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Chapter 957, Another possibility 


In truth, listening to the million-year-old soul speak of so many secrets, especially involving the opportunity of becoming Emperor, someone so determined to set foot on the peak of martial arts like Ye Qingyu would be lying if he said he wasn't tempted. But even if he was tempted that did not mean he was really going to compete, because this was an opportunity that even Quasi-emperor-level existences would participate in. Even if Ye Qingyu had many hidden cards and no matter how high his ambition was, he also would not naively think that he could compete with Quasi-emperors. Given his cultivation level, he could fight against top Great Saints, but if he were to run into Quasi-emperors, he would not even be able to look them in the eye.  

“This junior’s only hope is that my friends and relatives would be safe, and if I can protect the citizens of Clear River Domain that would be even better. As for becoming Emperor...” Ye Qingyu smiled broadly, “This junior has only just reached the Saint realm, my foundation is not solid enough. I know I am not destined to become Emperor, and also dare not to force it.” 

“You are speaking truthfully?” 

Ye Qingyu nodded.

“No future prospects, no ambition.” The million-year-old soul reprimanded, but there was a faint smiling expression on his face. 

Ye Qingyu was not annoyed at all. He simply smiled. 

“The greatest temptation is in front of you, yet you are not tempted, and you have no covetous thoughts. Very few people at your age can do this. This is also your strong point.” The million-year-old soul all of a sudden changed topics, and instead began to compliment Ye Qingyu. “Especially since your first thought are your friends and relatives and fellow citizens... Well, I have to admit that you are to my liking, little fellow. Haha!”  

After a hearty laughter, the million-year-old soul changed topic once again, “But, I still suggest that you fight this time because in the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor there is not only the opportunity of becoming Emperor, but also divine treasures, cultivation manuals, legendary potions and other opportunities. The years that the Chaos Demon Emperor dominated the God and Demon Age was not very long, but he was a collector. In his life, it was unknown how many cities he had taken, how many races he had massacred and how many primitive mythological animals he had slaughtered. The countless heavenly treasures he had collected were stored in the Reincarnation Hall. Later as the God and Demon Age came to an end, many species became extinct and items were lost. The only divine objects of the God and Demon Age that one could find were in the Hall of Reincarnation. If one could obtain those, it would be enough to let an empire or a race rise. The calm pond surface is always cultivating the bravest sailors. On the road of martial arts, one must not advance rashly and with greed, but pay attention to determination and initiative.”

“What Elder means is...” Ye Qingyu was almost confused by the words of the million-year-old soul.  

“What I mean is very simple. You should compete if you can. The Quasi-emperors are competing for the opportunity of becoming emperor, you are competing for other opportunities. There is no clash, as long as you don’t compete with the Quasi-emperors, they will not bother you. If my guess is right, the major forces, old monsters, ancient sects, and imperial courts would select their most outstanding young genius to participate in this fight. Your opponents are the younger generation.” The million-year-old soul made a very clear analysis.

Ye Qingyu nodded.

If that was the case, he indeed could compete. 

As long as it was not against the Quasi-emperor monsters but the young genius of all major forces, then Ye Qingyu was very confident. 

Moreover, as a martial artist, Ye Qingyu, in fact, deep inside, wanted to experience the magnificent scene. The Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor only appeared once in tens of thousands of years, and would definitely draw out the top experts of the Vast Thousand Domains. At that time, he could have a glance at the graceful bearing of these top experts.  

“Haha, little guy is tempted, then it's settled.” The million-year-old soul laughed. “Besides, I will be there. I also will not hide this from you, there is something I need to obtain in the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor, but it is not that Emperor opportunity. This time, if you decide to fight, I will walk with you, and I will protect you.” 

“Elder is also going?” Ye Qingyu was somewhat surprise. 

“Yes, I am still short of one thing for the new body. There is one thing I need to obtain.” The million-year-old soul said frankly. “This thing, I have lost millions of years ago, now I need to retrieve it. From the information in the Chaos Demon Heart, I found that it is in the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor. If I can get my hands on it, I can restore my peak cultivation base of the past.” 

Ye Qingyu very seriously pondered for a moment before he said, “Then I will go with Elder to try and help out. This junior owes Elder two great favours, so I also want to contribute with my meager efforts.” 

“Well, it's decided.” The million-year-old soul burst into a hearty laughter. “I still need three days and three nights to completely transform this Chaos Demon Heart. If you have other things to do, you can quickly sort them out first. In three days’ time we will meet up here.” 

With that, the Storm Platform trembled. Its thick vein patterns all began to twinkle and glow, as if something was flowing in the veins. It was extremely bizarre. The vein patterns began to contract and swell up in an orderly manner, like a heart, beating slightly. 

Ye Qingyu knew that the million-year-old soul had begun to fall back into the process of mediation and refining the Chaos Demon Heart.

