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Chapter 94: Inherited Martial Spirit

Jiang Muheng did not expect to run into Xiao Chen here today. When he thought about the matters of the previous day, as well as what happened earlier, the old grudges added together with the new. Jiang Muheng could not hold back the anger he suppressed for a long time.

Even with Duanmu Qing beside him, he could no longer be bothered to maintain his elegance. Only one thought remained in his head, which was to kill Xiao Chen on the spot, to make him pay for all the humiliation that he suffered.

When Xiao Chen saw Jiang Muheng suddenly, he felt mildly astonished, as well. However, he calmed down almost immediately. He noticed Jiang Muheng did not bring any of his servants with him.

“Young Master Jiang, we meet again,” Xiao Chen had a faint smile on his face, there was no fear on it at all. Instead, it was like greeting an old friend. Xiao Chen was smiling as he headed over to him.

Jiang Muheng cursed out at him, “Meet your…”

Before he could finish cursing, he saw a black saber appear in Xiao Chen’s hand. The position of Xiao Chen’s feet shifted and he quickly took up a stance.

“Drawing The Saber!”

A saber light reflected in his eyes. Jiang Muheng had never seen such a quick saber before; neither had he seen such a tyrannical person. Who would  think that Xiao Chen actually dared to make a move on him in White Water City?

In this critical moment of danger, he executed his strength as a Martial Master to its peak and retreated backward desperately. His quick movement saved his life; this saber did not hack him into two.

And yet, there was a saber wound as deep as a finger on his chest. A stream of fresh blood spurted out into the air. The resulting force from the saber caused his body to fly backward.

A large hole was torn in the chest of Jiang Muheng’s shirt; a piece yellow paper drifted out of it. When Xiao Chen saw this, he quickly grabbed it.

Jiang Muheng, who fell to the ground, wanted to stand up when he saw Xiao Chen grab the piece of paper. However, he discovered his wounds were too severe.

Blood flowed out unceasingly, and he did not have any strength to even stand. He could not help but panic in his heart. He coughed blood into the air as he shouted, “Miss Duanmu, that is the copy of the map to the ancient remains!. Do not let him keep it!”

When Duanmu Qing heard this, her face turned frosty. She waved both her hands and streams of cold Qi flowed behind her before they finally gathered in the middle of her hands.

A palm filled with cold Qi smashed ruthlessly towards Xiao Chen. This opponent was very strong, so Xiao Chen did not dare to receive it head on. He pushed off the ground with his feet and his body soared into the air, launching down from the second floor.


The table behind Xiao Chen immediately turned into ice before it explosively shattered, turning into countless ice shards.

What a tyrannical cold Qi. When the cultivators on the second floor witnessed the situation, they were completely astonished. They hurriedly paid their bills; they did not wish to be dragged into this battle for no reason at all.


When Duanmu Qing saw Xiao Chen descend to the first floor, she pushed off the wooden floor fiercely and her body immediately dropped to the first floor as well, landing beside Xiao Chen.

“Damn It! Are you trying to destroy my shop?” when Fatty Jin saw the huge hole on the floor, he could not help but curse loudly.

Once Duanmu Qing landed, she fired a stream of cold Qi at Xiao Chen’s back. The cold Qi rapidly congealed in the air, taking the shape of a small bird.


Duanmu Qing formed a hand seal with both her hands and the Ice Phoenix Martial Spirit in her body cried out. The bird flew into the air and its eyes gleamed. Its size and speed immediately doubled.

Xiao Chen instantly stopped moving as he felt a dangerous aura coming from behind him. His mind went blank as he recalled his normal state when practicing with the saber. He focused as his right hand grasped the lunar Shadow Saber tightly. His aura soared to its peak.

“Drawing The Saber!”

Just as the ice bird was behind Xiao Chen by half a meter, Xiao Chen suddenly spun around and made his move. The Saber gave off a reserved light and with a ‘shua’ sound, it split the ice bird in half right down the middle.

Where the ice bird was split in half, one could see it was very smooth; there was no trace of bumps or roughness. Base on this, one could tell how fast this saber was.

A trace of astonishment flashed in her heart, though her beautiful eyes had no trace of fright in them. There was no change in her facial expression.

Following the instant Xiao Chen made his move, there was a flurry of movement and the doorway of Liushang Pavilion was choked up. The guests on the first floor were mostly ordinary citizens. When they saw Xiao Chen jump down from the second floor; they knew there was going to be a battle and they all settle their bills and ran.

Duanmu Qing looked at Xiao Chen without expression as she said indifferently, “Hand over the map and I will not kill you.”

Xiao Chen held onto his saber and stood straight, smiling coldly to himself. If an ordinary Superior Grade Martial Disciple was struck by the ice bird, Duanmu Qing’s earlier attack, they would be dead, if not severely injured.

Seeing that he was able to destroy the ice bird in one move, then saying she would not kill him, Xiao Chen could only say this girl’s scheme was not ordinary.

Xiao Chen said nothing. Instead, he raised his left hand into the air and five streams of purple fire formed in the sky. After revolving in a  circle, they were fired rapidly at Duanmu Qing.

Duanmu Qing’s face instantly turned frosty as she saw Xiao Chen did not know what was good for himself. To think he actually made a move against me! She snorted and the temperature around her dropped; a boundless cold Qi rose up from the ground.

