]. It was decrepit, without anyone guarding it, withered leaves flying about…

  When Ye Qingyu walked past the [Middle Kill Gate] into the third area, he could suddenly sense a powerful energy fluctuation that came from a platform a thousand meters in front of him.

  He turned his head to look.

  There was a martial expert currently training.

  Ye Qingyu’s heart trembled.

  The man wielding the halberd as a weapon should be the first true martial expert he had encountered after entering the [Light Palace]. It was only that he did not use yuan qi as he practiced his blade techniques, but his powerful and simple blade cultivation made Ye Qingyu sense his powerful aura even a thousand meters away.

  This should be a top level existence at the Bitter Sea stage.

  There was still top level experts within the [Light Palace] after all?

  After having been made disappointed by the undisciplined and decrepit affairs, Ye Qingyu was finally interested after seeing this martial expert. Walking over, he came to twenty meters away from the arena, as he began closely observing…

On the arena, there was a middle-aged man that seemed to be around thirty. His face was bronze and hehad clearly defined facial features. His figure could not be said to be tall, but there was an explosive power filled in his muscles. He wore rough and coarse fabric clothing with a black metal chain hanging at his waist. There was a sense of beauty as his muscles moved according to the change in his bladesmanship.

  The blade in his hand was that of a war halberd that was rarely seen.

  This type of weapon was even longer and heavier than a normal blade. No matter whether it was the back of the blade or the handle, it was thicker and wider. It seem to be extremely suitable for hacking and cutting. This was one of the favourite weapons of martial experts at the Ordinary martial level, the striking power they were able to instantaneously exhibit was really powerful. But for top class experts at the Biter Sea stage, the heaviness and thickness of a weapon was not the factor that decided victory in a battle. Therefore there were rarely any top class experts who used such a weapon.

  Furthermore, this halberd seemed exceedingly normal. It should not be a Spirit tool or a Treasure tool.

  It was only that, such a normal weapon, began exhibiting a terrifying aura in the hands and moves of this person. A cold and seeping aura before to materialize, encircling around the body of this person. And this was only power, without any yuan qi being used.

  ”The strength of this broad faced person is absolutely at the Bitter Sea stage. His cultivation is not as great as me, but the killing intent held within his blade is absolutely above me. He should be a warrior that charged out from within the army, but why is he within the [Light Palace]?“

  Ye Qingyu could tell that the martial path followed by the broad faced man, was the military martial path.

  But in this military killing aura, Ye Qingyu could faintly sense a dispiritedness within, as if something was wrong.

  At this time—-


  A blade filled with killing intent suddenly hacked at him.

  This blade was extremely sudden, like a bolt of lightning that instantly came in front of Ye Qingyu.

  ”Chichichi…” The little white rabbit was so scared that it’s fur stood up straight. It’s ruby-like eyes were closed as it began sharply making sounds of distress.

  In the instant that Ye Qingyu’s figure was hit by the blade light, his figure was like silken tofu, splitting into two.

  But the next instant, the two pieces of his body blurred, then dispersed like mist.

  Ye Qingyu’s true body was half a meter away.

  On the arena.

  The broad faced bladesman looked at Ye Qingyu, evaluating him up and down. “Who are you?”

  Hearing these words, his heart was moved like he he had just seen his family. He was after all the new Lord of the Light Palace. On the way here, no one had paid him any attention, and no one had asked him what he was doing here. The previous speeches he had prepared beforehand, he did not have the chance to use them at all. But right now, was his opportunity finally going to appear?

  Ye Qingyu cleared his throat, then said with a smile, “I am…”

  Who would have that thought before he could even say a phrase, the broad faced swordsman swiped his arm. Coldly he said, “Fine, no need to say anything. I also don’t want to know. Who you are has nothing to do with me. To be able to avoid my strike, it’s clear you are not a nameless person… I don’t like people watching me sneakily as I practice, please leave.”

  As he finished, his blade moved again, beginning to train in his bladesmanship once again.

  Ye Qingyu: “…”

  You’re the person who asked me who I was, but to think you would say such words now?

  Could you at least let me introduce myself first?

  Just what kind of people were within the [Light Palace]?

  Ye Qingyu was about to say something, but there was suddenly a laugh that sounded beside his air. A faint smell of alcohol drifted over —–

  ”Haha, Yan Hengshui, it was evidently you who was the one that asked him first. To think you would not even let him speak. With your emotions and your intelligence, do you think you will be able to succeed? No wonder you can only wait here to die…”

  Ye Qingyu was shocked.

  He had previously not even detected this person’s existence.

  Turning his head to look, he saw in the light soldier statue next to him that was tens of meters high, a figure was sitting in a slanted position upon the soldier’s forehead, with a complete lazy posture. The person that said such words was namely him.

  It was a young man that seemed around twenty years of age. He had black loose hair, and clearly defined facial features. He wore a brocaded robe, emitting a noble young master aura. It was only that his facial hair was something that was different from his image, his beard rubble. Amidst his nobility, there was an air of laziness and deterioration, but still had a certain charm about him.

  The person sitting on the soldier’s head had a jade green wine gourd. With a slight suction, there was a liquid that spouted out. The way he drank alcohol was extremely coarse, there was at least half the liquid that spouted to hit chest instead of going into his mouth.

  He was another expert.

  Ye Qingyu instantly made such an evaluation.

  This young man that looked like a fallen noble had been able to evade his sense. His strength was definitely not any lower than that of the broad faced man, Yan Hengshu.

  ”Whether I can continue on or not, do I need a trash like you who weas trashed by a woman to manage?” Yan Hengshui was enraged, his blade striking out and his figure transforming into flowing light. An invisible blade aura exploded, a sword qi that was hundreds of meters in size cut towards the young man on top of the head of the soldier statue.

  ”Aiyah…” The young man let out a shocked cry and quickly fell down in a panic from the massive statue.“

  But such a fall had just managed to avoid the blade that contained Yan Hengshui’s rage.

  ”“Li Changheng, do you dare to directly face my blade?” Yan Hengshui let out a roar of anger.

  His blade qi could already be released as his heart willed it, reaching a pinnacle state. Since the blade had not managed to strike the young man called Li Changheng, the instant it hit the soldier statue, the huge force instantly dissipated like a light wind.

  ”I don’t have energy to continue on tarrying with a brute like you. I’ll come back when I’m annoyed…” Li Changheng’s figure seemed to quiver for a bit after falling down from the statue. But in truth, after several flickers, he was already several hundreds meters away, his body technique extremely exquisite.

  Ye Qingyu saw this scene and instantly knew that this Li Changheng’s strength was also at the Bitter Sea stage.

  It seemed like there were still experts within the [Light Palace].

  It was only that these two people seemed to be people with strange temperaments. They should not be easy to discipline and command, and it would not be a simple task to turn them into subordinates he could use.

  Seeing that Ye Qingyu could not touch Yan Hengshui, the halberd in his hand turned. The absolute blade glimmer was about to strike down at Ye Qingyu’s head. With a yell, “It seems your strength is not bad, you’re fit to receive a few of my moves.”

  The blade glimmer was like lightning. Half the air seemed to have been cut apart by him.

  Ye Qingyu activated the [True Will of the Sky Dragon]. His right hand instantly transformed into a dragon’s claw. With a punch, it struck squarely on the silver blade glimmer.


  An invisible broken blade qi swept the heavens.

  Yan Hengshui could only feel an unbelievable power striking at him. The halberd in his hands was like a mad dragon that could not be controlled, his entire person being sent flying by a humongous force. After sailing tens of meters through the air, he stumbled back another seven steps. Ultimately, he stabbed his blade into the ground, before he could stop flying backwards.

  Astonishment was writen on his face as he looked disbelievingly at Ye Qingyu.

