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Chapter 1058 Do You Know What Situation You Are In?


Green Rock glanced at Purple Night and shook his head. He said nothing.

In reality, he had always despised Purple Night a little. 

That was because the [Demon Sage] was too rampant.

Even though it might not be something bad for a warrior, to a certain degree, it was an expression of the martial artist's drive and determination. Purple Night's unrestrained wildness was boundless and ridiculous. It was a sort of wildness that someone who did not understand his limits possessed, the kind of insanity that respected nothing. In other words, he had grown too big for his britches, and much of the reputation he gained was actually due to the fear people possessed for the headquarters of the Demon Race. Only half of it was gained due to his actual abilities. 

If this carried on, Purple Night would never have understood the true meaning of martial arts, and he would have been engulfed by his self-contentment. And if that happened, it would have been hard for him to improve further.

The Battle of Wuqing street was proof of that. 

It was good for him to suffer once.

It would clear his mind, and perhaps he might even achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation in the future. 

"Stand off to the side," Green Rock said calmly.

Purple Night did not dare to reply and bowed before retreating to a corner of the room. 

Ye Qingyu sat in perfect posture behind his desk, his sharp eyes taking everything in. However, he continued to remain silent.

Green Rock's gaze fell on Ye Qingyu again. He grinned as he continued, "Humans should not be humiliated, nor should demons. The honor of each race has to be upheld with real strength, and those that humiliate any of our kind will have to pay with their blood. You made a show of your might, Deputy Ye Qingyu, during the Battle of Wuqing street, but now it's time to pay the price for that." 

Ye Qingyu grinned, "What price?"

"I heard that you have a great noggin, so here I am to take a look at it. Well, the rumors are true, and it's worthy of erasing all of the humiliation suffered by the Demon Race today at Wuqing street... Deputy Ye Qingyu, lend me your head, alright?" Green Rock spoke casually, as if he was trying to borrow a broom from his neighbor. 

Great Dragon Turtle Demon and the other inhabitants of the building instantly became anxious and angry.

Even though they were also demons, they were not under the control of the Demon Race headquarters, but answered directly to the Heaven Wasteland Empire. Even though they admired powerful and fearful demons like Green Rock, they would never take his side. If the situation required it, they would not hesitate to even attack Green Rock. 

Ye Qingyu laughed loudly instead.

"It's not that I want to look down on the Demon Race headquarters' lack of manpower, but a mere peak-level Great Saint would be hard pressed to 'borrow' my head," he said. He had instantly called out Green Rock's level of cultivation, and from his tone, he did not seem to think highly of this famous Fifty Deputy of the demons.

 In actuality, even though Green Rock might have a fearsome reputation in the headquarters of the Demon Race and the Vast Thousand Domains, and even though he might possess the power of a peak-level Great Saint, that was all the strength he had. He was simply a representative of the demons, and one that was a century past his prime to boot. At most, he could only generate some fear from his opponents due to his name, but in a real battle between super powers, his presence would not be the decisive factor. 

Was there any lack of peak-level Great Saints that Ye Qingyu had slain on the Capital Sky Peak of the Wei River Mountain Range?

To outsiders, Green Rock was extremely famous and would most definitely be able to take down the Heaven Wasteland Building easily. To Ye Qingyu, however, the Demon Race headquarters had underestimated him far too greatly. He thought, Why can't they understand that I must have some real power to have acted so blatantly on Wuqing street? Could it be that the impression I've given people before is that I'm a deranged person who'll act without caring about the consequences?

Now, Ye Qingyu was completely certain that the news of what happened at the Wei River Mountain Range had not been passed around. 

It seemed like the information he had gathered in various major cities was not fake. All of the experts from various races and realms that had entered the mountain range seemed to have vanished inside it; none of them had come out. Perhaps they were dead, or perhaps... there was some other reason for their disappearance.

As such, both the Demon Race headquarters and the First Deputy, Ou Wuji, had underestimated him so terribly. 

Ye Qingyu was lost in his thoughts.

He wondered where Nan Tieyi and the million-year-old spirit had gone, and where Hu Bugui and that silly dog, Little Nine, had gone. What about Tan Yanzi, Zhang Wudao, Ye Ziqian, and the rest? Have they also died in the strange happenings in the Wei River Mountain Range? 

"So, the rumors that the Third Deputy of the humans is a crazy person is indeed true," Green Rock said. He felt a little hurt, and he could feel his blood pressure decrease as he saw Ye Qingyu become lost in his thoughts at such a critical moment. He had re-emerged after a century, but ended up being looked down upon by his junior. He had complete confidence in the perfection of his mental state, but even so, he was a little perturbed by Ye Qingyu's actions. "Young man, do you know who I am?" he asked out of instinct.

Green Rock regretted it the instant the words left his lips. 

To be honest, the question was a little tacky. No matter who said it, it would have sounded especially stupid and been in poor taste.

Ye Qingyu heard him and regained his senses. "No, I don't," he said, unexpectedly laughing. 

He really did not know who this person was.

