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Chapter 969: Flood Dragon Scissors

Qing Cheng's expression did not change. With the flip of one hand, she summoned out the Black and White Soul Reapers. The moment they appeared, all the spirits around Xiao Chen's group backed off, frightened into running away.

"You are really lucky. You just arrived at the first layer, and you ran into someone wanting to subdue the Flood Dragon Scissors. We will probably be delayed for some time." Qing Cheng spoke casually, not finding this strange.

However, Xiao Chen started thinking. Those people from the Medicine God Valley should have already left the Underworld River. If he delayed for too long and met with them, there would be trouble.

The Medicine God Valley's helpers looked strong. Furthermore, they had a great grandmaster-level Martial Sage watching over them. Not to mention the inadvisability of starting a pointless fight now on the way to the Yellow Springs Road, even during normal times, Xiao Chen would just avoid them if he could.

"Ao! Ao! Ao!"

The black desert was like clouds hanging upside-down in the sky. The pitch-black flood dragon spirit spat out demonic flames and bared claws and fangs, fighting a huge battle with that person. The sound caused the area around to tremble.

An unending dragon's roar entered Xiao Chen's ears, prompting him to look over.

Why is the sound of a dragon layered in it? Xiao Chen did not find it strange that the flood dragon spirit could produce the sound of a dragon. However, it seemed like the person fighting with the flood dragon spirit also did. This was what Xiao Chen found weird.

Furthermore, the dragon tone that person gave off sounded familiar to Xiao Chen. However, the fight was too far away, and his Spiritual Sense only extended a kilometer in this place. He could not investigate the matter.

At the disdainful roar of that flood dragon spirit, all the spirits that emerged in obedience to its commands flew over.

Kong Yuan felt dubious and asked, "Is that flood dragon really formed by that Immortal Scissors?"

At first, when Kong Yuan heard Qing Cheng say that this was the Tongue Pulling Hell and it had Flood Dragon Scissors, he had taken it for a joke. Now, based on this flood dragon's might, it was apparently true.

Seeing Kong Yuan's disbelief, Qing Cheng casually explained, "Of course, it is. However, it is no longer a treasure. After the Immortal Epoch passed, it lost its spirituality and Immortal Might. It is now only an ordinary treasure. Once, a Martial Emperor subdued a flood dragon out of curiosity and then casually gave it to his disciple. These days, only some great grandmaster-level Martial Sages are interested in this flood dragon. Quasi-Emperors do not care about them at all."

Xiao Chen thought for a moment and said, "Let's go. We cannot keep waiting here. If it is only a great grandmaster-level Martial Sage, we will just charge across."

After Xiao Chen finished speaking, the rest of his group quickly followed. Qing Cheng stomped her feet and tailed after them because she had no choice.

The group moved lightning-fast. That place looked far away, but in about fifteen minutes, the scene of the black flood dragon spirit and that person fighting entered Xiao Chen's vision.

The one fighting with the black flood dragon was a sturdy middle-aged Ghost Race cultivator. As he moved his arms and legs, ten heavenly dragons appeared behind him. When he punched, there was a thunderous sound. The desert tossed up like waves soaring into the sky.

The black flood dragon spirit was even more savage. As it bared its claws and fangs, it roared ferociously.

Xiao Chen finally understood why that Ghost Race cultivator sounded familiar.

Like Xiao Chen, this person's strength had crossed the threshold of five thousand tons of force and formed Dragon Energy. However, he was on a much higher level than Xiao Chen, reaching ten Dragon Force.

Each casual punch from this person could produce fifty thousand tons of force. He was a great grandmaster-level Martial Sage of the physical body, a horrifying existence.

Hundreds of figures patrolled the periphery of the battlefield, blocking the spirits that flew over, preventing them from interrupting the Ghost Race great grandmaster-level Martial Sage.

Although these spirits were not very strong, barely equal to early-stage Inferior Grade Martial Sages, there was a multitude of them, too many to count. If they all flew over at the same time, the great grandmaster-level Martial Sage would be in some trouble.