  He evidenlty had not imagined that Ye Qingyu’s strength would be some much higher than what he had initially estimated.

  Ye Qingyu smiled towards this broad faced man. Without saying anything, he continued towards the interior of the [Light Palace].

  The broad faced man lifted his hand. He wanted to say something, but without knowing why, nothing was ultimately uttered.

  Ye Qingyu came to before the Front Kill Gate.

  This young noble master that was called Li Changheng was slanted at the side of the Front Kill Gate. His eyes were narrowed as he carefully evaluated Ye Qingyu. With a smile that was not a smile: “To be able to send Yan Hengshui, that brute flying with a punch, you must not be a nameless fellow. What is your reason for coming to the [Light Palace], where a bird would not even shit?”

  Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

  Because at that moment, there were suddenly two lights that flickered. A vast energy rumbled from in front of him, reaching him in the blink of an eye.

  It was a figure that was as thin as a bamboo, a middle-aged man with a goatee.

  A scholar with a fresh face.

  From the energy that the two emitted, they were evidently existences at the Bitter Sea stage. Their strength should be at the same class as Li Changheng and Yan Hengshui.

  The two appeared, then stared at Ye Qingyu for a moment. Looking at each other, they had a shocked expression before bowing as they paid their respects.

  “Your subordinate, the Enoy of Light, Dai Youmeng, pays his respect to the Lord of the Light Palace.”

  “Your subordinate, the Enoy of Light, Liu Jingyan, pays his respect to the Lord of the Light Palace.”

  Seeing the two, Ye Qingyu was faintly surprised. “You recognize me?”

  The middle-aged scolar, Liu Jingyan quickly replied, “Several days ago, his majesty had passad on a message to the [Light Palace]. He has already notified us of the matter of Lord Ye assuming the mantle.”

  ”That is so.” The skinny and high man, Dai Youmeng, also bowed.“

  Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

  Compared to Li Changheng and Yan Hengshui, these two were evidently much more normal.

  ”So you are the newly arrived Lord?” So young…” There was a light that flickered in Li Changheng’s eyes, then he once again returned to his relapsed state.

  He still leaned against the wall and slightly clasped his eyes, paying a perfunctory respect. There was not the slightest attitude of a subordinate paying his respects to his superior.

  ”You dare. Li Changheng, you dare to be so impolite towards Lord Ye?” Liu Jingyan said in rage.

  Li Changheng gave him a glance and coldly smiled, “Ai, you’ve learned to rely on the power of others. We are all Envoys of Light, we are all of the same rank. What right do you have to shout and order me around?”


  Yan Hengshui at the other end had also recovered. He brought his long blade as he walked over, giving Ye Qingyu a bow, “I am the Envoy of Light, Yan Hengshui. I pay my respects to you.”

  Since he came from a military background, even his movements in paying his respects was filled with power.

  Ye Qingyu nodded his head without saying anything and continued onwads.

  From the information received from Dugu Quan, there was an army of soldiers as well as seven Envoys of Light within the [Light Palace]. The four people in front of him were evidently four of the seven Envoys of Light. Why had the other three Envoys of Light not appeared?

  Liu Jingyan did not know why the new Lord had come. They could only quietly follow behind Ye Qingyu.

  Yan Hengshui held his halberd as he also silently followed behind.

  Li Changheng hesitated slightly before ultimately continuing to stay where he was. He remained behind to bathe laziness in the sunlight on the city walls.

 After the Back Kill Gate, it was the fourth area of the Light City.

  Compared to the vastness of the previous three areas, the fourth area was somewhat quieter. In the ground, one could see the same strange trees that grew without order. Each of these trees were the thickness of two people hugging it. These trees were completely scarlet red, no matter whether it was the bark of the tree or the skin, and seemed like a sea of fire from far away, bright and resplendent.

  There was a faint fire yuan qi attribute fluctuating in these trees.

  ”Eh? Could these be the legendary fire trees?”

  Ye Qingyu was surprised.

  According to the legends, in the most southeastern part of Snow Empire, there were such strange trees growing in the places were fire and magma flowed. It naturally possessed compatibility with the fire attribute, and could change the power of the world.

  But he had not imagined that he would be able to see such trees in a place like the capital.

The fire tree was said to be one of the six strangest trees in the world. It could change the concentration of the five attributes around it. For martial experts who were of the fire attribute, they were an extremely rare resource. If they cultivated in a place filled with fire trees, the progress of their cultivation would definitely advance with less effort.

  It was a pity that Ye Qingyu cultivated in the ice attribute. The fire trees did not have much effect on him.

  The ground was filled with fire trees as well as their scattered leaves on the ground, creating an especially beautiful scene.


  From within the trees, there was the sound of brushing.

  Ye Qingyu took several steps amongst the trees, and walked several steps into the little stone path. He could see an old man with plain and ragged clothes was currently brandishing a broom made from branches and woven grass. He was brushing the ground that was made from branches as well as strands of grass into piles then setting them alight.

  The burning leaves of the fire trees danced like spirits. It ultimately did not transform into ashes, but turned into little buds of green light that flew amongst the forest, disappearing amongst the branches of the fire trees.

  The fallen red were not unrelated objects, they transformed into pure yuan qi that protected the flowers.

  ”This is old man Su. In the very early periods of the [Light Palace], it was said he was once a Soldier of Light. But he sustained injuries and damaged his cultivation, so he could only be assigned here to quiety tend to the fire trees and leaves. If the leaves of the fire trees accumulate too much, it will incite the fires of the earth and cause fires to burn the roots of the fire trees. This will cause the death of the trees…” The man with the goatee beard, Dai Youmeng rushed to explain.”

  Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

  The blood qi of this old man was a bit stronger than a normal person. But there was not any yuan qi within his body, he should be an old veteran whose cultivation was lost.

  ”That’s right, old man Su has already been here for sixty or seventy years. These years, his legs have gotten worse and he’s turned even more mute and death. The previous Lords took pity on him and always kept him on and fed him…” the middle-aged scholar Liu Jingyan explained.

  Ye Qingyu and the others walked over.

  As expected, only when they were near did Old man Su notice the others’ existence.

  He looked on the others with surprise before once again sweeping and clearing out the fire leaves.

  Wrinkles spread about like lines on a turtle shell on the dry old face of the old man, filled with the marks of a old man. His head was covered with thinning silver white hair, and his scalp was similiarly dried and withered. The aura he emitted made others feel he would fall over with a light gust of wine. He continued to steep with both his hands like the talons of a bird, his fingernails black and beautiful. He panted, his figure somewhat hunched.

  Ye Qingyu stood and look beside him for a while, then said, “Send two or three people tomorrow, and help an old man out.”

  ”Your concern, Lord, is much appreciated. But the temperament Old Man Su has is strange, he’s not compatible with other people. Previously, there were several young people from the soldiers camp who took pity on him. They came to help him everyday, but in the end he went mad, hitting and biting them and finally scaring them away.” Dai Youmeng shook his head. “We only found out afterwards that he was afraid of others stealing his job away from him. If he does not have this job, he will starve to death after leaving the [Light Palace]. It doesn’t matter how much we explain it to him, and in the end, there wasn’t anyone else that dared to go and help him.”

  ”That’s right, afterwards everyone grew to be aware of his temperament…” Liu Jingyan added.

  Ye Qingyu did not say anything, continuing onwards.

  The true palace of the [Light Palace] should be at the end of this forest of fire trees.

  As they continued to walk, the fire attribute in the air grew stronger and stronger.

  When they were near the end of the fire tree forest, the scorching energy within the air was enough to make a withered log instantly catch on fire. The surging heat wave that faced them, caused them to have a mistaken sensation that they were in a sea of fire.