After returning to the Heaven Wasteland Building, he had arranged for many things to be done. Most of them were focused on the matters pertaining to the Human Race, such as checking on the backgrounds, identities, characteristics, and sects of Ou Wuji and the Second Deputy. He had also activated all networks within the Heaven Wasteland Empire that were under his control to look for Nan Tieyi, Hu Bugui, Little Nine, and the others. As for the vengeance that the Demon Race planned to exact on him... Well, actually, he had never taken it to heart.

Just as Green Rock was about to say something... 

Ye Qingyu raised his hand to cut him off.

"I don't know who you are, but since Purple Night kowtowed to you just now, your position in the Demon Race headquarters must be pretty high. Perhaps this is the reason why you arrogantly walked into the Heaven Wasteland Building on your own in the night. To be honest, I bear no ill will toward the Demon Race, but I have a thing against the Demon Race headquarters at the Alliance of Domains for interfering with the internal affairs of humans and arresting our Divine Guards. They have to account for these matters to me. I'm not a fool blinded by ambition, like Ou Wuji, who wants to climb to a higher post but doesn't have the requisite power, spirit, and organizational capability. I would never barter away the well-being of my people for your help, so the Battle of Wuqing street is just but the beginning to me. If your headquarters wishes to take me down because they're angry, then I can only say that you people haven't figured out the situation that you're in. What's really happening is that I'm after you guys, instead of you people getting your revenge... So, kind sir, do you understand what's going on now?"

Ye Qingyu spoke loudly, and not only could the martial arts experts in the Heaven Wasteland Building hear him, but even those who were hiding in a one thousand-meter radius around the building could also hear him clearly. 

The [Demon Sage], Purple Night, was stunned.

Even Green Rock himself was a little speechless. 

To them, the scene unfolding in front of them was unreal. It was like hearing a beggar who was starving to death proclaim that he would punish the mighty king.

One could imagine how the scouts hiding around the building would have felt. 

Even Great Dragon Turtle Demon's expression was not much better.

He had vaguely heard about Green Rock's reputation, so he knew how terrible this old demon was.

As such, he had tried to give a hint to Ye Qingyu by winking at him, but it looked like... his master was not going to care. 

Only the expression of Lu Wei, the headstrong youth who stood on the steps leading to the second floor, was unchanged.

Only those who had witnessed the terrible scene of Ye Qingyu slaying tens of thousands of opponents at Capital Sky Peak would understand how laughable Green Rock and the high-and-mighty Demon Race headquarters were. How could a peak-level Great Saint ever hope to suppress Insane Devil Ye? Hey, do you two fools know that your behavior is akin to a swarm of ants trying to scare a huge dragon? An enraged Ye Qingyu is someone even my grandfather wouldn't want to face... he thought. 

Lu Wei was sneering at Green Rock and Purple Night in his heart for not having realized the situation they were in.

Haha, look at these fools from the Demon Race, they're really courting their own deaths. 

He did not speak but continued to watch the scene unfold before his eyes excitedly.

To be honest, he was a little convinced by Ye Qingyu now.

Strength aside, the way he handled his business and the stand he took was worthy of respect. He was truly concerned about protecting mankind, and it was not for his own personal gain, but it was a sense of duty that came from within. Lu Wei had seen the same quality in his own grandfather.

A long while later— 

Finally, Green Rock regained his senses.

He squinted and took a good measure of Ye Qingyu's expression. After making sure that the Third Deputy was not insane, the handsome-looking man, which was rare among the demons, felt that it was so ridiculous that he stopped being angry. "Haha, this is good. After not going outside of my home for a century, I'm shocked. I'm shocked by the impudence of my juniors, seems like today if I don't..." 

He was still speaking.

When Ye Qingyu lifted his hand and closed his index and middle fingers together and drew a line on the floor. 

A faint sword light flashed in the Void. 

The sword light was dimmer than the flame of the candle on the table.

It vanished in an instant.

Just like that. 

At first, Green Rock was just laughing coldly and wanted to continue speaking, but he immediately shut his mouth again and began to frown. A vaguely perturbed expression appeared on his face, he seemed to be thinking about something. He then raised his hand to feel the air above him, but he lowered it back down instantly, as if he had been electrocuted. His expression changed drastically and he staggered four steps backward. He looked as though he had just seen a ghost as he gazed at Ye Qingyu in amazement.

"You..." Green Rock stared at Ye Qingyu in utter shock. 

The [Demon Sage's] face was a look of confusion.

He did not understand what had just happened at all.

When his gaze fell on Green Rock, however, he was so shocked that he nearly leaped up into the air. 

That was because a wound had appeared on Green Rock's finger, and it was so deep that he could see the bone. A drop of bright-looking blood oozed out of the wound and fell gradually onto the floor. Soon after, more blood began to ooze out of the wound, and it kept dripping onto the floor, gradually forming a small bloody puddle.

What kind of terrifying wound is this that could keep Lord Green Rock from regenerating and causing him to lose so much blood? 

More importantly, how did he get injured?

"Do you believe me now?" asked Ye Qingyu as he returned to sit behind his desk. He then turned to look at Green Rock calmly. 

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