When the five streams of purple flames met the cold Qi, their speed immediately slowed. However, what surprised Duanmu Qing was that these five streams of flames did not immediately stop. Instead, they were like small fish, swimming forward slowly.

Although their speed was slow, they would not retreat. With just a thought from Xiao Chen, the five streams of flames merged together, forming a single huge flame; its speed increased explosively.

The cold Qi that filled the air could no longer stop the progress of the flame. The look in Duanmu Qing’s black eyes became even more frigid. The cold Qi that was around her started to condense slowly.

“Drip! Drip!”

The water droplets formed by the cold Qi continuously dripped on the wooden floor around Duanmu Qing. The water droplets rapidly gathered together and froze into hard ice.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Three ice walls formed from that piece of ice and appeared in front of Duanmu Qing. The purple flame smashed explosively through the first wall and continued on to the second.

Xiao Chen’s brain worked fast as lightning; after the purple flames smashed through the first ice wall, he could obviously feel the strength of the flame had been significantly reduced. He knew this flame would not deal any significant damage to Duanmu Qing.

Since he was not able to gain any advantage, he had to leave. Once Xiao Chen made up his mind, he immediately headed to the nearest window. It was clearly ridiculous for a Superior Grade Marital Disciple to go against a Martial Grand Master.


After the purple flame smashed through the third wall, it immediately vanished into thin air. Duanmu Qing watched Xiao Chen rushing away; her gaze became even colder and her fine black hair fluttered in the air.


Duanmu Qing shouted and her shirt and long skirt started to flutter; her fine black black hair floated up. She spread her perception throughout the first floor of Liushang Pavilion. A violent cold Qi erupted out of her body.


Everything in the entire first floor was covered in two inches of thick ice. In an instant, the first floor became a shining ice palace.

The originally open window had been covered by a thick layer of ice. Xiao Chen’s rapidly moving body smashed violently against it with a loud bang. The ice did not even tremble. The backlash of smashing into the frozen barrier caused him to crash to the ground.

He moved very fast when he was bounced back by the ice. All he felt now was the soreness of his shoulder.

This was a innate bloodline? The power of of an inherited Martial Spirit? Xiao Chen looking around the glittering environment. He thought to himself in astonishment, This was simply too horrifying.

Duanmu Qing walked over slowly. Her hair turned completely white. Her glower turned cold; there was not a shred of emotion on her face.

“Hand over the map and I will not kill you,” she opened her mouth and said. As she spoke each word, the temperature of the ice palace plummeted further.

The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated rapidly within Xiao Chen’s body, resisting the inexhaustible cold wind inside the ice palace.

Just as Xiao Chen hesitated on whether he should hand over the map, Xiao Bai jumped out from the Spirit Blood Jade. It stood in front of Xiao Chen and took a deep breath. Its snow white belly bloated up and it spat out a white colored light ball.

“Damn it!”

Xiao Chen cursed in his heart as he watched Xiao Bai’s movements. He pushed off the ground violently, not sparing any of his Essence. The electricity on the Lunar Shadow Saber kept arcing around unceasingly.


Xiao Chen shouted and headed to the earlier window. The Lunar Shadow Saber struck the ice wall violently. A small crack appeared on the rigid ice under Xiao Chen’s fully powered strike.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

He felt incredibly anxious. Xiao Chen put aside his saber and punched at that crack forcefully. He finally created a large hole in that hard wall. Xiao Chen could not be bothered about the details and directly squeezed through it.

When Duanmu Qing saw Xiao Chen trying to escape, a icy gleam flashed in her eyes. She was about to make a move when the light ball that Xiao Bai spat out arrived before her.

Against this ordinary-looking light ball, Duanmu Qing paid little attention to it and casually sent out a palm strike against it. Just an infant Spirit beast, how strong could its attack be.

The instant Duanmu Qing’s hand struck the light ball, a resplendent glow lit the entire ice palace. The light was even more glaring than the sun. It was so bright that no one could stand to look at it directly.


The glow faded and a horrifying energy spread out in all directions. In that instant, the ice palace that Duanmu QIng created was broken apart instantly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

All the pillars in the Liushang Pavilion shattered. In the next instant, the entire Liushang Pavilion crushed down. The entire building turned to ruins.

Xiao Chen, who had just escaped, did not have enough time to evade. He was struck by the shockwave and was blasted into the sky, vomiting a mouthful of blood.

A white figure escaped the rubble of Liushang Pavilion. Xiao Bai quickly ran to Xiao Chen. It had a dispirited expression; its usual liveliness was absent.

After seeing its current appearance, Xiao Chen’s anger dissipated significantly. He carried it in his embrace and rushed forward. The danger had not passed yet. Through his Spiritual Sense, he noticed a strong aura swelling up in the rubble of Liushang Pavilion.


A bright phoenix cry resounded throughout the entire White Water City. A stream of ice burst through the rubble of Liushang Pavilion and flew into the air before becoming  a huge Ice Phoenix.

The Ice Phoenix stretched its wings out and a horrifyingly strong perception was spread out in all directions. Locking on Xiao Chen’s figure, it took to the skies.

In the instant Duanmu Qing became the Ice Phoenix and flew off, a smaller figure, carrying a zither, emerged from the rubble and vaulted towards the two people.

After a long time, a fatty covered in dust stumbled out from the rubble. He swore as he stood and looked at the chaos, the completely destroyed Liushang Pavilion. He cursed in dissatisfaction, “Who in the world did I offend?!”

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