Several figures descended together on a strong wind, blocking Xiao Chen.


The two people leading the group looked pale, exuding Death Qi. The other five were all solid-looking spirits.

Xiao Chen raised an eyebrow in surprise. The grades of these spirits were not low, and there were five of them. These people had to have some strong backing from the nobility.

"The battle between our master and the evil flood dragon has reached a crucial point. We cannot permit any accidents to happen. Would the few of you please wait for a while?" the yellow-clad person on the right asked.

Xiao Chen took a glance. The battle was indeed at a critical juncture. The flood dragon spirit would not be able to hold on for much longer. If they rushed out, they would naturally arouse the suspicions of the other party.

Fine, we can only wait for a while.

Xiao Chen did not care about the two in front of him. However, offending a Ghost Race great grandmaster-level Martial Sage who had a strength of ten Dragon Force would not be good.

Suddenly, the black-clad cultivator on the left noticed Qing Cheng. A murderous intent immediately appeared in his eyes. "Attack! These people were sent by the Ghost Empress's disciple to cause trouble!"

"Ka ca!"

Right after this person spoke, the sound of a saber rang out. Xiao Chen had reacted even faster. The instant that person's expression changed slightly, Xiao Chen moved at lightning speed. His finger sent out a radiance reminiscent of a bright moon. This was the Flawless Bright Moon of his Flawless saber Dao.

The saber light flashed, and the black-clad cultivator immediately turned into a headless corpse. Xiao Bai and the others attacked quickly. Under their combined efforts, they dealt with the yellow-robed cultivator in an instant.

Since their masters were dead, the five strong spirits at the back naturally could not survive for long. They turned into spots of light and vanished.

Qing Cheng muttered with an innocent face, "These are the Ghost Monarch's people. I already said that we should wait for a while. However, you choose not to listen. You can't blame me for this."

Xiao Chen looked around, and his gaze met with that of the Ghost Race great grandmaster-level Martial Sage in the air. He sensed an extremely heavy murderous intent.

Without a change to his expression, he said calmly, "Attack! Get rid of all these people in the vicinity."

Xiao Chen had never been an indecisive and irresolute person. Since all civility had already broken down, there was no need to try and explain.

If one wanted to live, it was better to rely on oneself rather then begging for help from others.

Along the way, Xiao Chen had become the core of his group. Without asking anything, Xiao Bai, Yuan Xu, and Kong Yuan split up and eliminated the Ghost Race cultivators who were blocking the spirits.

Qing Cheng was slightly stunned. She had not expected Xiao Chen to be so decisive. He had not hesitated at all, even at the prospect of facing the rage of a great grandmaster-level Martial Sage.

A chill suddenly shook Qing Cheng's heart. It was rather scary to make someone like this her enemy.

She glanced at the Ghost Race great grandmaster-level Martial Sage fighting that evil flood dragon. Then, a smile appeared on her face as she thought, Sorry, Martial Uncle Mo. Qing Cheng really did not do this on purpose.

Yuan Xu and Kong Yuan were disciples that Sovereign Martial Emperors were proud of. Xiao Bai was someone the Spirit Fox King had great expectations of. Together, they represented the geniuses groomed to be the next Fiend King. Plus, there was Xiao Chen.

For such a group, no one short of a great grandmaster-level Martial Sage could block them.

As openings in the barricade appeared, the flood dragon spirit roared ferociously. An overwhelming number of spirits launched themselves at the Ghost Race great grandmaster-level Martial Sage, significantly easing the pressure on the flood dragon spirit.

The Ghost Race great grandmaster-level Martial Sage revealed a malevolent expression. His skin tore and blood seeped out. Every time he punched, fifteen heavenly dragons roared ferociously, reaching an incredible fifteen Dragon Force.

"Junior, stop right there! Otherwise, this Nine Layers of Purgatory will be your burial ground!"