  This was absolutely not the power of the fire trees.

  With inner yuan protecting around Ye Qingyu, he left the forest. A black stone building that could not be said to be large appeared in his sight.

  This stone palace did not have any specialities. It was classical, like a large stone house. There was not any stuff like statues or decoration, without a dome and did not have formation light emitting from it. The only things it had was a massive entrance at the very front, but it did not have a door and there seemed to be another entrance at the side. It was not clear what there was inside the main palace because it was floating around twenty meters above the ground.

  It was a floating stone palace.

  There was approximately another hundred white steps similarly floating in the air that formed undulating stairs, extending from the ground into the entrance of the stone palace.

  The humongous and terrifying surge of heat was namely emitted from the palace in front of them.

  More precisely, it was emitted from the base of this palace.

  There was a visible fire energy that constantly struck the base of the stone palace like a volcano.

  Ye Qingyu closed the distance.

  This time he could see it even more clearly.

  ”It was like this?”

  Seeing this scene, Ye Qingyu was somewhat taken aback.

  Because below the palace, it was not truly ground beneath it. It was a humongous pit that was around hundreds of meters wide.

  The bottom of the pit could not be seen. When you stood at the edge and looked down, you could see a purple-coloured magma fire that was roaring and boiling like nether springs through layer after layer of scorching red energy waves. At the same time, there was an earth splitting crackling and explosion, as if there was some peerlessly terrifying vicious beast hidden within the fires of the earth, causing one to pale with fear.

  How could this be possible?

  The pit was really connected to the fires of the earth that existed in the limitless depths of the world.

  Ye Qingyu had his mouth opened in shock.

  Accoding to the legends, Snow Capital was constructed on a glacier that had existed for countlesss years. In such a bitterly cold place, why would there suddenly be an Earth Fire spring? If the earth fires had any activity and exploded, even the entire capital would instantly be enshrouded by fire and perish. How could there be such a little Earth Fire spring here?

  This was somewhat hard to believe.

  ”It’s your first time coming here, Lord?” The Dai Youmeng saw Ye Qingyu’s expression, then smiled.

  Ye Qingyu did not turn his head to regard them.

  Dai Youmeng clasped his hands, “Lord, you may not know this, but this underground fire nether spring in front of us was said to be created by the existence that founded the [Light Palace]. HIs sword pierced the ground, stabbing through countless layers, and incited the fires of the earth. His peerless sword will and power created such a pit. After even a hundred years, there will still be a small portion of earth fire that is emitted…”

  A sword strike that pierced through the countless shells and layers?

  This… what was that kind of power?

  A Bitter Sea stage expert could not do this. Even legendary Heaven Ascension stage experts, may not be able to do such thing?

  The shock on Ye Qingyu’s expression deepened further.

  So it had such a history.

  It was the work of that truly legendary peerless War God.

  Until today, Ye Qingyu had heard far too many people describing the actions of that person. Every single one of these stories were like the actions of a deity. Every time someone mentioned him, their tone would be filled with admiration and worship, like they were speaking about a heavenly person. It caused there to be a near irrepressible curiosity towards this War God in Ye Qingyu’s heart.

  It was a pity that this miracle person had already disappeared.

  It was rumoured that he had perished.

  But for an existence that was so near being a god, just how could he perish?

  Perhaps there was some sort of secret hidden in the history of Snow Empire’s founding?

  Looking at the Earth Fire spring in front of him and listening to it’s roars, it seemed as if they were the howls of a Fiendgod that belonged to another world. According to the legends, the passageways that led to the other domains could potentially be hidden within the fires of the earth. There was a thought that occurred to Ye Qingyu, if he jumped into this Earth Fire spring, would it be possible for him to find the Domain Gates?

  ”Within this Earth Fire spring, there exists flame demonic beasts from the Upper Ancient Age. There had once been people who had seen them appear, they are a breed that is terrifyingly destructive and likes killing. They are all slumbering and rarely appears…” Liu Jingyan stood beside the sword pit, seeming somewhat apprehensive and did not dare near it at all like Ye Qingyu.

  Dai Youmeng was also like such.

  The broad faced Yan Hengshui was somewhat nearer than the other two.

  Ye Qingyu stood and looked by the edge of the sword pit for a while, sensing the dense fire attribute energy in the air, making him feel somewhat uncomfortable.

  Because what he cultivated in was the ice attribute inner yuan, he was being subconsciously rejected in such an environment with such a heavy concentration of fire attribute. His strength was even somewhat a little suppressed.

  He turned and slowly walked towards those floating steps.

  At the beginning of the stone steps, there was a statue.

  The statue was not any taller than one meter. It was not human shaped, but in the shape of a monkey.

  It was a very martial monkey.

  This monkey wore armour around him, letting out a glorious aura. Every detail from top to bottom was increasingly intricate, even the fur on his body was extremely clear. HIs expression had a semblance of authority with anger, and was extremely life-like, as if he would awaken at any moment. There was a pale golden war staff in his hands, and the shape of this war staff was also intricate and beautiful. There was a dragon soaring and climbing on it’s two sides. Looking at it, it caused people to not help but extend their hands and grab the war staff into their hands.

  ”This was once the battle companion of that existence. It’s said to be a Spirit monkey with unfathomable strength. He had once ran rampant in the age of sects. According to the rumours, the Soaring Golden Dragon staff had even defeated experts at the Heaven Ascension stage. Afterwards, he disappeared along with that existence. This statue is something the divine craftsman created for the Spirit monkey to protect the [Light Palace] because that existence was once in closed isolation within the palace…”

  Liu Jingyan quickly rushed over and respectfully explained.

  Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

  This was the battle companion of that existence?

  For a battle companion to be able to defeat experts at the Heaven Ascension stage, then just what cultivation would his master be at?

  But after hearing so many legends and rumours about that person, Ye Qingyu slowly adjusted to it and did not find it so strange anymore.

  He closely examined this Spirit monkey statue, then headed towards the floating stone steps.

  Liu Jingan and Dai Youmeng looked like they saw a ghost as they stood behind, paling as they cried out, “Lord, wait…”

  Ye Qingyu turned to give them a glance.

  ”Lord, are you wanting to ascend the stone steps?” Liu Jingyan enquired.

  ”Of course,” Ye Qingyu nodded matter of factly. “As the Lord of the Light Palace, do you think I should not enter into the true [Light Palace] to have a look? It is said that this stone palace is the true location where the Lord of the Light Palace rules from.”

  ”This is right, but…” Liu Jingyan seemed like he wanted to say something, somewhat hesitant.

  Dai Youmeng also seemed conflicted, as if there were some words that were hard to utter.
  Ye Qingyu was curious.

  ”Just what is this?” Ye Qingyu asked with a frown.

  The two stuttered and stammered.

  Yan Hengshui by the side directly open his mouth. saying, “Lord you may not know, but these floating stone steps towards the [Light Palace] have already not been passed in over a hundred years. No one can walk though it all. The Spirit monkey statue is protecting it by testing everyone who comes here. Apart from that existence, the Lords of the Light Palace in the past have no way of entering into the stone palace. There were people who once forcefully attempted to bypass the stone steps, but ultimately ended up in an utterly sorry state…”

  ”Test?” Ye Qingyu asked strangely. “What kind of test?”

“According to the legends, within this Spirit Monkey statue, there is a shred of consciousness left behind by the battle companion. Only if this shred of consciousness recognizes that person can they step onto the stone steps and enter into the true [Light Palace]…” Yan Hengshui said. “From the beginning, the reason that the [Light Palace] had deteriorated to such an extent had a large part to do with this test. The past Lords of the Light Palace had no way of obtaining it’s recognition and could not enter into the divine palace. Therefore it caused the energy required for the formations to be able to fluctuate properly within the City of Light to decrease in strength year by year, and it has weakened to such a degree today.”

