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Chapter 958, The terrifying fleet


Ye Qingyu was soaked in cold sweat as a result of his own thoughts. 

If this really was the case, then the Immortal God Emperor Sect would certainly be stuck in the vortex of the great fight. No matter what kind of foundation and hidden cards they had, it would be incredibly difficult for them to escape the disaster. In this world, there may be forces that could counter a Quasi-emperor, but there had never been a force that could fight against several Quasi-emperors at the same time. 

Looking at Nan Tieyi, Ye Qingyu for a moment did not know how to let him know of the matter.

After all, it was just his own speculation. What if he had guessed it wrong? 

And even if he said it out loud, it wouldn't be very persuasive. Nan Tieyi might believe him because of their friendship, but the higher-ups of the Immortal God Emperor Sect would not care too much. Just because of his speculation, the Immortal God Emperor Sect had to abandon the mountain gate that had been established for generations. Even Ye Qingyu also thought it was a bit absurd when he thought about it. It would be countless times more difficult than persuading the Hundred Spirits Sect to give up the Hundred Flowers Valley and come to Flowing Light City. In the end, Ye Qingyu gave up trying to persuade them.

While he was pondering deeply, Master Cheng of the Hundred Spirits Sect also arrived.

Ye Qingyu set up a prohibition formation in the room, cutting off all possible spying. 

“Everyone, there is a very important matter...” Ye Qingyu composed his emotions and informed them of the matter of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor. Of course, he did not mention the million-year-old soul and only told them that he found this secret after he defeated the black-armoured soldiers on Greater One Mountain Range.  

“Is there such a thing?”  

Nan Tieyi, Hu Bugui and Master Cheng all looked at each other in shocked disbelief. 

They had never heard of the Chaos Demon Emperor before, and of course had never heard about the matter of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor. However, all three people understood Ye Qingyu really well, and seeing that Ye Qingyu had notified them of this matter so solemnly, they knew well that he was obviously not joking. Thus they all chose to believe him. 

“No wonder... The Immortal God Emperor Sect has also sent people to investigate the Greater One Mountain Range, but were blocked by the killing formation in the Void. Many elites had been dispatched but there was still no harvest. It was incredibly strange. The Greater One Sect was also very strange, as though they had given up the Greater One mountain gate. But I didn’t think that there would be such an earthshaking secret in the Greater One Mountain Range,” Nan Tieyi said with a thoughtful look on his face. 

“Hahaha, Emperor opportunity? This is earthshaking news. I feel that our Clear River Domain would become more and more lively.” Hu Bugui was somewhat excited. 

The best thing for a bandit leader like him was taking advantage of a crisis for personal gain. The messier the situation, the better it was for him, and most importantly, once the real forces got involved, the Greater One Sect would most likely be out of their luck.

“But if it is true that the Quasi-emperors would be in competition against one another, then it would definitely be a disaster. If Clear River Domain is destroyed, there would be countless casualties and deaths...” Master Cheng looked deeply worried. 

She knew that her Hundred Spirits Sect had no ability to participate in it, and if she forced it, it would only lead to destruction. Therefore she was not in the slightest tempted, but she could not let go of the inheritance of the Hundred Spirits Sect, as well as the great mountains and rivers of the domain. Once Clear River Domain was destroyed, even if there might be living beings that would survive, they would be like rootless duckweed, become refugees, and their life would be as tragic as a slave.  

For a moment, she felt somewhat sad.  

“Since everything is fated, then there is no need worry, it is no use. It would be better to think of a way on how to solve the problem. Once the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor descends, there would be chaos across Clear River Domain. There is little time until then. Our strength is limited, and we can only do some things that are within our powers. How many people could we save? First, we will have to spread the news out, and let the world know. They can choose whether to believe it or not. This matter, I will have to trouble to Master Cheng and brother Nan Tieyi. The Hundred Spirits Sect had been established for many years in Clear River Domain and could be said to have many friends, while the Immortal God Emperor Sect is well-respected. Just spread the word, and as to exactly how the forces of all sides choose, that's their business,” Ye Qingyu said with a resolute expression.

Since everything was destined to happen, there was no value in keeping the news a secret. 

By spreading the word out, at least the living beings of Clear River Domain could make some preparation.

“Well, I'll do my best.” Master Cheng nodded. 

She was still able to do this sort of thing. 

Nan Tieyi also promised. 

Ye Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief. 

This was only what they could do now and the rest will be left to the heaven's will.  

As for the fate of Clear River Domain, there was nothing Ye Qingyu could do about it. 

After a pause, Ye Qingyu added, “In three days, I need to return to Greater One Mountain Range to see an elder. This time I also want to participate in the event of the Chaos Demon Emperor Reincarnation Hall.” Ye Qingyu then said after a brief thought, “I also have a suggestion, the refugees in Flowing Light City and everywhere else can be moved into Heaven Wasteland Domain.” 

A few days ago, the idea of transferring refugees into Heaven Wasteland Domain seemed like the wildest thought, and even though Ye Qingyu was the Third Deputy Envoy of the Human Race he still lacked such power. But times had changed. Ye Qingyu now had no burden and hesitation. 