He gave a bow before he left the eighth peak of the Greater One Sect. 

As he left the mountain gate, dozens of kilometers away, Ye Qingyu found Little Nine teasing a white female tiger who had began to mutate because of the fiendish qi of the Greater One Mountain Range, like a cat playing with a mouse. The female tiger was already riddled with scars, emitting angry roar, but simply could not escape from the mouth of Little Nine.  

“Woof, you're here.” Seeing that Ye Qingyu had returned, the silly dog swallowed the female tiger in one gulp, clicked his tongue, and exclaimed excitedly, “Woof found that the things on this mountain are very fun, very delicious.” 

The corner of Ye Qingyu's mouth twitched, but he didn't say anything. 

He thought to himself that in the future he must keep a distance from Little nine, Ximen Yeshui and Li Chankong. Before, the silly dog would only fool around with a little female dog, but now he even dared to tease a female tiger. In the future even a female dragon may not be able to escape from his evil clutches? 

“Have you discovered anything here?” Ye Qingyu asked. 

He had asked Little Nine to patrol the whole mountain range to see if he could find anything after he sensed that something was strange when he came o the Greater One Mountain Range. Especially since the Greater One Mountain Range had not yet fully recovered after four years. He thought that something unexpected might have happened, but now it probably had something to do with the Storm Platform being refined by the million-year-old soul.  

“Yes, there's been a lot of discoveries,.” the silly dog waged its tail. 


“Found some suspicious guys in black armour, with one look and I know they are not any good people.”

 “Black armour? Where? Did you capture them?” 

“Didn't Woof say that those guys are not good people...”  


“As Woof's master, you should be very clear that Woof had always swallowed those who do not look like good people. Therefore those suspicious black... ah, yes, the black-amoured soldiers had already been eaten by Woof. The taste is alright, as crisp as chicken.”


Ye Qingyu was utterly speechless. 

This stupid dog had always been so unbelievable. 


It was the afternoon of the same day when he returned to Flowing Light City. 

“Back so soon?” Hu Bugui was surprised. “Have you found anything?” 

From his departure to return, Ye Qingyu's trip to the Greater One Mountain Range had not even taken him one day.  

“There are some discoveries.” Ye Qingyu weighed the matter in his heart, and had not spoken out what he had encountered right away. It was not because he wanted to conceal the matter of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor. There was nothing to hide from Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi. If the two wanted to go to the Reincarnation Hall to fight, then Ye Qingyu would never stop them. After all, it was also a huge opportunity for them. After a brief pause, he added, “I'll tell you in detail later on.” 

Everybody returned to the City Lord’s residence. 

After numerous changes of City Lords, the City Lord’s residence was a bit shabby compared to how it was four years ago. Especially since the Greater One Army had attacked Flowing Light City, and Chen Zhengliang and the others counterattacked at the risk of their lives. The City Lord’s residence had suffered a great battle, buildings were damaged, and after Miao Wuhen took over Flowing Light City he did not spend a lot of effort in repairing the buildings.  

“According to the information I found, it seems that Greater One Army has no intention of taking back Flowing Light City. Within tens of hundreds of kilometers, there is no sign of them. This is a bit strange.” Nan Tieyi, who was the Young Lord of Immortal God Emperor Sect, was very well-informed.

Ye Qingyu didn't speak. 

But he knew what was going on.

The Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor was about to descend. If his guess was correct, then the Greater One Army must be gathering all of its forces and preparing in the core area. They would not pay any attention to Flowing Light City. It was obvious that this was not the focus area. 

Previously, he was a little worried that the Greater One Army would retaliate and attack Flowing Light City on a large scale, but now it seemed that, at least before the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor descends, there would be no such thing happening. And after this event was over, it was hard to say whether the Greater One Sect would still exist or not. As long as the whole Clear River Domain was not destroyed during the fights among the Quasi-emperors as the million-year-old soul had said, then Flowing Light City would be relatively safe.

Where would the Chaos Demon Emperor Reincarnation Hall descend? Ye Qingyu was little puzzled.  

But for some reason, at this moment, he again remembered a scene he saw in his divine sense. The collapsing of mountains, the earth quaking, rivers cracking, and the falling of experts. The terrifying doomsday-like scene had terrified Ye Qingyu. And later he inferred that the scene happened in the Wei River Mountain Range. At that time, Ye Qingyu thought it was a scene of the Greater One Sect attacking the mountain gate of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, but Nan Tieyi had confirmed that the Immortal God Emperor Sect was still safe so far. 

Ye Qingyu was relieved when he heard that. 

But at this very moment, lightning flashed across Ye Qingyu's mind as he suddenly thought of a very terrifying possibility.

Where the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor was going to descend would not be the Wei River Mountain Range, would it? 

Perhaps the scene he saw was not something that had happened, but what was going to happen in the future? —— 

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