  The Envoy of Light that came from a military background had a straightforward temperament. He would not mince his words and did not make any concealment of the matter.

  ”So it was like this…” This was the first time that Ye Qingyu had heard of this. After thinking it over, something strange occurred to him. He asked, “It shouldn’t be. If this Spirit monkey was once the battle companion of that founding Lord of the Light Palace as well as the protector of the Palace, it should be part of the [Light Palace]. Why would it not allow other Lords to enter? This doesn’t make sense.”

  On Liu Jingyan and Dai Youmeng’s faces, there was a strange colour that appeared.

  Yan Hengshui still said very straightforwardly, “Because of the existence of the person that created the [Light Palace], that is to say the first Lord of the Light Palace. He had once said something: that the future Lords of the [Light Palace] has to be chosen by the previous Lord of the Light Palace. The Imperial family and the miltiary cannot interfere. But before the first Lord could choose his successor, he disappeared. Afterwards, the future Lords were all appointed by the Snow Emperor, but they were all rejected by the will of this Spirit statue.”

  ”So it was like this.”

  Hearing this, Ye Qingyu thought about his own position as the Lord of the Light Palace. Since he was also appointed by the Imperial family, then did this represent that he would also be pushed away by the will within the Spirit monkey?

  ”It is only a shred of consciosness from a battle companion. Is there no way to break or solve it?” Ye Qingyu asked again.

  Snow Empire was currently the number one power within Heaven Wasteland Domain. Although there were many internal struggles and turmoil, but there were still countless extraordinary people and geniuses appearing. The current Snow Emperor was also a terrifying extreme level expert. For a shred of consciousness that a battle companion Spirit monkey left behind to trouble them like so. Could it not be erased or destroyed, that it would be able to defy the Imperial Edict until today?

  ”If they were able to get rid of it, they would long have.” Liu Jingyang said with a bitter smile. “It was said that the consciousness of the Spirit monkey great injured the second Lord after ejecting him from the main palace. According to the rumours, the Snow Emperor was enraged and acted personally, coming to this forest of fire trees himself. However, no one knows what happened. The Snow Emperor at that time stayed behind for six hours alone in the fire tree forest, and then left. The consciousness from the battle companion Spirit monkey still remained. From then on, the Imperial family has not concerned itself over this matter. The other Lords of the Light Palace appointed by the Imperial family all could not step onto the floating steps, so they had no way of entering into the true [Light Palace].”

  ”That’s right, there had since been prodigous experts accepting the position of Lord and attempted to forcefully break through the floating stone steps. But ultimately they all retreated, vomiting blood. They were all prideful and arrogant fellows and would rather die rather thanretreat. They were sent directly into the sword pit that led to the Earth Fire spring and turned into ashes. That’s why we were trying to persuade you just now…” Dai Youmeng explained respectfully.

  Ye Qingyu finally completely understood.

  Seeing the hesitant expression of the two, evidently they did not know how to persuade Ye Qingyu into not attempting to pass through the floating stone steps. They were worried about his brashness of youth. However, if they spoke the true reason, they were worried it would invoke his will to challenge and firm his resolve to pass through the stone steps to the palace. This would ultimately caused him to be injured by the consciousness within the Spirit monkey statue, and slap his own face.

  But if they did not act or speak, they were worried that it would draw his wrath later.

  Although Liu Jinyan and Dai Youmeng’s strength was not weak, but they specialized more in interacting and reading others. They were not as stupidly straightforward as Yan Hengshui, evidently these two were experienced people amongst political affairs.

  Ye Qingyu smiled, not saying much. His gaze once again returned to the Spirit monkey statue.

  Apart from seeing it’s extremely life-like appearance, there was not any shred of energy coming from the statue. It was not too different from a normal statue, how could it block the Snow Emperor at that time?

  There was a will to compete rising in Ye Qingyu’s heart.

  He lightly took a step forward, heading towards the stone steps.


  ”Lord, reconsider!”

  Liu Jingyan and Dai Youmeng let out an exclamation.

  Ye Qingyu did not turn back, his footsteps halting slightly. “What’s there to afraid of? I’m not forcefully breaking through it, I’m only going to test the power of that shred of consciousness from the Spirit monkey statue. If I really cannot progress, I will naturally return.”

  As he said this, he took another step forward.

  At this time, he was already in front of the first step of the floating stone steps.

  The Spirit monkey stone statue did not seem to have any reaction.

  The gaze of Liu Jingyan and the other experts were fixated on Ye Qingyu, making preparations to act.

  Ye Qingyu deeply breathed in.

  He lifted his leg.

  His leg landed.

  His right leg landed on the first step of the stone steps.

  Liu Jingyan, Dai Youmeng as well as Yan Hengshui had energy and light fluctuating around their bodies, preparing to receive and take Ye Qingyu away.


  Nothing happened whatsoever.

  The Spirit monkey statue did not do anything.

  Ye Qingyu paused slightly, his yuan qi activated to it’s extreme, all his mental energy focused and prepared. Then he slowly lifted his left leg, landing on the first step of the floating stone steps.

  ”Be careful Lord!“

  ”Quickly retreat!”

  Yan Hengshui and the other three cried lightly.

  But in reality, nothing had happened.

  The Spirit monkey stone statue still silently stood next to the stone steps, without any fluctuation of energy

  Ye Qingyu stood stably on the stone steps.

  He turned his head to look at Liu Jingyan and the others, confusion filling his gaze. According to the words of the three, if the Spirit monkey statue did not permit someone to step onto the floating steps, they would be struck backwards. But why was it that now, he did not feel any pressure from any power or energy?


  Liu Jingyan and the Envoys of Light stood where they were.

  In the eyes of the three, a disbelief was present in it, as if they saw a ghost in the daylight.

  This… just what was this?

  The three had once personally seen the previous new Lord that came last time. He had also been filled with confidence as he stepped onto the stone steps. But before he had even taken a step onto the first floating stone step, the Spirit monkey stone statue had suddenly opened it’s eyes. An indescribably powerful energy had exploded and struck on the body of that Lord. A Bitter Sea stage expert at the Bitter River level could not even make any reaction whatsoever. He was sent flying by several hundred meters, spitting out blood as he was heavily injured. He had to recuperate for a year before he was healed, but even then there were still complications in his injury…

  That terrifying scene caused the three Envoys of Light to shiver with fear even now when reminiscing about that incident.

  Bu right now…

  That young new Lord had already taken his first step on the floating stone statues. Why had the destructive Spirit monkey not reacted to this in the slightest?

  Facing the questioning gaze of Ye Qingyu as he regarded them, the three did not know how to respond at this time.

  At this time, Ye Qingyu had taken another further step forward carefully, arriving at the second floating step.

  Everything was calm.

  The fire tree forest let out lonely sounds of wind blowing through it.

  Nothing happened whatsoever.

  Ye Qingyu deeply breathed in, taking step after step as he went higher.

  Every step was exceedingly slow and stable.

  Step by step…

  After fifteen minutes, Ye Qingyu was still only at the thirty-sixth step.

  After stepping on the slightly floating and wavering stone step, it would become incomparably stable and steady. It would not move in the slightest, as if it was on the ground. But when he lowered his head, through the large crevice between the steps, he could see purple magma madly boiling and surging within the Earth Fire sword pit. The magma took on different forms, as if it was a Fiendgod with life, madly struggling and roaring, as if it wanted to rush out from the sword pit, but was firmly supressed underground by a mysterious power…

  Faintly, Ye Qingyu could sense that there was a faint sword aura fluctuating around.

  A sword power that he was somewhat famiiar with.