The thunderous voice carrying boundless killing intent reverberated everywhere.

Xiao Chen did not bother at all. He was no fool. If he really stopped, there would be no chance of survival whatsoever.

Only when the spirits overwhelmed this person, holding him back, would everyone get a chance to live.

No one here would be able to receive more than ten moves from a great grandmaster-level Martial Sage who could erupt out with fifteen Dragon Force.

After about seven minutes, the remaining Ghost Race cultivators had all either fled or died, allowing the barricade to collapse.

The flood of oncoming spirits was like an ocean drowning the Ghost Race great grandmaster-level Martial Sage.

The evil flood dragon spirit gave a carefree roar. Then, with a swing of its tail, it quickly left, circling around in the air and diving into the ground.

When the five regrouped, they all had some injuries on their bodies. Xiao Chen felt fortunate to have brought Xiao Bai and the others. He could not have resolved such a situation so readily by himself.

After Xiao Bai put away the Snow Feather Sword, she asked, "Elder Brother Xiao Chen, can we go yet?!"

The others looked over, waiting for Xiao Chen to answer.

Xiao Chen's expression changed as he glanced at the black flood dragon spirit diving to the ground. He said, "Qing Cheng, bring them away first. I will follow later."

The others' expressions changed slightly. Qing Cheng exclaimed in astonishment, "You can't be thinking of obtaining the black flood dragon spirit, right? No matter how weak the black flood dragon spirit is, it is still equal to a great grandmaster-level Martial Sage."

Xiao Chen replied calmly, "Don't worry. I am confident. This black flood dragon spirit is severely injured. This is my best opportunity."

Although Xiao Chen said this, who knew how powerful the death throes of the black flood dragon spirit would be? Would the Ghost Race cultivator besieged by the ocean of spirits be able to turn things around? Might there be some accident that would consign him to eternal damnation?

"Qing Cheng, just do as I say. I have the Freedom Wings. It will be easy for me to catch up!"

A pair of wings unfurled behind Xiao Chen. Then he shouted a war cry and released his aura. His long hair fluttered around wildly. His body became like a saber light resembling bright moonlight. With one step, he arrived where the black flood dragon spirit had landed.


Qing Cheng did not say anything more. She led Yuan Xu and the others to the next layer of purgatory.

When the evil flood dragon spirit, which was in the ground, saw that someone dared to block it, it howled berserkly. The sound waves shook Xiao Chen's eardrums.

Strong and frightening Dragon Might came down from above. If there was a person with low cultivation here, the Dragon Might alone would be enough to crush that person into powder.

Naturally, Xiao Chen did not fear Dragon Might. By observing the Xiao Clan's ancestor using the Dragon Subduing Slash to subdue dragons, he had gained a deep comprehension of the words "Dragon Subduing."

After that, he even managed to merge the thirteen moves of the Xiao Clan's Dragon Subduing Slash, forming the powerful Flawless Azure Dragon, Subduing Dragon Profound Slash.

At just Small Perfection, the Flawless Azure Dragon, Subduing Dragon Profound Slash could easily kill a grandmaster-level Martial Sage. Once it reached Great Perfection, it would be even more incredible.

With Xiao Chen having a mind to subdue dragons and an immunity to Dragon Might, the fearful one should be this flood dragon spirit.

He pushed off with both feet, and Azure Dragons appeared around him, eighteen in all.

Every Azure Dragon had auspicious clouds around it that caused a strong wind to blow. Dragon Might spread for five kilometers around.


The Azure Dragons roared together. The layered Dragon Might instantly overwhelmed the flood dragon spirit's Dragon Might.

Chop! Xiao Chen squinted and waved his hand at the sky. The eighteen Azure Dragon images turned into powerful saber Qi and chopped at the evil flood dragon spirit.

The saber Qi that flew out seemed to tear the sky in half. The eighteen saber Qi struck in rapid succession. The first one had just chopped down and the second one already followed up.

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