“I'm afraid that a lot of people will not want to leave their home. This really must be left to fate.” Nan Tieyi sighed.

“Haha, this time, you can take me, Old Hu.” Hu Bugui seemed very excited to volunteer to go with Ye Qingyu. He was a bandit who really liked challenges and thrills.  

“Of course you can,” Ye Qingyu answered. 

Hu Bugui had a mysterious tile on him that was covered in Emperor qi. It was almost bizarre. It would be a huge help if he were to go.

“Haha, great, Little Nan, what about you?” Hu Bugui turned to Nan Tieyi. 

Little Nan? 

Ye Qingyu almost spurted out. 

Only Hu Bugui the bandit leader dared to call Nan Tieyi by that name. 

“Yes, I don't know what brother Nan Tieyi's plan is?” 

Nan Tieyi's looked tempted, gaze flickering between Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui. 

Ye Qingyu smiled. He immediately understood what he was thinking and knew what he was worried about. “Then it's decided, in three days, we will set out together.” 

Nan Tieyi clenched his teeth, somewhat emotional, “Alright.” 

Of course, he wanted to go, but he also could tell that Ye Qingyu knew more information than what he told them. Nan Tieyi, who was observant and meticulous and not simple like Hu Bugui, certainly had a lot more to consider. Even if such an opportunity were in front of him, if he were to say that he wanted to follow Ye Qingyu then it would seem like he wanted to share parts of the profit. Even if they were good friends, he still felt somewhat embarrassed. Based on strength and cultivation level, he was much inferior to Ye Qingyu now, thus if they were to go together, Ye Qingyu may have to look after and protect him. It would seem as though he was taking advantage of him.  

But Ye Qingyu's direct statement made him dispel that concern. 

The trio deliberated and soon figured out some steps. 


The sky was clear and distant. 

In the clear blue sky there were all of a sudden waves of black clouds like smoke. The heavens and earth were still and silent, only the sound of the wind sweeping the clouds could be heard.

At this very moment, thousands of formation battleships were sailing at the speed of light above the cloud layers which were tens of thousands of meters high.

These formation battleships were large as mountains, casting suffocating shadows, lurking above the waterfall-like rolling clouds, like bloodthirsty devils were hiding in a dark prison. They were orderly and uniform, advancing forward simultaneously like a group of sharks navigating through the deep sea, giving off a terrifying and fierce imposing manner. The killing intent exuding from the light screen around the airships were piercing cold and frightening. 

It was a terrifying fleet hidden from the sight of all. 

All of the battleships were traveling west, in the direction of the Wei River Mountain Range.

At the front of the thousands of battleships was a top flagship that looked many times larger than the other giant battleships, as if it was a prehistoric giant shark in the midst of a tsunami. It was slowly poking out of the black, ink-like current of qi, and its incomparably lofty outline was hidden in the rolling dark clouds. 

This flagship was not only exceptionally large and contained ancient and majestic imposing manner, its body was also red-black and made from very rare and incomparably tough blood-flame Immortal crystals.

This kind of blood flame Immortal crystal was rumoured to only exist in the Immortal world. It was a kind of crystal stone created under the spiritual aura of the Heaven and earth that had accumulated over time. Besides its incomparable lightness and that it was very tough, the stone contained the energy of the Heaven and earth and could be converted into power for the battleship.

Such a flagship was incredibly valuable. Even many sects in the world could not afford one.  

There was a layer of intense black-ink formation flames completely shrouding the surface of the ship. The dense formation markings were flashing red and black, full of an ancient demonic aura. The head and tail of the formation markings were linked, forming a huge light screen that enveloped the entire airship. In addition, the layers of blood red light penetrating out from the body of the ship, as well as the terrifying and mysterious energy and aura flowing and spreading out from i,t created an unprecedented sense of repression and evil. 

On the deck of the ship. 

There were dozens of experts, all shrouded in black mist, gazing ahead. 

They were headed by a tall black figure. 

The figure was tall and burly, and vaguely one could make out that it was a young man in a dark ancient armour, like a thick layer of ink was glued to his body. Even light was distorted as it neared the black armour. His entire body was surging with an extremely strange black fiendish qi, which had almost condensed into a solid substance, constantly shredding and tearing the Void. It looked extremely terrifying.

Behind him was a line of eight experts all dressed in a black robe, standing still in place, waiting for the young expert's order. Their attitude seemed submissive and respectful, and they looked like they were very afraid of the young expert in front of them.

Standing behind the young man on the left hand side was a slender old man. 

The old man had long silver brows and silvery white hair, which was bunched up by a sheep-fat white jade hairpin, fluttering in the wind. His gold-lined, crane pattern black robe was billowing in the wind, like a living thing. But the most bizarre thing was that his pupils looked like two pieces of ebony were embedded in his deep sunken eyes. They had no spirit or life, and instead was exuding an eerie chill.

If Ye Qingyu was present, he absolutely would recognize that this person was the head of the eighth peak of Greater One Sect, Greater One Spiritual Master Feng Wuhen—— 


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