  ”It’s similar to the [Human King Sword Mantra], but it’s of a different attribute…”

  Ye Qingyu felt somewhat curious.

  But his steps did not stop, taking step after step towards the great palace at the end of the steps…

  Liu Jingyan, Dai Youmeng and Yan Hengshui below felt that their brains were not enough to explain what they witnessed.

  What was happening?

  Why… was there nothing happening?

  The three looked towards the Spirit monkey statue, then looked at Ye Qingyu on the floating stone steps. There were expressions of disbelief exploding in their gaze.

  ”Could it be at long last, the consciousness within the Spirit monkey statue has already dispersed without us noticing?” Liu Jingyan said hesitantly.

  ”It’s possible…” Dai Youmeng took a gulp, wetting his somewhat dry lips. “You can go try.”

  Liu Jingyan made a sound of agreement subconsciously, then turned and angrily glared at him, “What do you mean, do you want to kill me? Why don’t you try?”

  Dai Youmeng bit his teeth, “Your the one who said the consciousness in the Spirit monkey has dispersed…”

  As the two argued, Yan Hengshui had already made his decision as he stood by the side. He took large strides towards the floating stone steps, wanting to find out the truth by using his own body as a test.

  But when he was before the floating stone steps and his right leg was still raised without taking a step forward, the Spirit monkey that had not moved whatsoever suddenly opened it’s eyes. A shred of scarlet red light shot from between the crevice of its eyelids…

  That horrifying apocalyptic power once again descended.

  Yan Hengshui was shocked. Even if he had long made preparations and retreated at the first instant, he was still shot at in the chest by that ray of light.


  The sound of bone breaking could be heard.

  Yan Hengshui let out a jet of blood, flying tens of meters backwards. Landing on a fire tree, he limply fell to the ground. He had to rely on the branch of a fire tree for support to gradually get up. There was shock that filled his eyes as he stared fixedly at Ye Qingyu’s back as he ascended the floating stone steps…

  Liu Jingyan and Dai Youmeng were also simliarly stunned.

They had no way of explaining the sight before their eyes.

  Yan Hengshui’s tragic situation spoke to the fact that the consciousness within the Spirit monkey statue had not yet left. But then why was the newly appointed Lord able to ascend on the floating stone steps without any restriction?

  According to the rumours, this newly appointed lord was also appointed by the Snow Emperor.

  How was it possible for someone chosen by the Imperial family of the Empire to pass the examination of the consciousness of the Spirit monkey statue?

  No one would believe that.

  ”Something big has happened…”

  Liu Jingyan muttered.

  There was a similar expression of stunned disbelief on Dai Youmeng’s face.

  The two exchanged a glance, both seeing the shock and amazement in the eye of the other. The [Light Palace] had been locked for so many years. They knew better than anyone what it represented when someone with the identiy as the Lord of the Light Palace was able to ascend those stone steps.

  Once news was spread out, the entire capital would be fiercely shaken by this.

  The reason why the [Light Palace] had fallen in these years, was because no one was able to enter into the heart of the [Light Palace]. Those formation arrays of the past, the core threat had disappeared. Once the [Light Palace] was reopened and the formations within the [Light Palace] began working once again, this would become the most terifying place within the entire capital. Even the Imperial family, even the miltiary, even the current Snow Emperor, would have no way of threatening anyone here.

  The power that had once been the most terrifying cornerstone of the power stucture of the Empire, was it about to descend onto Snow Capital once again?

  Yan Hengshui stood with his hand on the fire tree for support, his gaze firmly fixed like a nail on Ye Qingyu’s figure. Seeing this young man ascending the stone steps one by one, seeing his figure disappear at the end of the stone steps, there was an unprecedented hope and expectation towards the future rising in his heart.

  Without knowing when, Li Changheng appeared from far away with a similar expression of shock, a wine gourd held in his hand. His expression was like he had seen a ghost as he stood there staring at the stone steps, staring at the classical palace above the Earth Fire sword pit. His eyes were inexplicable, without showing signs of what he was thinking…

  There was only the Old Man Su who was both deaf and mute from far off, slowly and gradually gathering the scattered leaves on the grond, continuing to maintain the fire trees…


  After successfully ascending the stone steps one by one, Ye Qingyu came to the entrance of the stone palace.

  When he was below, the square shaped palace did not seem that vast. When he was in front of the door it looked rough and coarse, it was a completely massive stone door. The black stone was rough and textured, emitting an aura that it had withstood the ages. It did not have any patterns nor scars, and the massive entrance was similiar to the gates of a city appearing in front of him.

  The horrifying attack did not arrive as Liu Jingyan and the others had said.

  Ye Qingyu stood at the entrance, observing for a while before heading deeper into the stone palace.

  There was still no energy fluctuation inside, also no signs of life.

  It was like a wasteland that had been laid to waste for nearly a thousand years.

  After walking thorough the entrance passageway that was near ten meters long, Ye Qingyu finally came to the inside of the stone palace.

  The inside was extremely sparse, causing Ye Qingyu to feel something was wrong.

  ”Is this not the rumoured center of the [Light Palace]?”

  He could only see the interior of the stone palace that was as empty as an abandoned store room. Ye Qingyu had even begun to suspect he came to the wrong place. The light was dim and the floor below was made from rough black boulders like the walls of the stone palace. The interior of the stone palace was not large at about a hectare in size and was square shaped. There were gates from north east south and west, with wind coming in from these entrances…

  At the top of the stone palace, there was also a humongous sky well.

  Light shone in from the large sky well.

  But because of the angles of the lights, it could not truly shine onto the ground of the [Light Palace].

  Ye Qingyu was somewhat disappointed.

  He took step by step towards the most central part of the stone palace.

  ”What is this?”

  At the most central location of the stone palace, there was a stone chair, a stone bed, and a stone table.

  The three were like translucent jade, emitting a pale radiance.

  In this somewhat dim stone palace, these three items seemed to be the only light source. They were filled with a strange and unique splendour, constantly emitting a faint energy. It caused someone to not help but want to go closer and touch it…

  There was alarm in his heart.

  As the saying goes, there was a demon in an abnormal occurrence. There was only one explanation for there to be three of such items within the stone palace. These three objects were definitely not common.

  Slowly nearing.

  ”Chi Chi…” The little white rabbit began squeaking in his embrace.

  Ye Qingyu stroked and reassured it while he carefully inspected.

  The stone table, stone bed and stone chair seemed to have been sculpted by the best jade in the world. It did not look intricate; on the contrary it looked somewhat clumsy, as if it came from the hands of a not too skilled craftsman. The three items were laid out in a triangle, with less than a foot between these three objects.

  Ye Qingyu walked towards the side of the stone chair, carefully inspecting. Without knowing why, there was a strange thought occurring in his mind, then his body made an instincitve action, sitting on the stone chair.


  After sitting on the chair inexplicably and without any reason, Ye Qingyu suddenly realized something was wrong.

  He was about to stand up, when there was a vast and irresistable power emitting from the classical jade stone chair. It restricted him firmly within the jade chair, causing him not to be able to stand up at all.


  A large sound like the rumble of thunder, sounded out from all sides of the stone palace.

  A power that had disappeared for the last hundred years was slowly beginning to be released.




  LIke the roar of thunder, heaven and earth was shaking.

  ”What’s happening?”

  ”There is a change occurring… within the palace!”“

  ”The [Light Palace]… is about to reappear?”

  Liu Jingyan and the other three Envoys of Light stood shoulder to shoulder twenty meters away from the floating stone steps. After a short moment, when Ye Qingyu disappeared into the stone palace, it was as if something was actvated. A huge and dull sound like rumbling thunder began emitting from within the stone palace.

  There was confusion on the faces of he four.

  A pillar of silver light shot out form the most central part of the stone palace. Like a sharp sword, it pierced the heavens.

  The originally clear and bright sky, suddenly dimmed and darknened. They could see clouds forming around the skies, then more and more layers appearing. In less than ten breaths, it had already covered the skies and sun completely, clouds everywhere. The word was dim and dark, as if time had turned to the long night.

  The entire capital was enshrouded into this deep darkness.

  That silver pillar of light became the only source of light within this world.

  The silver light was both sacred and authoratitative.

  Then they saw the clouds everywhere beginning to fluctuate with the light pillar at their center. It was like a gigantic massive funnel. The closer it got to the light pillar the more the light clashed. It was like the nebule in the pitch black darkness of the universe, deep and mysterious, as if it was about to create a passageway to another world…

  Countless lifeforms looking at such an apocolyptic scene would tremble under such a strange sight.

  It was as if the entire capital was about to be swallowed up by that gigantic cloud qi.

  A chatoic power of Heaven and Earth began fluctuating. Every martial expert could feel the inner yuan becoming agitated within their own body.


  Liu Jingyan quaked.

  The Dai Youmeng, Yan Hengshui and Li Changheng were also simliarly shaking next to him.

  Within the capital, the closer they were to the [Light Palace], the better they could sense the horrifying energy contained within that silver power of light. It was not the power of the Bitter Sea stage, it was not the power of the Heaven Ascension stage… it was unknown just what realm this power was in.

  This was… the power of deities.

  Was this the power of the absolute experts in the legends?

  Was this the power of the pinnacle experts in the legends?

  They could not be sure.

  But what they could be sure of was that the energy contained within that silver ray of light, even if it was a little strand, a little minute strand, would be enough to instantly destroy and turn them into ashes.

  Just what was the backgorund of the new Lord?

  Just what sort of secret was hidden on his body?

  Just what had he done within the [Light Palace]?

  The four Envoys of Light were completely rendered dumbfounded by this utterly terrifying scene, the fear in their hearts submerging them.

  At the same time.

  At the outer area of the Imperial Ancestral Land.

  Below the eighteen layered Buddihist tower.

  A white-haired white bearded old monk woke up from a fifty-year-long mediatation. He opened his eyes.

  ”The Divine Sword of Light has appeared… is that day finally about to arrive?”

  The expression of the old monk was both joyful and sorrowful, without any turmoil. Looking at the silver pillar shooting to the heavens, he let out a sigh, then slowly closed his eyes.

  But he could not fall back into meditation.

  After a while, he rose, leaving the Buddhist tower.

  Deep within the Imperial palace.

  He was sitting on the Imperial throne where had not left where he had sat for tens of years on the Imperial throne, suddenly stood up. A conscoiusness shot toward the skies, isntantly coming tens of thousands of meters to the air above. It stood at the heart of the vortex. It looked towards the silver pillar of light and wanted to near it, but ultimately he supressed such a mad thought.

  The residence of the Right Minister.

  A thin old man suddenly opened his eyes.

  A strange scene like the stars and clouds fluctuating began flickering urgently within his eyes.

  There was a look of absolute shock that appeared for the first time on the face of the old man that normally made countless nobles fear and admire him. This caused several of his confidants to lose their composure, standing up instantly. They instantly turned towards the window, looking towards that silver pillar of light…

  ”Divine Sword of Light? It… has appeared?”

  The voice of the thin old man was quaking.

  This old man that was as stable as Mount Tai no matter how the situation within Heaven Wasteland Domain, this old man that controlled the winds and clouds of the Empire, this old man whose name caused countless tyrants of the Heaven Wasteland Domain to pale when they heard his name, had a face of fearful respect on his face.

  The other people could not help but be utterly stunned.

  The residence of the Apex Prince.

  The Apex Prince, Yu Feiyan who was currently playing with his beloved macaw, suddenly paled. The chinese cedar chair below turned to pieces, as a powerful aura exploded from him. It instantly turned all furtniture tens of meters around him into powder, including his beloved golden macaw…

  ”Divine Sword of Light!”

  He let out a cry, his composure changing greatly—

The residence of the Imperial Gongfeng group.

The white-haired white faced old man who was competing on who would move first by the side of the door with a stone lion statue, his expression twitched slightly. An invisible energy began emitting from his body, causing the intricate statue made of rare stone light to quiver, then it cracked and fractutred.

“Ai, you moved. You lose, wahaha…” The old man laughed shamelessly, pointing at the stone statue. “Look at you, you lost, you lost, and you were so embarassed you fractured… haha, I, Old Hu won again.”

As he finished, his figure flashed, disappearing from where he was.

The two old Eunuch’s looked on in distress at the stone lion lying shattered on the ground. One of them said, “Every time, he’s the one who can’t bear it anymore. Every time he uses a hidden force to shatter the stone lion, and say that the stone lion moved. Old master Hu is really a bit too shameless…”

“That’s right, he has already shattered sixty-five stone lions. Disregarding the monetary loss, there are nearly no more stone lions left in the Residence of the Imperial Gongfeng group.” The other eunuch sighed. “If old master Hu wants to play again in the future, where do we find the stone lion statue… If we knew it was like this, we should have returned to the Imperial Palace to serve those concubines.”

As the two eunuchs cursed at him, the white-haired old man had already arrived in the air.

High up in the Capital, normal experts would not dare appear so obviously to everyone. But the snow white old man did not seem to care at all. He stood tens of thousands of meters high, staring down, taking in everything in his sight.

“It really is the [Light Palace]. After a hundred years, it will rise again. Is it the descendant of that person, or is it someone tha has somehow managed to obtain the recognition of that monkey…” There was a will to do battle burning within the eyes of that old man as he itched to try something.

It was ony that he noticed something, turning his head to regard it.

He looked towards the shadowy figure of a person a thousand meters away.

The old man clasped his hands in a perfunctory paying of respects. Then his body transformed into flowing light, disappearing far off.

The shadowy figure thousands of meters away disappeared like a wisp of smoke within the air.

Within the Medicine Hut.

Dugu Quan and Ouyang Buping were running by side. They could not even put on shoes, as they rushed out from the chess pavilion.

The two turned to look up a the skies. The massive yuan qi vortex was still within the air, constantly intersecting, incomparably fearful. The two kept looking at the sacred and pure pillar of flight.

The two old men exchanged a glance. In their eyes, there was both shock and mad joy.

This was the direction of the [Light Palace].

They knew that today brother Ye had gone to the [Light Palace]. Could such a huge disturbance have been caused b brother Ye?

But this was the Divine Sword of Light from the legends. Last time the Divine Sword of Light appeared, just how many lifeforms had shed blood or died? Since it had appeared once again, would that horrifying scene of the past reappear?

If brother Ye was able to control the Divine Sword of Light…

As this thought occurred, their hearts could not help but began fiercely beating.

They had long stopped intervening in their family’s matters. But without question, in the eyes of the outside world, the words and actions of these two was enough to represent the Dugu and Ouyang families. Their actions and words recently, had unquestionably wagered all the treasures of their two great families onto Ye Qingyu.

If Ye Qingyu was really able to control the power of the Divine Sword of Light, then for these two great families, this was unquestionably a huge positive news.

At the same time.

At the residence of Princess Chang.

The princess Yu Xiaoheng wearing a dress of elegant white had wide eyes as she stared at the strange scene in the skies.

“What are you looking at. Don’t be distracted, focus on making tea. The face of the person wearing white scholar outfits was extremely pretty and delicate, as she scolded.

“Aunt, you must have long known, isn’t that right?” Xing’er asked. “You had guessed already, isn’t that right?”

The scholar dressed in white had a faint smile but did not reply to this question.

“At this time, sister Han should have already sensed it? The words left behind when he left has begun to be realized. The hundred year plan is about to begin. Little fellow, are you truly able to follow in the footsteps of that person?”

She thought in her heart.



Within the [Light Palace].

Ye Qingyu could clearly sense the strange energy that was like the vast galaxy emitting from the jade stone chair. It was as if his own body had become a channel. This energy, through his body, was able to be released to the outside. With a boom, it transformed into a pillar of light that shot through the large sky well above the palace, into the skies.

“What’s happening?”

Ye Qingyu struggled, but it was futile.

The energy emitting from the jade stone chair was too vast. Ye Qingyu felt that in front of this power, his current cultivaiton was like… There was absolutley no way of resisting. Even if he activated the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] and transformed into a dragon, there was no way of breaking free.

After a moment, Ye Qingyu finally calmed down.

Although the power emitting from below the jade chair was vast and terrifying, but apart from fixating him on that stone chair it did not harm his body in the least. It was even that when the silver light passd through his body, he could use cultivation techniques like the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] and the nameless breathing technique.

“This energy seems to come from below the stone palace and form within the fearful Earth Fire sword pit.”

Ye Qingyu cooly observed.

He could faintly feel that not only the jade chair, but the entire stone palace was only a tool for this channel. It was used to contain and release the endless strange power emitting from the Earth Fire sword pit. The reason that these tools were previously silent before was because they were missing the last piece, the pupil in the dragon’s eye.

He had come, and he had acted as the role of the key, finally filling in the last pupil of the dragon’s eye.

The entire [Light Palace] had come alive.

After the initial panic, Ye Qingyu gradually got used to this strange state.

In that silver pillar, the thickness of two peope enwrapped around him, a silver flame light substance was madly spouting around his body. Ye Qingyu felt that from his perspective, this silver light was non-existent. It would not cause the slightest of harm or obstruction towards him, and he would also not cause any harm or obstruction towards it.

Lifting his head.

His gaze focused beyond the large sky well.

Within that swathe of light, he could see the massive clash of light and darkness of yuan qi vortex within the sky. He could see the silver pillar of light piercing through the yuan qi vortex like a divine sword, stabbing through the endless space of the universe.

Lowering his head.

He could see the bright resplendent light emitting from the jade chair beneath him. He could also see the stone table and stone chair also simliarly flickering with silver light. There was a silver light strand that appeared on the originally coarse and rough ground, like a thin silver snake slithering slowly through the ground. It’s body grew increasingly longer, longer and longer…

The path this silver snake followed was extremely strange. Everywhere i passed, it would leave behind a light trail that was piercingly bright.

It seemed extremely slow when it slithered, but in the blink of an eye, it had already completely gone around the stone palace. Then the silver little snake followed along the inside of the walls of the stone palace, constantly climbing as if it knew no fatigue. Everywhere it passed, there was still the bright silver traces of light.

“This is… a formation array?”

As Ye Qingyu looked at the messy and incomprehendible lights on the ground, there was suddenly a flash of light in his mind. He realized that the traces left beind by the little silver snake was not really disordered or messy. The already complete formation pattern on the ground was evidenlty on an extremely deep and profound level.

“It seems to be in the style of the Upper Ancient Age or the God and Devil Age… but not entirely so. I can’t tell what the effects of this formation array actually is…”

Ye Qingyu mumbled to himself.

When he carefully examined, the path the silver snake went was extremely tight and clustered. He wanted to find out the pattern or secret it followed, but what he saw was like looking at the endless galaxy. He felt his whole person falling deep within it, there was no way of delving into the mysteries within.

After a brief flash, the little silver snake had already completely finished traversing the walls of the stone palace. Following along the wall, it was about to climb onto the top of the ceiling of the stone palace…

The silver path it left behind on the walls was really similar to the ones left on the ground. It seemed chaotic and disordered, but it was still a formation array. As the silver light lines continued, there was a strange energy that slowly travelled within these paths…

Ye Qingyu’s gaze was tightly on the silver snake, his eyes following wherever it went.

After an unknown amount of time, the silver snake had already travelled all over the ceiling of the stone palace.

Then it travelled along the walls of the sky well, climibing out. Ye Qingyu’s gaze could not follow it anymore.

“That little silver snake, just what is it?”

Ye Qingyu did not sense where it had originated from. Right now, he could not tell what it was doing outside. But if his guess as not wrong, he should be ‘working hard’ on the outer walls of the stone palace. It was most likey that there would be an endless formation array also appearing on the outer walls.

Could it be that the reason that the [Light Palace] had slumbered for so long, and the reason the formations had lost its effect was due to this?

Right now, the little silver snake was slithering out a new formation array. Could it be used to supplement the formation array of the [Light Palace] that had already lost effect?

Ye Qingyu could not move, he could only think and theorize.

Without knowing how long, the silver snake once again appeared on the main entrance of the stone palace. It slowly slithered over, appearing in Ye Qingyu’s vision.

This time, it’s speed was slightly slower. It seemed to have gotten slightly fatigued after finishing the inside and outside of the stone palace.

It neared bit by bit, heading towards where Ye Qingyu was at the jade chair.

It neared bit by bit towards Ye Qingyu.

There was a strange thought that appeared in Ye Qingyu’s brain. With alarm, he suddenly thought: “This fellow is crawling towards me. Could it be that he wants to create a formation on my body… Heavens, I don’t want to become a monster covered with silver tattoos, don’t come over…”

But the silver snake did not pay attention to Ye Qingyu’s prayers at all. It still headed for him and was about to reach his feet.

All the hairs in Ye Qingyu’s body was raised.

At this time, Ye Qingyu could suddenly faintly feel something moving on his head, then suddenly dispersing. A little silver dragon that had acted as a silver hairpin flew out…

The little silver snake that had covered the entire palace with mysterious and profound formation arrays had reached Ye Qingyu’s foot and was about to crawl up Ye Qingyu’s leg. At this time, the little silver dragon charged forward. In a flash, it had opened it’s mouth widely. The little silver snake that had not even reacted yet, was swallowed in one gulp…

  Ye Qingyu had his eyes wide open.

  This…what had just happened?

  Little Silver really dared to eat anything?

  Without knowing whether it was a mistaken sensation, at the same time, Ye Qingyu could hear an extremely astonished sound coming from beneath the palace—-

  ”What the fuck!”

  Then that voice abruptly disappeared.

  But in the air, there was still the emotion of being extremely taken aback, lingering for a long time.

  ”Who is it?”

  Ye Qingyu was frightened, being alarmed and looking all around him alertly with awareness.

  Previously, he had already clearly sensed around his surroundings. Apart from himself, Little Silver pretending to be dead, and the little white rabbit, there were no other signs of life. How had that voice just appeared?

  Could there be an existence that was incomparably profound, that had hidden himself?

  Ye Qingyu’s acted like lightning. In an instance, he had already searched all around the divine palace, but there were no hints of any existence.

  ”Just what is this?”

  Ye Qingyu returned to the jade chair, feeling something was not quite right.

  But at that moment, he abruptly realized; right now… his… restriction on the jade chair had ended?

  But why had he… sat back down again?

  Ye Qingyu’s heart quivered, attempting to stand up again.

  This time there was not any obstruction, he easily stood up once again.

  The silver ray of light exploding from the jade chair also gradually dimmed. Like a madly burning flame, it was decaying from its glorious moment. It gradually retreated from into the large sky well above the stone palace, disappearing below the jade chair.

  Ye Qingyu turned his head to look.

  Without the silver light pillar as support, the orignallly madly fluctuating yuan qi vortex was like a windmill that had lost the needed energy to support it. It began slowly disappearing, and the layers of clouds thinned at a visible speed. LIke thin snow under a fierce sun, it disappeared without any traces, exposing the beautiful blue sky.

  A fierce sun hung on the sky.

  The capital that was originally shrouded in thick darkness had once again returned to the picturesque scenery with an absolute red sun.

  It was as if everything that had just happened was an illusion

  After this fearful scene, many commoners began discussing and debating. But they could not reach a conclusion and ultimatley dispersed, very quickly resuming their previous activities.

  But for those people who knew what the silver light pillar that was like a divine sword shooting in the sky represented, things would not be the same. Although the skies had recovered to normal, but the situation within the capital would not recover to the usual situation of the past.

 Within the stone palace.

  Ye Qingyu was alarmed to find that the orignally black palace had already turned silver white. It was like it was made out of saintly silver metal. Every part of it flickered with a gentle light and was warm to the touch of the skin. When he touched it, it was extremely comfortable, bringing with it a soothing sensation like the touch of human skin.

  A surge of strange energy was still emanating around the stone palace.

  Ye Qingyu deeply breathed in, his entire person feeling unprecedentedly comfortable.

  The silver light had travelled through his body, but it did seem to have caused any negative effects on him.

  The dragon, Little Silver, once again returned to Ye Qingyu’s shoulder.

  In it’s stomach, it was as if something was travelling around. Ye Qingyu felt that it was the little silver snake that was not willing to be eaten, struggling within the belly of the little silver dragon. Ye Qingyu felt a toothache coming on just imagining the background of the silver snake; it was definitley not simple, creating an incomparably deep and mysterious formation array inside and outside the stone palace. For such a mysterios snake, to be swallowed by the little silver dragon…

  Just what sort of pets were he carrying about him.

  He orignally thougth Little Silver was the most obedient, but who would have thought Little Silver would also be affected by Little Nine’s gluttnonous behavior.

  Right now, what Ye Qingyu was most worried about was that if the little silver snake was a part of the [Light Palace], then would there by serious consequenes after Little Silver ate it?

  The little silver dragon lay on Ye Qingyu’s shoulder for a while before it seemed to have recovered. It once again transformed into a silver hairpin, burrowing itself within Ye Qingyu’s hair.

  Only then was Ye Qingyu less worried.

  At that time, the little white rabbit jumped out from his embrace. Bounding over to the jade stone bed, it lazily rolled around a couple of times in delight, then closed it’s eyes and slept.

  Ye Qingyu walked step by step towards the outside of the stone palalce.

  The stone structure on the outside was not large.

  After five or six steps through the stone passageway, he came once again in front of the floating stone steps.

  Ye Qingyu looked. At this time, at the boundary of the fire tree forest, there was no longer solely the figures of the Liu Jingyan, Dai Youmeng, and the others. Li Changheng had also appeared, as well as the large fatty military officer who was shouting at his soldiers to wager, as well as the disordered and messy soldiers of light beisde him…

  There were several people Ye Qingyu did not recognize.
  These people had a dumbfounded and fanatic light in their eyes, staring at Ye Qingyu high above in the stone place. The vast majority of people were still immersed in their massive shock, their mouths opened wide. Even seeing Ye Qingyu appear, many of their minds had not yet taken this in and did not know what to say or how to respond…

  After a short moment.

  The straightforward Yan Hengshui was the first person to react. Coughing and clearing his throat, he respectfuly clasped his hands, “We pay our respects to Lord…”

  Such words were like a bolt of lightning that awoke the people who were still immersed within shock and astonishment.

  Liu Jingyan and Dai Youmeng both bowed to the ground with a plop, their head pressed against the ground as they used the most respectful and formal greeting. As if they were greeting their monarch, they shouted, “We pay our respects to our Lord!”

  That fatty military officer also finally reacted. Like a flesh mountian, he rushed crawling towards the ground as he gave a howl like a pig being slaughtered, “Xiao Yulong pays his respect to Lord. May good fortune befall you…”

  As he gave a disordered greeting and bow, the soldiers with messy armour also fell to the ground with a plop. Something came out of their mouths, all sorts of different words and phrases coming out of several hundred people. It was extremely disordered, as if it was a roost of chickens…

  Ye Qingyu felt black lines running throughout his head.

  It really was that the soldiers would end up simliar to the commander.

  If he brought this group of soldiers of light outside, they would really lose all his face.

  It was time for him to discipline this group of veteran soldiers.

  As he thought this, Ye Qingyu’s footsteps headed to the floating stone steps, wanting to continue the conversation afer he had returned to the ground.

  But at that time, something unbelievable occurred.

  An extremely gentle and powerful force appeared on the boundary of the base of the stone palace. It blocked Ye Qingyu’s extended leg from exending any further, making him have no way of reaching the stone steps.


  Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

  What was happening?

  He hesitated briefly, before extending his leg and once again taking a step towards the floating steps with force.

  With Ye Qingyu’s current cultivation, this step was at least filed with fifty thousand pounds of force. But there was stil this strange and gentle power that appeared. Not only did it entirely withstand the energy within Ye Qingyu’s leg, it also faintly rebounded Ye Qingyu’s leg backwards, causing him to nearly lose his balance…

  There was a bad feeling rising within Ye Qingyu’s heart.

  He thought about it, then changed his position and leaped over from another angle towards the floating stone steps.

  But he was still sent rebounding backwards.

  He jumped throughout the air.

  As he jumped, he wanted to fly out from midair.

  He activated the [Human King Sword Mantra] wanting to forcefully break out.

  He usd the [True Will of the Sky Dragon], a hand transforming into a claw, attempting to rip apart a layer of this strange energy…

  [The Four Moves of the Unmatched General]…

  [The Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King]…

  Different heights.

  Diferent locations.

  Different methods.

  He began to experiment.

  The soldiers and experts that were kneeling on the gorund were somewhat tongue tied. Seeing their Lord of the Light Palace that had caused such a huge, heaven shaking scene in such a state. He was originally calm and unhurried, but right now he was angrily constantly letting out moves against something, as if he was wrestling against an invisible opponent…

  Only after fifteen minutes had passed did Ye Qingyu finally stop.

  He was slightly out of breath, as he grinded his teeth in frustration.

  He could already be sure, he was trapped.

  That gentle formation energy had trapped him within the [Light Palace]. He could not get out at all.

  What the hell was this?

  This was completely unfounded and uncalled for.

  When he entered, was everything not well?

  Why was it that now he could not even leave at all

  Was somehing paying a prank with him?

  Ye Qingyu looked downwards kneeling on the ground. He did not have the mood to deal with them. After thining it over, he turened and returned to the stone place, attemtping to find any clues around. He wanted to find out some inconsistencies. He could be sure, the reason why he was trapped inside was due to the change within the stone palace. If he was able to find out the eye of the formation within the stone palace, then perhaps something could be done…

  But this ultimately proved to be futile.

  After the stone palace transformed to silver, the formation array that had been slithered out by the silver snake seemed to have been hidden within the floor and walls. It had transformed into the same colours as the stone, so there was no way of discerining it with the naked eye, because there was not the slightest trace left behind.

  There were also not any clues on the stone chair, stone table and stone bed.

  Ye Qingyu attempted to visualize all possibilities and methods, but everything failed.

  When he attempted to leave again outside the stone palace and failed, he gave up completely.

  At this time, the people beneath the fire tree forest finallly undertood what had happened. Liu Jingyan and the others had a feeling of disbelief, and the expression on the big fatty military officer was also splendid…

  Just what was this.

  It was hard for them to get a Lord that was able to enter into the [Light Palace]. It seemed as if their fortunate days were ahead of them, but right now their Lord was trapped within the [Light Palace]. This… what difference was this to the days where they didn’t have a Lord?

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